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Massage Therapy Ethics Course Online

What Is The Typical Path To An Online Massage Therapy Certification

Massage Therapy 2020 Dr Vizniak

Students typically complete a massage therapy program teaching them the material needed to take a certification exam. This often includes in-person, hands-on training supervised by a licensed massage therapist instructor. These programs most often include topics such as physiology and kinesiology, as well as medical terminology, massage technique practical skills, and business-related courses. These programs may follow a specific course of study or be self-paced, allowing students to take courses as they desire.

Clinical Practice Guidelines For Low Back Pain

About the Course

Participants in this video course will be introduced to the current evidence-based approach to management of low back pain using Clinical Practice Guidelines from the Orthopedic Physical Therapy Section of the American Physical Therapy Association with clinical reasoning. As payers and medical practitioners increasingly depend on evidence-based Guidelines, clinicians must utilize published recommendations when selecting examination tools and designing therapeutic programs to direct functional outcomes and to optimize documentation for reimbursement. CPGs are intended to complement the clinical reasoning process of clinicians, not to provide a mandated protocol for making decisions about patient management. Understand the terminology and recommendations used in the CPG for low back pain. Select the proper impairment categories for your patients with low back pain for a more accurate match to their medical diagnosis, and choose recommended interventions to promote functional outcomes. Recognize what intervention types to utilize for specific impairment categories based on current evidence to successfully address low back pain and its related limitations.

Florida Massage: this course is approved as general hours. You will not receive hands-on credit for this course.

Connective Tissue Disorder Treatment with Muscle Release Techniques: Video

Ethics & Boundaries For Massage Therapy Course

Esthetician School | Nail School | Makeup School | Massage School

Continuing Education Units: 5

Most professions have ethical guidelines about how a person in that profession should or should not behave. Professional massage organizations and state and local governments that regulate massage often set down ethics for proper massage therapy. The purpose of massage ethics is to protect both clients and massage therapist from situations that can compromise the therapeutic relationship.

This is an approved course for:Massage Therapists

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Corrective Exercise: Optimize The Nervous System For Complete Functional Restoration

About the CourseThe Central Nervous System is our communication network, one that can change and adapt at any age, and it is imperative to address impairments, lifestyle, and somatosensory factors for optimal neural reprogramming. We need to reprogram the CNS for complete functional restoration, optimal performance, and most importantly, injury prevention. The brains control center is dependent on the proper input. When dysfunction exists, the CNS receives poor proprioceptive input and accesses inefficient information. By addressing the dysfunctional movement at their root in the motor control center, where the patterns are stored, we can truly enhance motor learning and optimize client outcomes. Furthermore, a scientific and systematic approach to retraining the nervous system encompassing appropriate corrective strategies and sound movement-based training will contribute to fast and effective changes in motor control. This course discusses corrective exercises, which are those exercises done by an individual in order to reprogram the neuromuscular system from dysfunctional, to functional movement. These exercises are used to relieve pain, rehabilitate injury, and prevent injury. Everyone has their own story and has developed their own compensations over time, which is why corrective exercise is individualized.This course is a video, on demand course

Evidenced-Inspired Approaches to Pelvic Pain

Florida Massage 12 Hour Homestudy Package

Ethics for the Massage Therapist
  • Ethics in Massage Therapy 2
  • Laws and Rules Governing Massage Practice in the State of Florida Exam 2
  • Medications & Massage Therapy: Common Gastrointestinal & Pain Medications 4
  • Pathology of Chronic Conditions for Massage Therapists 2
  • Preventing Medical Errors 2
Florida Massage 6 Hour Mandatory Courses Package

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Essential Information About Taking The Boundaries Standard Of Practice & Consent Standard Of Practice Course

Information listed above under CMTBC online course requirement for 2022: Documentation in Massage Therapy Practice course, on what are the best devices and browser to use, accommodations for RMTs with a disability, how to enroll, your account in CMTBCs Learning Centre, and tips for successfully completing the course, also applies to the Boundaries and Consent course. Please read this essential information.

Exam Questions And Taking The Exam

  • Unlimited Test Taking
  • Review and download a copy of the practice exam questions before you read the course
  • Answers to important information for the exam are in BOLD throughout the course
  • Exam answers are multiple choice
  • Certificate is emailed to you when you pass the exam with 70%
  • Courses are pass/fail. No grades appear on your certification
  • All courses are NCBTMB Approved
  • Massage CE Learning Tree has been a trusted massage continuing education provider for state and NCBTMB courses since 2015

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Determine The Presence Of Ethical Behavior

What is ethical behavior? How do we define it and understand it, particularly in terms of the profession? Are we acting ethically in our practice? Are our co-workers in the field doing the same? After completing this course, youll have a thorough understanding of what ethical behavior looks like, and youll be able to determine its presence or absence in a variety of professional environments.

Massage Therapy Continuing Education & Online Courses

Ethics in ETherapy and TeleMental Health for Counseling CEUs for LPC and LMHC

I need courses that are engaging and provide new, relevant information in the profession, and Massage CEU Monkey really delivered on this for me. On top of that, they made getting my massage continuing education requirements a breeze. By far my top choice for getting massage classes online.

Ryan, Licensed Massage Therapist

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What Is The Difference Between Online Format And Mail Format

Our online format is available to you instantly after you make your purchase. This option allows you to print and/or download our courses to your computer immediately. Text courses are in PDF format which can be downloaded and printed. Online Seminar-On-Demand¨ courses are viewed streaming by clicking a link. Our online format offers the ultimate in convenience and saves you time and money.

Our mail format allows you to obtain a hard copy of the course materials. Text courses are sent in a booklet form. Seminar-On-Demand¨ courses are sent as a DVD-ROM. NOTE: DVD-ROMs can only be viewed on a computer or laptop. They are NOT compatible with standard DVD players.

When you choose the mail format, we will rush you your materials the next business day via Fedex Ground, Fedex Express Saver, or Fedex 2 Day.

Course exams may be completed in our online testing center, by fax or by mail for both the online and mail format.

Massage Ethics Ceu Course Outline And Learning Outcomes

As a massage therapist and professional bodyworker, your job is to provide your clients with the highest quality care possible. While attending a course of study, you learned about a wide range of techniques. Some are intended for relaxation and gentle manipulation others are suited for accessing the deepest layers of a clients musculature and facial tissue, seeking to relieve chronic conditions that theyve been suffering from for years.

As part of your journey through the world of massage, youve had to combine your love of the healing arts and bodywork with a degree of business acumen as well. In addition to learning the ins and outs of various therapeutic modalities, youve also had to develop a business plan, start a practice, and bring in clients. Youve likely had to market yourself, create a website, and jump through a number of hoops in order to really get started as a practitioner.

At the end of the day, though, theres one overarching topic that has to be addressed in order for everything else to function smoothly in your massage practice. The foundational core of your practice isnt a particular set of techniques, or the perfect marketing strategy that brings countless patients through the door.

Rather, the bottom line for your practice and the foundation upon which it has to be built is something different altogether: ethics.

Are you running an ethical practice? Do you have a deep awareness of what it means to act ethically in the field of bodywork?

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Cheap Online Massage Ethics 6 Ce


Cheap Online Massage Ethics is a Practical Professional Ethics course for massage therapists. Most states require LMT, RMT, and CMTs to take Ethics to renew their licensure. So the course is available in increments of 2, 4, and 6 CEs. Also, it is offered online 24/7. And for those who realized at the last minute that they needed to fulfill their Ethics requirements. NCBTMB approves these CEs, which are accepted by most states. In addition, there is a separate option for the state of Louisiana.

If you waited until the last minute then buys now to have immediate access to Cheap Online Massage Ethics. Dont delay.

Oregon Massage Ethics Boundaries And Communication Requirement

Massage CE Course: Boundaries in an Ethical Massage Practice Bundle ...

by Amy Stark on ·Continuing Education, Licensing

The Oregon Massage Board added this requirement for license renewal. 4 Contact Hours must be in Professional Ethics, Boundaries, or Communication. OSM offers the following courses that include content intended to fulfill the Professional Ethics, Boundaries and Communication requirement. Please note that all hours count towards Contact Continuing Education for Oregon & Washington LMTs.

To register for the following classes, please call 503-244-3420.


NCBTMB Approved Course:YesDescription: This interactive workshop addresses a variety of relational situations where boundary setting is needed with clients and clarifies what is needed in various dual relationships. The goal of the class is to obtain clarity in your professional boundaries and devise ways to communicate them to avoid ethical dilemmas. We will explore confidentiality, transference, client attraction, emotional triggering, friendships, business and energetic boundaries. Prerequisites: Comm/Ethics or LMT

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Health Care Records: Standard For Patient Records And Privacy Legislation Course

This course, launched in 2016, consists of two modules that cover the principles of record keeping, and considerations related to privacy and security of patients health care records.

While the course is available to RMTs to take toward Cycle 13 continuing education credits, CMTBC recommends that RMTs instead complete the new Documentation in Massage Therapy Practice course, which includes current information on documentation requirements found in the newly enacted standards of practice and recently revised Code of Ethics.

Please note, however, that Cycle 13 continuing education credits will not be awarded for completion of the Documentation in Massage Therapy Practice course. The course is a requirement for registration renewal in 2023 for all RMTs, practising and non-practising, registered before November 1, 2022.

  • T 604.736.3404

Recognize The Scope Of Practice The Standards Of Practice And The Code Of Ethics

Every healing modality has its own particular scope of practice, including massage. Recognizing and adhering to your scope of practice is essential to maintaining ethical behavior as a practitioner. Additionally, understanding standards of practice and keeping to a code of ethics are just as important. In this class, well discuss all of these things in detail.

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Welcome To Ethics Communication And Boundaries Through The Lens Of The Nervous System

This is an online course designed for massage therapists and physical therapists to earn their required four hours of continuing education in ethics.

  • 4 hours of Ethics CEUâs recognized by NCBTMB, state boards in Oregon, Washington, and Florida, and more. Also applicable to Oregon and Washington physical therapists for their CCâs.

  • Learn in the comfort of your home

  • Complete the class at your own pace

  • A certificate will be emailed to you within 48 hours of completion

  • Learn about Polyvagal Theory and how it informs our practice as therapists

  • Coursework will be in a variety of formats:

  • short videos

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Massage Therapy Ceu Requirements By State

Deontology | Ethics Defined

Needed: Alabama MTs need 16 hours Deadline: Due every other year, on thelast day of the orginial licensure month.Alaska Massage Therapy ContinuingNeeded: No CEUs required. Deadline: N/A Read More Arizona MassageTherapy Continuing Education

Arizona MTs need 24 Rule R4-15-301.Aand B Deadline: Due every other yearon the licensees birthday

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Essential Information About Taking The Code Of Ethics & Practice Environment Course

Information listed above under CMTBC online course requirement for 2022: Documentation in Massage Therapy Practice course, on what are the best devices and browser to use, accommodations for RMTs with a disability, how to enroll, your account in CMTBCs Learning Centre, and tips for successfully completing the course, also applies to the Code of Ethics and Practice Environment course. Please read this essential information.

Boundaries: Understanding And Maintaining

In any health care scenario, boundaries are important. They help distinguish what is and isnt appropriate behavior between client or patient and provider. When it comes to a hands-on discipline like massage therapy, though, these boundaries are especially important to consider. In this class, well examine how to maintain boundaries in our professional practice. Specifically, well look at four types of boundaries: emotional, physical, sexual, and social.

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Accommodations For Rmts With A Disability

The Brightspace learning platform has built-in accommodations for learners with disabilities. The end-of-module quizzes and the final exam for the course have a time limit in which learners must complete the tasks.

RMTs with disabilities who require additional time are asked to contact to ask for accommodations. CMTBC will accommodate learners with verifiable documentation of any disability recognized under BCs Human Rights Code.

Please note that CMTBC does not provide a paper version of the online course the course must be completed online.

Code Of Ethics & Practice Environment Standard Of Practice Course

Massage Ethics

This course, launched in 2021, provides essential information on the Code of Ethics and the CMTBC Practice Environment Standard of Practice.

CMTBCs Code of Ethics and Practice Environment learning objectives are:

  • To understand the Code of Ethics and use it as a guide in making consistently professional decisions as an RMT
  • To ensure that your RMT practice is in compliance with the requirements outlined in the Practice Environment Standard of Practice.

RMTs have eight weeks to complete the course and final exam from the day of payment. Payment of the $100 course fee occurs in the Registrant Portal.

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Weve Added New Classes To This Bundle

In this NCBTMB approved massage continuing education bundle, you will be able to choose a variety of CE classes. Complete all courses or just complete the classes that you are interested in or need for massage license renewal purposes. All classes are available for 1 year from the date of purchase and accepted by AMTA, ABMP and other national organizations.

Course Information

  • Review the exam questions before you read the course
  • Important exam information is in BOLD throughout course
  • Exam answers are multiple choice
  • Certificate is emailed to you when you pass the exam with 70%
  • Courses are pass/fail. No grades appear on your certification
  • Courses are available immediately
  • All courses are NCBTMB Approved
  • Massage CE Learning Tree has been a trusted massage continuing education provider for state and NCBTMB courses since 2015
  • Courses are accepted by AMTA, ABMP and other national associations for massage license renewal
  • View Our Approvals and Instructions on the top bar of the page or in the phone menu


  • Add to cart/View the cart/Proceed to check out
  • Fill out your billing details: name , licensing # and state
  • Place order . Please wait while it processes
  • All courses are immediately available in your account

Navigating The Courses

Courses in this bundle include:

Professional Ethics in Massage, 1 CE

Cultural Diversity and Professional Ethics, 1 CE

Professional Ethics, Roles and Boundaries 2 CE

Business Practices in Massage Therapy, 1 CE

How Long Does It Take To Get An Online Massage Therapy Certification

The length of the massage therapy course of study ranges widely based on the program. Some programs wrap up in as little as 15 weeks. Most, however, take at least a year to complete, while others take much longer. Those seeking an associate degree program can spend 18 to 36 months studying to earn their degree.

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How To Enroll In And Complete The Documentation In Massage Therapy Course

Enroll via the Registrant Portal in 3 easy steps:

  • Upon successful completion of the course, you will be awarded a Certificate of Completion for your records.
  • Follow the steps below to download your course completion certificate:
  • Go to your Brightspace homepage
  • In My Awards, click the Completion Certificate link

The certificate of course completion is for your records only. You are not required to upload it to the CMTBC Registrant Portal.

What We Can Do For You

Common Ethical Violations | CEUs for Counselors and Social Workers
  • You may take all 24 hours of continuing education through our 145+ home study programs with the exception of our Canine Massage course.
  • You can use our various ethics continuing education courses to satisfy your 3 CE hour ethics requirement.
  • Please note, a maximum of 4 CE hours can be in courses on self-care.

For more information regarding recertification requirements beyond just continuing education, please visit .

If you would like to verify this information, or have further questions regarding your massage therapy continuing education requirements, we suggest contacting the NCBTMB directly. The telephone number for the NCBTMB is 800-296-0664 or visit their website at

The Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies is approved by the NCBTMB as a continuing education Approved Provider . All of our continuing education programs can be used for National Certification renewal.

You may also use our credits for other organizations you may belong to, such as the American Massage Therapy Association or Associated Bodywork Massage Professionals .

Enroll Risk-Free! We understand that you are fulfilling your CE requirements, but we feel you are also investing in your skills and professional knowledge, so we offer a 90-day, money-back guarantee. Learn more about our guarantee.

Take our free online course:Ethics Refresher

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