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Osaki Os 7200h Pinnacle Massage Chair Review

Considering The Osaki Os

Osaki OS-7200H Pro Pinnacle Massage Chair

The Osaki OS-7200H Pinnacle Massage Chair has become a popular chair because of Costco, other than that you will not find it on many websites, but we do carry it at The 7200H Pinnacle model features everything you need to get a full body massage, and the overall strength of the massage strength is light to medium intensity. The OS-7200H Pinnacle is a larger version of the popular OS-4000T and has more space between the shoulders for users with broader shoulders. This 7200H Pinnacle is a great model for the price but does have older technology when compared to the other top Osaki models.

Full Size Remote Control

The Osaki OS-7200H Pinnacle remote presents one of the largest viewing screens making it easy view what functions the chair has activated. There is also a flip down cover to access the manual functions of the chair. The remote allows you to select the massage type, intensity, speed and location. You can also independently select the area of airbag massage. The manual mode massage includes kneading, tapping, shiatsu, rolling, combination and Swedish.

About The Osaki 7200 Series

There are two models in the OS 7200 series: the OS 7200H and the OS 7200CR.

The two models are very similar, and the core features of each of almost identical. However, there are a few important differences between the two models. To help you decide which model is right for you, we’ll do a comparison at the end to highlight the differences between the OS 7200H and the OS 7200CR.

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The Osaki Os 7200h Is Best Suited For Anyone Who Loves Compression Massage Simple As That

Ive tried to write this review from as much of an honest and unbiased view as possible. Thats of course very difficult to do given the incentives I have!

If you disagree with any of the points presented in this post, definitely feel free to reach out by sending me an email at I take my content very seriously, so I promise to review your email and respond as best as I can.

Osaki Os 3d Pro Cyber Massage Chair Review

Osaki OS

I would like to say that heres something that I selected for tall people, but its so much more than that. The OS-3D massage chair is a versatile product that delivers great comfort from head to toe with a host of features like next-gen airbags, 2-stage zero gravity, and so on. Ill tell you how it leads to an entirely satisfactory relaxation exercise.

Why buy this product?

Id like to start with the six massage styles that come with acupoint technology. While many massage chairs incorporate different massage styles, Osaki includes acupoint technology which makes all the difference here. Acupressure therapy is a wonderful way to act on all pressure points of the body, and other than improving circulation, its also great for body balance and posture.

I also liked how they reduced the number of airbags and increased the surface area of each. The multi-layer airbags deliver great compression massage to the shoulders, hips, arms, calves, and feet. It further combines with NASA-inspired 2-stage zero-gravity technology to regulate your posture and take away all the pressure from your spine, thighs, and back.

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Good For Taller Users

If youre particularly tall and have tried to use other massage chairs in the past, you may have been put off by not being able to enjoy the full potential of the chair due to your height. The Osaki OS-7200H caters not only to customers who are of an average height but also for those who are taller. The secret is a 31-inch roller stroke system, which means that the distance that the rollers can travel is 31 inches. This gives longer coverage over the back and lumbar region, ensuring that you always experience a full body massage regardless of your height.

What Is The Osaki Os 7200h

Osaki has quite the selection of entry level, mid, and high end massage chairs. OS 7200H is an excellent example of a mid level chair. Its less than $4K and boasts a ton of cool features. As far as intensity is concerned, you can expect a fairly strong massage.

If youve been reading my previous reviews, youll notice a lot of similarities between each massage chair. However as similar as they may be, there are still variations. These subtle nuances are very important to understand because in the end they make all the difference! Ill do my best to highlight these small variations throughout this post.

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The Roller System Is In My Opinion The Most Critical Component In Any Massage Chair

That being said, the Osaki OS 7200H massage chair has a 31 S-Track roller system. What in the heck is that!? Lets break it down so you can understand:

  • 31 Track Span31 is the track span, or the distance traversed by the rollers. Twin rollers begin the massage at the neck, and then slowly make their way down the back until they reach the lower back at a distance of 31. Pretty simple right?
  • S-TrackFancy way of saying the rollers will mimic the backs curvature i.e. since our spine is s shaped, twin rollers will take this into account as they traverse the back.

A pretty decent roller system in my opinion, although I am a little disappointed with the 31 span. For a mid end chair, I expect a little more. It does feel like Osaki gave more emphasis to airbags for this particular chair.

Airbags Simply Inflate With Compressed Air To Then Provide A Compression Style Massage To Surrounding Muscle

Osaki Pinnacle Massage Chair-OS-7200h Review

Now, having more airbags isnt necessarily a good thing. In my opinion, having an increased number of airbags means:

  • Obviously A Lot Of Compression!Which is a good thing if youre a fan of compression massage. I personally think compression massage is very effective and relaxing at medium to low intensities. High intensity compression is definitely not my thing!
  • You Need More Valves & PumpsNeeded to inflate all 51 airbags. As a result, you may see a slight increase in power consumption.

This is why airbag design and selection can be a lot more complicated than you think. I always say its all about finding the right balance instead of simply adding more.

All that being said, the 51 airbags definitely makes the OS 7200H massage chair very good at compression! The 51 airbags have been strategically placed in different areas where the rollers are unable to reach. The picture below shows airbag placement.

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Osaki Heated Chair Cost

Of course, one of the main factors in determining whether or not you are going to purchase a product is the cost. While there is ample evidence that the Osaki massage chair can provide you with a fabulously relaxing time, it is important to recognize the high cost associated with the chair.

It is definitely not the highest costing luxury massage chair that you will find on the market, but it is more expensive than some of the other stand alone options by a long way. Coming in at just under $4k its firmly in the top end of the market with regards to price, but as the saying goes, you get what you pay for and the Osaki OS-7200H is a beast of chair.

That being said, given the price compared to other luxury chairs that have fewer or the same features, it is a great value. Your money goes a lot farther with Osaki as a brand and this massage chair specifically has a lot to offer anyone.

Osaki OS-7200H Zero Gravity S-Track Heater Massage Chair

Auto & Manual Massage Modes

There is a large selection of both auto and manual programs. There are four massage types: Kneading, Rolling, Tapping, and Clapping. There is also some additional massage styles as well: Shiatsu, Swedish, Vibration, Pulse, and Air Massage.

There are 9 automatic programs that start at a touch of a button. These include 6 full body massage presets: Wake Up, Recovery, Muscle Relief, Anti-Stress, Stretching, Full Air, and Quick. There are also 2 localized automatic programs that focus on the Lower Body and Upper Body.

With 5 levels of airbag intensity and 5 levels of speed to customize, there is a comfort level for everyone out there. The spot feature allows you to focus on exact spot for direct relief or even concentrate on a zone.

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We Recommend Checking Out The New Osaki Models

We recommend looking at one of the newer Osaki models with the latest designs and the newest technology. These are the Pro Omni, Alpina, and Pro Maestro. These model have the latest technology, which includes:

L-Track Technology – Extended massage roller from the neck to the glutes, which is amazing for lower back, hip, sciatic or piriformis issues. The OS-7200H only massages from the neck to the tailbone.

Space-Saving Design – L-Track models need 4in behind the chair for a full recline. The OS-7200H Pinnacle need 16-18in.

Bluetooth Speaker – The newer Osaki models uses Bluetooth Technology to connect to the speakers seamlessly. The OS-7200H Pinnacle uses an Auxiliary Plus, which is not used on newer massage chairs.

Check out all of our Osaki Massage Chairs.

We have Special Costco Price Match Specials for top models by Osaki, just request a coupon code. Want to know what the Best Massage Chair is?

Zone And Point Massage

Osaki OS

Some of my personal favorite massage features of the Osaki OS-7200H are the Zone and the Point massage options. With the Zone feature you can target a specific region of the body. For instance if you are enjoying a massage course and you feel a tense or sore area, simply press the Zone button and it will focus the massage within that 8 inch area. If you find one specific spot, press the Point button to work on one point or spot on the body. I found both to be extremely enjoyable in the middle of my shoulders. It really allowed me to get the knots out of my problem areas without having to run an entire massage course over and over! When you want the massage course to continue, you simply press the button again to resume your previous settings.

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Osaki Os 7200h Pinnacle Massage Chair Review

OS 7200H Pinnacle is a massage chair that focuses on your head and shoulders and is the perfect way to unwind after a long day at work. Considering the nifty set of features such as the leg-scan system and dual foot roller technology, it comes in a price range that cant be matched by its competitors.

Why buy this product?

The feature which appeals to me the most is the quad-roller head massage technology that mimics the feel of human hands. These twin rollers come with five strength and three width control settings that deliver the perfectly customized head massage, a feature thats missing from most mid-range chairs.

Also, the zero-gravity recline takes away all the pressure from your back to increase circulation. The 31-inch S-Track system makes this process more efficient, as the rollers align themselves perfectly with your body, taking away even more pressure from your neck and shoulders.

The final stand out feature is the shoulder-specific heating pads. They work with heating pads of the lumbar region and the 51 airbags to release excess fluids and scar tissues from the body. They cater to the pelvis, hips, calves, and shoulders and especially the head, enhancing the function of head massage rollers.

  • Poorly written manual

Massage Options On The Osaki 7200h

6 Massage Techniques

Both the OS 7200H and the OS 7200CR offer six massage techniques, including:

The Wake Up massage program uses light tapping to stimulate and refresh the body.

Muscle Relief

Muscle Relief begins with slow kneading and strong tapping before transitioning into a deeper massage treating the neck and lower back.

Music Sync

Plug in your iPhone or MP3-compatible music device and select Music Sync to synchronize your massage with your favorite massage music.

There are also twolocation-specific preset massage programs:

  • Upper Back – focuses on treating the head and shoulders with a combination of air massage, tapping and rolling
  • Lower Back – using the same combination of massage techniques, focuses more on the lower back and calves

Manual Mode

If youd rather pick and choose your massage experience, the manual mode on the Osaki OS 7200H will give you plenty of customization options. You get to choose the massage technique, adjust the intensity, speed and width of the rollers, and even localize your massage to a specific point or zone on your body by using the Point and Zone functions.

  • Colors: Black, Charcoal, Brown, Cream

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Osaki Os 4000cs Massage Chair Review

Not many chairs target smaller homes, but this OS 4000CS model from Osaki focuses precisely on that. Apart from having a ton of features, this model sports a space-saving technology requiring only a six-inch space from the wall.

Now, lets find out whether this can suit your needs, especially if you live in a small space.

Why buy this product?

The OS-4000CS features an L-Track Massage system that focuses on your neck right up to the thighs and glutes. It serves the horizontal massaging of the body incredibly well. Moreover, the six automatic programs from deep tissue massage to dual action mode focus on all your body parts equally.

The zero-gravity seating further enhances the L-track system. What it does is that it relieves pressure from your back and boosts blood circulation in the entire body. Furthermore, it releases tension by placing the legs higher than the body, which eventually relaxes the spine.

I also like the Computer Body Scan System of the chair. Everyones body is unique, and having a one-size fit program doesnt work considering the difference in proportions. The Computer Body Scan System locates the exact pressure points and suits itself accordingly. A massage customized according to your body always gives you a more comforting experience.

Finally, the lumbar heating pad loosens the muscles and releases the muscle knots below the torso. Its a great way to relieve and refresh your aching body after a long day at work.

Pros And Cons Of Buying The Osaki Pinnacle Massage Chair Os

Introducing the Osaki OS 7200H Pro Pinnacle Zero Gravity Massage Chair

The Osaki OS-7200H features a lot of innovations as compared to earlier models of massage chairs rolled out by Osaki. However, its use is not without some disadvantages. Hence, we have delineated here some of the notable advantages and disadvantages of this massage chair:


  • A good Osaki Pinnacle Massage Chair OS-7200H review will surely take note of the great number of airbags of OS-7200H. As mentioned earlier, the greater the number of airbags, the better its compression capability. Osaki OS-7200H has around 51 airbags which are 7 more than the Osaki OS 4000T and 15 more airbags than that of the Kahuna LM6800.
  • It has two heating pads on the shoulder areas which the earlier model OS-4000T doesnt have. The OS-4000T model only has heating pads on the lumbar area.
  • Its remote control is easy to use and comes with a wireless controller that allows its users wireless control of the massage. Moreover, its control panel is easy to operate and is user-friendly.
  • Another remarkable advantage of OS-7200H is its being MP3 Player- and iPod-ready. Other earlier models of Osaki dont have this feature. Moreover, other models from different brands also do not have this feature.


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Osaki 7200h Vs Osaki 7200cr

Now that weve covered all of the features in our Osaki OS 7200H review, theres one last thing we need to know. Whats the difference between the Osaki OS 7200H and the Osaki OS 7200CR massage chair?

Well, not much. In fact, they have all of the same features with the exception of the following two:

  • The Osaki OS 7200CR features dual foot rollers while the OS 7200H does not. Dual foot rollers offer a more comprehensive foot massage targeting acupoints on the bottoms of the feet.
  • The Osaki 7200H has 51 airbags while the 7200CR only has 48 airbags. This is because instead of having airbags for the feet like in the OS 7200H, the OS 7200CR has foot rollers.

Thats it! If foot massage is a top priority for you, the Osaki 7200CR might better suit your treatment needs.

Os 7200h Vs Os 7200cr: What’s The Difference

Both the OS 7200H and the OS 7200CR are top-of-the-line massage chairs, and both are very similar. There are, however, two main distinctions that set the two chairs apart.

  • Dual Foot Massage RollerThe OS 7200CR has a dual foot massage roller while the OS 7200H does not. If foot massage is important to you, go with the 7200CR.
  • Number of AirbagsThe OS 7200H has a total of 51 airbags while the OS 7200CR only has 48. The reason there are fewer airbags in the OS 7200CR has to do with the fact that it has a dual foot massage roller in place of the airbag foot massagers as found in the OS 7200H.

Other than these two distinctions, both the OS 7200H and OS 7200CR share all the same core features and are excellent massage chairs in their own right.

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Handheld Led Remote Control

Positioned on a stand next to the arm rest on both the Osaki 7200H and 7200CR, is a handheld remote.

On the remote, a vibrant LED screen lets you know exactly which programs are currently active on the chair. Next to the screen, you can select from one of the many preset massage programs or flip down the cover below the buttons to reveal the manual operation controls. Here, you can adjust massage speed, intensity, heat therapy, and massage style among other functions.

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