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Learn How To Give A Massage Class

Lets Talk About The Benefits Of Lingam Massage

FHT Stay at Home Series: How to give a more effective massage with less effort

Many people have never heard about lingam massage. They think that stroking a lingam is an almost-mechanical process with a single desired outcome ejaculation. Lingam massage is something far from that!

It is the art of exchanging pleasure, intimacy and connection through a penis massage. It is an exchange of energy and love between two people, or an act of self pleasuring oneself. Either way, its about how to derive deep pleasure and a sense of connection through the male sex organ.

A lovingly given lingam massage can shake a man to his very core, in the most pleasurable way imaginable. Not only that, it is also a path to deep intimacy.

Learning tantric massage is a beautiful and intimate way to elevate the male experience of sexual connection to new heights of delight and conquer the until-now elusive male full-body orgasm.

Massage Course For Beginners

Learn to give a full-body relaxation massage with our massage short courses in Sydney!

Breathe in, close your eyes, and relax…

Whether youre an absolute beginner or already have some of the fundamentals and want to extend your skills, this massage for beginners course will teach you basic massage techniques and tips. Join this short course to learn massage for looking after yourself, or for giving friends, family, partners, or clients a relaxing massage. You will take home beneficial relaxation techniques through massage that you can use time and time again, with the fundamental skills to give massages with confidence. Learn with a small group in a practical, friendly and non-competitive environment.

What Sets Us Apart

At NYIM you wont get lost in a sea of anonymous faces. Were a small, tight-knit school who cares about each and every one of our students. People from all walks of life attend NYIM, and we believe that increases everyones learning to the fullest extent. Feel at home with the NYIM family.

  • Flexible Schedule We know youre busy and cant drop all of your responsibilities just to attend school. Thats why we work around your schedule providing short morning, noon and night classes.
  • Short Time Commitment Complete the program in under one year if youre a full-time student , or in 2 years if youre a part-time student .
  • Small Class Sizes Get to know your instructors personally as they guide you through the program. Individualized attention will increase your odds of success.
  • Good Industry Relations We stay connected to local massage businesses and are always giving referrals on behalf of our licensed graduates.
  • Free Review Classes These classes are provided for students and graduates who are preparing to take the board examination.
  • In-Depth Training New York has extensive massage therapy requirements compared to other states. This means youll always be more-than qualified no matter where you go in the U.S.
  • Transferable Credits If you decide to continue your schooling you may be able to apply your credits to an associates degree at another college.

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The Art Of Tantra Massage

  • How to prepare for Tantra Massage
  • A basic study of the human aura
  • Understanding karma, detachment, and consecration how to avoid negative karma and negative effects from giving a massage
  • Whom to accept and reject for Tantra Massage
  • Protection techniques for keeping yourself safe during massage
  • Self-preparation and physical, emotional, and mental purity
  • Transfiguration of the massage recipient
  • Preparation of the space
  • How to conclude a Tantra Massage harmoniously
  • Become A Professional Therapist

    Massage Courses

    High quality massage therapy education is very important, and if you would like to study massage and turn it into a rewarding professional opportunity, there hasnt been a better time to make the start! With millions turning to professional massage therapists every year, the demand for experienced, skilled therapists from established, professional colleges is increasing tremendously each year.

    We offer a comprehensive, world-class Massage Therapy Training program that prepares our graduates for a successful and flexible career in massage therapy.

    With nearly 30 years of being a leader in massage therapy training, we have continued to fine-tune and update the program at our massage schools through feedback from leading employers and massage therapy experts.

    We believe that a student needs 800-hours of comprehensive training to be successful in massage therapy. Statistics have shown that students with 800-hours of training are more successful, have longer more fulfilling careers, and are better prepared to suit the ever changing needs of clients.

    The courses available at the National Holistic Institute will help you study massage and learn massage techniques that work. These courses will help you learn how to give a body massage in a way that addresses your clients needs in a focused and professional manner. You will be trained thoroughly in every aspect of massage therapy and the alternatives it offers.

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    Basic Course Relaxation Massage

    In western culture, people are often reluctant to have physical contact with each other even though being touched in a warm, carefull and respectfull manner, is one of the most important basic needs of every human being. Getting touched is healing: it relaxes, gives you energy and makes you more aware of your body.

    Massage is the art of touching and being touched. It does not matter whether you are massaging or getting massaged yourself. Both can have an equaly deep intense effect. The three most important starting points for a relaxation massage are: care, attention and coordination. If you always keep this in mind when you massage, you will not do anything wrong.

    Do you give a massage once in a while, but you think Am I doing well enough?Do you feel tired after giving a massage?Do you want to learn more about giving a massage?

    Than it is a good choise to do a massage course!

    At the OMB Aademy in The Hague, it is possible to follow a basic course relaxation massage. You will learn 50 techniques to give a full body massage. You will learn more about your body posture while you are giving a massage, so you wont feel tired afterwards. You will get more information about contra-indications, some theory about muscles and information about the most convenient circumstances you need for giving a massage in a relaxed atmosphere.

    After the first lesson you will receive a comprehensive digital manual with text and photos, so you can practice at home.

    Fifty massage techniques

    West Hartford Couples Massage Class

    Our Premier private couples massage class is one on one learning geared towards your specific needs. With instructors who have over a decade of experience, we teach you simple, easy to remember techniques that wont tire you out. Who knew attending your own private West Hartford couples massage class could be so fun. It is the perfect way to bond with your significant other.

    • 30+ minutes of hands-on massage instruction for each person includes basic techniques and bonus hot towel techniques
    • Custom massage oil blend, made just for you and your partner, take home after class
    • Served chocolates and strawberries and a sparkling beverage after class in comfortable private setting

    Please arrive 5-10 minutes before your appointment to fill out necessary paper work.

    Wear comfortable clothing that you can move freely in.

    Please let us know in advance if you have any mobility issues

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    Lets Talk About Learning Yoni Massage

    Yoni massage explores the female body in its entirety. Because for a woman to experience a truly rewarding orgasm her entire body needs to be stimulated, as well as her mind and self.

    Yoni massage is the art of learning sensual massage and exchanging pleasure, love and connection through a massage of the vagina. As the vagina is the core of a womans sexuality, a yoni massage directs the female energy to awaken her core giving her a stronger connection with her sexuality and self to experience her true essence.

    A truly spectacular yoni massage involves stimulating the clitoris, massaging the vagina wall, awakening the cervix, and activating the G-spot. But no less important is to integrate an arousing full-body massage.

    Youll need to learn erotic massage A-to-Z to pleasure yourself or your partners Yoni-being and go beyond a single clitoral orgasm to a full-body, multiple, long-lasting, awareness-shaking orgasm.

    How To Find The Perfect Class For You

    The Secret to Giving a GREAT Thai Massage [Learning Thai Massage]

    Theres no end to the options before you when on the hunt for the perfect massage school it is both a blessing and a curse. Having plenty of opportunities is lovely and quite daunting all in one go. To save you a headache, find your pick in our below top six.

    Sabai Corner Spa is right in the middle of Bangkoks bustling business center, but that doesnt mean you cant find your fill of relaxation in there. The academy teaches both foreigners and locals, which means theyve got English covered! They also offer one-on-one and group lessons. There are 16 short-term courses for you to choose from ranging from Traditional Thai massages to Thai foot massages, Thai herbal compress massages, and so on. Courses range from 60 hours to a whopping 372 hours.

    Arguably the most well known Thai massage school in the world, Watpo Thai Medical Massage School is a sure shot. Why are they so famous? Amazing traditional training. A 30-hour course will run you 12,000 . They have way more on offer than general classes though: ascetic self-stretching, foot massages, infant and children massages, facial massages, oil massages, and even advanced traditional Thai massage classes are all on the table. They even have a hostel on site if youre looking for that type of accommodation.

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    Our West Hartford Couples Massage Class Is Geared To Your Specific Needs Our Massage Instructors Customize The Techniques You Learn In Each Class

    When you arrive you and your partner will be greeted by a licensed massage therapist who will be your instructor. If you havent been to our office before we will ask you to fill out a brief health intake form. After your instructor will ask a few questions to help customize the techniques you learn in your class. At this point, If you wish we can add essential oils to your very own organic massage oil that you may take home after class.

    Next you will be brought to a private room where your class will begin. Once youve chosen who will give and receive first your teacher will step out of the room and allow the person receiving a chance to undress to their comfort level and lay down massage table, and cover themselves with sheets and blankets. Once the person is settled the teacher will return and begin instructions. The goal is to teach you simple and effective techniques that are easy to perform.

    Total cost for this service $320

    Have you already taken our West Hartford Couples Massage class and want to learn even more amazing techniques? We also offer a refresher Couples Massage Class that includes 30minutes of hands on massage instruction for each person with advanced techniques.

    Total cost for this service $185

    Read This 6000 Word Long Step By Step Easy Guide On How To Give A Hand Job Until The End

    #1. First things first.

    There are several things you need to do before getting started on your mans member.

    While he doesnt have to do as much grooming and freshening up for a hand job , you may have to put in a little more effort on your part.

    #2. Make sure your hands are soft and your nails are clipped.

    Nothing can be more frustrating than for a man to be quite aroused but having his penis get snagged by a hangnail mid-job.

    Generally, women have soft hands but if you notice any calluses or rough spots, you might want to take care of those first before beginning the massage.

    Get some good lotion and let the lanolin soak in so your hands will the soft as an infants.

    Last but not least, be aware if you have any cuts or open sores on your hand.

    If you do and arent sure if your partner has a sexually transmitted disease , be sure to wear latex or vinyl gloves for the job.

    Gloves are also great if you do have calluses or rough spots on your hands and most guys love them because it gives the massage a slicker, more uniform feeling.

    #3. Get some lube.

    No, lotion simply wont do it is too thick and gloppy!

    Think twice before using oil if you plan on having intercourse using a condom later .

    Lube isnt that expensive and works much better for the task at hand make sure you get the water based lubricant as well.

    Have it ready by the bed so that when you begin, you can easily coat your hands and your partners penis with the substance.

    Slipperier/wetter is better!

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    Massaging The Arms And Legs

  • 1Use your forearm to apply pressure to the leg. Starting above the ankle on the back of the leg, use your forearm to add pressure to your strokes. Your forearm should be across the leg, and you add pressure with your body weight. Move up the back of the calf and thigh, and rest your arm for a moment just under the glutes. Sweep your arm in a fluid motion around the hip.XResearch source
  • 2Apply pressure on the calf with your thumbs. Place your hands on either side of the calf with your thumbs in the middle of the calf, one behind the other. While applying pressure, move your thumbs up the calf, staying in the groove in the middle.XResearch source
  • The muscle along the back of the calf is actually one muscle, the gastrocnemius muscle, but it has two heads. That means that there’s a groove down the middle of it for your thumbs to follow.
  • Alternatively, you can use your knuckles.
  • 3Press up the upper arm with the heel of your hand. Starting at the elbow with the person on their back, move up the arm toward the shoulder with the heel of your hand. Use your body weight to help apply pressure.XResearch source
  • You can also use your knuckles on the arm to apply pressure. Use small circular motions.
  • 4Run your fingers up the forearm. With your thumb on one side and the rest of your fingers on the other side of the forearm , apply pressure on both sides. Move your hand up the arm towards the elbow.XResearch source
  • Applying Pressure To The Back

    Massage continuing education Hawaii, photos Ashiatsu ...
  • 1Use the palm of your hand. As you move through the first gentle strokes, you’ll feel the muscles start to warm up. When they do, you can use the palm of your hand and your body weight to start adding pressure to the strokes. Move your hand along the muscle that runs beside the spine down the length of the back. Apply pressure in slow, even strokes.XResearch source
  • Try not to put pressure on any bone or the spine.
  • 2Massage with your fingertips. Once the muscles have warmed up a bit more, start using your fingertips instead. You can use very small sideways strokes or a light rocking motion along the muscles, still keeping your fingertips together. Run your hands from the bottom of the back up to the shoulder.XResearch source
  • 3Use your forearm to apply pressure on the back. Starting at the shoulder, place the forearm on the inner part of the back. Applying pressure with your body weight, run your forearm on the muscle that goes along the outside of the spine. Your forearm should glide from the upper body down the back in a fluid motion.XResearch source
  • 4Go sideways along the bottom of the back. As your forearm reaches the bottom area of the back, turn your arm sideways to go just above the buttocks. Take the arm up the back along the outer edge and around to the shoulder. With your hand towards the ground, move your arm down the shoulder towards the chest as you finish up.XResearch sourceAdvertisement
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    Its Your Time To Get Sensual And Start Learning Tantra

    Sex is great. But tantric sex is euphoric, and as a being equipped with all the needed tools for remarkable sex, the only thing that prevents you from achieving it is knowledge. The knowledge of how to unlock the secrets to sensual euphoria.

    These secrets can be unlocked by learning tantric pleasure. Dont be discouraged by the word learning. Its there to describe probably the most fun process youll ever experience. And the most rewarding one.

    Entering the magical kingdom of tantra is a core-shaking experience. A journey to rediscovering yourself and the immense pleasure you can derive from your own body and mind, and the bodies and minds of others.

    The time is now. The decision is yours. The reward is orgasmic.

    Our 4 Levels Of Tantra Massage

  • Tantra Massage Introduction is exactly that a workshop introducing the basics of Tantra Massage. The energy orgasm is not taught in this course, and yoni and lingam massage are briefly covered, but not practiced.
  • Tantra Massage Therapist Training is our master course for Tantra Massage. Here you learn how to give and receive the full-body energy orgasm, for your private life or professionally as a therapist.
  • Tantra Massage Therapist Advanced Training is the next level of study. Elevate your skills and abilities as a therapist and discover the usage of the mind-energy-spirit connection.
  • The Tantra Massage Teacher Training Course is a 260-hour program for those who wish to become an accomplished teacher of Tantra Massage and a therapist simultaneously. Lead your own retreats around the world and gain a deep understanding of energy work and mastery.
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    Tantra Massage Therapist Training

    Welcome to our most complete and comprehensive Tantra Massage Training!

    It is designed for anyone who wishes to become a tantric healer in personal or professional life. The full-body energy orgasm is taught wholly in this 11-day intensive as well as other vital elements relating to offering Tantra Massage as a healing therapy.

    You will receive higher level teachings from our advanced teachers regarding energy control and mastery, karma and karmic implications, protection techniques for the giver and receiver, how to safely and harmonious detect and remove energy blockages, the importance of purity and purification, how to screen appropriate candidates for a Tantra Massage healing session, and much more. Read more



    For singles and couples who are passionate about healing with energy

    In the tantric tradition, the human body is regarded as a temple, worthy of worship, sacred admiration, and intense pleasure beyond imagination.

    In this course you will discover the liberating art of Tantra Massage, heal your own blockages, purify on a deep level, harness your own energetic healing potential and overcome fears of intimacy while tapping into your True Nature.

    This course will bring miraculous change and transformation into your life.

    Part 3: The art of Tantra Massage

    More about this training

    This course includes a total of 85 hours of theoretical and practical studies in Tantra Massage.

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