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Massage Therapy Schools Nyc Cost

The Roi Of Your Education

Massage Therapy Schools in New York City | NY Therapist Certification

As you compare different massage schools, tuition may not bethe only factor on your mind, but its certainly an important one, especiallywhen youre looking at it in terms of return on your investment in education.

When evaluating how much tuition you can afford, try to balance the costs of your education against your future income potential. Though the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the median 2020 annual salary for a massage therapist as $43,620, according to an American Massage Therapy Association Consumer Survey, massage therapists earned closer to an average annual income of $25,810 . Its possible that you could earn much more or less than average, but these metrics are valuable data points to keep in perspective as you think about how tuition payments could fit into your overall budget.

Keep in mind that recent graduates tend to earn an income on the lower end of the spectrum, and it can take a number of years to build a reputation and a base of repeat clients. While everyones financial circumstances are different, avoiding heavy student debt loads can help you have a more stable financial outlook as you look to build momentum in your career.

How Much Clothing Should You Take Off For A Massage

The only types of massage where you need to be nude or wearing only underwear are typically those that include oils or lotion. In the United States, national regulations state that if you receive a massage while nude, then the therapist must keep your private parts adequately covered with a sheet at all times. Plus, they have to leave the room while you’re changing and while you get dressed afterward, always knocking before they walk in to ensure your privacy. Certain types of massage do not require you to remove any clothing, such as shiatsu, chair massage, or Thai massage.

Licensed Massage Therapy Lmt Programs

Find an accredited licensed massage therapist certificate training course or associates degree program near you. Use the search application to find a local cosmetology college or medical trade school.

How long are massage therapy programs?Depending on which state you plan on earning your massage therapy license, the number of hours of training needed to become an LMT varies but averages about 600-750 hours.

Length of LMT training? between 330-1,000 hours with an average of 600 hours.

To be eligible to attend massage therapy school, you must be a minimum of 16 years of age and either be a high school graduate or have a GED. But, from there, you should possess certain traits to be successful in the competitive field of massage therapy.

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How Much Do You Tip A Massage Therapist

In the United States and parts of Canada, most people leave a tip of up to 20 percent. However, you wouldn’t tip if your massage is at an all-inclusive spa where they automatically include a tip for their services on the total bill.

If you’re in doubt about the tipping practices at your location, then you can always call ahead and ask the receptionist if they include a tip automatically in the bill, or if it’s not expected.

How To Become A Masseuse In New York

One Hundred Percent of NCCC Massage Therapy Students Pass ...
  • 500 education hours are required to become licensed.
  • You must renew your license every 3 years.
  • 26 continuing education hours are required to renew your license.
  • The average salary for massage therapists in New York is $47,350 . This is higher than the national average of $42,820 .
  • There is a predicted 28% job increase between 20162026 for massage therapists. This is higher than the expected national growth of 22%.

Many people are attracted to the hustle and bustle of New York City as a potential place to go to massage school. The fun and excitement is extremely attractive to many, and there are certainly many massage schools located in New York City. However, there are also many New York massage schools located all over the state, so no matter what type of environment a person is looking for, they can find an option in New York.

Massage therapy schools in New York are located in a number of different environments, from urban areas in Manhattan and the other boroughs, Albany, Syracuse, Rochester, and Buffalo, to smaller towns in more rural neighborhoods. Massage schools in New York are located in a beautiful state with professional sports teams, beautiful countryside, and many cultural options.

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Best On A Budget: Allied Health Career Institute

Allied Health Career Institute

  • Lack of interactive online format

The Massage Therapy Certificate Program from Allied Health Career Institute is a 700-credit hour program offering self-paced learning. It prepares students for health and wellness careers, providing a good blend of online and in-classroom education in Arizona.

At a cost of $6,999, the Allied Health Career Institute program is affordable, especially since it prepares students to sit for the MBLEx certification program. It’s also beneficial to those on a budget because of flexible payment plans and financial aid potential, plus students can complete their education over time.

Allied Health Career Institutes comprehensive course includes topics such as kinesiology, anatomy, pathology, and musculoskeletal applications. Students receive practical skill training in trigger point therapy, Western massage, reflexology, and myofascial massage. There is also some business-focused content provided to help students develop good relationships with clients and build their practice.

Although the program is not comprehensive in covering all types of massage. it does offer a hands-on learning style that can help perfect the skills and techniques that are covered.

Are There Massage Therapy Schools In The Usa

The United States of America keeps topping the chart in various sectors including education. In the US, several schools offer massage therapy training programs.

According to Wikipedia, Massage started to become popular in the United States in the middle part of the 19th century and was introduced by two New York physicians, George and Charles Taylor, based on Per Henrik Lings techniques developed in Sweden. Since then, the massage therapy industry is continuously increasing.

Students are advised to attend schools that offer accredited massage therapy programs as all but 6 States require massage therapists to be licensed. The Licensure requires the applicant to receive training at an accredited school and to pass a comprehensive exam. In addition, those states that require licensure also typically require continuing education in massage techniques and in ethics.

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Best Live Program: Whatcom Community College

Whatcom Community College

  • Requires commitment of 20 hours per week

  • Not as comprehensive as other programs

  • May require previous college experience

The massage therapist program at Whatcom Community College in Washington enables students with previous college experience to enroll in a 20-hour a week live-session educational program. Students wishing to obtain an associate degree will need to meet with a counselor to ensure they meet prerequisite educational requirements.

This hybrid program requires students to meet at specific times each week to engage in live training. The massage program starts each fall and runs for three quarters, allowing students to complete their education in under a year.

Through the Whatcom Community College program, students learn massage modalities and therapies along with anatomy, kinesiology, and pathology. They also learn safety, ethical, and legal applications to massage therapy as well as client communication skills. The program meets all guidelines set by the Washington State Board of Massage. At a cost of $9,540, its ideal for those who wish to switch career paths into massage therapy with some completed college credits.

Why Study Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy : Massage Therapy Schools

Are you still considering a career as a massage therapist? Here are some of the reasons why you should study massage therapy in any of the best massage therapy schools in the world:

  • Greater Independence and Control of Your Time
  • Helping Others is Rewarding
  • Great Income Potential
  • Balance and Happiness

A massage therapy career is one that lets you be your own boss. If you are a private practitioner, you have the power to control your schedule practitioner. You can easily choose between full-time or part-time work in a variety of holistic settings. In simple terms, you are in control!

If you find fulfillment in rendering help to others, then you are most definitely going to excel and enjoy being a massage therapist.

As a massage therapist, you will find career options in various exciting settings and locations. You can work with sports teams and help athletes reach their full potential, own private practice, or work in a luxurious, five-star resort.

Basically, potential environments that you could find work in as a massage therapist range from athletic to holistic to professional.

Currently, the U.S. News and World Report ranked massage therapy as #13 on their list of the Best Healthcare Support Jobs in 2019.

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How Much Do Licensed Massage Therapist Courses Cost

With massage therapy school averaging between 500-600 hours, the bottom line cost of the education is approximate $6,000-$10,000 before the necessary school supplies are purchased. If you go to a community college, the cost of the course runs on par with the schools tuition per credit hour, but private massage therapy schools will have different prices. Massage therapy school prices can range anywhere between $6-$17 per hour of class time with an average of $9-$10/hour of education. The shorter the massage therapy program is, the less it will cost. Some programs do include the cost of the chair or table which runs around $500.


Total Credits Required For The Aas Degree In Massage Therapy: 60 Credits

Students must be aware that the program is academically intensive. Approximately two hours of preparation are required for each hour of class.

Because students must devote extensive time to the program, full-time employment during the academic year is not recommended, and planning for financial and family obligations should be done prior to starting the program.

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Onondaga School Of Therapeutic Massage

This institution offers an MT certificate program on campuses in Syracuse and Rochester.

Students can complete the 1,000 hours of instruction and training in as little as six months. Part-time day and evening program options take 12-15 months. The time is evenly split between classes and hands-on experience.

In addition to the standard courses, classes include Energy Techniques, New York State Law & Ethics, Business, Communications, and Abuse Awareness. Students learn Swedish, sports, chair, and pregnancy massage modalities. They administer Swedish massages, deep-tissue therapy, and specific muscle treatments to the public at an on-campus clinic.

  • 302 N Goodman St Ste 200, Rochester, New York 14607

New York College Of Health Professions

Taylor Dicob, LMT

This Syosset, Long Island, school was the first U.S. college to award an independent MT degree in therapeutic bodywork.

The 1,350-hour, 72-credit AOS program takes 20-24 months full time or 36 weeks part time. Instructors from the United States, Europe, and Asia stress a holism philosophy that integrates Eastern and Western modalities. Students must pass a course in Tai Chi Chuan, Qi Gong, or yoga.

Among other required classes are Medical Massage I and II, Reflexology, and Medical Ethics & Practice Management. Students perform internships. The school also offers a 1,155-hour, 60-credit Advanced Asian Bodywork program.

  • 6801 Jericho Tpk, Syosset, New York 11791-4413

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How Much Does Massage Therapy School Cost

Theres a big span in tuition costs for massage therapy school. Ive seen some community college programs as low as $5,000$7,000, says Taffie Lewis, the director of membership outreach at Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals , a national massage therapist membership association. Ive also seen tuition as high as $20,000 for a one-year program.

When evaluating how much tuition you can afford, try to balance the costs of your education against your future income potential.

According to a study published in the International Journal of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork, the average massage school tuitionjust tuition, not books, massage tables, equipment, etc.was $13,605 in 2013, with average costs to attend corporate and for-profit programs skewing to the higher end of the spectrum.

The type of school can affect the overall cost, but as Taffie points out, the length of a massage therapy program and the number of credit hours included may play a factor as well. More expensive programs may be longer and offer a broader range of coursework to allow students to learn more specialized techniques such as hydrotherapy, sports massage, or trigger point therapy. Less expensive programs, on the other hand, might involve fewer hours of training and focus on the core fundamentals of massage.

Tuition = $499500 Down Payment = $75000 Balance Due = $424500 Balance Paid In 7 Monthly Payments Of $60642 Plus An Additional $5000 Book Fee

Day Classes :

Tuition = $4,995.00 Down payment = $750.00 Balance due = $4,245.00 Balance paid in 5 monthly payments of $849.00. Plus an additional $50.00 book fee.

Tuition includes materials, application and registration fees. The Academy’s massage school NJ does not charge interest to students who choose our massage school payment plan.

We also accept Visa, MasterCard & Discover Card. Applicants who are unemployed can contact their local unemployment office to inquire about tuition assistance from various New Jersey agencies.

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Accredited Schools Near You

This sampling of training costs should help you form a better idea of what massage therapy school may cost near you. Dont forget to look into financial aid, and look forward to your future career as a licensed massage therapist. Remember, you could be completed in as few as 10 months!

Take the next step today: Find your local massage therapy program.


North Country Community College

Massage Therapy School/Certification | Wellspring School of Allied Health | Lawrence & Kansas City


NCCC is a small public school that awards AAS degrees in massage therapy. These students attend classes on the Saranac Lake campus.

The program consists of 1,000 clock hours and 64 credits. Besides the state-required classes, there are core courses in Human Biology, Introduction to Disease, Quantitative Business Skills, Remedial Western Massage, Advanced Topics in MT, English Composition I, Psychology of Personal Growth, and Psychology of Human Relations. General education classes also are part of the curriculum.

Enrollees get 150 hours of practical experience at a public, student-run clinic and receive career services.

  • 23 Santanoni Avenue, Saranac Lake, New York 12983-0089


This school, also known as Morrisville State College, is part of the State University of New York System.

MT students in the six-semester, 1,000-hour AAS program learn advanced techniques such as prenatal and sports massage, Gua Sha cupping, myofascial release, and Lomi Lomi massage. They work on athletes, infants, seniors and others in an on-campus clinic and at community events.

Required courses include Eastern and Western Medical Massage, Professional Issues, and Professional Practice Issues. Students also must take two classes in composition, and one each in communications and psychology.

  • 80 Eaton Street, Morrisville, New York 13408


  • 81 Willoughby Street, Brooklyn, New York 11201-9805

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Massage Therapy School In New York

As the U.S. healthcare system undergoes a major scientific and philosophical evolution, patients are increasingly seeking out natural, evidence-based solutions and preventive services. The increased demand for evidence-driven holistic healing is transforming the healthcare industry. In New York, health practitioners are providing innovative solutions to treat illnesses and mental health disorders, as well as promote overall well-being. The Pacific College of Health and Science massage therapy school New York City is uniquely positioned to help prepare students to join the thriving community of holistic healing. Our experienced faculty strives to inspire within students a deep and lasting respect for the integrity of the human body, mind, and spirit. Students enrolled in Pacific Colleges NYC-based massage therapist school learn the integrated care-oriented massage techniques they need to improve the lives and well-being of their clients.

Why Massage Therapy School In New York

Practiced for over 4,000 years, massage therapy is celebrated throughout the world for its mental and physical health benefits. In recent years, massage therapy has gained wider acceptance among modern healthcare practitioners as a potent treatment for stress. Skilled massage therapists combine Eastern bodywork techniques with Western modern science to provide therapy that is clinically effective, holistic in nature, and efficiently targets a patients health and emotional needs simultaneously. Clinical research shows that massage therapy can treat or alleviate headaches, fibromyalgia, digestive disorders, anxiety, stress-induced insomnia, and soft tissue strains or injuries. New York Massage School 110 William Street, 19th Floor New York, New York 10038

As the U.S. healthcare system continues to embrace integrative healthcare treatments, the need for trained massage therapistsspecialists who can combine the latest medical science with traditional alternative health techniqueswill only increase. The Pacific College massage therapy school in New York provides students with the skills they need to excel as integrated massage therapy specialists.

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What Kind Of Massage Training Have You Had

You’ll experience a big difference between a massage from a student at the local community college versus a student who went to one of the nation’s top institutions of healing arts. The longer they went to school and the more varieties of massage they’ve studied, the more you can expect a higher-quality treatment from them.

Licensed Massage Therapist Educational Requirements In New York

Wellness 360 Webster NY

The New York Board requires 1,000 hours of massage therapy education. New York programs are registered with the State Education Department. The Office of the Professions maintains a list of programs that are license-qualifying in the state .

State-registered programs include 200 hours of anatomy, physiology, and neurology .

They include 150 hours of instruction in myology and/ or kinesiology.

They include fully 100 hours of pathology this study includes muscle, soft tissue, and skin disorders.

Programs include at least 150 hours of general massage therapy theory and technique, with at least 50 hours devoted to the fundamentals of each of the major traditions: Eastern and Western.

The Board has identified a number of other areas of study that are at least peripherally related to massage therapy practice, including hygiene and infection control, first aid, recognition of abuse and neglect in patients, and use and effects of oils and powders in treatment. Together, related subjects comprise an additional 75 hours. Board-identified subject must be addressed other subjects may receive coverage as well. CPR training is credited toward this content area. CPR training must be recent if three years have passed since the student completed the massage therapy program, the student will need to do CPR again.

The remaining 325 hours further the students mastery of massage therapy technique at least 150 must involving performing massage therapy.

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