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Sharper Image Heating And Vibration Chair Massager

How We Chose Hot Massagers

Sharper Image Shiatsu Wireless Neck and Back Massager wi…

To compile our list of the best heated massagers, we considered the following:

  • Brand reputation. We selected products from companies that offer high-quality products and provide a high level of customer service. The brands have a user-friendly website providing customer reviews, product details, and ordering information.
  • Customer feedback. We read online reviews to get a feel for customer satisfaction related to longevity, value, and ease of use.
  • Features, quality, and value. We included heated massagers that target different body areas using a variety of intensities and massage techniques. The products offer value for the cost.

What To Look Forward To

Based on feedback from readers with a strong fondness for massage chairs, we plan to test some spendier options in our next round of testing. Our price cap for this round was based on the cost of a weekly one-hour massage, but we realize that it might make sense for some people to spend more if doing so might add extra features or durability or perhaps offset the cost of more frequent massages.

Sharper Image Calming Heat Massaging Flexi Wrap

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The Massage Chair For Diverse Techniques

Each massage therapy session involves different parts of the body and addresses a particular health condition. It could be dependent on the type of strain or injury you need to be massaged.

The Sharper Image Revival Massage Chair is well-equipped to offer you various styles and techniques like those mentioned. Users will enjoy receiving treatments. Here are some of the features of the Sharper Image Revival Massage Chair, along with its benefits.

How We Chose Heated Massage Pads

Sharper Image Vibrating and Heating Chair Massager

To create our list of the best heated massage pads, we considered the following:

  • Company reputation. We selected companies that have mostly positive online reviews. We looked for brands with a website that provides contact information, product details, and ordering information.
  • Customer service and shopping experience. We chose brands that provide excellent customer service, easy returns, and a generous warranty.
  • Quality and usability. We selected heated massage pads that are durable, safe, and easy to use.

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Sharperimage Calming Cozy Massaging Heating

“Enjoy deep relaxation with this SharperImage Calming Cozy Massaging Heating …”Enjoy deep relaxation with this Sharper Image Calming Cozy Massaging Heating Wrap. Enjoy deep relaxation with this Sharper Image Calming Cozy Massaging Heating Wrap. Relaxes your feet by heating and vibration massage Clay beads provide gentle pressure…more

Sharper Image Massager Seat Topper 4

  • This product is not eligible for coupons. However, you are able to earn and redeem Kohls Cash® and Kohl’s Rewards® on this product.

The Sharper Image Shiatsu Massager Seat Topper with 4-Nodes, Heat, and Vibration is the perfect accessory to give you the comfort and relaxation you need while sitting down.


  • RELAXING MASSAGE The Sharper Image Shiatsu Massager Seat Topper with 4-Nodes, Heat, and Vibration is the perfect accessory to give you the comfort and relaxation you need while sitting down
  • HEATED PADDING The relaxing heat of the massager will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed
  • With multiple heat settings, there is a heat level suitable for all shiatsu chair users
  • FOUR SILICONE NODES The four silicone nodes of the Sharper Image Shiatsu Massager create a natural feel that works perfectly with most body types
  • The silicone molds apply the perfect amount of pressure without ever digging too deep
  • The massager is also foldable, allowing for easy transport from one chair to another
  • COMPACT POWER: The compact size makes this the perfect recovery tool to bring with you anywhere and the 2-hour runtime per charge ensures you’ll have enough juice after every workout
  • VIBRATING AND FOLDABLE The additional vibration feature of the shiatsu massager is a welcome addition to its massaging capabilities


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Zyllion Shiatsu Back And Neck Massager With Heat

Price: $

The Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager provides a deep kneading massage to your upper body after strenuous activity or a long day of seated work. You can also use it on your legs.

The heated massager may help to boost blood flow, relax tight muscles, and alleviate stress. The portable design makes it easy to use in different rooms, and it comes with a car adaptor so you can use it during trips or commutes.

Unfavorable customer reviews mention that the product is uncomfortable and malfunctions or stops working altogether.

Diversity Of Massage Styles

Sharper Image Shiatsu Wireless Neck and Back Massager wi…

Youve probably heard of terms like Shiatsu, Swedish Massage, acupressure, sports massage, and even pre-natal massage for expectant mothers. Distinguishing between these massage variations can be confusing to a non-professional, but we will identify the distinguishing characteristics of these massage practices.

Massage therapy involves so many different techniques and styles. There are several more massage styles and techniques that licensed massage therapists are performing. Old-style massage may be the most popular technique, but lesser-known styles deserve recognition, too.

The diversity of massage techniques means that you can choose from the styles you want. Then, depending on the service you prefer, you can enjoy your massage session along with its therapeutic benefits.

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What We Look For

  • Reclining feature

    We choose massage chairs that recline at least partially, and we prefer those with the option to lie fully supine.

  • Heating feature

    We search for massage chairs with a heating feature, since warmth helps to promote blood flow and relax muscles.

  • Intensity settings

    We seek massage chairs with two or more intensity settings to let you customize the strength of the massage.

  • Kneading feature

    We want at least one setting to mimic the kneading motion of a massage therapists fingers, rather than simply vibrating.

*At the time of publishing, the price was $1,900.

The Osaki OS-Champ reclines until youre fully supine, and it envelops your body in pillowy, faux-leather padding. Internal mechanisms massage your neck, back, and thighs, and airbags on the front and sides of the chair apply pressure to your shoulders, arms, calves, and feet. Its heating feature warmed our testers bodies better than any other models, and this massage chair is as luxurious and well constructed as any other weve seen. Also, Osaki backs it with a generous, three-year warranty. Our only complaint is that the OS-Champ looks like a prop from Star Trek: Odyssey, and its sure to dominate the decor in any room.

*At the time of publishing, the price was $270.

Sharper Image Weighted Heating Pad

Price: $

You can use the Sharper Image Weighted Heating Pad on any area of your body and the 9 foot cord gives you room to move.

It provides nine massage and three heat settings, giving you plenty of options as you unwind and release tension. The device delivers vibrating pressure while the clay bead filling provides weighted compression, which may produce a calming effect .

A few reviewers complained that the massager isnt heavy enough, while others report that its too loud. A few customers said their device stopped working shortly after purchase.

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Sharper Image Realtouch Shiatsu Massager

Price: $$$

The Sharper Image Realtouch Shiatsu Massager features six massage nodes that grip, rotate, and knead your muscles to relieve tightness and tension. It has built-in arm straps that you can use to adjust the pressure and intensity.

This device is made to fit around your neck, shoulders, and back, but you can also use it on your legs and feet. Its wireless and rechargeable, so you can take it anywhere.

Some customers note that the Realtouch Shiatsu Massager is heavy, bulky, and uncomfortable. A few people report that the heat setting isnt hot enough, while others remark that the massage is too strong in certain spots.

Automatic Programs And Advanced Technology

Sharper Image Vibrating and Heating Foot and Back Massager

With well-choreographed movements and strokes, the Sharper Image Revival offers eight auto program selections. With the use of advanced technology, youll enjoy its L-Track system that provides full-body coverage from your upper back down to your gluteal muscles.

The Sharper Image Revival Massage Chair is also embedded with an intelligent body scanning system. This technology makes sure your bodys natural curves and measurements are reflected in the massage session. You can even customize your massage session to suit your preference.

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Sharper Image Foot Massager

Selling a Sharper Image Foot Massager. Was used only for 1 month for physical therapy. Unit was used with socks and is completely clean and sanitized. It heat, can use air pressure to tighten feet, and massages. The unit normally sells for $120 at Walmart, I am only asking $80 for it. It is still li …

Sharperimage Massager Fit Roller Vibrating S

PAIN RELIEF IN A COMPACT PACKAGE: Tackle sore muscles and tight spots with thi…PAIN RELIEF IN A COMPACT PACKAGE: Tackle sore muscles and tight spots with this small but mighty peanut massager from Sharper Image! Adjustable speeds and quiet vibration make this ideal for everyday use for any spot. | Sharper Image Massager Fit…more

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Homedics Cordless Shiatsu Massage Pillow With Heat

Price: $

The HoMedics Cordless Shiatsu Massage Pillow with Heat provides a deep shiatsu massage to your neck and shoulders. You can also use it on your back, legs, and feet, and it features a reverse function that changes the direction of the massage.

This lightweight, portable pillow is equipped with a rechargeable battery that runs for an hour at a time.

Since this massage pillow doesnt offer an option to adjust the pressure or intensity, its best suited for people who prefer a strong massage. A few customers mention that the pillow isnt hot enough for their needs and that you cant turn off the heat.

With an abundance of heated massage pads on the market, its important to identify your needs so you can choose the most suitable heated massage pad.

Consider the following:

  • Design. Heated massage pads are available in several designs, including pillows, mats, and seat cushions. Consider where you plan to use the massager and which body parts you want to target.
  • Features and settings. Select a massager that allows you to adjust the heat and vibration levels. Decide if you prefer a rechargeable or plug-in model.
  • Customer reviews. Read customer reviews related to product quality, effectiveness, and durability.

Sharperimage Massager Smartsense Shiatsu Rea

Sharper Image Calming Cozy Deluxe Massage Heat Leg F…

ACCURATE CUSTOM MASSAGE: The SharperImage back and neck massager uses Smartse…ACCURATE CUSTOM MASSAGE: The Sharper Image back and neck massager uses Smartsense Technology to find your pressure points and deliver a pain-relieving shiatsu massage. | Sharper Image Massager Smartsense Shiatsu Realtouch Chair Pad with Heatmore

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Sharperimage Calming Heat Massaging Weighted

Calming Hea weighted heating pad’s high-density comfort fill provides the perf…Calming Hea weighted heating pad’s high-density comfort fill provides the perfect amount of pressure, soothing heat, and vibration for penetrating relief. Choose from 3 levels of heat and 3 levels of vibrating massage for your preferred comfort!…more

How Sustainable Are Massage Chairs

A massage from a massage therapist is undoubtedly better for the environment than any mechanical massage chair, most of which are made of metal, plastic, and pleather . Also, full-body massage chairs typically ship via freight, a mode of transportation that contributes about 8% to 11% of all global greenhouse-gas emissions each year. But if you already have a massage chair or are planning to buy one, you can take a few extra steps to be more mindful of the planet:

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Lunix Lx3 Cordless Electric Hand Massager

Price: $$

The Lunix LX3 Cordless Electric Hand Massager with Compression uses vibration and air compression to apply pressure to your hands and wrists. The massager offers six massage intensities and various programmed sequences, plus it stays charged for several hours.

This device may help relieve numbness and soreness, especially if you work with your hands. It may also be ideal for people who have hand discomfort, like those with arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or neuropathy.

Negative customer reviews complain that the massager takes too long to warm up and that its not warm enough.

Costway Shiatsu Foot And Calf Massager With Cup To 20% Off On Selected Items Shop Now


Our shiatsu foot and calf massager is designed with multifunctional massage fu…Our shiatsu foot and calf massager is designed with multifunctional massage functions: 3-level calf massage, 3-level foot massage, heating therapy, vibration, and timer, allowing you to customize your optimal comfort.more

Sold by

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Tips To Turn Up Relaxation Time

You can use a heated massage pad to ease pain, recover after a workout, or simply relax. You can use your massage time to indulge in a bit of you time and completely relax.

To enhance your experience, make yourself as comfortable as possible. Dim the lights and play soft, relaxing music. You could also use this time to do a guided meditation or listen to an uplifting podcast. Light a candle or turn on your aromatherapy diffuser.

Find a comfortable place to sit or lie down. You may wish to have a blanket handy, cover your eyes with an eye mask, or give yourself a soothing face massage. Take long, deep breaths and focus on releasing tension throughout your whole body. Let go and enjoy the massage session.

Sharper Image Relieve 3d Massage Chair

The Sharper Image Relieve 3D Massage Chair is a premium massage chair that offers maximum therapeutic benefit. It is filled with innovative technology, tailored to your bodys needs. Recline into full zero gravity with a single touch. The Sharper Image Relieve 3D fully automated massage chair is a total massage experience, like no other.

Rejuvenate your body and mind with the full-body relieve zero gravity massage chair.

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Reflexology And Extra Features

Shiatsu foot rollers come with the Sharper Image Revival Massage Chair. Your aching feet will indeed thank you for the superior treatment you afford it. Air compression massage is also a feature youll love, and it makes your massage experience more worthwhile. Common areas are included, as well as your arms, hands, legs, and feet.

Sharperimage Shiatsu Full Body Multifunction

Sharper Image Calming Cozy Deluxe Massage Heat Leg F…

Full Body Pain Relief Indulge in a therapeutic massage without going to the sp…Full Body Pain Relief Indulge in a therapeutic massage without going to the spa. The Sharper Image Shiatsu Full Body Massager can be used on the back, neck, feet, or anywhere else you need soothing relief. Use The Massager Anywhere The Sharper Image…more

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