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Titan Pro Executive Massage Chair

Who Are Titan Anyways

Shoulder Airbags – Titan Pro Executive Massage Chair

Titan World LLC are a massage chair importer and distributor based out of Carrollton, Texas. The chair design, engineering, and manufacturing are all done in China .

Interesting fact: did you know Titan and Osaki are brands that belong to the same company?

In fact, Titan, Osaki, and APEX all come from the same company! Thats one reason theres a lot of similarities between all of the different chairs. Anyways, I figure you may wanna know.

New Ergonomic Straight Arm Massage Design

Simply slide your arms and hands into the side panel cavity. With the unibody upper body construction, the arms massager will stay in the same position, regardless if you recline or raise the backrest. The straight arm position allows you to fully relax the arms, allowing you to freely drop the arms to your side in a very natural manner.

Improved Foot Massage Design

Heres another thing thats different about this chair. The Titan Pro Executive features an improved foot massage design that consists of the following:

Most chairs only have a single row. Having 3 rows of foot rollers allows for a much more thorough foot massage. Instead of only receiving a foot massage at the front of the feet with a single roller, you can now receive massage over the entire sole, all the way back to the ankle.

This chair features a closed toe system. In other words, your toes will not be visible or open during massage. Is this a good thing? Yes and no. Yes, because it helps keep your feet in place, so the rollers and airbags can effectively reach all areas. No, because of how disgusting it can get over time!

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Titan Pro Executive Massage Chair

The Titan Pro Executive Massage Chair has been discontinued and is no longer available. Please check out our other Titan Massage Chairs or Contact Us if you have any questions.

The Titan Pro Executive Massage Chair packs a punch at a great price. A Full Body massage experience is at your fingertips with a deep 32″ 3D Massage Roller, 61 Airbags that provide therapeutic relief, Foot Rollers that target that acupoints along the soles of your feet, and 3 memory slots to customize and save your own massage program.

Osaki Titan Apex Galaxy Massage Chairs

Titan Pro

3 Year Standard Manufacturer’s / Parts & Labor Warranty

  • This warranty explicitly covers all parts, labor and framework of the chair.
  • This warranty includes parts costs and labor for the first year at no cost to the customer.
  • This warranty includes parts costs covered for the second year at no cost to the customer.
  • Structural Framework on selected products carries for three years.
  • The additional extended warranties includes parts and labor costs covered at no cost to the customer.

Titan Chair, LLC Warranty Limitations and Exclusions

  • Any implied warranties shall be limited to the duration of the 1 year portion of this limited warranty, and with regard to structural framework, limited to the duration of the 3 year portion of this limited warranty.
  • In no case will Titan Chair LLC. be liable for incidental or consequential damages, whether such damages are claimed on account of breach of warranty, breach of contract, negligence or strict/product liability, including without limitation, damage to property or other economic losses.
  • You must provide proof of purchase for any warranty claim.
  • You must obtain a return authorization number in order to ship products to a service center.
  • You may obtain service advice, or an RMA number by contacting the Titan Chair LLC Customer Service department toll-free at 1-888-848-2630 ext.3.
  • This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may also have other rights that vary from state to state.

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Full Body Air Compression

79 airbags are strategically placed throughout the massage chair. They are located in the shoulders, arms, seat, hips, legs, calves, and feet. A compression massage is provided that will hit all the spots that the rollers are not able to reach. The Titan Pro Executive has an amazing air compression system and will leave you walking away with a satisfying full body massage.

Full Body Stretch Program

This stretch program is one of my favorite programs on this chair and one that you will come to love. The Titan Pro Executive stretches your back, waist, and legs. It uses the 3D roller technology to stretch the upper back and pectoral region and then uses the seat air compression to provide a torso twist stretching the lower back. The chair then will recline back to stretch out your lower back and waist. This is one of the best programs on the Titan Pro Executive, and it is more advanced than comparable chairs.

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Titan Pro Executive Massage Recliner Chair With Heat Refurbished

The Pro Executive massage chair has the latest technology and innovation from the adjustable shoulder massage, to the arm massage, to the hip massage. The Pro Executive by Osaki offers a deeper 3D massage and an advanced leg massage system. The Pro Executive has a function for all massage preferences.

Adjustable Shoulder MassagersThe shoulder massagers are adjustable to accommodate various heights and builds. Typically the shoulder massagers are stationary and can not be adjusted, neglecting taller and shorter users. Directly above the shoulder massagers are high quality speakers that will sync with your device to play your favorite tunes while enjoying your personal massage.
Zero Gravity MassageInspired by NASA technology, the Zero gravity position is the perfect position to enjoy a massage, aligning your back relative to your thigh at an optimal level of comfort. When reclined into the zero gravity position, the complete weight of your back is virtually supported by the backrest which maximizes the intensity of the massage. There are the stages of zero gravity, the 2nd being more server in pitch, relative to the seat base.
Lower Back & Calf HeatIn the lower back along the lumbar region are 2 heating pads that reach a soothing temperature of 104 122 fahrenheit. With the heat application it will enhance the feel of the roller head massage.

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Best Features of the Titan TP-Pro Executive Massage Chair

The first is offering you excellent deals and the largest selection of online inventory, hands down. If you are looking for top-of-the-line gaming tables to put some fun back into your atmosphere, we can help you find what youre looking for and likely already have it in stock! The second is our excellent customer service that continues long after you buy your table.

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We start with our easy ordering system, which helps you find the table you need and get it ordered in a matter of minutes. Our customer service team responds to most inquiries within a single hour, so if you have any questions along the way, you can reach out at any time.

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Transcript Of Video Titled First

Alan: That means the rollers are going back to where they need to be to get started for the next session, and they park. And then once theyve parked, the chair will begin to come upright again, back to its neutral position. Thats as simple as that, its a very easy chair to use. In subsequent videos, well talk about some of the other features, like zero gravity, and like the airbags, and like the heater, and foot rollers, etcetera, etcetera, to break it down a bit for you, but that gives you a really good idea. One thing I did not mention is that this chair has memory functions, and if I had gone in to the manual mode, and I had wanted to create something personalized to me, you can memorize that program with the three memory buttons there. Of course, we will talk about that on a separate video, when we talk about the memory function of the Titan Pro Executive. So, that is it for this chair. I hope you found this video helpful. If you did, please feel free to thumbs up Like us on our YouTube channel. And of course, share this video with your friends and family on your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, whatnot, whatever social media platforms your using, to help us spread the word about massage chairs. We appreciate that very much. If you have any questions about this, or any other chair, call us at 888-259-5380, but other than that, Im Dr. Alan Weidner from, and I will see you on the next video. Bye bye.

Oto Titan Full Body Massage Chair

no interestO.A.C Terms Apply.

OTO Titan TT-01 Intelligent ExecutiveMassage Chair

Takea Seat to Relaxation

Sit back, relax andalleviate stiff, sore muscles with the OTO Titan TT-01 Intelligent ExecutiveMassage Chair. Equipped with an auto body scanner to position the rollers onthe correct pressure areas, it provides smooth, human wrist-simulated strokesfor accurate massage sessions. The OTO Titan comes with voice command andremote control features for hassle-free operation. Play your favorite musicduring the massage session with its surround sound speakers, which can bepaired to devices via Bluetooth.


Advanced Body Scanner – Equipped with auto-detect sensor to find and massagecorrect pressure areas.

Five Massage Strokes – Choose from Shiatsu, Pounding, Kneading, Tapping,& Tapping + Kneading strokes.

Voice Command-Activate a hands-free function for a more convenient experience.

Eight Auto Programs – Enjoy 8 full-body programs to help ease tension andfatigue.

Adjustable Massage Timer– Calibrate the duration settings to your preference 5 to39 minutes.

3D HiFi Stereo Speakers – Listen to music with the chairs 3D HiFi speakerswhich can be paired to your device via Bluetooth or USB connectivity.

Made Ergonomic & User-Friendly

With an SL curved trackplus an auto-extension foot massage unit, the OTO Titan grants relaxation fromthe neck down to feet and comes with a remote controller for hassle-freeoperation.

Smart Body Scanner

Five Massage Strokes to Choose From

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How Fast Will You Receive An Order

All orders are processed between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. , Monday through Friday. Your order will try to be shipped within 24 hours unless otherwise noted. The order is then shipped and delivered within 12 to 14 days.

Thank you for shopping with us & if you have any questions, ask below, Live Chat, or at

Stay in touch

Deep Kneading Foot Massage

Titan Pro Executive Massage Chair

80 massage nodes are spread out over three rollers in the footrest. This chair has the ability to cover the majority of your foot in the massage experience. Most chairs only focus on the bottom of your feet. After standing all day, this feature is going to make you glad that you purchased the Titan Pro Executive.

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Page : Method Of Usage

  • Page 8 Massage chair Massage chair Method of usage Method of usage Connect tablet computer to computer with data line, install ChairApp.apk program to Android system tablet computer operates massage chair tablet computer with tools software .After install successfully , ROBOT MASSAGE program will be shown in tablet computer application program .Any question, please consult tablet computer supplier .
  • Page 9 Massage chair Massage chair Method of usage Method of usage 3.massage function running and pausing Massage function control operation In massage information interface, when the massage chair in running state, press 1.Start to massage running/pausing button, all the massage function will stop, and into pausing state in In pad screen, unfold the APP listing, click icon, to start up the massage chair pausing state, press running /pausing button, the massage function will continue to…
  • Page 10 Massage chair Massage chair Method of usage Method of usage Auto massage 6.Manual massage Click icon, into manual massage function Click icon, popup massage function selecting menu, choose what you need. Click icon, into auto function selecting interface, click auto icon choose auto massage mode.
  • Page 16 Massage chair Massage chair Method of usage Method of usage Install the manual controller tray on the top of the support and tighten it. Tighten the hexagonal on the manual controller tray, fixed on the support. Press inward
  • D Intelligent Massage Technology

    The Titan Pro Executive offers 3D roller adjustments that allows a much more consistent massage throughout the back. With the Pro Executives 3D technology, the rollers are now able to retract in and out up to 4.7 inches to deliver a deep pressure massage throughout the entire back. In addition, the massage heads protrude forward, pressing down on the top of the shoulders, which imitates real hand-like motions. The chair is equipped with an above-average 32 roller track that massages from your neck all the way to the tailbone area.

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    Titan Pro Executive Review

    The Titan Pro Executive Massage Chair is one of the best deals on the market for a 3D massage chair. It features 3D roller technology and an expansive feature set, all for a great price. It is one of our top recommendations for anyone looking for a deep tissue massage chair for under $3,000. Let us check out our review on the Titan Pro Executive below.

    Shipping Rates & Policies

    Titan Pro Executive – Check out the Full Body Stretch Program

    All standard shipping is a curbside delivery service. This offer covers most items shipped by ground within the contiguous U.S. By curbside delivery, massage chairs will arrive in their original factory boxes unless otherwise mentioned. The trucking company will deliver the items to your driveway or entryway, and you will be responsible for entering them into your residence or business. Since massage chairs are heavy, you may require assistance from a friend or a family member.

    Threshold Delivery: With threshold delivery mode, massage chairs will be delivered to the nearest ground-level entrance of the home, business, or apartment building.

    White-Glove Delivery: With white glove delivery, massage chairs will be hand-delivered to your destination and assembled. Choose the shipping method as White Glove Delivery if you want the service.

    All White Glove Services is a one-time, non-refundable service, nor do they cover any return service. Once the service has been signed off to complete service, the delivery agent will not return to further services that may not have been completed on their initial visit. It is vital for the customer to fully inspect and test the product before signing off its completion.

    Please provide a valid street address with each order . Additional charges apply to rush and international shipments, including Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. Shipping costs are listed beside each product. If there is no price, you can call to get a quote .

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    Features Of Titan Pro Executive Massage Chair

    Now lets take a deep insight into the Titan ProExecutive to understand that it works and which settings will suit you the most. Titan massage chair provides a wide sort of facilities, such as deep tissue massage, air compression massage, heat therapy, 3D rollers, adjustable shoulder massage, zero-gravity, and Bluetooth technology. All these bewildering characteristics made Titan Pro a versatile massage chair that has outdone every obstacle in its path to be the most relaxed and comfortable.

    Two-Phase Zero Gravity

    The Titan Pro has a two-stage zero gravity, and this zero gravity position is manufactured to better every massage aspect. The zero-gravity feature of the Titan massage chair allows you to relax as your legs are raised to the height of your heart and thus permits you to escape the forever-pulling force of gravity. When gravitys influence is reduced, stress from joints, muscles, and different parts of the body released from the body, and you feel much lighter, soother, and relaxed. You could acquire this posture by using the remote that is placed in the middle.

  • With the first press of the remote, you will access a reclined posture in which the seat base will slight to leaning.
  • In the second press to zero-gravity button, the Titan Pro Executive massage chair will acquire a complete zero gravity position but although one could customize the settings according to ones own.
  • 3D Massage Roller Technology

    Air Compression Massage More Airbags, More Relaxation

    Our Massage Chair Expert Recommendation

    The Titan Pro Executive is the best 3D massage chairs for the price. We recommend it to anyone looking for a massage chair with all the bells & whistles, a deep pressure massage, and a great price tag. This is perfect for anyone looking for a deep tissue massage, but not for anyone needing a lighter massage. If you are looking for the best value and a deep massage, then you will not find a better 3D massage chair for the price. Check out all Titan Massage Chairs.

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    Neck And Shoulder Massage

    The Titan Pro Executive has one of the best neck and shoulder massages on any massage chair. The 3D roller can extend over the shoulder and press down on the top of the shoulders or the Trapezius muscles. There is even a dedicated program for this. Just hit the Shoulder Program button, and the rollers will scan and find your shoulders and perform a targeted deep kneading massage to your neck and shoulders. This is a great program that is not found on many chairs. It feels great after a long day and is perfect for relaxing tense muscles in the neck region.

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