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Brookstone Mach Ix Massage Chair

Brookstone Mach Ix Massage Chair Pros & Cons

Brookstone Mach IX Massage Chair

ProsThe Stuff I Like!ConsThe Stuff I Dont Like!

  • The Extraordinarily Long L-Track!If youre in the market for a 4D chair with a super long track, the Mach IX wont disappoint. With 54 of coverage, you can expect massage all the way right down to the back of the knees!
  • 1 of Clearance Is Pretty Rad!As much as the Mach IX packs in terms of features and functionality, it does really really well to only require 1 clearance from backrest to wall. Pretty impressive!
  • Voice Activation Takes Massage To A Whole New Level!Massage chairs are great for many things: they offer convenience, flexibility, and tons of options. However, they also struggle when it comes down to operation and control. Having to lean up to make changes gets me out of the massage mood and disrupts the flow of my sessions. Voice control goes a massive way at resolving this!
  • Heated Rollers Wouldve Been Nice!But beggars cant be choosers I guess, but wait a minute.if Im paying almost $10K for this chair, I guess it does give me the right to be picky, does it no!? What do you think? Leave a comment and let us know!

Heat Therapy Keeps Your Lowe Back Calves & Feet Warmed Up

As youd expect for a chair of this price, there are several heating elements located in the lower back, feet, and calf areas of the chair.

While its great that the Mach IX offers heat therapy on multiple parts of the body, I am still a little disappointed because most competing chairs offer heated rollers as well. Well see this in the comparison section down below!

However, I am at least pleased to see heat therapy on more than just the lower back like 90% of massage chairs. Good on Brookstone for this!

Brookstone Mach Ix Massage Chair

The Brookstone Mach IX is a smart 4D L-Track massage chair, controlled by a Touch Screen Display with 18 Auto Programs that include Full Body, Partial Body, Stretch and Global Massage Techniques. With an Ultra Quite 4D L Track Microchipped VarioMotion Robotic mechanism, the Mach IX can massage the entire length of your back, from your neck to your glutes. In addition to sole rollers, foot & calf compression, the Mach IX has heated knee compression massage that is adjustable to massage the upper calf. The Mach IX is equipped technology such as bluetooth speakers with multi color chromotherapy lighting, Alexa home voice control compatibility, wireless charging for mobile phones & a USB port.

White Glove Shipping & Delivery: Our White Glove option includes delivery at your chosen appointment time, unpacking, and set up and inspection to ensure it’s just what you expected. This delivery also includes removal of packaging and will be coordinated with the customer 3-5 business days from purchase.

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D Vario Motion Intelligent Rollers

Bring your massage therapist home with the most advanced 4D rollers. The rollers glide with precise motions that have varying speed adjustments that emulate the human hands. With a wider massage area than ever before, the updated 4D Vario Motion rollers deliver a more accurate massage than most massage chairs.

Full Body Air Massage

Brookstone Mach Ix Massage Chair

Air compression massage aids in circulation for faster healing and better overall health. The Brookstone Mach IX employs 44 air compression chambers strategically placed throughout the chair to target and release stiffness. Pressure and rotation with the airbags provide micro-adjustment of the spine for unbeatable stretching and spinal alignment. The air compression areas can be independently adjusted with 3 levels of intensity.

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Brookstone Massage Chair Reviews

Unfortunately, most of these chairs have been discontinued by Brookstone. In case, you cant find them and want something similar, we’re providing alternative options as well, so read along!

Mach 9

Brookstone is an American retailer that got its start by advertising in classifieds in the magazine Popular Mechanics in the sixties. They ran a successful mail order business for a number of years before opening their first brick and mortar location in 1973. While the company has never been a retail giant, they are an American Icon, and today, have some 240 locations across the US, and are expanding into China as well.

A general merchandise company, they offer a wide range of products, including a small line of massage chairs. Well offer a Brookstone massage chair comparison table just below, then take a closer look at each one in the sections that follow, so you can decide for yourself if a Brookstone massage chair is in your future.

Before we get to the Brookstone massage chair reviews themselves, lets start with a table for a side-by-side comparison:

Brookstone Massage Chairs

62.6″ x 31.9″ x 46.2″

23 x 38 x 37

31.5 x 55.1 x 50

31.5 x 55 x 49

40 x 50 x 51.2


Kneading, Tapping, Swedish, Clapping, Shiatsu, and Rolling

Shiatsu, Tapping, Rolling

Kneading, Tapping, Rolling, Thai, Clapping, Shiatsu

Kneading, Tapping, Kneading & Tapping, Rolling, Shiatsu

Kneading, Tapping, Rolling, Clapping, Thai, and Shiatsu


62.6″ x 31.9″ x 46.2″


What We Didnt Like

The Rock & Recline chair has a lot going for it, but again, as an entry-level chair, its also got its share of limitations. Here are the things it cant do:

  • No Zero-G seating options
  • No Airbags, so obviously no air massage mode
  • Quad Rollers While theyre not outfitted with 3D technology, they do give a robust, high-quality massage that you wont be disappointed with.
  • No space-saving design
  • No way to adjust the massage duration or the operating intensity of the rollers

Regarding operation, theres only a very slight learning curve involved, as the remote is fairly simple and well organized. All the buttons are clearly labeled, and even people who arent especially tech-savvy will have little difficulty mastering its use.

All things considered, its a decent chair at its price point, and on that basis, is recommended. Having said that, if you can save a little longer, and are willing to spend a bit more money, you can get a chair with a significantly more robust feature set.

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Experience Wellness With These Features

  • Bluetooth speakers with multi-color chromotherapy lighting
  • Alexa home voice control compatibility
  • Wireless charging for mobile phones
  • USB Port
  • Wall saver design needing only 5 inches away from the wall
  • Metallic coating on housing for superior look and finish
  • Electroplated Trims for Gunmetal look
  • 5 custom Massage programs of your choice
  • Multi-language Interface
  • Acupressure air massage in the feet, calves/knees, arms, hips, lower back, and shoulders

Renew 2 Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Brookstone Mach IX Massage Chair ã? 4D MASSAGE ã

This represents a redesign of the original Renew chair, but there are enough differences that the company has opted to continue selling both versions. Were not sure what to make of this model.

In some respects, its an advancement over its predecessor, but for the most part, its a lateral move. In our view, this chair should have been given some other model name, and were not quite sure why the company opted not to.

In any case, since its functionally similar, this section of our brand review will focus only on whats different about the two models:

  • The Renew 2 offers one less auto program.
  • While the two chairs offer the same number of massage techniques, they offer different techniques
  • More airbags, so the Renew 2 does give a superior body stretch and air massage
  • The aesthetic of the Renew 2 is sleek and modern
  • The remote has been redesigned, and while the original remote was fairly good, this one is an improvement, and our view is that the Renew 2 is slightly easier to learn to use and master because of it.
  • No foot massage or calf heat

To summarize our Brookstone Renew zero gravity massage chair review, wed say this: If youre looking for a chair to soothe your aching feet and sore calves, get the original Renew. If youre looking for a superior air massage, the Renew 2 is superior to the original design.

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Brookstone Mach Ix 4d Massage Chair

The high end Brookstone Mach IX massage chair is absolutely loaded with desirable features including 4D massage rollers, zero gravity positioning, space saving technology, Bluetooth speakers, and much more!

The Mach IX even comes equipped with Alexa capabilities which are used for voice-activated functions. Take pampering to a whole new level, while in your home and on your time.

Brookstone Mach 9 Pros And Cons


  • You can choose from multiple massage therapies.
  • Quick controls and Alexa compatibility make the Mach IX easy to use.
  • High maximum weight capacity of 320 pounds.
  • Free 3 Year Parts & Labor Manufacturer Warranty


  • As a high-end massage chair, it comes with a heftier price tag.
  • All the additional features may not be necessary for those who want a simple massage chair.

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Sleep Galleria Perfect Factor Rating

The Brookstone Mach IX 4D almost scored a full five-star rating because it is such a superb example of what you want in a 4D massage chair. Its packed with all the right massage features and uses best-in-class technology to make operation a breeze for people with any level of technological skill. This chair is perfect for someone wanting to make a worthwhile investment in their overall well-being.

Our Overall PERFECT FACTOR Massage Chair Rank

Brookstone Mach Ix Massage Chair Review

Brookstone Mach IX Massage Chair BK

With the Mach IX, Brookstone combines technology with superior dynamic control to give users the ultimate in therapeutic comfort. It’s the ideal massage chair for those who like all the bells and whistles. In this Brookstone Mach IX review, we’ll discuss the chair’s many features and who will get the most use out of them.

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And In Many Ways Its A Beast Among Beasts

If youre in search for the best of the best of massage chairs, the Mach IX is definitely a chair worth considering. 4D rollers coupled with a 54 inch L-Track, 44 airbags, and a plethora of auto modes make this a phenomenal piece of technology. And if that wasnt enough, how about the way it looks!?

Available in 3 different colour schemes , the Mach IX looks absolutely stunning.

Before we get into the nitty gritty details of the Mach IX, who are Brookstone? I dont have much experience with them and this is my very first review of a Brookstone massage chair.

Light Therapy With Bluetooth Speakers

The Mach IX massage chair features patterned chromotherapy LED light therapy in 8 modes to uplift your mood, increase your metabolism, and promote detoxification. Choose from White, Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Yellow, Purple, Polychrome. Surround sound Bluetooth speakers easily connect to your smartphone or other smart device, for music therapy and added relaxation.

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Renew 3d Zero Gravity Massage Chair

The Renew 3D, Zero-G Massage Chair is much more robust than its smaller cousin, the Rock & Recline chair, but for the price, its decidedly middle of the pack compared to competing chairs offered by other companies.

Thats not to say its a bad design, simply that it doesnt have a killer feature that makes it stand out from the crowd. Having said that, theres a lot to like about it.

Who Makes Brookstone Massage Chairs

Brookstone Mach IX Massage Chair – Assembly

Its a fair question, and one that gets asked a lot. Although Brookstone designed them, all of their chairs are actually manufactured in China. Thats how the company can sell them at such modest prices.

There are some drawback to this, of course. Although the overall quality of Chinese manufacturing has been steadily improving, the reality is that a Chinese-made chair isnt going to be of the same quality, or have the same longevity as a chair made in the US, Japan, or Europe. You get what you pay for.

Thats not to say that there are no decent Chinese massage chairs. There are, but the overall quality is undeniably lower than some others. Thats just the reality of the price/performance tradeoff.

How’s the Quality?

The real question then is, are Brookstone massage chairs good? The answer is yes, but Theyre a decent value for the money. Theyre functional, but they fall short of being exceptional.

If you read customer reviews online, youll discover that most of the time, the complaints you see dont center around the functionality of the chairs themselves, but rather, on the companys post-sales service and support, which is spotty. Some reviewers sing their praises, but many dont, citing difficulties in getting in touch with the company, problems with shipping, delivery, or arranging service.

Having said that, lets now take a closer look at the various models in a series of short Brookstone massage chair reviews to see what makes each one tick.

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Auto Routines Are Pre

These are joint care, relax, vigorous, Japanese, Swedish, Balinese, Thai, Chinese, spine care, stretch, demo, and gentle. All 12 give a good mix of low/medium and high intense massage strokes.

If 12 auto modes have you wanting more, you can always customise your own massage in manual mode and save that to one of the 3 memory slots. The Mach IX gives you the ability to save your very own customised massages into the chairs built in memory.

This can be a huge thing if youre the type of person who enjoys exploring all technology in manual mode. Most people dont like messing around with manual settings, so for them this might not be as important.

Last but not least, the Mach IX can perform a total of 6 massage techniques. These are tapping, Swedish, rolling, shiatsu, clapping, and kneading. These 6 techniques are employed and choreographed into the auto massage routines. Lets also not forget that air compression is also an additional massage technique.

Brookstone Mach Ix Massage Chair: Is This A Chair You Should Consider Buying

Consider it costs about as much as a decent used car, its in your best interest to weigh out the options before pulling the trigger. If we forget about pricing for just one moment, the Brookstone Mach IX is a phenomenal massage chair! It packs a ton of features and most importantly can deliver one heck of a massage!

When price comes into the picture, its difficult to justify paying $10K for this! Looking at the OHCO M.8 and the Pro Paragon as competing chairs with 4D rollers, one can easily see that the Mach IX falls short!

  • OHCO M.8

Heres how it works: if Im gonna be spending approximately $10K on a massage chair, it better be something truly special. OHCO M.8 needs to be accepted as a synonym to special because thats what this chair is!

For those of you wondering , the MaxTrack on the M.8 is far more superior than the L-Track. The MaxTrack gives you the best of both an S and an L track. This feature alone makes it more superior than the Mach IX. Let alone the fact that it has heated rollers, calf rollers etc.

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Rock & Recline Massage Chair

There arent too many Brookstone massage chairs reviews that center on the companys entry-level model, so you may not have even heard of it.

Its a smaller chair, and as its name suggests, it both rocks and reclines, so if youre looking for a massage chair you can rock in, youll like this very much.

Its specifically designed for two groups of people: Those who dont have a lot of space, and people on a budget.

Because its fairly small and lightweight, if youre big and tall, this one probably isnt going to work for you. Its also worth mentioning that this is the only chair Brookstone makes that only comes with a one year warranty , so keep that in mind as well.

Now, with those things out of the way, lets take a closer look at which the Rock & Recline chair can do.

You Can Speak To It Thanks To Amazon Alexa Voice Control

Lazeny. Brookstone Mach IX Massage Chair

Another revolutionary feature were starting to see more of in massage chair is voice control. We saw this previously on the recently released Human Touch Super Novo, and now were seeing Alexa on the Mach IX as well!

Amongst everything that voice control can offer, theres one thing to me that makes it a game-changer: you can command the chair on the fly without having to move from your current position!

This is not so with conventional remote operation where you need to move from your current position, grab the remote, punch on a few buttons and then a change is made. As far as massage chairs are concerned, this is massive!

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Brookstone Mach 9 4d Technology

The Brookstone Mach IX comes equipped with a 4-D L Track Microchipped Robotic VarioMotion that is preprogrammed to give full-body massages. There are 12 automatic programs featuring six relaxing massage techniques, which is what you would expect from one of the best massage chairs on the market.

Users can lie comfortably in one of two zero-gravity positions, which are ideal for relieving joint pain.

When it comes to air compression and heat therapy, the Mach IX really shines. It employs 44 air compression chambers that can be independently adjusted with three levels of intensity.

You can program the heat to target the lower lumbar region of the spine as well as the knees and calves for therapeutic pain relief.

The therapeutic selections include full-body, leg and calves, and partial-body massages. Your feet will not lack complete care, either, as this chair boasts sole rollers with toe and foot compression to relieve tension and leg cramps. When you need to stop and leave your chair to pick up a newspaper or answer the door, simply pause your massage session. Afterward, press play to continue. If you like to listen to music or other audio while relieving body tension, the Brookstone Mach 9 makes it easy.

Power Display

Your 12 therapeutic options include:

  • Vigorous
  • Joint care

Easy AdjustmentsOn the remote screen, you will have options to change settings, just like on your TV. Select timer, brightness, and languages like English, Spanish, or French.

  • Home
  • ZGR1
  • ZGR2
  • Polychrome

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