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Thomas Payne Theater Seating With Heat And Massage

Thomas Payne Heritage Series Modular Automotive Theater Seating

Thomas Payne RV Furniture Collection Theater Seating – Lippert

Thomas Payne Heritage RV theather seating is built specifically for RVs of the highest quality. Its luxurious look with its contrasting cream colored stitching, the excellent sitting comfort make these seats hard to beat.

Whats more is that assembly is virtually effortless , the parts are easy to get through the door and the chairs are easy to wipe off with water and mild soap making them great for RVers with kids or pets.

Choose the setup that fits your RV best by ordering just one seat, or a left and a right seat with our without center console to keep your drinks and snacks close.

You can either opt for clipping the modules together or leave them separate so you can easily move a seat around your RV. The good thing is that even when they are not secured together, the seats are very stable and arent prone to shifting when driving. Wall Clearance required: 6. 5 bottom and 1. 5 top

Is Thomas Payne Rv Furniture Real Leather

Is Thomas Payne RV furniture real leather? No. The majority of Thomas Payne RV furniture is made from PolyHyde. This is a type of European leather that includes a polymer coating. As a result, Thomas Payne primarily uses real leather, but it is more practical than simple European leather.

To explain why European leather needs a polymer coating, we have to look at European leather in general. This sort of leather tends to be better quality than American leather, but it is nowhere near as durable.

For this reason, a polymer coating increases the stability and durability of the European leather while still maintaining its comfortable texture.

A few Thomas Payne RV furniture products are not made from PolyHyde. Instead, they are made from faux leathers, but these furniture pieces will be stated as such.

Whats Your Favorite Rv Theater Seating

Want to upgrade because your existing RV seating is uncomfortable? Finally got to replace your jack knife sofa because the imitation leather is peeling away?

The good thing about getting new seating is that often these aftermarket addons are better than the original equipment of your RV.

After remodeling your rig with new theater seating youre probably much more comfortable, have saved some space and the new look can make it feel like youve got a brand new RV.

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Recpro Set Of 2 Charles Collection 30 Swivel Glider Rv Recliners

These RV swivel rockers with contemporary, high-end look let you recline to napping position as well as put your feet rest up and back upright.

Even large people can put their feet up and relax comfortably in this well-designed RV theater seating. These seats let you glide, rock back and forth, and spin 360 degrees.

Do keep in mind that RV seating is compact due to obvious size limitations which makes them automatically less luxurious than recliner seats you may have at home.

Still, these seats are likely to enhance your RV experience. Taller users might want to add a pillow to support their head. Nonetheless the well-padded, supportive seats that recline almost flat are very comfortable.

The soft leather-look fabric dog scratch proof so even Fido can safely experience the joy of sitting in a genuine RecPro Charles 30 RV swivel glider recliner chair.

One minor piece of criticism, some users find the recline mechanism too stiff as it requires a lot of effort and, since theres no side handle, it takes too much effort to put the leg rest down.

Fit through a 23 RV door opening. Requires 12 inches of clearance to recline, 9 from wall to fully rock back and forth

Best Small Recliner For Camper: Giantex Power Lift Rv Chair Recliner With Remote Control

Thomas Payne Seismic Dual Power Reclining RV Loveseat w ...

Those of you that need to replace your old RV recliner but dont have the largest budget to do so should look into the Giantex Power Lift Chair Recliner.

This is the most affordable option on our list and it still includes extra features that other, higher-priced recliners cant offer.

Its the first recliner on our list that offers a power lift function. This means that the chair literally lifts up to help you stand upright with minimal exertion.

And it can also help you sit back down without causing extra strain on your back and legs.

The entire chair is also operated with a two-button remote control. The reclining feature can be stopped and locked into any position from vertical to nearly 180-degrees flat.

This gives you the ability to adjust it to find your perfect position of comfort, which is likely to change every day.

Its also made of high-quality fabric plus a high-density sponge material to make it extra soft and comfortable.

This material also doesnt hold unpleasant odors like the materials used in some other recliners are prone to do.

Additionally, the Giantex recliner measures 31 x 36 x 40.5 , and the seat dimensions measure 20 inches wide by 20.5 inches deep.

It does require a rated voltage input of 55 watts for proper operation, so this recliner may require some more electrical installation than is required of other recliner chairs.

Things We Like

Things We Dont Like

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How Do You Remove Plastic From Thomas Payne

How do you remove plastic from Thomas Payne? Removing plastic from most RV furniture is a little less than intuitive. First and foremost, make sure to tug along the perforation. This will make it much easier to remove the plastic without damaging the furniture below.

If youre having trouble removing the plastic, you can use a hairdryer to heat up the plastics top seam.

Once the plastic is warm, you should be able to easily tug away at the perforation. If there are any small pieces of plastic that you cant remove by hand, you can use a needle nose plier to gently remove them.

Thomas Payne Plastic Removal Demonstration > > Check out the video below:

Thomas Payne Dual Theater Seating Massage Feature Troubleshooting


We have a 2021 Grand Design Solitude travel trailer with Thomas Payne dual theater seating. One of the recliners has a faulty massage which does not work. The other recliner works fine.I couldnt find any information online regarding massage feature problems.If possible, can you folks provide advice on troubleshooting this issue.Thanks in advance!

asked by: Bryan H

Expert Reply:

I’ve spoken with Thomas Payne about your dual theater seating. You need to check all the connections and if the problem is still happening, then you will need to replace the control box. Usually that will fix it.

Produced to make sure you know what you are getting and you get exactly what you need.

To make sure products work and fit the way they are supposed to.

1,125,924 phone calls and 1,350,587 emails to help find the right solution.

We get to know our products firsthand so experts can better help you.

Assisting our neighbors and customers, face to face at the counter.

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Best Wall Hugger Recliners For Rv: Recpro Charles Double Wall Hugger Loveseat Recliner For Rv

If youre interested in replacing your existing couch or RV sofa bed with a space saving zero wall recliner, the RecPro Charles Collection 67 Double RV Zero Wall recliner is the best option for double seating with plenty of space and customizability for each person.

In the center console of this zero wall recliner, each person will have access to his or her own beverage holder.

And the armrest is extra wide so that you dont have to fight for elbow space like youre crammed into an airplane.

This RV Zero Wall reclining loveseat is made with faux leather upholstery with a polyurethane finish.

That finish makes it resistant to stains and spills and also means that you can easily wipe it down with a wet cloth when it gets a little dusty.

Unlike some of the camper recliners on our list that need to sit more than 12 inches from the closest wall in order to function properly, this model requires a minimum clearance of just three inches. This is due to the recliners space-saving, zero wall recliner design.

In total, the recliner measures 67 x 39 x 37 when you include the armrests.

The recliners hard dimensions, however, are closer to 63.75 x 36 x 39.

This extra width makes it a better option for replacing a full couch or RV sofa bed, rather than as a replacement for a single RV recliner.

Things We Like

Things We Dont Like

Thomas Payne Theater Seats Reclining Problem Imagine 2500rl

Operating the Thomas Payne Cupholders

Just got a 2018 Grand Designs Imagine 2500RL. Took it on it’s maiden voyage last week. Problem is one half of the recliner will not recline unless you stand up and use almost brute force to get it to recline, leg rest come right out like it should but no easy reclining. It feels like there is a catch or glitch in the mechanism when you push it down standing up. There is no way you can recline it while sitting in it. Also, there are no instructions I can find anywhere except one that is not helpful on Lippets site. Nothing on installation or removal or how to use it. Anyway suggestions on how to proceed, or what to do. I like the one seat that reclines, I let the wife use the one that doesn’t work.

  • goducks14 said:05-22-2018 09:16 AM

    Not sure about TP seating but Laz E Boy has adjustable spring tension thumb screws underneath. It sets the tension for the recliner part. Maybe flipping over the TP seat and looking under neat and comparing the two sides would help.

  • TucsonJim said:05-22-2018 12:44 PM

    If your unit is still in the one year warranty, I’d give LCI a call. They are pretty good about working with you. Jim

  • rcboals said:05-22-2018 12:54 PM

    Thanks, I did and they said I could take it camping world. I have an appointment for Thursday. I will report back.

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    A Few Buying Tips What To Consider

    Obviously the first prerequisite is that you have to be able to get your new RV seats through your no doubt narrow entry door. Make sure to check this before making the purchase.

    No matter how huge your rig, space is always limited so make sure to check how much clearance you need. Whats the absolute minimum . Is the seating advertised really zero wall clearance. Make sure to read the reviews and small print.

    Budget is a no brainer. Often we encounter various appealing options that simply dont fit our budget. Make sure to check prices at RV and camping stores and compare. Ordering on Amazon is popular as they regularly have good deals on RV recliners and theater seating. Sometimes up to half the prices in other venues for the same item.

    Types of recliners: Glider vs push-back RV recliners.

    Pushback recliners, as the name implies, recline by leaning back. In other words, by pushing the backrest back by exerting pressure with your body. They recline without using a button or lever. They are also called flex-back recliners and do not have a foot rest feature.

    Gliders offer a more gentle experience as sway back in a smooth horizontal motion whereas rockers require stronger movement to slide back and forth.


    If you desire more luxury than 110v power recline or simple center consoles in your new to install RV theater seating youll have to look beyond Amazon.

    Heat Feature Has Stopped Working In The Theater Seats

    We have a Solitude 372WB and the heat feature in our Thomas Payne reclining chairs has stopped working. We haven’t even had the coach for 2 years so it seems a bit early for this to happen. We have the extended warranty but we live in it full time so taking it in for service is a challenge and I was hoping there might be a suggestion for a fix we can do on our own? Thanks for any suggestions!

  • Txfivver said:02-26-2021 05:24 PM

    Originally Posted by craynerWe have a Solitude 372WB and the heat feature in our Thomas Payne reclining chairs has stopped working. We haven’t even had the coach for 2 years so it seems a bit early for this to happen. We have the extended warranty but we live in it full time so taking it in for service is a challenge and I was hoping there might be a suggestion for a fix we can do on our own? Thanks for any suggestions! I’m betting its the little black control box with the green light on it. One of mine was bad and none of the recliner functions would work even though the green power light was on. Apparently they go bad inside and power doesn’t go through it. My dealer was able to find one and install it for me and all is good. Those boxes are hot all the time when plugged in to shore power so I unplug them from the wall in storage. I was told it’s a fairly common problem.

    2019 Solitude 375RES Onan 5500 Splendide W/D Samsung res. fridge2020 Ford F450 Platinum dually 6.7L 4:30 gearsB& W Companion for Ford puck system 20K lbsJeff

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    Where Can You Buy Thomas Payne Furniture

    This brand is so popular, you can find it in most online – and brick-and-mortar – RV shops. Take a look at our post about the top stores for RV furniture and you’ll find that many of them carry the TP line.

    In this post, we’ve linked to some examples of great Thomas Payne furniture on Amazon and ETrailer. Yup. There’s nothing stopping you from ordering a couch or armchair online these days!

    With that in mind, let’s take a look at 14 classic examples by this designer –

    Recpro Charles Collection Double Recliner Rv Sofa & Console

    Thomas Payne Seismic Dual Power Reclining RV Loveseat w ...

    If sitting comfy and painless installation is what youre looking for then perhaps you dont have to look further. These RV recliner seats sit like seats youd expect in those half a million dollar celebrity RVs.

    No exposed side handle as the recline pull handle is cleverly and discretely placed where its easy to reach between the cushions.

    Together with the robust center console this space saving RecPro Charles double recliner RV sofa makes for a luxury upgrade to pretty much any RV.

    Moreover, this 67 lushly padded double recliner zero wall hugger with lumbar support actually requires zero wall clearance. The sofa is delivered in 3 packages including 5 pieces so that it will fit through 22 doorways and up.

    Installation of the modules is a breeze in pretty much any RV even though theres no documentation included. Simply slide on the backs to the seats and hook them all on to each other on the bottom.

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    Seismic Dual Power Recliner With Console

    This recliner is built to offer a superior, enhanced experience to the user. At its center is a fully featured console that can be operated to activate an extremely comfortable massage function and heat to keep your back warm. What makes this recliner stand apart from others are the 2 LED lighted cup holders so you wont have to go into the kitchen to dispose of your drink.

    The cup snugly fits inside the cup holder, letting you doze off into a peaceful slumber, facilitated thanks to the high-density internal foam components. The neutral color palette, inspired by doeskin color, will make your RV look truly majestic.

    Glider Rv Recliner With Chocolate Color

    Provide your RV with modern and contemporary charm with this luxurious and elegant Thomas Payne recliner. It promises exceptional comfort with a generous foam density underneath the seat. A footrest at the bottom brings additional comfort. This piece will add value and style to your RV. As is true for most Thomas Payne products, this chair is designed for minimal maintenance.

    We were impressed with the remote controlled heat function that can provide warmth to your back. The base can be fully rotated 360 degrees, providing the ultimate comfort. Best of all, this chair is extremely affordable, and if you buy it now, youll save almost $200.

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    Seismic Series Theater Seating Features:

    • UNRIVALED VERSATILITY Thomas Payne® Seismic Series Theater Seating comes equipped with the Thomas Payne Power Port allowing you to connect any of our Thomas Payne furniture accessories to your sofa for added convenience.
    • MAXIMUM COMFORT This series includes power reclineand lumbar functionalities, heated seats and massage options,LED lighting, lighteddualcupholders, an integrated storage compartment, and fold-down center console
    • SEAMLESS INSTALLATION Built specifically for RVs, our furniture is lightweight, and each piece has a removeable back making it easy for you to get through entry ways and down halls in your RV
    • EASY TO CLEAN FABRICS The PolyHyde® fabric is durable and extremely low maintenance allowing you to simply wipe off any spills or dirt left behind by your travel companions
    • MULTIPLE COLOR OPTIONS Choose between three all-new vinyl upholstery colors: Millbrae, Altoona, and Grummond, or our woven-fabric solution , which is great for RV owners traveling with kids or pets

    Is Ultra Leather Real Leather

    Theater Seating Heating Pad Replacement

    Is Ultra leather real leather? No. Ultra leather is not real leather. Instead, this is a fabric that is made from a 100% polyurethane surface, which is attached to a rayon backing. In other words, it is faux leather that is PVC-free.

    Even though most people dont like faux leather, Ultra leather is ideal for many RV parts because it is still soft and supple but offers more durability and stability than regular leather.

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    Heat Massage And Led Lights

    The recliner has a seat with heat and massage options. The heat function keeps you toasty warm during colder weather, and the massage function de-stresses you after a long day of work or play.

    Also, the front base rail and cup holder on the recliner have LED lights. This allows you to see in the dark during a movie, a power outage, and more. LEDs are energy-efficient, and they last longer and burn brighter than incandescent lights.

    In order to operate the heat function, the massage function, and the LED lights, use the buttons on the cup holder.

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