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Super Novo Massage Chair Costco

Relaxonchair Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

The Human Touch Super Novo Massage Chair — Everything You Need to Know

You can finally get rid of muscle tiredness and stretch your body thanks to the system boasted by the RELAXONCHAIR MK-II Plus. This model comes with a heating feature, and it boasts a one-hand operation which adds a lot of value to this zero-gravity recliner chair. Plus, it even comes with massage rollers that are combined with airbags for the arm and calf area.

In other words, if you decide to go for this option, you will get a full-body experience. There are as many as four automatic and three manual massage modes that can massage your body from head to toe. Believe it or not, even the intensity of the air inside the airbags can be controlled with this model.

The zero-gravity technology boasted by this unit allows you to feel relaxed and laid back, especially at the end of a hard days work. The upholstery feels great to the touch, and you wont have any problems cleaning it.


  • Full body stretching


  • The remote backlight is very dim, so you have to turn your phone light on to see what youre pressing.

How To Handle Damages Exceptions Or Discrepancies At Time Of Product Delivery :

  • Carton damage requires visual inspection of contents of the unit.
  • We recommend IMMEDIATE inspection, with driver present, to verify damage. If contents are damaged, indicate damage on carriers paperwork and notify us immediately.
  • IMPORTANT: If contents cannot be inspected immediately, notation on carriers paperwork must state: Carton damage, subject to inspection and list type of damage.
  • Contents must be inspected within 48 hours of arrival and actual damage reported to the carrier

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Zero Gravity Massage Chair Costco

The history of hypnosis is full of contradictions. On the one hand, a history of hypnosis is a bit like a history of breathing. Like breathing, hypnosis is

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Brookstone Renew Zero Gravity Massage Chair PivotsReclines and Elevates into Zero-Gravity ModeEight Automatic Settings42 Dynamic Squeeze Air

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Individuals Who Have Varicose Veins

As we were noting previously, standing for a whole day can considerably affect your blood circulation. Women are most likely to develop varicose veins because they have blood vessel fragility due to lack of exercise, giving birth, and a variety of other issues. Since varicose veins can be rather painful, using a zero-gravity massage chair can relieve the pressure on the users legs and allow him or her to benefit from a relaxing experience. Preventing varicose vein growth can be done by sitting in a position where your feet are on a raised level compared to where your heart is.

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Omega Serenity Massage Chair

Human Touch Super Novo Massage Chair Costco Price

Omega Serenity Massage Chair is an unparalleled blend of style, usefulness, and wellbeing. The chairs exterior highlights an in-vogue contemporary structure that can spruce up your home or office. Meanwhile, this zero gravity seat has a lot of restorative features to fulfill your relaxation needs.

The air massage framework conveys relaxation to every region of the body that it rubs. It has three auto programs and seven airbags in the massage chair. The seating area has three airbags, two airbags in the neck region and two in the back zone. You can also modify the pneumatic force level.

Furthermore, the vibration rubs unwind you and invigorate the blood course. The vibration massage framework in the Omega Serenity seat has three auto programs.

Moreover, eight motors convey throbbing vibrations to your lower body. Two motors massage the bottom zone, two for thigh territory, two for calf region and two for the feet zone.

In addition, with this chair, your lower back can get an amazing back rub. A mechanical roller plays out a delicate rolling and working activity to your lumbar region.

Not at all like other back rub seats, the Omega Serenity chair offers full body warmth. Theres a heating framework inside the Zero Gravity Massage Chair that gives warmth all through the whole seat.

Our rating:

  • 3 Automatic Vibration Massage Programs
  • 4 Manual Vibration Massages
  • 3 Automatic Air Massage Programs
  • 7 Airbags
  • Incline of Chair Back & Leg Rest
  • Lumbar Kneading Massage

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Ogawa Active L Plus Massage Chair

The Ogawa Active L Plus continues to be one of our best-selling L-Track massage chairs of all time. The Active L was just upgraded to the Plus model. The Plus model features three customizable memory programs, which is a huge plus and is a feature usually only found on our premium models. Some other upgrades are an updated leg-scan, and a higher quality overall build. The Active L Plus also has one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings, and one of the top reasons it continues to be a top seller.

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Are Human Touch Massage Chairs Worth The Investment

When you invest in a great massage chair, youre investing in self-care, relaxation, and quality time for taking care of yourself. Thats a great thing.

The struggle with this particular brand of massage chair is that when it works, Human Touch massage chairs are great. Their customer support is well-known for being terrible. You can help mitigate that risk by purchasing their product from a brand like Amazon or Costco, which have better customer support policies that the Human Touch brand will have to adhere to.

The chairs themselves do a great job at deep tissue massages, with additional features for people who want a lighter touch. With ten to twenty minutes a day, you can target key areas and work to deeply relax your body, which is always worth investing in.

If you are considering models from other brands, make sure to check out our articles on the Osaki and Infinity brands.

Also, if you are new to massage chairs in general, you might be interested in my article Can You Actually Overuse a Massage Chair?

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The Benefits Of A Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Once your zero gravity massage chair is fully reclined, your weight is evenly distributed throughout the massage chair. This causes your muscles to relax, and alleviates any stress you may be holding in your neck and back. As with any massage chair, there are many long-term benefits of a zero gravity massage chair: Regular use can help improve circulation, reduce arthritis pain and even ease the symptoms of varicose veins.

Human Touch Novo Chair Review Conclusion

The Evolution 3D/4D Massage Chair | Infinity Massage Chairs

Wrapping up our Human Touch Novo review, we have to say that its remarkable, one of a kind design is part of the reason why it didnt get a perfect five-star rating from us.

Its just got such a different look that’s not going to appeal to everyone. Combine that with the fact that the chair has so many options that the remote has a bit of a learning curve, we reluctantly deducted half a point from its final rating.

All in all, though, the Human Touch Novo massage chair is a splendid option worth every penny.

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Ogawa Master Drive Ai Massage Chair

The Ogawa Masterdrive AI is a new release and is currently our #1 premium model of 2021, and easily the best chair of the year. The Master Drive AI is packed with next-generation features like 6th Gen 4D Vario motion roller technology , with more sensors, faster processors, brushless motors, heated knee massage, Samsung Table remote, Alexa Voice Controls, a Dr. Program w/ AI, and much more. There is no other chair that compares You definitely will not be disappointed with the Ogawa Mater Drive AI it is truly a game-changer!

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Ohco Chairs Now Available At Costco

We are excited to be partnering with Costco once again, this time virtually! Costco is known for bringing the best products to their members at amazing prices and we are honored to be a part of their offering.

Our OHCO M.DX and R.6 massage chairs will be featured on from January 31st, 2022 through February 27th, 2022.

Sit back, relax and order your OHCO massage chair, hassle-free from the comfort and safety of your own home.

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Human Touch Super Novo Massage Chair Best Space Saver

The Human Touch Super Novo needs only 2 of wall space to switch between seated and zero gravity, making t the best space saver. On top of this, it has 38 auto programs, 4-D rollers, SL-track, a Virtual Therapist who can anticipate your likes and dislikes, and runs through an Alexa operated control that has a handy docking station and a full Altec Lansing Sound System.

But what makes the Human Touch even more unique is that it has SL-track, which is perfect for relieving lower back pain, especially sciatica caused by tight gluteal muscles that pinch nerves.

Dual Lumbar Heat Gently heats and loosens the muscles running next to your spine to help you relax and let go of stress and tension.

Full Body Stretch The full-body stretch function helps to lengthen and stretch out your spine and legs to help you decompress your joints and spine.

Premium Sound System The Altec Lansing sound system comes equipped with 8 preset nature tracks that are soothing and relaxing and has Bluetooth connectivity so you can listen to your favorite tracks as you relax.

Leg Extension A unique feature of the Human Touch is that the leg extension includes a bended knee to avoid hyperextension, and the calf airbags can be set to the knee joint for a full knee massage.

Heated Feet and Calves The heat function extends to include the knees and calves, giving you added, soothing pain relief in these areas. The feet also have massage rollers for a reflexology massage.

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Human Touch Novo Massage Chair Variants

Human Touch Super Novo Massage Chair Costco Price

For years now, every time the company introduces a new massage chair, they win ADEX awards for their stunning, comfortable designs. In 2016 alone, continuing its six-year winning streak, Human Touch won four ADEX Awards for Design Excellence, and the trend doesnt look like it will be changing anytime soon.

The reason why Human Touch puts so much time and effort to create award-winning designs is simple: people dont want their living rooms looking like a chiropractors office. They want a chair that blends seamlessly with the décor they already have. Unfortunately, only few massage chairs can do that.

Sure, the Human Touch Novo chair wont fit into just any living room. Thats true of every chair since people’s tastes and preferences are different.

In this particular case though, if your style runs in the direction of sleek and futuristic, youre most likely going to love the look of the Novo. At first glance, it appears to be the fusion of a big, comfy, overstuffed egg and the Captains chair on a luxury star-liner. All that to say that design matters, and the Novo carries on the trend by winning awards for its artistic design and comfort.

A massage chair cant get by on its looks alone, however. It has to be feature-rich and functional to win high marks in this Human Touch Novo reviewand with the public in general. To that end, lets take a look at those features.

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Do We Trust Human Touch Customer Support

Unfortunately, not so much, which is a big issue. You can lower your risk of having to deal with their customer support team by purchasing your Human Touch massage chair through a trusted brand like Amazon or Costco. Then, if you have a problem, the company is subject to the terms and conditions of Amazon, and you can talk to Amazons customer support to get help. As for Human Touch customer support, they have a terrible reputation. I dont say that lightly.

While there arent a lot of reviews with the Better Business Bureau on Human Touch, the ones that are there all complain of shipping problems and customer support that doesnt solve their problems when their chairs arrive broken.

Many people have complained of their chairs having to be reshipped to them more than once, which sounds like a shipper problem, not Human Touch, but its odd that it happens so often.

Massage chairs have a lot of parts. Therefore, it isnt too surprising to imagine that some will arrive broken. When people contact Human Touch support, they are offered the chance to purchase replacement parts, or they have to argue for long periods of time to get a replacement chair. When you make an investment in a massage chair, you expect that if it arrives broken, your issue will be resolved within weeks. Most people report that it takes months with Human Touch.

Human Touch Novo Xt2 Massage Chair Review

If you are in the market for an excellent massaging chair, then you already know how expensive it can be.

And unfortunately, not every model in the market is worth their steep price tag, but every once in a while, we get a rare exception.

The Human Touch Novo XT2 is one of those unique offerings that can meet all of your needs and expectations, and the fact that its highly reviewed among users and critics alike makes it all the more promising.

Human Touch Novo XT2 Review Summary

This is a brand known for implementing the latest tech for their products, and the Novo XT2 is no different. It features a 3D Quad Roller and Hybrid L& S-Track Combo that provides one of the best massaging experiences. Even other high-end models from other brands dont use this technology yet.

Here are a few other features that make Human Touchs Novo XT2 massage chair a good investment on my book:

  • Plenty of preset Settings
  • User-Friendly
  • Comes Fully Assembled

This ergonomic recliner is a solid choice if you want a unit that doesnt require too much space while still giving you the full gives you the full massaging experience.

With that said, this unit leans on the pricey side. And while it does have a lot to offer, it still might not be the most best-value model available.

Personally, I think that title goes to the Luraco i7 Plus. Youll find out why when you see their side-by-side comparison. For more information, please check out my full massage chair review article.

  • Final Words
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    Human Touch Sana Massage Chair

    Purpose-built for work-life balance, the Sana has all the feel-good benefits of a traditional pedicure chair, but with extra perks like automatic recline, head-rest, foot massage, and armrest massage technology. Unlike most electric chairs, which stay on until you remove them, the Sana slides back into itself with the press of a button. It even has its own USB charging port, for a quick snack or a hot-water bottle to relieve that chill.

    The old cliche is often true: If you want something for nothing, you have to pay for it first. But free is good, too. Gratis Styles smartly designed smartphone tray features an insert that clips to the back of any smartphone and comes with a Velcro-equipped, plastic casing in five colors. The idea is that you can leave your phone in the tray as you work and let someone else deal with calls and texts. Its a neat, convenient, and stylish addition.

    Where Can I Buy Novo Xt Massage Chair

    Human Touch Super Novo – My Opinion

    The best place to check for the lowest prices and the best deals is Human Touchs website or a trusted retailer like Amazon. Be sure to double-check if the seller you pick allows refunds because not all of them do.

    Summary: Based on my experience, Amazon offers the good deals for this model. But its not a bad idea to check the Human Touch website and compare their offerings.

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    Who Should Have A Zero

    A zero-gravity massage chair can make a whole lot of a difference when it comes to improving your health. There are specific pathologies that can be significantly improved with the help of such a chair, and if it comes with several extra features such as heated massage, roller tracks, as well as 3D technology, its even better.

    Lets look at what ideal end-users there are for zero-gravity massage chairs.

    This Is By Far The Best Chair I Have

    This is by far THE BEST chair I have used. I have tried different message chairs in many malls, stores, and places, and did not purchase one until now. This was expensive but,as you will see it is worth it. My adult son and wife, who live next door along with myself are each using the chair many times a day. It is great after the gym, walking, after the hot tub, and just before bed.Lppk no farther, this is the one to get. ~ Arlen Farajian

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