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Milo Electric Massage And Facial Bed

Should I Get Electric Or Hydraulic Facial Tables

Adjustable Bed Review

Hydraulic beds tend to have a height adjustment similar to salon chairs with a foot pedal to pump the treatment bed up or down. Other adjustments are not hydraulic in these models and are usually controlled by a mechanism similar to a reclining patio lounger.

These models are perfect for people on a budget who don’t want to sacrifice adjustability for a cheaper, static model. They won’t give you the range or control that an electric model would, but they also don’t need to be plugged in, giving you more freedom in placement.

Electric beds need an outlet but they provide greater customization and significantly smoother transitions compared to the jerking motion common with hydraulic pumps. Some are even able to rotate up 360 degrees and adjust the height and incline with a hand-held remote.

These designs have a more professional, high-end feel to them and are better for those catering to the elderly and other populations with mobility limitations as they can transition from laying flat to a seated position by raising them up gently.

How Do I Choose The Right Esthetician Bed

There isn’t one best facial treatment bed because every esthetician has different needs, preferences, and client base. We’ll cover the most common points to consider.

Having a quality table in good shape is critically important for medical spas offering services like Botox injections. It’s paramount that your clients are feeling safe and relaxed, instead of uncomfortable and fidgeting. If they spend the entire facial feeling uncomfortable on an old treatment table, there’s little chance that they’ll be walking out feeling relaxed and pampered.

Skin Inc. had a great article on How to Correctly Organize a Treatment Room if you’re looking for more tips to create a relaxing space.

Cloud Electric Massage Table

This electric table massage comes attached with a headrest so you dont strain your body when having a massage and ensure you can also get face massage effects.

The massage table has two motors, one for adjusting the height while the other adjusts the backrest and knees. This massage table is suitable for both short and tall people since the height adjusts both in width and height.

  • This massage table comes with one year warranty
  • The table is adjustable in height and width
  • This massage table is made with quality materials


This is a durable massage table crafted with a metal frame to add stability. This massage table adjusts all around for even massage results.

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Opal Electric Facial Bed Massage Table

This electric massage table is suitable for home use since adjusting and moving it is quite easy. The massage table is made with powerful motors that independently adjust the height and the back so you can enjoy various body massages.

Shifting this massage table around the room is smooth since it has wheels, which are also lockable to hold it in one place when doing a massage.

  • This electric massage table is strong to carry a weight of 450 pounds
  • The back and the height of the massage table adjusts in various heights
  • The wheels of this massage table are lockable to safeguard it in one place


This comfortable massage table forms a great bed since you can recline the back and adjust the height.

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Milo Electric Massage and Facial Bed / Table

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Milo Electric Massage Table Facial Bed Beige Top And Dark Brown Base

25.5x28x74 Inch
Item Weight
  • Available Color: Beige High Quality Leatherette
  • Attachable Head rest with metal framing for Maximum Durability
  • Two electric motors: One to adjust the height of the table. One motor to adjust the backrest and knee at the same time
  • Height: 25.5 / 33 in Width without arm rests: 27.5″ Width with arm rests: 37 in Length: 74.00 in

Lcl Beauty Fully Electric Adjustable Facial Bed/massage Table

What I love about this massage table is its flexibility when it comes to power connection. The table has two USB ports such that you can still charge your phone or another small device while having a massage. The massage table adjusts depending on the area of the body you wish to massage.

The armrests are removable to fully transform the table into a bed for full body massage results. You can also fold it to a chair form to focus either on the upper and lower body areas.

  • Once you buy this massage table, you will get one year warranty
  • The electric massage table features full foam padding for ample body support
  • The table comes with a movable padded stool


Flexibility is guaranteed with this electric massage tool since it adjusts to a chair or table to meet user needs.

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Milo Electric Massage & Facial Bed/table With Face Cradle

You will never buy any other massage table since this one has premium and quality material construction. The cover of this electric massage table has leather material resistant to oil and water contamination. So, even cleaning after every use is quite smooth and quick.

This massage table comes attached with a headrest, so if you want to achieve a full body massage, including the face, it would be easy. This electric table massage features two motors for easy control.

  • Maintaining this electric massage table is easy
  • The massage table adjusts to different height levels
  • This electric massage chair has a metal frame that provides is durability


With two available motors, this electric massage chair makes your massage sessions easy and smooth. The Leatherette material provides durability

Shelf Life And Durability

âAdjustable Bed: Best Adjustable Bed (Buying Guide)

When buying a massage table you can consider the depreciation and tax write off implications of your investment. The table should have a lifetime of approximately number of years under normal wear and tear conditions. Also the price paid can also be the decision as to the income derived, as well as, long term benefits.

Consult with your accountant before buying a table! The IRS allows you to deduct any expenses that are considered ordinary and necessary for your business. This includes business startup costs and moreover, massage tables that can be depreciated over time.

Where to buy a massage table?

When looking to purchase a table in Washington, there are many retail stores that you can find professional tables. In addition, if you do a web search for massage tables you will find plenty of reputable sources to buy online.

Check with the store and make sure you can get an exchange and be able to try the table for 30 to 90 days or more. Most important, check the warranty and see what the return policy is as well. That way you can test and try the table to you and your clients satisfaction.

Costco $149.99 Two-fold portable massage table BMC100:

is a great place to find an affordable massage table.

Walmart Master Massage 27 Inch Portable Table:

Gharieni MLWAmphibia Treatment Bed $12, 748.40:

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Elite Massage Table Facial Bed With Reclinable Backrest

Your comfort when having a massage with this massage table is a guarantee since it ensures your face is also supported with a face cradle. This massage table has a beautiful dark brown color, plus a PU leather cover that is easy to maintain with very clean.

I would also recommend this electric massage table for people who need an affordable table since it comprises less than 1000 dollars. The entire table unit measures 73 x 31 x 27 inches.

  • This massage table is strong to hold heavyweights of up to 500 pounds
  • The table is reclinable to form a comfortable bed
  • You can also incline the back of the table


This is an affordable and quality massage table that supports weights of 500 pounds. So, it can be used by most people.

This is a massage table that ensures you get comfortable when having a massage and full-body results. The entire unit is electrically controlled to increase the height, reclining the back and so on. Therefore, you can also convert this massage table to form a massage chair where you want to do massages while seated.

The footrest adjusts once the height adjusts twice, while the backrest adjusts thrice. The massage table also has extra accessories like a headrest for supporting your head and a towel holder so you can have all your essentials in the same place.

  • This massage table comes with one year warranty for a quality guarantee
  • The electric massage table is adjustable in varying forms for comfort
  • You can use it as a massage chair


Is Milo Electric Massage Facial Bed Table With Face Cradle Dark Brown Available And Ready For Delivery In In India

desertcart ships the Milo Electric Massage Facial Bed Table With Face Cradle Dark Brown to and more cities in India. Get unlimited free shipping in 164+ countries with desertcart Plus membership. We can deliver the Milo Electric Massage Facial Bed Table With Face Cradle Dark Brown speedily without the hassle of shipping, customs or duties.

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How Much Adjustability Do You Need

Facial and treatment tables run the gambit from very limited adjustments to four independent motors and 360-degree rotation. Adjustability is important for both the client and the esthetician.

Being able to lower the seat is critical for elderly or pregnant clients and anyone with mobility issues who might not be able to hop up on a taller table or safely climb a step stool.

Being able to adjust the angles of the head and leg portions of the table means you can better customize the bed to meet each client’s individual physical comfort needs.

Being able to adjust the height of the bed is also hugely important for the long-term health of the esthetician. According to the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology, when the client is too low or too high for the person providing services you run into bad ergonomics leading to back pain and other work strain injuries.

Eyelash techs are especially prone to back strain due to the nature of the application. Just like having the right lash pillows to put the client in the best position, having them at the right height is critical to ergonomic health.

What Works With Your Budget

Milo Electric Massage And Facial Bed, Table

Facial treatment beds are an investment. You can get a serviceable starter stationary bed for around $300, but at that price, you will be sacrificing durability and higher quality features. I’ve included several options in this price range because it’s still important to know which beds at this budget are the ones to go for when you’re just starting out or have limited capital.

For quality treatment tables, prices around $2,000 are completely reasonable for the features included in tables like this. The cost of a facial on the lower end of average is around $100 . If you’re seeing five clients a day in a five-day week–you can make up the cost of a quality table in just one week.

To stretch your budget, make sure you’re not leaving any discounts on the table. If you’re not already aware of , they’re free, for businesses of all sizes, allow for multiple linked accounts, and qualify you for exclusive business discounts.

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Table Length And Height

When choosing a portable massage table, height is also very important to consider. When we talk about height, you need to consider the height of your table, and your own height. Different tables come in different heights, and therefore, you need to find one that suits you.

It doesnt matter whether youre 5,2 or 6,10 its vital to choose a table that is at a height thats comfortable enough for you to work on your clients. If the table is too short, or too high, ironically it will soon be you in need of the massage as youll almost certainly struggle with back and posture issues.

Since all of these measures are for your clients comfort, you should consider the height and length of the table for your clients. You should also take into consideration your height to comfortably work with the table and client. Most noteworthy, the normal size in which most of the tables come is 73 inches which suit most demands.

Hence, if youre willing to go for a longer table, make sure that it has the adjustable face cradle, which will add an additional 7 to 9 inches to your table. Most people dont know that! Well, a Pedra 4 Motor Electric Treatment Table Bed is a great option when looking for customized length possibilities.

Pedra-4-Motor Electric Treatment Table Bed

Low end priced electric massage table:

Harmon Electric Massage Table $ 1759.00

Fabric Styles And Quality

Leather is considered as the most trusted material for massage table tops. Not only is it durable, but also very easy to clean. Consequently, most tables now include some kind of synthetic leather. You should investigate the specific type of leather or leather substitute in a table before buying and compare reviews.

Likewise, PVCleather is a very popular type of material used in massage tables. Consequently,this type of leather is durable, but doesnt feel smooth to the skin. So, itwill not provide as much comfort to your client. Instead, PUleather is another type of synthetic leather which is quite soft toskin and provides a luxurious feel of real leather. It is more durable than PVCand also easier to clean.

Above all, you should consider the material your table is made before making a financial investment. This material will be responsible for the weight of the table and also for the longevity and visual appeal of your massage table.

Moreover, if youre considering a wooden table then double-checkthe quality of wood and also the common flaws like knots and cracks.

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Stella Electric Medical Spa Treatment Table

  • Manual rolling wheels for easy table movement
  • Manual removable face cradle and arm rests


  • Length without face cradle: 75″
  • Length with face cradle: 88″
  • Length with face cradle extended: 94″
  • Width: 30″
  • Heights: 16″ – 35″
  • BASE ONLY Dimensions: 49″ L x 23″ W
  • Capacity of 400 lbs
  • Colors available: Beige or Dark Brown
  • Arrives fully assembled
  • High-quality PU upholstery ultra-durable material
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Adjustable face cradle and arm rest included
  • Table paper holder included

* All height measurements are from ground to top of cushion

* All measurements have a 0.25 to 0.75 inch tolerance


The Stella Treatment Table is perfect for any medical spa or doctors office. Not only is it stylish but its also ADA compliant. With an incredible range of possible configurations, youll find that this table will suit all your needs. Please watch the video to see how the different components work.

Shipping Dimensions:

  • Package A: 80 x 29 x 24
  • Package A weight: 160 lbs

Warranty Information:

Jeffrica WilliamsAdvantages:Disadvantages:Dr. Ro GarriottTheresa BisettiMindyStacyDisadvantages:

Milo Electric Massage And Facial Bed Table

âAdjustable Bed: Best Adjustable Bed Base (Buying Guide)

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The Treatment Bed That Changed My Treatment Room

Change your treatment bed, change your life!

Dont underestimate the power of a good facial bed. Its truly what sets the tone for your client the moment they walk through the doors and its what creates the entire facial experience.

If youre on the hunt for the best treatment bed, look no further. Im dropping all of the details in todays blog about the treatment bed that changed my treatment room!

Meet Milo Electric Aka The Best Treatment Bed Thats Ever Stepped Foot Into My Treatment Room

One of my goals in 2020 was to upgrade my spa and be able to get all new electric facial beds! But then Covid-19 hit. I let go about 95% of my spa business and started focusing on other things, so that plan was brought to a halt. NOW, as we return to this new normal Im still doing some facials and I decided it was time for an upgrade because you know, I work hard. Nothing wrong with a little reward every now and then. )

Thats when I met Milo Electric. Lets dive into a few of the incredible benefits this treatment bed has to offer and why you need to pick up one for yourself today:

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