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Auto Accident Chiropractic And Massage

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Accurate Chiropractic in Brooksville, FL

A relaxation massage is a rather straightforward session using classic Swedish massage techniques. The massage therapist will utilize techniques of applying light to medium pressure dependent upon the client’s preference. This type of massage will often take place at a day spa or resort center. The purpose of the massage is simply to help the client to relieve muscle tension and create an overall feeling of relaxation and euphoria. A therapeutic massage on the other hand is more thorough and is intended to not only provide relaxation and euphoria but also apply advanced techniques to target and alleviate pain and chronic health issues. Therapeutic massages also provide great preventive care to the recipient.

At Rancho Cucamonga Auto Accident Injury Chiropractic we have a team of LMP massage therapists who are trained in the practice of therapeutic massage as opposed to simple relaxation massage. For more information on how therapeutic massage can help you, give us a call so we can answer any questions you may have

Massage Therapy For Auto Accident Injuries

Suffering from Neck or Back Pain? Are your Muscles Sore? Feeling Stressed?

At Rancho Cucamonga Auto Accident Injury Chiropractic we pride ourselves as the premiere massage therapy clinic in all of Rancho Cucamonga. Unlike typical massage centers, Rancho Cucamonga Auto Accident Injury Chiropractic employs a full time staff of Licensed Massage Practitioners who are highly trained in therapeutic massage as opposed to relaxation massage.

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Its usually very difficult to accurately self-assess your condition immediately following an auto accident. Accidents frequently occur before we can even grasp whats happening, and the results can be emotionally traumatic. That emotional shock, coupled with chemicals we release at such times, like adrenaline, conceals the pain of an injury.

That is why its highly recommended that you visit an emergency room as soon as you can. A comprehensive checkup, including pertinent tests like X-rays or CAT scans, may reveal injuries you didnt know you had sustained. These ER visits are also important for documentation needed to proceed with insurance claims and personal injury lawsuits.

But above all else, getting to a hospital right away for an examination is critical to your long-term recovery. The pain and suffering from car accident injuries can intensify over time if not addressed early on. From nerve and muscle damage to building scar tissue, you might need to begin formulating a treatment plan right away a treatment plan that should include a chiropractor.

How Soon After an Accident Should You See a Chiropractor?

Additionally, booking that consultation as soon as possible bolsters the validity of any claims you may make. If you hold off on treatment, you could be denied compensation for your medical bills outright. This is sadly the case with many insurance claims.

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Initial Auto Accident Visit

When you contact us to schedule your initial visit in Rochester MN please inform us of the auto accident. This will allow us to schedule adequate time for the appointment with the chiropractor and have the appropriate paperwork ready.

Please have:

  • The name of your Auto Insurance Company
  • Your claim number from your Auto Insurance .
  • Your claim adjusters name and phone number.
  • Your lawyer’s name and phone number .

If you were injured in an auto accident, please contact our office right away to get started on your chiropractic care: .

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Our Holistic Approach To Healing

Massage Therapy

Many traditional medical treatment options focus primarily on using pain pills, muscle relaxers, or surgery. We believe in a more holistic approach. Chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy offer a more homeopathic, whole-body approach to healing after your body has suffered trauma in an auto collision. After a thorough examination, and depending on the nature of the injury, we will suggest a treatment plan that may involve a mix of therapies.

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Do Business Locally With A Chiropractor In Kennewick Wa

Just like you, Kennewick Chiropractic Injury Clinic is part of the Kennewick community. Our business values the entire area with its year around outdoor activities and laid back vibe. When you call our office, you are not only strengthening the community but also supporting a business from your hometown! We specialize in helping people through car injury settlements in Kennewick. Our staff is here to help you understand your options. Your treatment may be FREE to you. Therefore, call Kennewick Chiropractic Injury Clinic today!

How Chiropractic Care In Rochester Mn Can Help

Soft-tissue injuries and whiplash comprise the most common afflictions treatable by an auto accident chiropractor. At Qualify Life Chiropractic & Massage, Dr. Suntken works routinely with patients enduring these types of injuries. Oftentimes, it is necessary to coordinate chiropractic services with other professionals, including:

  • Radiology: We order x-rays and imaging when a case requires.

  • History review: We often review a patients medical history prior to treating for an auto accident injury, coordinating with a primary care provider and/or specialist.

  • Legal: Our office routinely provides trusted lawyer referrals for patients who may have been injured as a result of an auto accident.

For our auto accident clients, we strive to ensure we treat not only the acute problem but any underlying or contributing factors that may be involved.

According to the Insurance Research Council, nearly 1/3 of all claimants injured in motor vehicle accidents seek treatment from doctors of chiropractic. This is an impressive number given that the National Safety Council has determined there to be more than 12 million motor vehicle accidents annually involving more than 20 million vehicles.

Many studies have also found individuals injured in motor vehicle accidents prefer chiropractic care for the treatment of their injuries.One such study evaluated 190 whiplash injury victims and found those who received chiropractic care reported whiplash treatment satisfaction of 100%.

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Welcome To Your New Source For Injury Care And Clinical Based Rehab And Fitness

The staff at Accident and Injury Care is proud and excited to share with our patients the relocation and collaboration with the gym Personalized Health and Fitness. Were excited to expand our injury treatment programs allowing our patients additional access to a complete gym during their recovery process. What this combination means, is that you as a patient not only get access to our chiropractors and massage therapists during your visits, but also specialized rehab sessions where we can assign trainers with specialized certifications to assist you in learning rehabilitation exercises in the clinic and on a gym floor. Our goal is to not only help you heal from your injuries, but provide you with the tools to maintain your health throughout your life.

Seeing A Chiropractor After A Car Accident

First Choice Chiropractic | Las Vegas NV | Chiropractors

After being involved in a car accident, you should immediately schedule an appointment with an auto accident injury chiropractor. Even if you feel okay, it is still important to get checked out by a chiropractor after a car accident. It is possible that you may have sustained injuries that do not show symptoms right away.

The longer you delay treatment, the more likely you are to suffer from lasting injuries. Getting car accident physical therapy can help you regain function in your muscles. Many times, putting off treatment results in chronic pain for many years.

Another reason to see a chiropractor after a car accident is to document any injuries while you still have them. This will be important for insurance purposes later. If you do not obtain documentation, you may not receive compensation for rehab bills or workers comp. An automobile injury chiropractic practice can give you the evaluation that you need for your car crash pain.

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When Should I Seek Chiropractic Care

Even if you’re only experiencing minor pain or discomfort, you should make an appointment with our chiropractor as soon as possible after an auto accident. Leaving a whiplash injury untreated can result in serious complications in the future including chronic neck pain, a reduced range of motion, headaches, and dizziness.

We Work With All Attorneys & Most Insurance Companies

At Pathway Wellness, we make seeing a car accident chiropractor easy for you. We work with all attorneys, take attorney liens, and bill all major auto insurance companies. We know whats important for your case, and we make sure to properly treat all injuries to ensure your attorney has what they need to defend you when the time comes.

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Accident And Injury Care Chiropractic And Massage In Seattle

Our clinic at 1916 23rd Ave South in Seattle, works in conjunction with a 7500 sq foot gym space. Patients in this location can begin their clinical rehab in a dedicated space within the clinic and can be brought into the gym space for more advanced exercises when appropriate. Working in conjunction with a gym space allows patients to transition into that setting where they can maintain their own health and wellness through fitness.

Good News: A Local Chiropractor In Kennewick Can Help

Massage Therapy

The good news is that chiropractic care such as joint manipulation and spinal adjustments treat the negative side effects of scar tissue building up. If untreated, the body heals wrong and it can lead to swollen joints long term.

Chiropractic rehabilitation along with massage therapy are common treatments used at Kennewick Chiropractic Injury Clinic.

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Massage Therapy In Beaverton Or

Along with our other beneficial services, Accident Care Chiropractics team offers massage therapy to help patients improve joint and muscle function while achieving relaxation. Massage is one of the worlds oldest therapeutic treatments, and its efficacy has been demonstrated for hundreds of years. Its a great complement to chiropractic care because of its ability to stimulate blood flow to injured tissues, relax cramped muscles, and increase healing.

While chiropractic care is intended to improve neurological functionality and correct spinal dysfunction, massage therapy addresses muscular elements that affect spinal articulations. Contact us by email or by phone to request additional information on our massage therapyservices.

Chiropractic Help To Alleviate Back Pain

An auto accident can result in injury to your back muscles, spinal column, and hips. In addition to resulting pain from those injuries, the residual inflammation and pressure on your nerves can cause pain and muscle weakness. Since nerves run throughout your body, pain in your back could be originating from another area.

To develop a treatment plan and facilitate full recovery, our chiropractor will perform a complete musculoskeletal examination. They will look for herniated discs, dislocated vertebrae and joints, tense muscles, and areas of inflammation.

A treatment plan may consist of:

  • Fixing dislocated vertebrae and ruptured discs
  • Repairing dislocated joints
  • Repairing bruised muscles

Quality Chiropractic Care Following an Auto Accident Injury

An auto accident injury can lead to lifelong pain and immobility. At Optimal Health Chiropractic + Massage Clinic in Edmonds, WA, we have years of experience healing whiplash, neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, and other auto accident injury symptoms. For more information on auto accident injury recovery or to schedule an appointment, call us at .

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Massage Therapy For Faster Healing

Massage therapy can help to relieve any tension or stiffness related to stress caused by the trauma of a car accident and everything you have to deal with afterward. Relaxing your muscles through massage can also break up scar tissue, improve your range of motion, and improve your overall comfort levels.

We Are Your Chiropractor After Car Accident Experts

Genesis Chiropractic Wellness & Rehabilitation Ctr Kenosha

The force of impact from a car accident can cause several types of injuries, but not all of them are visible. A whiplash injury and misalignments may not be noticeable right away, but they can cause more serious complications down the road like muscle inflammation and migraines. It is critical that these injuries be treated as soon as possible to prevent chronic pain. At Backs on Burnside, our goal is to provide you with the chiropractic care you need to heal and alleviate pain from your car accident injuries properly. We will perform an evaluation and create a treatment plan that best fits your needs. By combining chiropractic care and massage therapy, we can help reduce pain, increase your mobility, range of motion, and release tension from various problems, including:

  • Neck Pain
  • Upper and Lower Back Pain
  • Hip and Leg Pain
  • And More

After a motor vehicle accident, the residual effects can be long-lasting, but that doesnt mean you have to suffer. Our team of experienced physicians is here to provide personalized treatment plans to help you on the road to recovery.

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Massage Therapy May Be Covered By Your Insurance

Your insurance policy may include personal injury protection . That coverage means your policy will pay for a set amount of medical services to treat your injury following an accident. If you havent used the coverage for other services, it may well cover the cost of massage therapy.

If you are involved in an accident involving another driver, and that person is at fault, then their policy may cover your massage therapy or other care. In some instances, you may be reimbursed and in others the insurance company may pay Pinnacle Health Chiropractic directly. It depends on the company, the policy, and the overall situation.

The best way to find out if massage therapy is covered is to contact your insurance company. Its representatives will be able to tell you if the cost is covered, and whether there are any specific requirements such as a physicians prescription.

We Facilitate Holistic Healing One Step At A Time

Our 3-step process is proven to be effective and structured for your success. We strive to understand you, deliver effective treatment, and help you understand your condition to achieve the pain-free life you deserve.

Step 1: Relief

In the first phase, we work to reduce acute pain and inflammation. We address the primary injury or point of pain with chiropractic adjustments and other methods. This phase may also include heat, electro-modality, traction, and massage therapy to help your muscles ease and relax.

Step 2: Restore

Next, in the restorative phase, we focus on creating healthy long term habits for the body. Chiropractic adjustments in this phase may also focus on other parts of your body. Reduction in treatment frequency is common in this phase, along with starting rehab exercises. These exercises begin to fix muscles that are not doing their job.

Step 3: Rehab

Our last phase brings together your restored body and movement, allowing muscles and joints to work together and become stronger. This phase allows you to take your recovery into your own hands through both passive and active recovery measures. This phase usually brings a further reduction in treatment with focus on chiropractic treatments and exercises that empower your recovery long term.

Learn more about what you can expect from Tigard Chiropractic & Auto Injury as a new patient by following the link below.

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Ways Massage Therapy Can Help After A Car Accident

An auto accident is traumatic, even if you dont get injured. You have paperwork, repairs, and insurance claims, and all of that stress can overshadow a little tenderness in your neck or a slight headache. Getting massage therapy after an auto accident can make all the difference to how you feel a week, month, or even a year after your accident.

Auto Accident Chiropractic Services

Chiropractic Care &  Seizures

If you have recently been in an auto accident, recovery is possible with help from an experienced chiropractor. Dr. Pitcairn works with individuals and families that have been in car accidents and need short or long term care. Her philosophy is that anyone that has been in a car accident, regardless of present injury or pain level, should come to see her for a chiropractic check-up.

Dr. Pitcairn will identify and treat even the smallest problems that may have resulted from your accident. You will get started on a comprehensive and personalized recovery plan that will help you feel your best. Without proper care, injuries from these accidents can persist and put a detriment on your life.

Dr. Pitcairn encourages you to come in for a consultation, even if you were involved in a minor fender-bender. Dont let an absence of pain fool you. If you feel okay or are not in any pain after an accident, she strongly advises that you meet with her to rule out any problems.

If you have recently been in an auto accident, recovery is possible with help from an experienced chiropractor. Dr. Pitcairn works with individuals and families that have been in car accidents and need short or long term care. Her philosophy is that anyone that has been in a car accident, regardless of present injury or pain level, should come to see her for a chiropractic check-up.

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Give Yourself The Best Chance Of Recovery Come See Us Today

The benefits of seeing a chiropractor after a car accident are endless, and its easy to get started today. If you were in an accident and are experiencing pain or discomfort, or you just want to ensure that everything is okay, we would love to help you. At Pathway Wellness, we care about how youre feeling, and how you will be feeling in the future. By seeking immediate care after an accident, you are giving yourself the best chance at recovery. Through our wide variety of services, we will get you on the road to healing.

Whether it is through chiropractic manipulation, or other services like massages, traction, traditional medical services provided by our onsite Nurse Practitioner, or rehabilitation, we will find the best method to reduce your inflammation and pain and improve your range of motion. You dont have to endure the pain and discomfort after your accident we can help!

Starting treatment as soon as possible after your accident can not only give you quicker pain relief, but it can also save you from the damage to your body worsening over time. Pathway Wellness would love to get started working with you and help you heal from your car accident.

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