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Where To Test Massage Chairs

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Massage Chair

Insignia Zero Gravity Massage Chair Review

Besides the benefits covered in the Massage Chair Benefits section above, having one on hand is extremely beneficial.

You basically have a masseuse in your home that you can use whenever you feel stressed or sore theyre on-call day and night. If you suffer from chronic pain, this is an absolute godsend.

Once you have your chair you also wont have to book, wait for or pay for massages. You get self-care at the push of a button.

Key Takeaway: The main benefits of having are convenience nothing beats being able to relax whenever you get a chance.

Evaluating Massage Chairs: A Full Assessment Is The Only Valid Assessment

While the price points are different, in some ways, evaluating a massage chair is like evaluating an automobile. You would never hop into a luxury sedan, sit for a minute or two and then get out and sign the paperwork. You want to take it for a test drive play with all its high-tech features look at it from every angle, etc.

The same should be true when you buy a massage chair. If you dont check out every feature and function, the ones you failed to explore may cause you significant buyers remorse. We feel you should spend at least 30 minutes using, viewing and talking about a massage chair before you come to any decision positive or negative about it. And that is after you have read the massage chair reviews about all the contenders.

Full Body Massage Chairs

For the ultimate salon or home massage session, a full body massage chair is the answer to sore muscles and stress. Sit down in one of these chairs, align your body with the massagers and enjoy. You can relax in front of the TV, have a home spa session before bed or give yourself a break after a long day at work.

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Conditions Of The Joints And Muscles


Chiropractors and doctors often use massage chairs to help those coping with arthritis to improve their flexibility.

Massage therapy can be an effective treatment for arthritis, however for certain forms of severe arthritis it can have a negative effect so its important to consult with your doctor.

Back Pain

Massage chairs are essentially created to help to deal with back pain. They are shown to have many benefits, including improving flexibility and decreasing muscle tension.


Muscle knots are when the muscle tightens or contracts even when theyre not being used, massage helps to relax the muscle, in turn helping to loosen the knot.

Tension in the muscles can also be relieved, whether in your neck, shoulders or back.

Neck Pain

Neck massagers mimic the hands of a masseuse stimulating the muscles and nerve endings. Research has shown that massage therapy is an effective treatment for chronic neck pain, and a chair massager is essentially simulating this technique.

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is one of the most common pain complaints reported in the US.

By stimulating the muscles with a massager it is believed that this provides relief.


Massage chairs can help with the associated pain, improving your flexibility and your overall posture.

Where To Buy A Massage Chair

Top 10 Best Full Body Air Massage Chairs Review

Fortunately, to buy a massage chair you no longer have to check all the stores that sell these massagers. You can buy it online. If you are wondering where to buy massage chairs online, a good place to check is Amazon. There are different brands and models available, and it allows them to check real user feedback before purchase.

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Oways Rocking Massage Chair And Recliner

A massage chair that looks good, and feels even better

The black lazyboy style massage chair isnt for everyone, and might not fit in with the styling of your home.

Oways rocking recliner offers a more simplistic and contemporary look.

Built on a wooden rocking frame, it contains massage nodes and vibrating motors that combined work to relieve tension in your back, neck and shoulders.

Users confirmed that the built-in function buttons are discreet and easy to operate, with an adjustable footrest adding to the comfort.

Those struggling with neck pain will love the neck massage pillow that can be adjusted to help you hit the spot.

Reclining the chair significantly is not an option, so if you want to lie back and relax then something more traditional like the Real Relax, might suit you more.

In fact, you will have to compromise on a number of features to benefit from this more simplistic design.

You dont get zero gravity functions or a host of different massage styles for example.

However it is much more affordable than traditional chairs, while still delivering a relaxing massage.

How Sustainable Are Massage Chairs

A massage from a massage therapist is undoubtedly better for the environment than any mechanical massage chair, most of which are made of metal, plastic, and pleather . Also, full-body massage chairs typically ship via freight, a mode of transportation that contributes about 8% to 11% of all global greenhouse-gas emissions each year. But if you already have a massage chair or are planning to buy one, you can take a few extra steps to be more mindful of the planet:

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Determine Specific Personal Needs

After you decide on the budget, the next step is determining which features are a must-have for you. It helps to write down the initial reasons behind your decision to invest in a massage chair. Is there any chronic pain you are dealing with, a recent injury that is healing, or simply a desire to indulge yourself and relax after a long day at work?

Top-rated massage chairs usually cover all these needs. However, try to sort out your needs to get a clearer picture of the exact features you are looking for.

Kahuna The Kings Elite Em

OSIM massage chair blogger review

$7,599.99 – The Kahuna Kings Elite EM-8500 is a very well equipped massage chair that provides soothing massages in the comfort of your home. It features zero gravity positioning, space saving technology, heat therapy and 4D massage. You’ll appreciate the dual foot rollers and Bluetooth capabilities for relaxation when you need it most.

Top Features:

  • User Height Range: 5’1″ – 6’2″
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 250 pounds
  • Maximum User Foot Size : US Mens Size 13

If you’re looking for a nice looking massage chair to bring into your home, the EM-8500 may be one of your best options as discussed in our review.

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Hideaway Ottoman + Memory Slots

The other two big considerations are the hideaway ottoman and the presence of memory slots.

In the case of the former feature, its mostly an aesthetic issue, and the presence of a hideaway ottoman simply disguises the chairs true nature, making it look like an ordinary piece of living room furniture when not in use.

In the case of the latter, this is a huge perk if there are multiple members of your household using the chair, because everyone can pre-program their favorite settings and recall them at the touch of a button.

Besides these things, home users tend to place more of a premium on convenience features, so if a design has enough of these stacked together, it could make up for the absence of at least one of the Big Three mentioned above.

Consider And Identify Your Priorities

So you are thinking of purchasing your own massage therapy chair. But what is your exact need for this robotic machine? Do you need it for de-stressing and relaxing at the end of a long day at work? Do you need it as a treatment for a specific health condition? Or maybe you want a chair for massage simply because everyone else among your friends has one, so you dont want to feel left out of the good stuff? When identifying your needs, be objective and according to whats more important to you try to rank your priorities. Youll need to think of whether to focus on the aesthetics of the functions of the chair. Depending on your answers, certain brands or models might be more suitable for your choice.

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How Often Should A Massage Chair Be Used

Often, about twice a day, but for shorter periods, 15-20 minutes.

Unless you are used to your chair, spending more than 20 minutes in it at a time can cause muscle soreness because your body is not used to being poked and prodded.

When you do, start off on a lower intensity than you use for the short programs to avoid tenderness or sores.

A Few More Brands And Models To Consider

Beste Boostersitz Test 2018

The Ogawa Active model from Ogawa brand and Panasonic massage model are mid-range robotic chairs that can offer great value. The Ijoy Active, also by Human Touch, is an excellent entry-level option for those on a limited budget. Relaxzen 60-425111 massage recliner or Flash Furniture BT-7600P are entry-level ottoman style equipment you can use in your office.

Also take a look at WholeBody 7, kahuna superior, BestMassage 06C recliner heat . Most products are available on Amazon.

So, there you have it. That is a rundown of each top massaging recliner on the market today.

Still not sure exactly what to look for?

Want to know more about what features this comparison has brought to your attention?

Is it worth spending a couple of thousands of dollars on a chair that, mostly, you will be using for around half an hour at a time?

In the second part of our buyer’s guide , we will answer all those questions and more.

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Massage Chair Questions & Answers

After reading all of the above we’re sure you probably have a lot of questions. While we’re happy to talk to you, you may find the answer you’re looking for below:

Now that you’ve seen our best massage chairs you have a much better idea of the value that’s available for your money.

We advise you to take your time and do the research before buying. You can easily click through to see more details of each chair and we recommend that you do so.

Most of these massage chairs also have a video you can watch that will explain things further. You can also find the specifications and more below the product description on each product page. All prices are accurate at the time this was published but can change over time.

Also, if you have any pre-existing medical conditions we recommend consulting with your doctor before using a massage chair. These chairs can assist with pain relief, mood enhancement, better sleep, and overall comfort but you want to be certain it’s a good idea for you and nobody would know better than your physician.

We also recommend that you try before you buy. There are showrooms located in different areas of the country and you may be able to find the chair you’re interested in at a local store. We take various things into consideration when recommending massage chairs to our customers but no amount of expertise can take the place of you physically sitting in the chair and trying it out for yourself.

Recent Articles

What Should I Look For When Buying A Massage Chair

It may not be the most thrilling piece of furniture in your home, but without a massage chair, the best way to improve the health of your back will be via ice packs and heating pads. And the best way to get your back to feel good again is a good massage. They are not just for the back, they can also be great for other parts of your body. No matter what part of the body you wish to get massaged, you can easily find one on your own or in a massage shop. With the right selection of massagers, you will get an even better massage than you did with a hackamore.

Normally, the expensive features of a massage chair do not make them the best choice for someone looking for a great deal. However, if you are looking for a good deal, a good model could be the answer. It is also more affordable than many luxury models. Since most massaging chairs come at relatively cheap prices, you can get a relatively great deal with one of them. Therapedic has a reputation for producing durable and quality massage chairs.

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Luraco I7 Plus #1 Worlds Best Model

Dimensions: Reclined 47 H x 38 W x 81 DUpright 48 H x 38 W x 60 DWeight: 265 lbs Special Features: touchscreen controller, High-Quality Bluetooth Speakers, 5 levels of Multi-sectional intensity controls, integrated health monitoring features, noise reduction technology, body swivel with twist stretching, voice response, acupressure point diagrams, ZERO GRAVITY, manual massage session selection with infinite combinations of separate body parts. Made in the USA, exceptional warranty.Max weight: up to 300 lbs, 67

The Luraco iRobotics 7 Plus is the replacement of the standard Luraco iRobotics 7. With better speakers, a better touchscreen remote, and new individual sections and adjustable intensity, it takes massaging chairs to the next level.

Seriously, this chair is as close to a personal masseuse as youre going to get. The intensity is controlled by a hundred individual airbags theres an optional health monitor that keeps track of your blood pressure and heart rate.

Individual body parts can be selected, from your head to toes each part can be adjusted separately or even omitted. The taping can be set to variable, constant, or percussion.

Made in the USA with some parts imported from Taiwan, the i7 Plus will give you 3 years of industry-leading massages, guaranteed, with an extra 2 years guarantee on parts.

Quietest Chair The quiet tech makes this the quietest chair on the market, so you can lay back and relax without too much buzzing.

Best Massage Chair Reviews

The Cozzia Qi Chair

Weve put together this list of massaging chairs, giving you a concise and informative report on what the best massage chairs can do and what theyre best suited to, so you know which is best suited for you personally.

It is a good investment, especially if you have chronic pain. It can help you relax and relieve the stress of everyday life. Having something to relieve and prevent pain is an absolute godsend.

But you need to know which models work best for which pains, which models to be wary of, and what to look out for.

Weve put together this list of the best massage chairs of 2020 to help you discern between the good investments and the duds, taking the trouble out of finding the chair thats going to offer you the relief you need.

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Best Massage Chairs For Home Use Over $3000 In 2022

Spending $3000 for a massage chair may sound expensive. But that’s what most mid-priced, feature-rich massage chairs cost nowadays. Many more massage chairs will cost you more than that.

But if you’re not worried about spending more than $3000, then the first half of our review will be of particular interest to you.

In the chart below, weve listed the five best massage chairs for home use over $3000.

Best Massage Chair for Home Use Over $3000


Note: The Baseline Rating is the individual product score without considering specific intent or context. See the details of each model below to get a contextual, goal-oriented, analysis.

A Few Notes

Before we take a detailed look at each of the designs above, a few observations about the models listed here:

  • In this segment, we see that Apex dominates, with two models featured in the final five.
  • No one chair has all three of the Big Three featured together.
  • If you’d look at both tables, you’ll see that the home use segment of the market is dominated by just three companies Apex, Kahuna and Infinity , while Relaxonchair , Omega, Human Touch, and Fujita each put one model on the board.
  • Taken as a whole, the entire Human Touch product line wins handily in the best for home use category, but their individual models tend to be tightly focused so as to cater to narrow segments within that market, and in general, youll pay a premium for their aesthetic.

Q: Does The Heating Option In These Massage Chairs Provide All Over Heating For Every Part Of Your Body

A: Some of them are designed to provide even and uniform heating to every part of your body during massages.

Quite a few of these massage chairs come with heating options only restricted to the lumbar region or calf muscles. If you want heat, most of the massage cushions are included a heat therapy option.

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The Zero Gravity Feature Of Massage Chairs

Having grown up watching tales of space adventure, this was one feature that I was keen to try out for myself.

Dont laugh but I really thought that somehow I would levitate above the seat.

Maybe someday technology will make this true, but for now, you have to keep your butt firmly on the massage cushion.

What zero gravity means in this context is that your body weight is distributed as evenly as possible.

It is the natural position when you are floating weightlessly in space.

The benefit for the body is that it relieves pressure points and helps your muscles relax more. This is especially important for your lower back.

Any reclining massage chair is going to help you achieve a similar position but if you truly want a real relaxed massage chair, look for one with this setting.

To come as close to it as possible your body should be tilted at a degree of 30 degrees and the angle between your butt and your back should be 120 degrees.

Should you hold out for zero-gravity?

If you have significant back pain, chairs with zero-gravity positions are better options for pain relief. It is the most relaxing option for your back in general.

You do need to take care of the type of rail that the chair has, though.

If it has a standards track with this feature, it might not be long enough to massage your butt as well as properly.

See the difference for yourself by trying to get your body in as close to the body zero gravity position as possible.

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