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Best Place To Buy Massage Chair

Save Money On Shipping

5 Best Massage Chairs You Can Buy In 2022

Amazon has forced many online retailers to focus on the customer and offer FREE Shipping from the get-go. This raises the bar for all online retailers and is a big win for consumer.

This also means that smaller online retailers must go above and beyond what Amazon has to offer to earn the customers trust and business. Another big win for consumers.

Unfortunately, not everyone offers free shipping so you have to pay special attention and verify that the retailer offers FREE Shipping. Especially for a massage char which requires special freight charges that can run up to $500 depending on your location.

Here at Massage Chair Planet, we understand that FREE Shipping is a valuable service for our customers, so all of our products ship FREE.

Total Savings: $200-$500

Should You Buy A Zero

When shopping for the best massage chair, youll come across a zero-gravity feature. These large chairs can recline and raise your legs above your chest. The result is a feeling of weightlessness that feels incredible.

Zero-gravity massage chairs will be big and look more like a spaceship escape pod seat than a chic piece of home decor. But for a more blissful experience, these chairs cant be beat. And once youve felt the luxury of a horizontal chair massage, youll never want to use another chair, or bed, ever again.

Massage Chair Deals: Why Its The Best Place To Buy From

Anyways, massage chair deals are an awesome place to buy from, and its not just cause I make a commission! Heres 3 reasons:

  • Its A Win Win!Enter the code MAM5 when you checkout and score an extra 5% discount. Lets say you bought a chair worth $4000, 5% is $200 off!
  • They Guarantee The Lowest PriceAnd if you find it lower elsewhere, they will match and potentially beat!
  • Interest Free FinancingIf you cant pay the whole thing at once, massage chair deals gives you the option to finance, interest free!

So if youre interested in buying a chair, I strongly recommend you head over to massage chair deals. My link will take you there.

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What Are The Benefits Of Having A Massage Chair

Besides the benefits covered in the Massage Chair Benefits section above, having one on hand is extremely beneficial.

You basically have a masseuse in your home that you can use whenever you feel stressed or sore theyre on-call day and night. If you suffer from chronic pain, this is an absolute godsend.

Once you have your chair you also wont have to book, wait for or pay for massages. You get self-care at the push of a button.

Key Takeaway: The main benefits of having are convenience nothing beats being able to relax whenever you get a chance.

Read Massage Chair Reviews

Full Body Best Massage Chair India 2021 [Top 5 Review &  Guidelines ...

One of the most common mistakes people make when buying a massage chair online is buying from a site without checking out reviews. A number of sites allow consumers to review products and leave information about whether the product met their expectations, how well it was described on the site and how quickly it arrived at their home. These can be helpful when youre looking for a reputable retailer.

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Oways Rocking Massage Chair And Recliner

A massage chair that looks good, and feels even better

The black lazyboy style massage chair isnt for everyone, and might not fit in with the styling of your home.

Oways rocking recliner offers a more simplistic and contemporary look.

Built on a wooden rocking frame, it contains massage nodes and vibrating motors that combined work to relieve tension in your back, neck and shoulders.

Users confirmed that the built-in function buttons are discreet and easy to operate, with an adjustable footrest adding to the comfort.

Those struggling with neck pain will love the neck massage pillow that can be adjusted to help you hit the spot.

Reclining the chair significantly is not an option, so if you want to lie back and relax then something more traditional like the Real Relax, might suit you more.

In fact, you will have to compromise on a number of features to benefit from this more simplistic design.

You dont get zero gravity functions or a host of different massage styles for example.

However it is much more affordable than traditional chairs, while still delivering a relaxing massage.

A Customized Experience Thanks To Body Scanning

Best Buy

Zero gravity chairs have myriad benefits that include reducing stress, relaxing muscles, improving flexibility and enhancing your blood flow. While there are oodles of zero gravity massage chairs on the market, this one from Insignia gets our stamp of approval because of its substantial customization. Its entirely possible for no two users in your house will ever have the same experience. Thats because the chair uses a body scan to create a custom massage treatmentusing rollers, airbags and heat therapybased on each person’s height and weight.

The Insignia chair comes with a heating mode and is preloaded with six 20-minute massage programs , but you also have the option to tailor sessions to your individual needs with the wired remote control. Its finished in PU leather.

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Features Of Massage Chairs Under $3000

Massage chair prices can range anywhere from $500 to $30,000 the cost will depend on the brand, model and features. While the more expensive models offer the latest, most advanced massage capabilities in high-quality styles, the more affordable massage chairs are not to be overlooked.

Massage chairs under $3,000 will include the fundamentals of massage therapy deep pressure rollers in an L-track or S-track design and the ability to customize your massage for your body. These models may not have the same conveniences as luxury massage chairs in the five-digits range, but they will be able to soothe your aches and pains and help you enjoy some much-deserved relaxation. Here are a few more features you might see in a massage chair under $3,000:

Some of these features may be very basic in massage chairs under $3,000. Other features such as voice control, memory settings and air ionizers are most often seen in more expensive massage chairs. However, some of the models on our list may have their own versions of these features.

Q: Are Massage Chairs Bad For Your Back

Insignia Zero Gravity Massage Chair Review

Massage chairs are not bad for your back when used correctly. First, massage chairs should never be targeting your spinethey are designed for rubbing muscle, not bone. Second, if you have chronic back pain, a massage chair may only provide temporary relief. And third, always limit your time in the chair. Spending more than 15 minutes in a full-body massage chair can overdo it on your muscles. Trained massage therapists know when to stop and when to keep going, but your massage chair isnt that smart. So its always best to stop the massage after 15 minutes of use. The chair will come with advice from the manufacturer. Follow their guidance.

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Irest Sl Track Massage Chair Recliner

An intense massage tailored to your body

If youre a small or slim person then you may have felt swamped by massage chairs youve tried in the past.

Typically theyre made as large as possible to accommodate all body sizes.

Slip into the iRest SL Track Massage Chair and you can adjust the width, so no matter what your body shape you can get your massage just right.

Similarly to the Relaxonchair MK-II Plus, it will detect your height, shoulder width and weight, to deliver a targeted massage just where you need it.

With calf rests that extend up to 20cm, its suitable for people of all sizes. Though it is worth noting that some taller shoppers did feel they would benefit from the chair being a bit longer.

One of the best features of the iRest, that you wont find on many other massage chairs, is the SL track system.

Manufacturers typically opt for an S or L-Track massage system, which refers to the way the massage nodes move up and down your back .

However amazingly you get the option of both directions on this model, giving your back the best coverage it could ask for!

You still get plenty of other features too, like six massage modes including a full body airbag massage and lower back heat function.

Like the Real Relaxs latest model, you also get built-in wireless Bluetooth speakers to create an even more relaxing environment.

What Is The Osaki Tp 8500

The TP 8500 is Osakis recently released mid to high end massage chair. On a scale of 1-10, 1 being mild and 10 being strong, the TP 8500 can deliver about a 7-8 in massage intensity.

In terms of features and technology, the TP 8500 is comparable to the previously reviewed Pro Maxim, 4000T, and 4000LS. Later in the post, well do a comparison and see how the TP 8500 stacks up. For now, lets look at what this chair is capable of!

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The Zero Gravity Feature Of Massage Chairs

Having grown up watching tales of space adventure, this was one feature that I was keen to try out for myself.

Dont laugh but I really thought that somehow I would levitate above the seat.

Maybe someday technology will make this true, but for now, you have to keep your butt firmly on the massage cushion.

What zero gravity means in this context is that your body weight is distributed as evenly as possible.

It is the natural position when you are floating weightlessly in space.

The benefit for the body is that it relieves pressure points and helps your muscles relax more. This is especially important for your lower back.

Any reclining massage chair is going to help you achieve a similar position but if you truly want a real relaxed massage chair, look for one with this setting.

To come as close to it as possible your body should be tilted at a degree of 30 degrees and the angle between your butt and your back should be 120 degrees.

Should you hold out for zero-gravity?

If you have significant back pain, chairs with zero-gravity positions are better options for pain relief. It is the most relaxing option for your back in general.

You do need to take care of the type of rail that the chair has, though.

If it has a standards track with this feature, it might not be long enough to massage your butt as well as properly.

See the difference for yourself by trying to get your body in as close to the body zero gravity position as possible.

Best Choice Products Heated Easy Assemble Massage Chair

Best Massage Chairs Full Body Zero Gravity

Our Take

Massage points in the chair and ottoman sooth stressed muscles in the upper and lower back, lumbar area, thighs and calves, while the heated backrest promotes circulation. The faux leather chair has a modern design, and assembly takes just three easy steps.

What other experts liked

What other experts didn’t like

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How Should You Think About Selecting The Best Best Place To Buy Massage Chair

Several consumers have reservations about buying Best Place To Buy Massage Chair. When purchasing a significant purchase, several aspects must be considered. Our Best Place To Buy Massage Chair knowledge will assist you in making the most informed selection possible.

The top selection will showcase some of the most noteworthy items on the market while also answering some of the most often asked concerns.

  • Do you think it’s a good investment of your time and money to make this purchase?

  • What is the most effective method for consumers to locate the most appropriate solution?

  • What are the most popular product lines right now?

  • What are the user advantages of the product?

Thanks to the availability of sales websites, online consultation forums, user evaluations, and comments, Best Place To Buy Massage Chair have become one of the most important and valuable information sources available on the internet today.

In terms of goods that have been subjected to technical accreditation, they have been implemented. Keep in mind the following:

Positive Posture Brio Sport Massage Chair

Complete the Fitness Triad. We now know that recoveryparticularly massageis just as important to health and stress management as cardio and resistance training. The Brio Sport is the first and only massage chair designed specifically for recovery, giving you the benefits of a sports massage clinic in your own home. Perform better, reduce stress, and spend more time doing what you love. The Positive Postures Sport 4D intelligent massage mechanism is designed to mobilize your spine, relax your mind, and help you recover from your workout. Sport 4D kneads, taps, rolls , presses, and is expertly choreographed to do much, much more. Its deep tissue massaging capability helps improve blood flow, work tired muscles, and promote lymphatic flow. The unique quality and capability of the Sport 4D mechanism will help you be your best every day!

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Snailax Shiatsu Neck And Back Massager With Heat

Turn any chair into a massage chair

If you dont have the budget or space to accommodate a massage chair then consider the next best thing!

The Snailax Shiatsu chair pad can be fixed on to your office chair while youre working from home or a comfortable seat in your bedroom to relax before bed.

Snailaxs Shiatsu pad delivers an intense neck massage through four nodes that penetrate deep into your tissue to unwind tight muscles. They can also be adjusted to suit the height of the user.

You dont get zero gravity functions or a host of different massage styles for example.

However it is much more affordable than traditional chairs, while still delivering a relaxing massage.

Blood Flow And Pressure

âMassage Chair: Best Massage chair (Buying Guide)


Hypertension, which leads to heart disease and stroke, causes the sufferer to have high blood pressure. Massage as a therapy is proven to help reduce a patients heart rate and stress levels.

Increase Blood Flow

Regular massage can help to increase blood flow within users, ideal for helping with a number of different conditions.

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Can I Use A Massage Chair While Pregnant

Advice is mixed on whether you can use a massage chair while youre pregnant.

Many recommend it for dealing with the lower back pain of pregnancy, however many say to avoid using one during your first trimester and ensure you limit any sessions you do have.

Of course you must speak to your doctor before beginning any treatment.

What Defines A High End Massage Chair

Well obviously cost is a big part of it, but besides that, a premium massage chair should consist of quality materials, have many useful features such as heat and zero gravity, a lengthy warranty and a great company behind the chair.

A top rated massage chair will be able to stand the test of time while being used in real-world conditions.

Let’s face it, nice things cost more money. And that’s what you’re really looking for, a nicely built chair that satisfies your needs and will last.

Now let’s take a look at some of our higher end massage chairs below. Later on we’ll discuss some other options that aren’t so expensive, but for now let’s dive into the best massage chairs on the market.

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Best For Lower Back: Relaxonchair Mk


  • Limited heating function

  • Not as much emphasis on arms and legs

Nearly all massage chairs on the market include the back as a primary target with 16 million Americans suffering from chronic back pain, its no wonder that the makers of these chairs have prioritized back massage above all other types.

What we like about the RELAXONCHAIR Plus is that in addition to offering the usual massage chair fare, it throws in a few extra features that really enhance your back massage experience. Instead of a full-body S-track for massage, this chair includes an L-track, located further down in the chair, to help you target your lower back and buttocks . There are also heating pads in the lower back area to increase your relief, and airbags to massage your hips and pelvis. Lastly, the reclining feature of the chair decompresses and stretches your spine and legs, releasing tension in the lower back.

Number of Massage Functions: 4 | Targeted Massage Areas: Neck, back | Heating Capabilities: Yes | Reclining Capabilities: Yes | Dimensions: 65 inches D x 30 inches W x 40 inches H | Upholstery Material: Leather

What I Like About It

Best Massage Chair For Large Person Reviews 2021

Now ill be honest, I tend to mostly use the preset auto modes on my chair. However, that doesnt mean I wont change up my routine somewhere down the road. Massage is all about trying new things, and experimenting with new strokes and techniques. Routine is boring, plus your body kinda gets used to it over time. All that being said, manual mode is definitely something I will experiment with in the future, and thats where the memory feature comes in handy!

If only all massage chairs came with an integrated side panel! And no, im not being lazy reaching for the remote when both your hands are compressed down by super tight airbags isnt as easy you think. And yes, even though you may disagree, youll always want to change settings during massage. Maybe you forgot to turn the heat on, or maybe you want to alter intensity, or maybe even extend the session by 10 minutes more!

Osaki TP 8500 comes built with dual spinning foot rollers that provide a kneading style massage to the sole, arch, and heels. The calves and side of your feet will be subjected to air compression massage through the use of inflatable airbags. Foot rollers are a must have, simply because air compression is not enough in my opinion. Yes it feels weird at first and maybe even a little uncomfortable, but your feet will eventually get used to the sensation!

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