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How To Massage Your Face

Massage The Entire Outline Of Your Face

How to Massage Your Face to Look Younger
  • Place the knuckles between your eyebrows.
  • Move it upward, along the hairline, towards the temples.
  • Bring it down the side of your face, including your jawline.

Once you are done with these steps, place your palms on your face and gently press while taking a deep breath. This will help you relax.

This is a very basic yet effective facial massage technique. These steps are easy to follow. Facial massage has numerous other benefits as well.

Facial Massages Can Reduce Headaches

Many of us suffer from regular headaches, which can be a result of stress and the grind of modern life. The good news is that facial massages can be an effective tool against all types of headaches: tension headaches, migraines, and cluster headaches. If you feel a headache coming on, try giving yourself a quick facial massage by circling pressure points around your head and neck. Regular massages not only help you destress but also help you manage the symptoms of your stress and can make your headaches less frequent.

What Is Facial Massage

With roots in China, Mexico, Hungary and Sweden, facial massage has evolved greatly over the years. Eminence Organics International Trainer Brian Goodwin says: Therapeutic massage began approximately 4,500 years ago and has expanded into the discovery of facial lifting massage, lymphatic drainage, reflexology, Swedish-style and other techniques. Facial massage takes the principles of body massage and applies them to the muscles of the face. This not only reduces facial tension but also increases blood and lymph circulation to rejuvenate the skin.

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How To Properly Massage Your Face

The great thing about massaging your face is that it doesnt take much extra time out of your busy morning routine. All you need to do is incorporate a few more mindful moments into your normal cleansing regimen.

This is a good time to note that you should make sure your cleanser is effective yet gentlesuch as Beverly Hills MD Rose Stem Cleanser. Since youll be spending more time rubbing your face with the cleanser, you want to avoid anything too harsh on your delicate skin.

Face Massage To Remove Toxins

Holistic Face Massage Course

Your face picks up and stores a lot of toxins, this face massage removes them whilst relaxing your face.

You will need some oil for this one.

  • Start with a minimal amount of oil in your hands
  • Start spreading the oil around your face to spread it out evenly.
  • Warm up the muscles by moving your hands in an upwards and outwards motion with your hands
  • The next step is to detoxify the glands, which is important because all the toxins in your face drain to these areas . Start rubbing the underneath of your jaw area until you feel some heat. The heat is a sign that the node has unlocked.
  • Then starting from the bottom of your chin, run your hand towards your ear and then down your neck to open the lymph path.
  • Next, we begin to massage the muscles by starting at the chin and moving up towards the top of the forehead. Massage your face using little circles.
  • The next step is an eye-draining massage. This helps reduce puffiness and drain toxins. Move your fingers around your eyes, in a circular motion over the ridge of the eyebrows and then underneath the eyes towards the nose.
  • Next, you want to stimulate the secretion onto the eyes. Lightly pinch the eyebrow area and then release. Finish off with a few more circles.
  • Next massage the frown line by using two fingers on each hand and twisting it gently.
  • Begin to massage your forehead by running your fingers up and down using both hands, move across your forehead.
  • Complete the massage by rubbing your face as needed.
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    How To Do A Face Massage

    Try this on both days of a weekend so come Monday, youve got the hang of things and can implement it in your routine quick and easy.

    You will want to apply gentle pressure, you dont want to push too hard to avoid crushing your lymphatic vessels. The only pressure you really need is enough to gently move the skin. In the steps below, we guide you towards applying pressure at strategic locations where lymph nodes & marma are Marma points are sites where flesh, veins, arteries, tendons, bones and joints meet up. Massaging these energy pathways also helps to tone your facial muscles and helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines. It is incredibly calming and relaxing.


    Apply & rub any face oil into the palms of your hands. Now place your 3 middle fingers in the soft tissue right above each side of your collar bone, right where your neck and your color bone meet, and slowly pump 40 times. Again, dont press hard or go too quickly here, its a soft practice.


    Now place the flat part of your fingers and top of palm underneath the ears and massage by pumping and pulling down slowing. You want to do this 5 times.


    Cup your hands together and put your fingers on the back of the neck and pull downward. Do that 10 times.

    4. YOUR CHIN


    Move to the corner of your mouth, massage it in circular motion 3 times. Do the same between your nose and upper lip, on your cupids bow dimple .

    6. YOUR JAW

    How To Get A Facial Massage At Home

    Facial massage is a great way to improve the effectiveness of your skin-care products. Massages increase the absorption of key ingredients in skin care products. The heat produced by the hands and facial muscles makes them more permeable to the skin. This means the active ingredients get to work better on the deeper layers of the skin to target specific skin concerns and conditions. A facial massage with essential oils can add a luxurious touch of luxury to your daily skincare routine.

    After a facial massage, rinse your hands well and apply a gentle cleanser to your face. Begin your tantric massage by massaging the mid-face and moving toward your temples. Continue massaging your nose and cheeks. Once youre done, pat your face dry. Then, repeat the process on your neck and chin. This massage will help to relax and rejuvenate your face. And dont forget to drink plenty of water!

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    Knead The Sides Of Your Face

    Next, target the sides of your face. Use circular motions to massage the perimeter of your face, along the sides of your jaw and up over your cheekbones. Remember to push your skin up and out – not down. This will help to lift sagging skin and prevent the skin from drooping further. Repeat for two to three minutes, concentrating on the areas where you hold the most tension .

    What To Expect During A Facial Massage

    7 Minute Daily Face Massage

    Before embarking on my weeklong facial massage intensive, Id saved a few Instagram Reels and referenced them the morning after one too many tequilas, but Id never imagined the amount of educators dedicated to the craft. Overwhelmed, I sought structure in Face Gyms 30-minute online classes. I logged on to the Zoom link, oil to my left and water to my right, then kept my camera off as I rolled, lifted, and exhaled with a cast of glowing, enthusiastic trainers. Like an exercise class, we stretched, warmed up, got into cardio , and cooled down. One instructor reminded me to always finish higher than you started when massaging, which I immediately interpreted as a metaphysical ethos. Another explained that the lymphatic system was slow-moving and had to be woken up.

    On nights when I really couldnt face the screen, I practiced moves from class, setting a timer on my phone and lighting a candle in my bathroom. Learning more about where I carry tension and how to soften those areas felt empowering and like the ultimate self-care. Stimulating my skin, bringing oxygen to the surface, and all of that was great, but it was the time spent off-screen, all to myself, that really felt divine.

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    Facial Massage Step #: Reach For Your Moisturizer Or Facial Oil

    If youve ever received a facial massage, youll know that the esthetician doesnt smooth their dry hands over your face. Instead, theyll massage a moisturizer or facial oil onto your skin. That way, their hands can glide smoothly over your skin without any tugging or pulling. And in case you havent guessed, youll want to do the same during your DIY facial massage. Rub a dollop of moisturizer between your hands to warm up the lotion or cream before applying it to your skin. If you prefer, you can choose to do the same with facial oil, or mix a few drops of oil into your moisturizer for the best of both worlds. As for which moisturizer to incorporate into your facial massage, consider one of the following options, based on your skin type.

    If you have oily skintry the LOréal Paris Hydra Genius Daily Liquid Care – Normal/Oily Skin. In normal and oily skin, external factors such as pollution, UV rays, and excessive cleansing can damage skins moisture barrier, causing loss of moisture and increase in oil production. As a result, your complexion can end up looking overly shiny. This water-based moisturizer reduces the appearance of excess shine, so skin looks mattified and fresh.

    How To Use Face Massager Machine

    Face massage increases blood flow all over the facial skin to promote health and relax facial muscles. Here we will give a step-by-step guide to using a face massager machine.

    We all know the importance of face massage for our skin. It helps improve blood circulation, relaxes the muscles, and firms the skin. But, not many of us know how to use a face massager machine properly.

    In this blog post, we will teach you how to use a face massager machine in a step-by-step guide.

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    Facial Massage After A Facelift

    At Schaffer Plastic Surgery, care and concern of our patients doesnt stop after they have had surgical procedures. Ensuring the comfort and safety of our patients is top priority along with preserving beautiful results. One way to support recovery after a facelift is through facial massage. This will support lymphatic drainage which helps to reduce swelling, bruising and discomfort. Your facelift aftercare instructions will include information on how to perform facial massages, but here we will explain it in greater detail.

    Why Is It Important To Massage Your Face For Temporomandibular Joint Problems

    Facial massage: easy DIY techniques to do at home

    If you suffer from temporomandibular joint problems, you may be wondering: Why is it important to massage your face? Here are some benefits of facial massages and how to perform them at home. Self-massage can also be done at home. Before you try it, here are some things to know. First of all, dont massage a pimple! This can spread bacteria and cause painful breakouts.

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    Types Of Face Massage:

  • Swedish- This is the most common type of massage. It includes soft and folding strokes on the uppermost layers of the muscles. This massage is relaxing and energising.
  • Shiatsu- Shiatsu means ‘finger pressure’ in this, the therapist uses a different level of pressure on certain points of the body. This massage helps in opening blockages in the muscles.
  • Remedial- Remedial massage works as a healing treatment to provide relief to sore muscles that are damaged, knotted or impaired. It improves overall health by relaxing the tensed muscles of the body.
  • Acupressure- It is a specific massage technique that aims to relax muscles, lessen pain and increase blood circulation in the body.
  • Gua sha- This massage technique involves using a quartz stone or a jade roller on the skin in an upward motion to relax the stiff muscles and promote tissue drainage.
  • How To Give Yourself A Lymphatic Drainage Massage

    It is incredible to see a professional who knows how to perform manual lymph drainage massage. However, this is not generally an available choice, particularly during a pandemic. Fortunately, you can do a simple form of facial lymphatic drainage at the convenience of your home.

    To get started, you can get either a facial oil or an excellent, rich moisturizer. Though some professionals may not use cream or oil for slip, having a bit of slip can make your lymphatic facial massage easier to perform.

    As for the simple massage technique, here are the following steps you can do at home:

    • Begin by breathing deeply. Put your hands on your stomach and inhale deeply using your nose until you feel your stomach pushing into your hands. Then, exhale until your stomach is in a level position.
    • Look for your comfortable position. You can choose to stand, sit, or lie down.
    • Apply pressure. Use your palms to apply gentle movement to your forehead. Gradually extend the skin down toward the lymph gland of your neck. Continue to do this, moving right down your face.
    • Be careful around your eyes. Instead of your palms, use your ring finger to make a rolling motion under your eyes.
    • Repeat. Do these procedures at least five times in every area of your face.

    Some individuals like to do it consistently or only once or twice a week. If you have a hard time doing the technique, ask a trained therapist to show you the process.

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    They Increase The Circulation

    When you want to relax, you may book a back massage or a pedicure that includes a foot rub. Just as other parts of our body benefit from regular massage, so does our face. It feels amazing to release the tension in our faces that we carry every day from smiling, frowning, talking, and more. Taking a minute to massage around your mouth, eyes, and cheeks is not only relaxing, it also increases the blood and oxygen flow to your face.

    Have you ever splashed cold water on your face after a hot shower? The shock is usually quickly replaced with a refreshed feeling and a bright complexion. The cold water stimulates blood circulation and helps your skin glow. The same goes for massaging your face!

    Massage Boosts The Effectiveness Of Your Skincare Products

    Lymphatic Facial Massage For Glowing Skin (Demonstration) | Eminence Organics

    On top of that, facial massage boosts the benefits of facial cleansers, allowing better absorption and effectiveness.5 Especially in the evening when we cant wait to jump into the coziness of our goose-feather comforters, its easy to quickly splash ourselves with cleanser and hastily rinse it off. By committing to a massage ritual, youll actually soak in all of the wonderful ingredients your cleanser has to offer before it vanishes down the drain.

    Finally, lets not forget the stress-relieving effects massaging your face affords. Yes, this is anecdotal evidence, but think about it: How can you not feel more relaxed as you take deep breaths of a fragrant cleanser as you work in some calming caresses to your temples?

    Theres even a study to further reinforce the benefits of facial massage. In a review of 142 women, researchers looked for results in a 12-week period following facial beauty treatments involving facial massage. The immediate and delayed effects were observed following a three-step regimen that included vigorous massage, steaming, and the application of a face mask. Researchers found that the majority of patients reported feelings of freshness and rejuvenation, warmth and tightening and, in lesser numbers, they even experienced a delay in the onset of wrinkles.6

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    Try This Pucker Lips Exercise

    This is a fun one! You want to pucker your lips to the left and then to the right, with your head following the direction of your lips. Firstly, as you twist your lips to the left, turn your head as well, lifting it to a 45 degree angle. Hold this position for three seconds. Next, repeat on the right side, twisting your lips and head to the right, and holding your head at a 45 degree angle. Hold for three seconds. Repeat this exercise about five times.

    Begin By Massaging Your Lymph Nodes

    The face and neck have several lymph nodes, including two on either side of your face under the ears.

    Massage your ears firmly with your fingertips, in guided circular motions, to drain toxins into these lymph nodes. Avoid being too harsh on your skin as the facial skin is sensitive and prone to damage.

    Massage under your ears, under your chin to your throat area, and along your jawline for best results.

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    Facial Massages Tips To Follow

  • Use A Massaging Tool: It is the best way to enhance your experience. You may use Gua Sha tools or a jade roller to give yourself a calming massage. The technique remains the same. The only difference is you will be using a tool instead of your fingers or knuckles.
  • Never Ignore The Neck: The skin on your neck needs equal care and attention. Whenever you are massaging your face, extend the motions to your neck and chest area as well.
  • Use Anti-Aging Creams: Adding anti-aging creams to your facial care routine will help enhance your skin health, reduce fine lines, and delay other signs of aging.
  • Exfoliate Before Massaging: This helps your skin absorb the oils or moisturizers better.
  • Massage In The Evenings: This van helps your skin absorb the products overnight.
  • You may add or skip the massaging steps as per your convenience and comfort level. Regular massaging can slowly improve your skin texture over time. Hence, if you have a few minutes to spare, try incorporating facial massage into your skincare routine.

    Benefits Of Facial Massage For Temporomandibular Joints Conditions

    Benefits of a Facial Massage

    A facial massage is an excellent treatment option for TMJ conditions. Facial massage can relax tight muscles, improve facial tone, and relieve symptoms of TMJ. Facial massage can also reduce scarring. Gentle massage of scar tissue can reduce tension, clenching, pain, and inflammation. TMJ sufferers who experience earaches or aching in their jaws can benefit from facial massage. It can reduce the effects of grinding teeth, which can lead to TMJ.

    Piersons client had a TMJ disorder for seven to ten year before she received a series facial massages. She complained of pain, clicking, crepitus, and decreased range motion. She was a stressed student and sought treatment from a TMJ specialist and a dentist. However, the results were not satisfactory. She also wanted advice on stress reduction and stretching. The client reported a decrease in pain and muscle tension following the treatment.

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