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Enhanced Therapies: What Are They? | Massage Envy San Diego

Massage Green Spa is a San Diego Massage Therapists company servicing your local community in San Diego County CA, 92131.

Talk directly with the Massage Therapists experts or a business owner on each call. Our business community thrives when each of us researches locally first for Massage Therapists San Diego and then makes an honest effort to do business with them.

What Does Cortisol Do To The Body

Cortisol is your bodys primary stress hormone its release can be triggered by any type of stress: a late deadline, a missed alarm, as well as actual danger like getting into a car accident or experiencing a natural disaster. No matter the cause, your body secretes cortisol.

Normally, the release of this stress hormone is a good thing, as it causes your body to quickly mobilize glucose into the bloodstream. This increase in blood sugar is meant to fuel your muscles and give your body a boost of energy so you can respond to the stressor rapidly.

However, several health issues can arise if your cortisol levels remain high, as they do for many people who experience stress at work, at home, and in their daily lives.

Symptoms of high cortisol levels include:

  • Digestive issues like IBS
  • Increased blood pressure

Massage Green Spa Scripps Ranch

  • Tish MJune 30, 2013Professional, clean and very relaxing atmosphere. I would definitely come here again.
  • LoreleiSeptember 28, 2018My go to therapists are Acho, Jordan, and Nick.
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San Diego Massage Therapy

Massage Green Spa is a local San Diego Massage Therapy area business. Feel free to fill out our contact form here at the bottom of our profile on so we can reach out to you!

If you need Massage Therapy services, then call us now at 689-1700. We are always happy to provide you with quality San Diego Massage Therapy and excellent customer service.

Inquire about San Diego Massage Therapy and call Massage Green Spa today!

What Are People Saying About Massage Green Spa

Green Bamboo Massage &  Foot Spa

Here are some reviews from our users.

“I have been seeing Debra every month for about three years. She pinpoints my problem areas and knows the perfect pressure to apply to leave me feeling so much better. Her goal is to help heal and she is fabulous at it! I look forward to my appointment every month!”

“Debra is AMAZING! Ive been getting massages for years and after seeing Debra my long term lower back and leg pain disappeared. I cannot recommend her and Massage Green Spa enough!”

“I have never done a review before but I felt that it was necessary for this. At :pm on February th I contacted this company to schedule a spa day for my girlfriend for Valentines Day . The receptionist assisted me with a polite attitude at first but as we talked and I requested her tell me the total amount of a package deal I saw on Groupon she gradually became short with me and seemed reluctant to give me the total amount of the min facial, min massage, and min sauna service all together. instead, she provided me with separate prices of each which honestly was fine with me. I politely asked if she can wait a moment while I input these prices in my calculator to give me a total so I can book an appointment now but she quickly cut the conversation short by suggesting I call when I am ready to book an appointment despite me calling to do just that. I will not be calling back or spending my money at this company.”

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Jimmy Gialelis Lmt Bctmb

Jimmy Gialelis, LMT, is a national board certified clinical practitioner passionate about clients actualizing maximum health gains. A member of the Massage Therapy Hall of Fame, he contributes to the Massage & Bodywork Licensure Exam as an exam item writer. He maintains a continuing education business, Advanced Massage Arts & Education, along with his private practice studio in Tempe, AZ.

Benefits Of A Spa Facial

  • Unclogs pores and removes impurities, including black heads, whiteheads and pimples
  • Detoxifies the skin for better circulation
  • Relieves tension and stimulates cellular renewal
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and blemishes
  • Hydrates skin for a rejuvenated, youthful appearance

Our SPA Facial requires no downtime, however depending on your skin type you may experience mild redness following your facial particularly if youre suffering from acne. Any discoloration should return to normal within a day or so.

Many of our clients see their results immediately after their facial. Your skin will appear more radiant with a noticeably smoother texture. Clients who incorporate regular Massage Green SPA Facials into their skincare routine continue to realize improvements over time.

Massage Green SPA does not provide medical advice, education or treatment. The information contained herein is for general information purposes only and does not address individual circumstances or medical conditions. Always consult your doctor before making decision about your health.

Intro price and availability of services may vary by location. Please select a SPA for complete details and to schedule an appointment.

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Massaging Feet For Autism

Another development seen in connection with massage and brain health is witnessed in the Autism population. Massage upon the feet was shown in a 2018 study to improve oxytocin release and activate brain regions associated with cognition for recipients with social dysfunctions such as Autism. This discovery is exciting to see, as science is confirming massages effect on brain health on pathologic clients.

Foods To Avoid For Reducing Cortisol Levels

Join Me For A “Spa” Day (at the Longevity Lounge in San Diego)!

Comfort food and drink can make you feel better in the moment because they taste good or remind you of a warm memory, but their perceived effects may be short-lived.

When it comes to how diet may affect stress levels, many typical comfort foods are found on the list of foods to avoid, as they contain compounds or ingredients that have been linked to stress, anxiety, and depression.

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Reflexology For Brain Health

Reflexology, a common complimentary modality to massage, is a welcome addition to improving brain health. A study in the Complimentary Therapy & Clinical Practice Journal in 2017 highlighted how the application of reflexology induces changes in the activity of brain waves in correspondence with the appearance of a high degree of sleepiness and sleep.

This study indicates the effects of touch upon brain wave activity showing how touch may induce sleep cycles. Improved sleep can lead to better cognitive function and brain recovery over time.

San Diego Masseuse Massage Green Spa In San Diego County Ca 92131

Find a San Diego Masseuse that is here to serve you. Massage Green Spa is that company. Please reach out to us today so Massage Green Spa can help you solve any questions you have to meet your goals as a local consumer.

If you own a home or a business in San Diego San Diego County and you need San Diego Masseuse, then give Massage Green Spa a call now or fill out the contact form below and someone will get back to you and help you with your San Diego residential, commercial, or industrial needs.

To Schedule An Appointment with a San Diego Masseuse just reach out to them now!

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Lymphatic Drainage Therapy For Brain Health

Psychological stress can also be eased with lymphatic drainage therapy, a type of manual therapy. A study published in the Journal of Physiologic & Therapeutic Science indicated the application of lymphatic drainage techniques upon the abdomen reduced psychological stress, providing acute neural effects that increased relaxation in study participants.

Sports Massage For Brain Health

Green Bamboo Massage &  Foot Spa

Sports Massage is a prime example in which we witness the positive effects of better brain focus and clarity equating to healthier body function.

Jason VonGerichten, an instructor at the Soma Institute, writes Sports Massage, at its essence, is a way for athletes to reconnect with their bodies, to put aside all other worries and simply focus on being their is very clear to anyone who has ever played a sport, run a race or even just played darts in a bar that if your mind is distracted you will not be as competitive.

This statement clearly summarizes the effects of better brain health upon the body. When we help clients focus mentally, their physical body will respond more effectively.

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The Best Day Spas In San Diego

In a sun-kissed beach destination like San Diego, theres no shortage of opportunities for rest and relaxation. And among them are several enticing day spas dotted across the city.

While many spas are only open to fully paid up members, there are also plenty that welcome day guests seeking a one-off spot of indulgent pampering. In San Diego, there are a wide number of spas that offer day passes, giving guests access to a range of luxurious treatments and services, as well as amenities such as swimming pools, saunas, Jacuzzis, and more. If youre visiting San Diego and would like to book into one of the citys day spas, weve picked out 5 of the best.

Massage Green Spa

Renowned for their specialised and customised approach to therapeutic massage, Massage Green Spa apply luxury at low cost principles to deliver affordable wellness services for clients. Working on the basis that there are four main reasons people need a massage relaxation, stress management, pain management and increased mobility the spas licensed massage therapists select the treatment that best suites each clients needs, using techniques ranging from gliding Swedish strokes to focused deep-tissue kneads. The spa also offer facials, infrared sauna sessions, and float therapy, all utilising cutting edge technology.

Groupon currently offers discounts of up to 16% on treatments at this day spa. They also offer reductions for many other San Diego spas. Check

Girl on the Go Wellness Spa

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Brain Development For The Young

Massage is also shown to improve brain cognition and development of infants and children. For infants, a study published in the Journal Current Biology indicates gentle massage strokes upon C-Tactile nerve cells within the skin can reduce pain perception and facilitate a positive response to touch. Also, the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami, FL demonstrates in a study that babies receiving massages witness reduced stress behaviors along with improved muscle function.

For children, similar results were witnessed from Touch Research Institute studies. Massage reduced anxiety in children and adolescent psychiatric patients in a study witnessing decreased cortisol levels and less anxiety. Autistic children saw gains in cognition, improved social behavior, and better sleep all indicators of better brain health. This particular study was published in the Journal of Autism and Development Disorders.

Massaging Hands For Dementia

Massage Green Spa: Luxury That Everyone Can Afford

Dementia is another pathologic condition witnessing remarkable brain health marker improvements with massage. Dementia features emotional lability and memory loss, both representing significant reduction in cognition function.

  • Massaging the hands of dementia patients showed positive results in reducing agitation and improving biological stress markers in a study published by the Applied Psychophysiological Biofeedback Journal in 2018.
  • Similar results were witnessed in dementia patients as published in the Journal of Clinical Nursing in 2018 when aroma-massage showed improved cognition and brain function.
  • A third study encouraged health providers to suggest massage to dementia patients as published in the International Journal of Nursing Studies in 2019, as massage showed to improve behavioral and psychological symptoms.
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    Tips & Reviews For Massage Green Spa

    price range: averagemasks requiredstaff wears masksaccepts credit cardsprivate lot parkingfree wi-figender-neutral restroomswomen-ownedopen to allbike parkingparking, privatewheelchair accessibleby appointment only

    • Mar 2022

      I have been seeing Debra every month for about three years. She pinpoints my problem areas and knows the perfect pressure to apply to leave me feeling so much better. Her goal is to help heal and she is fabulous at it! I look forward to my appointment every month!

    • Mar 2022

      Debra is absolutely amazing! I am so lucky to have her assist me every time I come into Message Green. She makes me feel comfortable as soon as I come in to see her and I leave her feeling so much better. Please schedule with Debra, you wonât regret it! She is one of the most selfless and kind souls!

    • Mar 2022

      Victoria C. Is winderful! She’s very knowledgeable and sweet and listens to what you need! Deep tissue for me like always and I feel so much better!I would recommend Massage Green Spa to all my family and friends!â¤â¤

    Benefits Of Massage Therapy

    A wellness routine that includes massage therapy helps release chronic muscular tension and pain, improve circulation, increase joint flexibility, reduce mental and physical fatigue and stress, promote faster healing of injured muscular tissue, improve posture, and reduce blood pressure.

    Experience freedom from long-term aches and pains developed from tension or repetitive activity.

    Benefit from increased energy, heightened awareness, and greater productivity which can last for days after your massage therapy session.

    Massage also has many mental health benefits including decreased anxiety and lower stress levels.

    Incorporating massage therapy into your wellness routine has also been found to promote better sleep, improve concentration, reduce anxiety and enhance an overall sense of well-being.

    Massage therapy is safe and effective for people of all ages. And its not only a feel-good way to pamper yourself, it is also a great tool to take charge of your general well-beingwhether you have a specific health condition or are simply looking for relaxation and rejuvenation.

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