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Cost To Become A Massage Therapist

How Much Does It Cost To Become A Massage Therapist

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Becoming a massage therapist is a potentially valuable career. And with the right education, a massage therapist gains an invaluable skill set. Its a rewarding profession that serves the health and wellness of a community.

How much does it cost to become a massage therapist? Tuition for a massage therapy school can be as low as $475 for a 15-month program at Texas Massage Academy. Or, it can be much higher like the Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy where they offer an accelerated, 4-month program with on-campus housing for $18,500.

Choosing which massage therapy school to attend will depend on several factors. A few things to consider include:

  • What type of massage therapist do you want to be?
  • How much time do you have available for school?
  • Can you afford the tuition out of pocket or will you need financial assistance?

This first step will help you to sort out which school will best fit your educational goals and needs. Being able to answer these three questions will get you started on your path to a successful career as a massage therapist.

Enroll In A Massage Therapy Program

Youâll want to make sure you thoroughly research any schools youâre thinking about attending to ensure they have the proper accreditation and teach the type of massage youâre most interested in. Once you find an approved school, check to see if you apply for any financial aid, and get ready to dig deep into the world of clinical massage!

How Much Does Massage Therapy Cost

More info on this topic

The national average for a massage is approximately $60 per hour. This varies significantly by region , setting , and therapist training. In addition, therapists will sometimes offer a discounted package rate to encourage return visits and build a practice.

If you want to know if a therapist is charging competitive rates, you can call a few therapists with similar services and compare prices and training.

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Which Schools Offer Massage Therapy Training

Trainees who aspire to become massage therapists can find suitable training programs in this area through full certification programs as well as individual courses.

These programs can be found at schools that focus on health, as well as traditional one- or two-year institutions.

The list below shows you some of the best schools for massage therapy programs.

These schools provide extensive training that covers many topics related to massage therapy.

Some of them also offer students the opportunity to focus their studies on a particular specialty of massage.

  • National University of Health Sciences
  • Miami Dade College
  • New York College of Health Professions
  • Arizona Western College
  • Lake Washington Institute of Technology
  • Ohio College of Massotherapy

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Salary Of A Massage Therapist Per Minute:

2020 Massage Prices

The basic rule of thumb for going to charge for a massage is about one dollar per Minute. When you work by yourself and find your customers, you will make an excellent salary even if you work weekends.

For work well done, many massage therapists often receive service charges. Usually, tips vary from 15 to 20 percent. Though not all customers will pay, and not all employers will encourage massage therapists gratuitous acceptance.

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The Cost For The Massage Therapy Diploma Program

At NC Massage School, you can complete the entire 650-Hour Massage Diploma Program for $8,425. In addition, we offer several financing options to make this amount fit your budget needs. This low tuition combined with our financing options gives you an affordable way to launch your career in massage therapy.

Additional Requirements For Examination Applicants

Requirements for Examination Applicants

  • Complete a course of study at a board approved massage school consisting of 500 or more clock hours.
  • For applicants who graduated from a Florida board approved massage school, completion will be verified using an official transcript or graduate list.
  • For applicants who graduated from a school in another state, completion will be verified by submission of an official transcript. If staff cannot verify the approval of your school, additional documentation may be requested.
  • For applicants who graduated from a school outside the United States, completion will be documented by the submission of an evaluation of your transcript prepared by an education credentialing service.
  • Documentation of your completed course of study must come directly from your school, the custodian of records if your school has closed, or the credentialing service if you graduated from a school outside the United States. Unofficial transcripts and transcripts sent directly by applicants will not be accepted.
  • Pass an examination approved by the Board.The following examinations are currently approved by the Board.
  • Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination administered by the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards .Exam scores may be requested online at The FSMTB can be reached by phone at 1-866-962-3926. The FSMTB will provide your scores directly to the Board office. Do not submit score reports as a part of your application.
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    Q What Does A Massage Therapist Do

    A Massage Therapist applies pressure to muscles and tendons in order to relieve pain and stress from clients.

    There are different styles of massage and different therapy techniques that a Massage Therapist can use to appease their clients.

    An independent Massage Therapist will be required to provide a private area to apply massage, and all Massage Therapists are required to know sanitation rules and legal stipulations.

    Pass Your Licensing Exam

    Natures Ways

    44 states require massage therapists to pass the MBLEx before being licensed, though some states have their own exams. If youâre taking the MBLEx, the FSMTB does have an official study guide, so pick up a copy and start studying!

    These tests are pretty pricey , so itâs in your best interest to get it right the first time, but with the right schooling and study regimen, you should be ready to go.

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    Major Massage School Costs: Tuition Books And Licensing Fees

    If your program has a clinic in which students practice, you may be required to pay a clinic fee and obtain malpractice insurance. According to, programs typically range from $6 to $17 a credit hour.

    States that require massage therapy licensing may require more hours of schooling before you are eligible to practice, which will affect the cost of a program. According to

    Science And Math Classes

    While it is not so obvious that you should take math and science classes it is really important to do so. When you join a training program after high school the vast majority of the classes will be anatomy physiology and other related classes that are based in math and science. Also math and science classes are the classes that most colleges recommend to their prospect students.

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    How Much Does It Cost To Become A Licensed Massage Therapist

    The cost of licensure in massage therapy comes from three main sources: your education program, the cost of exams, and the cost of the license itself.

    Like any schooling or training program, massage therapy education will vary in cost, depending on where and what youâre studying. Certificate programs tend to start around $4,000 to $6,000, while associate degree programs can be anywhere from $10,000 and $25,000. Youâll also need to pay for any books or materials, which can cost anywhere from $1,300.

    The prices may look steep, but most massage training programs will offer some sort of financial aid, so be sure to look over all your options!After completing your training, youâll need to pay an application and administrative fee to take the MBLEx, which is $265. The FSMTB also offers an official MBLEx study guide for about $30, which isnât required but can be a valuable resource.Once youâve passed your exam, youâre ready to register with your stateâs Massage Therapistâs Board. Licensing fees vary by state, but almost all states will require you to renew your license periodically. For example, New Hampshire licensure costs $110 and requires an annual renewal.

    If you decide to run your own clinic or work as an independent contractor, youâll also want to get small business insurance.

    All in all, youâre looking at around a minimum of $4, 300 to finance your new career path. A hefty investment, but worth it if massage therapy is your passion!

    How Much Does Massage Therapy School Cost In 2022

    How Much Does It Cost To Become A Massage Therapist?

    Home»Massage Therapy»How Much Does Massage Therapy School Cost in 2022?

    An increasing number of people are looking into how much massage therapy school costs, and with good reason. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the job outlook among massage therapists to grow by 21 percent over the next ten years. That estimate far exceeds those predicted for other professions.

    The reasons behind this kind of growth relate to a few different developments. The aging baby boomer population has helped increase demand for good masseurs, for one. The growing popularity of spas has also contributed to industry growth. Theres been more of a recent focus on holistic health, as well. That, coupled with an increasing amount of stress in society, makes a great recipe for demand.

    Read on to learn more about the costs associated with breaking into the field and the available financial aid options.

  • How long is therapeutic massage school?
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    Attend A Massage Therapy Education Program

    The basic educational option for prospective massage therapists is to obtain a certificate from a massage therapy program. While a certificate will qualify you to take the state- licensing exam and gain employment, many massage therapists pursue an associates or even a bachelors degree in massage therapy for better career prospects.

    What Is A Massage Therapist

    We all work too hard, and most of us need to take a break to get a massage.

    As a Massage Therapist, you can give clients the relaxation and calm that they so desperately need.

    Working with your client to find out what ails them, you can then practice rubbing, kneading, massaging, and manipulating their tissue and muscles.

    Doing this can relieve some of the pain that they feel physically, and even mentally or emotionally.

    You can expect to work in places like spas, rehab centers, hospitals, cruise ships, resorts, the list goes on.

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    How Much Is Massage Therapy School: Conclusion

    How much does it cost for a massage therapy school? A professional massage therapist can earn more than $70,000 in a year, which for you personally means that all education costs pay for themselves of course if you can afford to study for the above amounts of money.

    The tuition fees for massage therapies are not that high, but you will be able to acquire skills that will ensure a comfortable existence for you and plus give you the opportunity to make people around you healthy by helping them follow this lifestyle. Somehow this profession is close to a CNA in its intended goals.

    Finally, we would like to advise you on three cities where, as a masseur, you will get the biggest amount of money in a year: Anchorage, Pittsfield, and Dunbury. But that doesnt mean that things are bad in the rest of the cities you can find a great place to work and a lot of great opportunities everywhere.

    Texas Massage Therapy Careers

    Self massage for fibromyalgia

    Average yearly salary for massage therapy in Texas

    Some massage therapists are able to earn a full time salary working only part time. While the practice of massage therapy is fulfilling, equally important is earning a living wage doing something you love. The annual mean salary for a massage therapist in Texas is $40,090 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Salaries in the Lone Star State range from $17,500 to $67,520 before tips. Texas also ranks third in the nation for highest employment of massage therapists. A career in massage therapy promotes health and healthier choices in massage clients. Is it time for you to investigate a Texas massage therapy school?

    Job opportunities for massage therapists in Texas include spas, salons, gyms, wellness and health practices of all kinds, country clubs, sports teams and events, hotels, resorts and more. Many massage therapists choose to open their own business and see clients in their home or in the therapist’s private office.

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    Massage Addict Tuition Reimbursement Program Academy Canada

    Attention Academy Canada graduates we can help you pay off student loans faster and get your career off to a great start! The Massage Addict Tuition Reimbursement Program offers $5,000 in tuition reimbursement in addition to a position practicing in a Massage Addict Clinic. Click here to learn more.

    Option : Massage Therapy Certificate

    The most basic educational option for prospective massage therapists is to complete a certificate program.

    Certificate programs for massage therapy are offered at technical colleges, vocational schools, community colleges, and traditional universities.

    Certificate programs seek to train students on the fundamentals of massage therapy, the basics of self-management and prepare them to pass any state licensing exams.

    A normal certificate program takes about 1 year to complete, potentially longer is you study primarily part-time.

    Many certificate programs require students to attend full-time.

    Courses also involve practical labs where students get to practice massage therapy techniques on mannequins and actual clients.

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    Pass The State Licensing Exam

    The next step after completing your education is to pass the state licensing exam. As stated previously, the most common licensing test used in the US is the MBLEx, a computer-administered 100 question multiple choice exam. After passing the exam you will be licensed to work as a massage therapist in your state.

    The Key Is Experience

    Physical Therapy Massage Costs

    Your expertise and recognition of the abilities you have developed throughout your training and other career development opportunities would be the most significant factor in your average salary. Your willingness to link and maintain your customer base is a strong second thing.

    To figure out a little more about your income opportunities, you can contact the Academy of Natural Therapy for a future in massage therapy. The most innovative types of massage therapy are available, so this academy gives the students the best level of education.

    To that end, the Academy of Natural Therapy is committed to offering the requisite expertise for learners to provide clients with successful and skilled treatment.

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    Additional Requirements For Endorsement Applicants

    Requirements for Endorsement Applicants

    • Hold an active license in another state with licensing requirements equivalent to or exceeding those required for a license in Florida. Staff will attempt to verify your license during application processing. Additional documentation may be requested if the equivalency of education or examination requirements cannot be determined.
    • Complete a ten-hour Florida Laws and Rules course with an approved CE provider.Approved courses and providers can be found by visiting

    How Long Does It Take To Become A Licensed Massage Therapist

    Like most things massage therapy, this will depend on your state, though all states require a minimum amount of training time before you can take the licensing exam. States like Kentucky require at least 600 hours of training, while some states, like New York, require as many as 1,000 hours of training.

    Depending on what kind of massage therapy school you attend and whether you go full-time or part-time, these hours can take anywhere from 5 months to 2 years to complete, with most training programs taking about a year to complete.

    You can sign up to take the MBLEx as soon as you finish your hours of training, though it can take up to 5 days for the application to process once youâve paid the fee. You have a maximum of two hours to complete the test once you begin. If you need to retest for any reason, youâll need to wait at least 30 days.

    Once youâve finished your hours and passed your exam, youâll also be required to complete a background check to make sure there are no crimes in your past that directly go against the professional ethics of the industry. Depending on the service used, this can take a few days or a few weeks to process.

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    Is A Massage Therapy License The Same As A Business License

    No, although you may be required to have both, depending on the type of massage therapy work you do. Massage therapy licensure is required for any practitioner of massage therapy, even if theyâre an employee of a larger company. The massage therapy license is unique to the industry and shows youâre competent in the field.

    On the other hand, a business license certifies that your business is allowed to operate legally in your area and is safe for the public to engage with.

    Not every massage therapist will need a business license since not every massage therapist is a business owner. For instance, massage therapists who work full-time at fitness centers wonât need to register for a business license since theyâre employed by a business that will be licensed. But if you decide to pick up your own clients part-time, you most likely will need to register as a business.

    What You Pay For

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    When looking at the vast range of tuition prices of massage therapy schools, remember that more expensive doesnt always mean better value. Likewise, a cheap tuition rate doesnt indicate a poorer educational experience. In fact, the Texas Massage Academy offers its most in-depth massage therapy program for the lowest of its three tuition rates.

    An accredited massage therapy program typically provides:

    • Education in the classroom
    • Practice in the laboratory
    • Real-world experience in a supervised setting

    The education portion of massage therapy school will start with the basics. Students will cover aspects of the human body as they relate to massage therapy like topics of anatomy to learn about the different tissues of the body, Introductory classes will go over body systems like the cardiovascular, respiratory, and digestive systems that can benefit from massage therapy treatments.

    The curriculum in the classroom will be dependent on the specific massage therapy program offered by the school. For example, Soma Institute, in Chicago, offers a diploma program in Clinical Massage Therapy.This one of a kind program prepares its students for an array of career options like:

    As with most professions in the United States, each state has set its own requirements with regard to massage therapy licensing. In general, they vary in the amount of time spent in the internship phase of the program. Time spent in the classroom and lab tends to be fairly consistent from school to school.

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