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Office Chair With Massage Function

A Good Chair Should Last 10 Years

Best Budget Office Chair with massage function #notsponsored

Engineering-grade constructure allows the chair to reach 10 years of service time, much longer service time than the most of office chairs on the market. Equiped with Class 3 and BIFAMA certified Gas Lift, the chair can support a lifespan of 35,000 cycles, at least 10 years of continuous use. In addition, all the structural parts using polymer materials will not be oxidized and will not lose elasticity for 10 years.


Flexible Adjustment

Ergonomically adjustable height, armrest, seat cushion, and back recline, these help to support the most of postures, whenever you’re resting or working.

Built-in Footrest

Pull out the built-in footrest under the seat and adjust the chair back, then you will have an office chair become a recline chair.

German Chassis

Pro 633 is qualified with the highest requirements of the office chair industry: the thickness of the base steel plate is 3mm, which conforms to the US BIFMA X5.1-2017 standard.

Comfortable & Supportive

Extra-thickened seat cushion can be pretty comfortable and supportive: fully support the weight of the body, so that the body are evenly stressed.

Quality Details

Ergo Pro pays great attention to the details of the structure. The high-quality wheels will not damage the floor. The 3D armrests of soft PU leather are comfortable to touch. The fabric is evenly stretchy, smooth, textured and absolutely breathable.


Main Types Of Massage Office Chairs

Getting the right massage chair for your office is important. There are different chairs for office to choose from, so lets have a look at the main types to give you an idea of what you can expect.

Massaging Office Chair With Heat

The models with heat allow the same types of massage as others, with the addition of heat function for additional benefits.

This feature is an advantage as it further helps to allow relief, soothe painful and tired muscles, and improve circulation.


These chairs target specific pressure points, especially around the neck, the waist, and the back area. In other words, these chairs offer Shiatsu massage, relaxing treatment, and as well as effective lower back pain relief.

Massage Office Chairs With Footrest

Whether you spend a lot of time running around the office or sitting down, having a chair with a footrest can be very soothing and beneficial.

It helps you relax your feet and increase circulation. In some chairs, footrests come with massage options, but not all.

Executive Massage Office Chairs

The most superior and professional line of massage chairs, the executive models, are usually equipped with high-quality materials and massage options. They usually come with wheels and are very adjustable in terms of massage options and backrests.

8-Point Massage Chairs for Office

Gaming Massage Chair

Vibrating Massage Chair

Meraxinno Series Executive High Back Napping Chair#1 Overall Choice Fully Reclined

The Inno Series Executive from Merax is my best choice for a reclining office chair for several reasons. Firstly, its a quality, sturdy chair that looks good in your office, although it can only support 225 pounds.

Secondly, it can recline to 180 degrees so you can relax or nap in it. The Safeguard tilt lock is a secure mechanism, so the Inno High Back Executive Chair is safe.

But what I like most about it is its pivoting lumbar support, which can accommodate some positions and postures, though its adjustment increments are few and far apart.

You can even lean forward for a marathon typing session, and youll still have excellent lower back support to avoid backaches.

Other features that increase comfort are its generous padding, the waterfall edge seat that promotes good circulation, supportive headrest, and big, padded armrests with a 3-inch width.

On the other hand, the padding is quite firm, so you might not feel comfortable for long periods.

In terms of materials, its PU leather feels smooth and looks glossy, though I prefer full-grain leather. The dual-stitching around the edges adds durability while still looking elegant. The casters are resistant and stable, too, attached to a resistant chrome base.

The footrest is supportive, comfortable, and glides smoothly. However, you will have to pull and push it back yourself, as theres no handle or knob for it.


A bit too much padding on the back of the chair

  • Feel flimsy

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Are Massage Chairs Safe To Use While Pregnant

Yes, as long as you dont overdo it or use the stretch function in later stages of pregnancy, you should be fine.

If you feel somethings not right, stop the chair immediately and sit still,

If the symptoms reside, you can get out of the chair gently. Again, you may want to call for help at this point.

Home Office Computer Desk Massage Chair Best Massaging Office Chair For Long Hours

Massage Office Chair w/ Heating Function Reclining Back Adjustable ...

This is another chair from HomCom, but this option has a more traditional design and look. It does, however, have heat and massage features again.

Six settings

There are a variety of six massage options. These options range from providing back support to increasing the blood circulation in the legs. The choice for back massage includes both upper and lower back.

All heating and massage options can be controlled by remote control. Please note that the massage and heating options, as they do on many other chairs, work together. That is, you cannot turn the heat off while the massage is functioning.

The build

It is a well-made chair that is nicely padded and upholstered with a soft PVC leather look-a-like. Unlike many chairs that are black, this has a more conventional brown finish.

Its dimensions are 24.4 by 26.8 by 43.7 by 47.6 inches. Its seat height can be adjusted between 17.3 inches and 21.3 inches, and it has a width of 21.3 inches. The chairs back has lumbar support.

The armrests are well-padded, and the seat has a pneumatic gas-lift adjustment. This allows for the adjustment of the seat height as well as its position. The base is a five-legged design with casters.

Long hours seated

This is a chair that will be comfortable to sit in for those long hours at a desk. Its design means that you may be able to avoid those niggling back problems that arise from long periods of sitting.

Our rating:


  • Will need to be placed near a mains wall socket.

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Pay Attention To The Sounds

Pay great attention the sound your chair is making while you are using it. Is it sounding differently than the last time it was used? Has it lost some massaging power or does it make grinding sounds? These could be huge signs that something is wrong and if you notice any of these, you may need to get in touch with a chair expert to come take a look at it.

Better Muscle And Ligament Flexibility

Based on a 2013 research, heat therapy can increase muscle and ligament flexibility while cryotherapy has the opposite effect.

Having flexible muscles and ligaments means reducing your chances of getting injured during physical activities. It also prevents cramps, improves posture, increases strength, and boosts the overall wellness of the body and mind.

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Bestmassage Ergonomic High Back Office Chair Pu Leather

Upgrade your office chair to a real massage chair for complete comfort and relaxed muscles. You can choose between kneading and vibrating mode and regenerate tense and tired back.

Choose between the lower or upper back and buttock space for the pain relief you require. Adjust the chairs height and massage modes to enjoy it comfortably, but dont use it excessively as it gets slightly uncomfortable.

The chair is durable and sturdy, so whether youre a gamer or work in an office, itll cater to your needs well.

  • A cord is too short

This is a solid and heavy massage chair that you may consider if you work up to 10 hours a day on your computer. You can choose a vibration instead of a mechanical roller massage. Place it near the outlet for easy use you probably have a few in your office to choose from!

Best Massage Office Chairs And Chair Pads In 2020

SOUTHERN WOLF Video Gaming Chair with Massage Function Bluetooth Office Swivel Chair Review

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The benefits of heat therapy and vibrating massages are well documented, from back pain relief, improved blood circulation, to stress relief.

In this guide, we unveil the very best heated massage office chairs and chair pads in 2020 for you to get all the benefits of heat and vibrating massage therapy at the fraction of the cost of a full blown massage chair or visit to a therapist.


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Neck Massager For Office Chair

A neck massager for office chair can make a big difference in how much you can get done each day. Whether you are working at your desk or sitting at your cubicle, your neck is constantly being strained from all the hard work you do. Sitting for long hours also increases the amount of tension that is placed on the neck. A neck massager can give you relief from this stress by directly applying pressure to the muscles of the neck.

If you suffer from chronic neck pain, you may want to consider getting a massage chair. This can provide you with immediate relief when it comes to pain that you constantly experience from your neck. The massage chair that has a massager built into it will be able to provide you with a consistent source of pain relief. Many people who suffer from chronic neck pain have found great relief by simply getting a chair that has a massager built into it. There are many places that you can find massage chairs so finding one that has a massager built into it should be quite easy.

Home Office Computer Desk Massage Chair

This product was recommended by Liz Brown from Sleeping Lucid

The Home Office Computer Desk Massage Chair by HOMCOM comes with heating and massage options for ones legs and upper and lower back. It also comes with adjustable seat height and position which makes it the best office chair for techies and entrepreneurs.

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Massage Office Chair Review

When you are buying a massage office chair, there are some important things that you should think about. If you are buying the chair online, it is important to ensure that you buy from a reputable site and that you buy from a company that will offer you a warranty of some sort. This will be the most important part of your decision and it is important to buy from a company that will be able to help you in the future.

When you are looking at massage office chairs you are going to need to look at the size of the chair. You want to make sure that the chair can comfortably fit you and that it is going to be of the right size for you. If you are having trouble standing up straight in the chair, or if it is too big for you, then you might be better off getting another chair. You want to find the right size so that it will work for you.

The size of the chair is important, but it is also important to make sure that it is the right height. There are different heights that chairs are available in and you need to make sure that you can get a chair that is comfortable. You also want to make sure that the chair is going to be easy for you to use. You want to make sure that the chair will allow you to have easy access to all the buttons and the functions that you want.

Flash Furniture Black Chair Back Massager

Vinsetto High Back Massage Office Chair with 7

A modern massage chair that easily fits into any type of office, Flash Furniture is not too powerful, but its just strong enough to allow relaxation and tension relief while you work.

With its high back, it fully supports your hands and back even if youre a bit taller. The vibrating option works well, especially for the lower back if you spend a lot of time sitting, this chair will soothe tense muscles.

If youre looking for a functional chair, this may be the one for you!

  • No pre-programmed massage modes
  • No heat

This chair is a bit short of features for the money, but with the vibrating feature , its a comfortable option for any office. Its not as noisy as some other chairs, and it may be suitable for those who find the classic models too strong or even painful with the kneading rollers.

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Top Brands To Consider


Osaki chairs are made in China. They arent the best quality, but they arent bad either. As far as brands go theyre in the middle.


Luraco is one of the top brands. They offer quality products and customer service. All their models are made in the USA with good customer service and warranties for all their products.

Human Touch

Another top brand, HumanTouch, offers some of the massaging techniques. As their name suggests, their products strive to mimic the touch of a massage therapist, and theyre not far off.


Great designs, but not the greatest value for money. OHCO offers an innovative range of features that take massaging chairs to the next level. While theyre assembled and tested in Japan, they are manufactured elsewhere.


Not a very popular brand. They arent bad, but for the price, there are better chairs from more reliable brands. Another mid-range brand.

Johnson Wellness

Not a bad brand, Japanese-made with a 3-year warranty on parts and labor , this isnt a bad brand, they just dont offer the same as the more popular brands, making them less popular but not bad by any means.

Actually quite affordable.


Not very many chairs on offer from Cozzia, they offer affordable mid-range that try to have similar features to high-end models but dont quite get it right. Not a popular brand, with no real wow-factor.


Synca Wellness


Positive Posture

Health Mate


Looking For More Options

Though, many swear that the best solution for achy backs due to long working days is simply not to sit so much! Read our Best Standing Desks Reviews, the Best Standing Desk Converters Review, and our Best Tall Office Chairs for Standing Desks Review for more information.

Then again, the simplest things sometimes provide the best fix? If youre looking for a practical approach, dont miss our latest Best Back Supports for Office Chair Reviews and our popular Best Kneeling Chairs Review!

Back to the best massaging office chairs

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Do Massage Chairs Really Help

Massage chairs can help to ease back pain, especially if youre sitting in a chair for an extended period. In addition to easing physical discomfort, a massage chair can also work as a mental stress relief solution giving you a chance to take a short break from whatever youre working on and having a moment to relax.

You Wont Be Able To Go Back To Any Standard Chair After These Ultimate Office Thrones

Heated Massage Reclining Leather Office Chair w/Footrest

What makes an office chair fit for a king? We believe its an ergonomic massage function, along with the high quality materials and adequate cushioning.

Those were the aims we set when making this list. To provide you with the ultimate seating options, we reached out to experts who know a thing or two about ergonomics. Every chair on this list provides an experience that lets your body rest as you work in the office.

We say this is the best quality of life improvement that is bound to improve productivity. So reduce physical strain and leave the office day after day refreshed and ready to work again tomorrow.

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Cassa Massage Function Pu Leather Executive High Back 360 Degree Swivel Computer Desk Recliner Office Chair

  • Come with USB Connected Massage Function
  • Seat Size: 48x65cm
  • Seat height: 43-51cm Height adjustable
  • Back size: 68x65cm, much Wider and Taller
  • Top Comfort quality Pu Leather office chairs
  • High Quality Alloy leg and rollers
  • High back Executive Styling Design
  • Seat Height Adjustable
  • Back Cushion Laying Angle Adjustable
  • 360 degree swivel Rotation for the chair
  • Simply DIY Assembly required

What Is The Most Comfortable Chair For Sitting All Day

Owning a comfortable chair that you sit in all day is a little luxury that we, the furniture-averse, cannot resist. We comb through the Internet to find that perfect, cushy leather chair with the most comfortable of covers that make our own backache less. Weve scoured the web to find the most stylish chairs that are just as comfortable as the solid leather ones we love, and we are thrilled to present the most comfortable chairs you can possibly buy for your home. Because sometimes the real question is, how comfortable is that chair? Whether its the perfectly tufted Brookwood or the super-sturdy Icon, comfort is just as important as style when youre a sitting duck.

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Lkjh Massage Office Chair With Armrests And Footrest Best Office Chair Including Massage Pillow And Footrest

This is really an impressive-looking chair. And with the features it has been given, it must be a contender for the top office chair with massage.

Fabric material

It is upholstered in a fabric material that has a soft texture. This is stain-resistant and waterproof. Being fabric helps with air circulation, and it has good air permeability in general. The cushions are all filled with Latex.

Latex is known to be a very resilient substance. It is slightly stiffer than ordinary foam, which for back support, is ideal. And as it does not deform easily, it is likely to last longer in the correct shape. This is especially important for the hips when seated.

Its build

It is built with a footrest that is retractable and a lumbar support and waist pillow. The footrest is ideal for resting your legs during a work break. When you do not require it, you can retract it under the seat.

The base is a standard five-legged design with silent rolling casters. It will support a weight of 265 pounds. Moreover, the wheels rotate through 360 degrees, which makes any movements required easy. The cushions are a good size at 18 inches square, and the backrest measures 18 inches by 24 inches.


The height of the seat can be adjusted from 17 inches to 21.5. And there is a seat tilt angle up to 145 degrees. To change the seats height, it uses a pneumatic gas system.

How is the massage feature?

Our rating:

  • Some may want more massage options.
  • No heat feature.

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