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Massage Chair Made In Japan

Where To Buy / Warranty

FUJIIRYOKI Massage Chair – JP-2000 (Made in Japan)ã?ãã¸å»çå¨å¬å¼?ã

There are several places you can buy massage chairs. You could check your local Costco or Walmart, for example.

On the other hand, you could also buy directly from the companys website. But if youre looking for an online platform where you can read multiple user reviews prior to making your purchase, is your best bet.

If youre buying from an online platform, make sure your warranty covers the shipping time. I came across a user recently that complained of the 90-day warranty and return policy of his unit.

Sadly, his unit arrived over 90 days after his initial purchase. Additionally, it arrived defective. The companys customer support then went on to inform him that his warranty began the day he placed his order and that he was no longer eligible for it.

Its also important to consider the following things regarding a massage chairs warranty:

  • Coverage for all defective parts and construction
  • Coverage for shipping mishaps
  • Opportunity to purchase extended warranty

Summary: It is important to consider if your massage chairs warranty is substantial as much as it is important to make sure your retailer is reliable.

Are Osaki Massage Chairs Good

Generally, Osaki chairs are one of the best massage chairs from Japan. Youll enjoy top of the line craftsmanship and high-quality manufacturing. Theyre also well-known for releasing a wide array of options for every type of consumer.

Here are some of my key takeaways from this company:

  • Various Price Ranges I applaud a company that tried to include every type of consumer in their products. Youll enjoy chairs designed as budget buys up to their more high-end recliners that can run you up to $9000.
  • Osaki massage chairs are often engineered alongside professional masseuses and medical professionals to develop some of the best and most effective chairs in the market.

Thats why it should come as no surprise that Osaki chairs provide a great therapeutic experience at various price points.

The definition of a good massage chair varies on your needs. Here are some of my top Osaki chair choices for varying needs:

  • Body Scan Technology if youre looking for a chair that you can share with multiple users, you need a massage recliner with body scan technology. The tech, coupled with memory capabilities, will allow you to save multiple user profiles. The Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreameris one such unit.
  • Budget Massage Chair Osaki carries various units that will fit into most budget buys. If youre looking for a massage recliner under $1500, youd best go with the Osaki OS-1000 Deluxe. If you have a bit more money to spend on a decent chair, the Osaki OS-4D PRO JPis a great choice.

The Most Comprehensive Massage On The Market

The Inada Sogno massage chair offers the broadest massage coverage available over 1,200 square inches. Using state-of-the-art technology, the scans the users body to detect specific pressure points and provides a customized shiatsu-based massage for one of 106 body types. The Sognos movements mimic the back mobilization movements used by physical therapists and chiropractors. The Sogno features eight shiatsu-based massage sessions including Morning, Night, Stretch, and Sogno, with gentle, undulating figure-eight motion for complete relaxation. A proprietary youth session offers a more gentle massage for both younger and older users or those struggling with more acute back pain. Sognoss stretch session provides extension, flexion and gentle rotational stretching for shoulders, mid-back and hips. Users can also customize massages for their own individual needs. The Sogno features a full-arm massage utilizing 20 air cells to massage the forearm, hands and upper arms. It is the only massage chair to provide runners with Iliotibial Band massage for hips and thighs, applying gentle or firm therapeutic pressure to relieve tightness of these large muscles. Sognos neck and shoulder massage unit deeply massages the tops of the shoulders and back of the neck and delivers gentle neck traction.

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Japanese Massage Chair Innovation

In Japan, you find the perfect blend of a society thats tuned to the benefits of massage with a manufacturing culture focused on precision. This culminates in Japanese chairs that are innovative. Chairs offering superior massage sensations, and are durable and dependable. Japanese manufacturers typically offer user-friendly warranties, too. So if something does go wrong, you have a team at your back.

Massage chairs as an essential household medical and health necessity is a concept beginning to take hold in the US. But in Japan, it has been common sense for decades.

Subsequently, if youre interested in products certified by the Japan Ministry of Health as medical massage chairs. You can explore the offerings from Panasonic and the OHCO M.Series models that are made in Japan. For now, Japanese-made massage chairs are the market leaders in Japan, the US, and around the world.

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The Ideal Item For You

JP1100 (Brown)

The most important thing, regardless of its size, is the one you decide to purchase. It must match your requirements. Others can get by with a computer that will last for 2022 , while some people may need a new one every few months.

Here are some ideas to consider: the most satisfactory possible image quality If you can correct it right away if not, you’ll need to send it back to the producer each time something goes wrong How often are you going to use your favorite little waffle maker?

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Ohco M8 Massage Chair Best Medical Chair

The OHCO M.8 massage chair is built for safety and medical uses. That means youre going to get the most therapeutic massage experience on this massage chair. It is FDA, CE, and UL listed that attests to its efficacy.

Here are some of its features:

Multi-Intensity Massage The M.8 chair targets 6 massage zones because every area of your body needs it. Youll enjoy the multi-intensity controls and option to pause and resume as you wish.

High-Tech Remote Control Youll enjoy the easy to use the remote control on the OHCO. It features an interface similar to that of modern smartphones and is very responsive, so you dont have to repeat commands or wait for it to work.

Noise Reduction Its very hard to relax when your surroundings are noisy. Even more so when its the actual chair creating all the noise. Youll enjoy the noise reduction feature on this unit so you can unwind in peace while the chair stretches, massages and heats your body.

  • Not a zero gravity recliner
  • Poor customer service
  • Expensive and not entirely worth its price

Summary: It is a good contender for therapeutic massage chairs. Youll enjoy the customizable functions on this unit. However, for a massage chair priced at nearly $9000, Id expect better execution on some of the more glaring issues like consumer service so be wary of your retailer.

But What About The Operational Costs

Massage chairs do not hike up your electricity bill significantly. Yes, they consume electricity. But some of the more energy-efficient units like the Luraco i7 Plus only consume 150 Watts per session. Thats no more than your LCD TV uses.

So unless you have some very faulty outlets at your home, operational costs are very minimal. You will still end up spending more time, effort and money with a professional masseuse.

Summary: Its biggest flaw is that it costs a lot of money upfront. But if youre considering the long-term benefits and savings, youll end up saving more money, time and energy by investing in a chair.

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World Most Advanced 4d Deep Tissue Massage Robot

âWorld most advanced 4D deep tissue massage robotâ and âThe Worlds most advanced dual layer body scan systemâThe industry leading 3D depth system targets the deeper layers of muscles located in the back, neck and lumbar. The dual sensors optimize the length and depth of the massage to ensure optimal performance.

  • Nearly 5inchs of 3D backmassage strength

    5inchs of 3D allows users to dial up, or down, the pressure on their back.

    the pressure on their back.

  • Back

    Auto detect the spinal lineâ¼Optimize the “depth” of the massage

  • Shoulder

    Auto detect the shoulder positionâ¼Optimize the “points” of the massage

Is It Worth Getting A Massage Chair

Family Inada Therapina Robo Massage Chair – Made in Japan

Certainly. It is a well-documented fact that chairs are highly therapeutic and beneficial to any individual. The most glaring issue we usually encounter is the cost associated with purchasing one.

Yes, it can get expensive. But consider this, according to thervo.com, the average cost of an hourly professional massage is around $75. That means youll spend around $3900 a year on a weekly massage.

Surprised? Im not done. Imagine the costs over a span of 7 years, which is the average lifespan of a mid-range model, according to SelfGrowth. It would cost you $27,300 on average to get a weekly massage for your well-being for 7 years.

Now, take a look at the other invisible costs of getting a weekly professional massage:

  • Time and effort to drive to and from a massage parlor
  • Or time and effort to prepare a room to get a massage in
  • Relaxation time lost while cleaning up after the massage

These are only some of the inconveniences youll encounter when getting a professional massage. Whereas, investing in a great model like the Luraco i7 Plus will only cost you $8,990 and is built to last a minimum of 15 years.

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Inada Sogno Best Overall

The INADA boasts great customer service and free white-glove service. That means youll enjoy relaxing on your new shiatsu as soon as its delivered and installed by the company.

Here are some of its key features:

Superior Body Coverage The Sogno targets your whole body. You can rest easy knowing that youre getting pampered from head to toe thanks to its futuristic pod-like design.

Intuitive Rollers Youll appreciate the rollers that mimic a professional shiatsu massage. It not only targets areas for relaxation, but it loosens your muscles, improves blood circulation, and facilitates muscle recovery.

  • It is quite expensive

Summary: The Inada Sogno is the model that I recommend the most on this list. It provides an ultimate body-contouring massage that targets you from head to toe and is completely customizable. It also helps that the company is very reliable and even offers free shipping and white glove service. But, I have to say that for the price, youre better off purchasing the Luraco i7 Plus.

Was The Item Created Just For You

The product may be used by us and by others. We must be conscious of our basic requirements while also considering how others might perceive this situation.

Let’s imagine they are less wealthy or possess fewer resources than we do. There is no such thing as too much when it comes to helping others, so it makes sense that you would want to make a significant impact in their lives by sharing whatever wealth you have. Another person has succeeded!

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Can You Get A Prescription For A Massage Chair

The secret to having a great day, the secret to having a better nights sleep, the secret to being a better communicator, and the secret to weight loss its all about the chair. Now, that might sound a bit corny, but its true. More and more research points to the power of a great massage chair. The key seems to be the wellness that comes from the constant movement. Massage therapists are able to be more effective when they work without the use of gravity. A massage chair can be the secret to experiencing a greater range of motion, and to reducing pain, and even stress, for most people.

For some people, though, there can be some challenges when it comes to getting a chair. Like anything in life, you get what you pay for. And one of the problems with massage chairs is that they are expensive. Massage chairs typically retail between $800 and $4,000. That can be more than many people are able to afford. But there is a way around that. A number of companies offer loaner chairs for those who need them. Many provide less expensive alternatives to premium chairs. Its up to you to decide whether or not the loaner chair will be enough to make the investment worth it to you. But, if you are interested in learning more about the loaner chairs that are out there, read on.

Inada Japanese Massage Chairs Revolutionary And Unparalleled

Japanese Massage Chairs

With technical proficiency uncharted by any other massage chair manufacturer in the world, and an unrivalled excellence in quality, Inada delivers the most exquisite and first-class shiatsu massage chair experience possible.

Expertly created & built with the ancient Japanese healing practice using the bodys shiatsu points, Inada Massage Chairs work you over like a team of shiatsu healing masters.

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Reviews For Inada Duet Massage Chair

  • Rated 5 out of 5


    I got to know Inada Duet Zero Gravity on internet while I was searching for the superior massage chair for my wife, who lives such busy life with so much duties. My wife agreed to try on this one so weve purchased one. Weve had such great customer serve and delivery with very useful training. Now my wife stays happy and more energetic, no more lining up the queue at the massage place in the shopping centre. Inada Duet Zero Gravity is certainly the choice that anyone can be pleased.

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Luke P14/05/2019

    Im a professional athlete and this chair works wonders for my muscles deep tissue massage daily in my own home after every workout session. I only wish I purchased it earlier. Its the best!

  • Rated 5 out of 5


    Highly recommend the team at Relax for Life Peakhurst. They took the time to explain the different types of massage chairs so I could make an informed decision, but without the hard selling. My family and I are enjoying our daily massages.Like

  • Rated 5 out of 5


    We simply love the Inada Duet massage chair! I take off all the cushions when I use it. I hope that is not a problem, but that is how I like it. Of course the rest of the family leaves the cushioning in place.

    I love that it messages my legs and back at the same time. It was definitely the right choice for us. We use it all the time. With a family of 6, we have to stand in line. So far so good.

  • Near 180 Degree Flat Recline

    âNear 180 degree flat reclineâ is a high-quality sleeping position allowing the user to stretch out nearly flat opening all the tissues of the back to massage optimizing the feeling of comfort and massage.An almost flat sleeping position is achieved due to the unique frame structure. Now during a longer massage you can relax and allow your body tissues to open freely allowing the massage robot to more effectively massage the affected area.

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    The Deepest Relief For Sore Muscles

    The Synca JP1100 4D massage chair features the industrys largest massage ball at 2 inches to relieve deep muscle soreness as no other massage chair can. Two massage balls move up and down, left and right, and back and forth in a controlled, soft-kneading motion to reach your most fatigued muscles and work out stubborn soreness.

    Inada Massage Chairs Sydney

    JPMedics Kumo 4D Massage Chair (MADE IN JAPAN)

    Peakhurst: Unit 16, 53 Lorraine Street Peakhurst, Open Monday-Saturday 9am-5pm –

    All stores closed Public Holidays. Ph: 8307 0878

    Operating as Inada Massage Chairs official agents in Australia, we have been providing happy customers with a solution to daily stresses from our Sydney showroom since 2012 and Inada Japan has been making the world famous massage chairs since 1962!

    Visit us in one of our luxury showrooms – Sydney locations and operating hours below.

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    How Do I Choose A Massage Chair

    You might just not be that interested in having an electric massage chair, especially if youre an old person. And if you dont know which one you want to buy, you can try to test the different types of massage chair to see which one you feel comfortable in. Therapeutic massage chair. The main advantage of a therapeutic massage chair is that it is adjustable. The massage chair is great if you need to adjust the massaging angle for different body parts or if you want to increase the massage pressure.

    Most massaging chairs will allow you to adjust the pressure depending on the body part. However, this will mean that you have to have multiple massage chairs in the house. Foldable massage chair. This is a good choice if you live in a small space or need the ability to move the chair. The foldable massage chair allows you to compact the chair and store it in a corner.

    Japanese Vs Chinese Made Massage Chairs

    Massage chairs are made either in China or Japan, for the most part. All Inada massage chairs and Sanyo massage chairs are manufactured in Japan. Human Touch and Omega have their chairs manufactured in China. Panasonic has a couple of models made in Japan, with the rest being manufactured in China. Japanese massage chairs are typically more expensive than the less-expensive Chinese counter-part. Pretty much ALL of the cheap online massage chairs are what I like to call “Chinese knock-offs” because they are made in China at a lower price and many of these chairs are created to mimic quality name-brand massage chairs, but feedback we get is that those “knock offs” are of a poor quality.

    Inherently, we tend to think that the Japanese chairs are of a better quality workmanship and that the Chinese chairs are of a lesser quality workmanship. I don’t know exact statistics from the massage chair manufacturers for which we carry their chairs, but based on feedback from clients, the Chinese-made chairs tend to have more warranty issues than do the Japanese chairs. Now, I don’t hear from every customer, but I do hear from some and there seems to be a tendency to a higher failure rate amongst Chinese-made chairs. I’d really like to see some legitimate stats from the manufacturers to support or debunk that hypothesis. But, I doubt that they would surrender that information for obvious reasons.

    Dr. Alan Weidner

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