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Panchakarma : : : The Ultimate Ayurvedic Detox

Touch of Jade Lymphatic Therapy – The Facial
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The Ancient Science of Ayurveda believes our natural state is one of health, happiness and a sense of well-being, which in Sanskrit is known as Sattva or Sattvic mind.

In the busy, stressful world that we live in today, its easy for the mind and body to become overstimulated, this in itself, can lead to the accumulation of toxins and harmful waste. The buildup of these unhealthy materials can weaken the immune system and cause deterioration of other bodily functions such as the lymphatic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

An unhealthy lifestyle can also lead to repeated dietary indiscretions and poor exercise patterns which can throw off our agnis which regulate the bodys internal homeostasis causing us to be imbalanced.

The ultimate Ayurvedic detox, Panchakarma, is a therapeutic yet pleasurable way to fully cleanse the mind and body of accumulated toxins, excess dosha and waste material on a deep cellular level. Panchakarma in Sanskrit translates to five actions which are treatments that are integral to purifying the full body.

Excess toxins and waste material are known as ama in Ayurveda. Ama, is a foul-smelling, sticky, harmful substance that needs to be completely evacuated from the body.

According to Ayurveda, its recommended to cleanse and rejuvenate the body seasonally to dislodge toxins and flush them from the body. The preventative and rejuvenative health benefits of this detoxification process are beneficial for body types of all ages.

Revealing The Treasures Of The Dead Sea To Rejuvenate The Body And Mind

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Tell Me: Do Lymphatic Drainage Massages Actually Improve Your Health

The thinking is that a “clogged” lymphatic system equals all sorts of health problemsand that can be true. Cells depend on lymphatic fluid to transport substances, communicate with other cells, and help them carry out their duties.

So, a damaged network can screw up those processes, contributing to issues such as lymphedema, chronic swelling in a specific area of the body, says Koehler. “In the medical field, we use manual lymph drainage to help people who have had damage to their lymphatic system following surgery, trauma, or developmental disorders,” she says. “In this case, manual lymph drainage can be beneficial because there are specific techniques to assist with moving lymphatic fluid out of the damaged areas to other areas in the body that are functioning normally.”

Try adding quick cold-water rinses to your shower to boost lymphatic flow.

As Koehler explains, most of the time, impaired or plugged-up lymphatic vessels are the result of surgery, infection, trauma, or diseases such as cancer or autoimmune disorders. Read: So a broken system *does* matter, but if there was a problem with yours, youd know it.

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Lymph Massage Salt Lake City

This is the intention that flows through each treatment at Odla Studio. Every treatment at Odla Studio is custom tailored to the individual needs of each guest. Parking lot available behind the building and street parking available in front. FACE Odla signature facial Odla Signature Facial utilizes organic, whole plant ingredients to support and bring balance back to the skin.

Odla Studio is located on the 2nd floor inside Maven Well. When you arrive for your appointment take the stairs or elevator to the 2nd floor and enter through the door to your right. Have a seat in the waiting room and we will be right with you. COM T : Purchase e-giftcard. First Name. Last Name. Email Address. Sign Up.She specializes in her own unique blend of lymphatic massage and structural integration with a special emphasis on the neck, shoulders and mid-upper back, although her standard two hour massage focuses on the whole body.

As a meditation teacher, Jan teaches basic spiritual tools classes that are designed to lead students through meditation and exercises to open to transcendent states of being and to access practical ways of practicing in order to bring transcendence into their daily living.

What is Lymphatic Massage? Increased lymph flow removes harmful substances from the tissues and increases immune function. Lymphatic massage can be useful in cases of edema, sports injury or for people experiencing a sluggish immune system or those suffering from a lack of energy.

New York City Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

Lymph Drainage and Massages Studio in Vouvry, Switzerland

Youve tried physical therapy, chiropractic care, acupuncture, medicationstill no signs of healing. When youve been dealing with chronic pain for a long time, its hard to stay hopeful. You might not be very open-minded toward new techniques, but we encourage you to keep moving forward! You deserve the health and rejuvenation youre craving. If you havent tried lymphatic drainage therapy, nows the time! Stillpoint Holistic Studio offers the best craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation therapy, and lymphatic drainage massage in NYC. We provide comprehensive care and gentle, holistic pain relief to the residents of New York City and Philadelphia. Consider Stillpoint for compassionate New York City lymphatic drainage massage!

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The Nyc Lymphatic Drainage Massage Your Body Needs

What will you experience when you choose New York City lymphatic drainage therapy?

  • Comfort. This massage is done by rhythmic circular movements that pump the lymph back toward the heart. No medication, needles, or pain whatsoever. Youll feel completely at ease throughout your entire appointment.
  • Attention. Ula will listen to your story with compassion and understanding. Youll be given an individualized treatment plan that is perfect for your own unique journey.
  • Expert care. Ula is certified in massage therapy and craniosacral therapy, with nearly twenty years of experience in holistic care.

To learn more about the NYC lymphatic drainage therapy thats changing lives, call Stillpoint Holistic Studio at 646-645-5207, or you can email us at: We look forward to meeting you!

How To Perform Lymphatic Massage On The Legs

The goal of lymphatic massage on the legs is to open the lymphatic vessels to let excess fluid drain back up into the lymph nodes located in the groin.

There are different techniques used to perform lymphatic massage on the legs, but all have the same end goal: to release the fluid to go back up through the lymph nodes.

To perform a lymphatic massage on the legs, you can follow these steps:

  • Perform lymphatic massage of the upper body before beginning with the legs. Follow the three stages of clearing in the supraclavicular area, the axillary area, and the inner-elbow area, in that order. This ensures that the system is clear to allow fluid to drain up.
  • Use light pressure. If you can feel the muscles underneath your skin, you are pressing too hard.
  • Begin the leg massage at the furthest point away from the injury or affected area and work your way down. For example, if your ankle has swelling, start the massage on the upper part of the leg.
  • Starting at the top of the leg, put one hand on the inside of the leg and the other on the back of your leg.
  • With gentle pressure, stretch the skin from the inside of your leg up and out, toward your hip.
  • Continue this motion down the leg until you reach the knee.
  • When you reach the knee, stretch the skin up, with alternating hands, toward your armpit.
  • Repeat 10 to 15 times.

You have now completed the clearing step of the lymphatic massage.

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Salt Lake City Main Campus

Our faculty consists of contract working professionals unless otherwise stated.

Megan Allen, LMT, graduated from UCMT in 1993. Megan has been working in various areas in the field and instructing for 25 years. She became a birth Doula in 2014 and specializes in Prenatal and Infant Massage. She currently teaches Massage 1, Hydrotherapy, and Prenatal at our SLC campus as well as the Ethics of Touch online course.

Rachell Baker, LMT, graduated from HMMS in 2012. She runs a successful private practice and is venturing to open her own day spa. Rachell teaches Hydrotherapy at our SLC campus.

Sara Bateman, LMT, graduated from Healing Mountain in January 2015, and was immediately hired at a wellness clinic. While working as a chiropractic aid and Massage Therapist, she was allowed to view the medical side of massage therapy and incorporating massage with other therapies. Sara is studying to become a Physical Therapist Assistant at Salt Lake Community College and plans to utilize massage along with physical therapy. Sara currently teaches Kinesiology at our SLC campus.

Lydia Black, LMT, graduated from Blue Sky School of Professional Massage & Bodywork in 2014. She is certified in Integrative Reflexology and has a passion for Lymphatic and Craniosacral work in her private practice. Lydia teaches craniosacral and Intro to Lymphatic drainage at both our SLC and Orem campuses.

Page updated: 12/9/21

Salt Lake City Main Campus1-800-407-3251

Are There Any Risks Associated With Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Are manual Lymphatic Drainage massage and fibrosis massage after plastic surgery painful?

Generally speaking, lymphatic drainage massage is a safe treatment to relieve lymphedema. There are some conditions and circumstances where lymphatic drainage massage is not recommended:

  • You have a heart condition.
  • You have kidney failure.
  • You have blood clots.
  • You have an infection.

Talk to your healthcare provider if youre concerned your physical health might be affected by lymphatic drainage massage.

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What Is The Role Of The Lymphatic System

If youve never heard of a lymphatic drainage massage, youre not alone. Its a treatment that many of us havent experienced but could work wonders for tired bodies, congested bodies, or swollen bodies.

The name itself describes part of what the treatment does. Lymphatic drainage is a very gentle form of advanced massage therapy aimed at moving lymph under the skin using specialized, gentle and rhythmic techniques. However, this does not involve draining the entire lymphatic system. This helps in the formation and transport of lymph in the body.

The lymphatic system has many functions in the body. It forms a vital part of our immune system and is also designed to help remove waste products from the bodys cells. It is not controlled mechanically by the body and must rely on muscle movement, blood circulation, and the nervous system to help circulation.

Benefits Of Lymphatic Drainage Massage

âLymphedema can be treated with tight compression bandages or stockings, but a manual lymphatic drainage massage can help enhance the benefits.

If you experience lymphedema after a mastectomy, which involves the removal of breast tissue to treat or prevent breast cancer, lymph drainage massage can help ease mild to moderate symptoms post-surgery.

Treating Other Health Conditions

Aside from lymphedema, lymphatic drainage massage can help treat several health problems. Some conditions can benefit more from the massage than others.

Studies have found that lymphatic drainage massage may be beneficial for the following:

âRheumatoid arthritis. If you have rheumatoid arthritis, you may experience poor lymph flow as the disease progresses. Along with tissue swelling, pain in the joints increases, joints lose their function, and the skin changes color. Lymph drainage massage can help ease these later-stage rheumatoid arthritis symptoms.

âChronic venous insufficiency . Chronic venous insufficiency is when the valves or walls of the veins that are in the legs dont work correctly. This makes it hard for the blood to flow back to the heart from the legs.â Lymphatic drainage massage can help increase the speed of blood flow in people with CVI.

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Do You Have Infections And Illnesses Of Any Kind

The lymphatic system is part of your immune system because it is one of the bodys defence mechanisms to protect you against infection and disease.

Our lymphatic organs such as tonsils, adenoids, bone marrow, spleen, and thymus all work together to produce hormones, lymph, and defence cells and filter and purify the blood and lymph fluid.

If bacteria, toxins, and other wastes enter these channels, they are transported to the lymph nodes, where the white blood cells filter and destroy them. Your lymph nodes are found throughout your body but are grouped in your neck, groin, and armpits.

Lymphatic massage is highly recommended if you often have a sore throat, colds, infections, or persistent fatigue.

How Does Lymphatic Drainage Massage Help


Lymphatic drainage massage is a deep tissue treatment applied by pressure using long upward strokes over your body. It aims to increase your lymphatic system flow, flush toxins from your body, promote relaxation, and reduce swelling. Toxins can build up in your body and cause illness if they are not eliminated.

Lymphatic drainage also helps to provide a therapeutic effect. Besides many health benefits, lymphatic drainage massage stimulates the feeling of good hormones in the body and increases the temperature of the muscles.

Plus, lymphatic drainage helps reduce swelling caused by fluid retention. If there is a problem in the lymphatic system, the fluid cannot move away from one body area and cause edema. Specific massage techniques help clear the way for the lymphatic system to help drain excess fluid.

It should also be noted that anyone suffering from certain illnesses may not be able to undergo a lymphatic drainage massage or may need to have the massage adapted, so be sure to talk to your doctor first, as well as our massage therapist for any relevant medical history or problem.

Lymphatic drainage massage is useful when people experience the following conditions:

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What Are The Benefits Of Massage Therapy

Massage is valued for its ability to promote optimal body function, enhance overall health and wellness, and for many specific therapeutic effects, including these:

  • Improves the health of cells and tissues in the body by assisting in tissue repair, especially in its regeneration phase
  • Improves the function of circulation and lymphatic systems
  • Alleviates the symptoms of stress and anxiety
  • Promotes joint mobility and flexibility
  • Promotes a sense of well-being
  • Reduces muscle stiffness and soreness
  • Relaxes hypertonic or tense muscles
  • Stimulates the nervous system and increases body awareness
  • Improves the function of the circulatory and lymphatic system and boost the immune system
  • Softens and reduces scar tissue

Benefits Of Massage Therapy

If you experience pain, such as back pain, muscle aches, and other forms of minor chronic pain, your body is unable to relax. When this happens, you may feel cranky, upset, and irritable. The emotional and physical effects of body pain can take a toll on your well-being.

Fortunately, obtaining significant relief from all that pain is possible by having a therapeutic massage. Apart from reducing stress on your body, massage therapy offers these great benefits:

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What Is A Lymphatic Drainage Massage Used For

Lymphatic drainage massage, also known as manual lymphatic drainage, is a gentle form of massage used to relieve painful swelling in your arms and legs caused by lymphedema. Lymphedema often affects people recovering from breast cancer surgery.

Lymphedema happens when your tissues retain fluid left behind after your cardiovascular system sends blood to your tissues and organs.

The remaining fluid is called lymph. Normally, your lymphatic system collects your lymph and returns it to your heart via a network of lymph vessels and lymph nodes. When something disrupts your lymphatic system’s process, lymph collects in your arms and legs, making them swell.

A massage therapist uses lymphatic drainage massage techniques to move lymph from your tissues to your lymph nodes, which eases the swelling in your tissues.

What Happens During A Lymph Drainage Massage

I Tried IMD’s Insta-Famous Lymphatic Drainage Massage & Body Wrap | What the Wellness | Well+Good

Talk to your doctor before getting a lymphatic drainage massage, and make sure youre receiving treatment from a trained professional. The massage therapist will follow a particular sequence, using a series of massage techniques, including stretching, compressing, gliding, and cupping motions.â

Light rhythmic movements stimulate the lymphatic system without pressing hard on the vessel. They make the lymph fluid move easily through the nodes and tissues, making sure the fluid doesnt get trapped anywhere.

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Are You Having Water Retention Or Swelling

If your lymphatic system is not working or is blocked, it can lead to a buildup of fluid called edema or water retention. Symptoms of edema include swelling of the legs and arms and swelling of the chest, genitals, or head.

Getting older, overweight or obese, and having rheumatism or psoriasis may increase the risk factors for the cause of the edema.

Because your lymphatic system does not have a pump, if you sit for a long time without moving, the lymph cannot flow easily, and that is why you may feel your feet or fingers swollen.

Lymphatic drainage massage is the perfect way to reduce water retention in your body caused by edema. This gentle technique is safe against your swelling by retaining water.

Using gentle movements, our massage therapists can promote circulation, activate lymphatic vessels, reduce swelling and help you feel good.

How To Perform A Lymphatic Massage

People can receive lymphatic massages from trained professionals, or they can learn basic drainage techniques to use at home. However, it is best to speak to a doctor before either trying this at home or going to a professional.

People can perform most of these exercises either standing, sitting, or lying down, as long as they are comfortable.

Keep the following tips in mind during a lymphatic massage:

  • These massage movements should affect only the skin, so use gentle pressure and do not press hard enough to feel the muscles.
  • Keep the hands relaxed.

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Why Lymphatic Drainage Therapy Is Beneficial

A stagnant Lymphatic System can be likened to bath water thats been bathed in and has been sitting for days. That doesnt exactly sound like something youd want to bathe in if you were looking to clean your body, now does it? The bath tub has a drain that needs to be pulled when a bath is over. Consequently the lymph, unlike other systems of our body, does not have an internal pump or drain. Lymph moves through our body because of movement, when we are stagnant so is our lymph. This means that movement of our bodies is critical to healthy lymph circulation.

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