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Lead Massage Therapist Job Description

Details About Lead Massage Therapist Job Description

How Being A Massage Therapist Can Lead To A Successful Career In Healthcare

As our standard of living keeps evaluating, so lead massage therapist job description needs often increase. This creates a higher demand for all kinds of services. Thats why lead massage therapist job description is a field with so many career opportunities. Join CareHealthJobs to discover your strength, we offer 202 that relating to this field. View more


How Can I Become A Lead Massage Therapist

The primary qualifications for becoming a lead massage therapist are several years of experience as a regular massage therapist and an active massage therapist license. License requirements vary by state but generally include completing a local educational program or transferring the license in from another jurisdiction. Licenses may require renewal or continuing education, so employers may expect you to both maintain your license and make sure all other therapists maintain theirs. Fulfilling the responsibilities and duties of a lead massage therapist requires leadership skills, interpersonal skills, flexibility, creativity, and sometimes sales skills for encouraging customers to buy and use other products.

Lead Massage Therapist/trainer Resume

Summary : Working knowledge of physical therapy equipment and practices. Extensive background in many modalities as well as spa techniques.

Skills : Physiology, Practical, Personal And Professional Development.

Description :

  • Developed a thriving massage practice that grew from one therapist to a team of seven staff members.
  • Increased business tenfold and allowed therapists to see incomes in the five-figure range.
  • Successfully launched and marketed a referral program that allowed allopathic and holistic practitioners to find success.
  • Developed an office protocol and billing system for the MAC computer and streamlined reimbursement procedures to allow for faster repayment.
  • Developed an in house training program to advance practitioner educational development.
  • Coaching professional skills Help with scheduling Contributing to creating the best spa environment possible.
  • Build lasting relationships with clients by contacting them to follow up on services, suggest new products and services, and educating them on home care and the value of regular therapy.

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Massage Therapist Jobs In Austin Tx

  • Massage Therapist Job in Austin, TXOpens new tab Soothe, the leading spa services on-demand platform is looking for Soothe partners with many of the leading luxury spas in the country to support their staffing needs during high-demand times of the year. Soothe offers the flexibility to choose your own schedule, as well as increased earning potential. Soothe also builds custom wellness programs for corporations primarily focused on in-office or chair massages.Junior Level
  • Massage Therapist Job in Austin, TXOpens new tabAre you a Licensed Massage Therapist passionate about helping clients along their wellness journey and providing a best-in-class client experience?Junior Level
  • Massage Therapist Job in Austin, TXOpens new tabWe are an independently owned and operated luxury day spa located in Austin, TX.Full Time
  • Massage Therapist Job in Austin, TXOpens new tabWhat Does the Job Look Like as an In-home Massage Therapist for Evolve United? As an in-home massage therapist, we will create a profile for you in our system that allows residents to request in-home massage appointments around their schedule.Junior Level
  • Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa-Austin, Tx-Arbor TrailsMassage Therapist Job in Austin, TXOpens new tab- Get paid for sharing your great experiences at Hand and Stone with your other therapist friends!Senior Level
  • How To Get The Job

    Lead Massage Therapist Resume Samples

    Prepare for a Job Search The first step is to find out your states requirements for massage therapists. Commit to your training so that you can pass your MBLEx as soon as possible. Make sure to add your qualifications to your resume.

    Network As you begin your practice, it is important to network with other professionals. People will gladly refer you to others as you demonstrate your ability to relieve stress and pain.

    Apply for Jobs If you are looking for a job as an employee , check the top job boards. Most of them allow you to search by your profession. You can begin applying once your training is complete.

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    Why Are Programs Designed For Massage Therapy

    Ans. Massage therapy programs are designed to provide proper knowledge and assistance to different people who want to work as massage therapists. The professional experience a person gains can be supported with certification so that a massage therapist can work independently. Successful completion of this program helps massage therapists to gain proper knowledge about massage therapies and a license to work as a massage therapist in the best possible way. Once they have the license they are able to work independently and also work as a part of a well-known franchise.

    Read more:

    Job Posting For Lead Massage Therapist At Hand & Stone

    Job Description:It’s nice to be kneaded!Are you looking for a way to make supplemental income?Company Benefits:

    • Flexible Schedule – we welcome new graduates AND Therapists already working in the industry!
    • Career Development – we offer continuing education training to our team members. You will receive 12 CEU credits just for completing our new-hire training!
    • Professional and Safe Work Environment – making sure you are safe AND satisfied with your work environment is our #1 priority!
    • All Supplies Provided – your positive attitude combined with our facility and supplies is a winning combination!
    • Employee Discounts – who doesn’t love a good discount on great products, services, and gift cards?
    • Employee Referral Bonus – Get paid for sharing your great experiences at Hand and Stone with your Therapist friends!
    • Design specific treatment plans based on client’s individual needs.
    • Create an excellent experience for members/guests through a friendly and helpful attitude.
    • Generate new clientele by promoting member referrals and memberships.
    • Help maintain professionalism and cleanliness of therapy rooms and common areas.

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    Job Description Massage Therapist

    A Massage therapist must offer various services to clients. The massage therapist focuses on understanding various customers to understand their specific conditions. They help in providing various services to customers. The massage therapists are able to prevent injuries and cure other aches and pains that clients suffer. They handle client inquires and explain various treatments offered to the guests. The therapists also create packages for clients. They need to help clients to perform various services. The therapists also perform various massages on various clients. They also ensure guest retention. They also demonstrate a polite and friendly attitude.

    How Do You Become A Good Massage Therapist For Clients

    Massage Therapist Job Description Homework: December 17, 2014 03:09 PM

    Ans. A good massage therapist must focus on providing manual dexterity. They should also be able to perform complicated massages in a simple and easy manner. You should also be able to deal with physical stamina to become a good massage therapist. All your clients should be able to give positive testimonials.

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    Massage Therapist Xpresspa Austin Airport

  • Massage Therapist Job in Austin, TXOpens new tabLocated between Dripping Springs and Austin, TX Austin, TX 78737Full Time
  • Massage Therapist Job in Austin, TXOpens new tabAt Massage Heights, we know That s why Massage Heights has designed the ideal work environment for you to do that. Being a part of Massage Heights offers you an Capable of performing/learning deep tissue, Swedish and maternity massage modalitiesFull Time
  • Massage Therapist Job in Austin, TXOpens new tabAt Massage Heights, we know That s why Massage Heights has designed the ideal work environment for you to do that. Being a part of Massage Heights offers you an Capable of performing/learning deep tissue, Swedish and maternity massage modalitiesFull Time
  • Spa Massage Therapist Requirements Skills Abilities And Knowledge For Success On The Job

    To be considered for employment as a massage therapist at any spa, you will be expected to meet certain requirements, which may include possessing certain skills, abilities, qualifications, experience, etc. to be able to excel in performing the obligations, purpose, and objectives of the spa.

    See below major requirements recruiters may ask you to meet if you are seeking the job of a spa massage therapist:

    This post provides exhaustive information about the duties, functions, and responsibilities of a massage therapist working in a spa, as well as a sample job description of the role.

    Employers, recruiters, or HR managers looking to hire for the spa massage therapist role can create effective description of the position for their firms, to guide interested applicants and attract the best qualified people to their organization.

    Individuals looking to become a spa massage therapist will also find this article useful to learn about the career and the needed skills, abilities, qualifications, knowledge, etc. to acquire to achieve success on the job.

    Did this post help increase your knowledge of what spa massage therapists do? Please, leave a comment in the box below. And if you work at a spa as a massage therapist, do also share your job description.

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    What Do Lead Massage Therapists Do

    Lead massage therapists offer health therapies focused on the healing effects of water and soft tissue handling. They typically work in health centers and spas, such as in hotels, resorts, and stand-alone facilities, and some may work in spas which offer a wide range of health and fitness services.

    These therapists occasionally use water at different temperatures or conditions, such as moist steam or dry air, in combination with natural resources obtained from water or the sea, such as algae,Read more

    What Does A Lead Massage Therapist Do

    Lead Massage Therapist Resume Samples

    As a lead massage therapist, your job is to provide therapeutic and healing services for your clients. In this role, you may study the body of each client to determine the best massage techniques, use tools and measuring devices to gather more information about your client, and adjust your techniques based on any unique needs. This is a management position, so you may also recruit, hire, and train other massage therapists for your company. Lead massage therapists often process paperwork, monitor employee performance, manage staff schedules, and otherwise supervise the massage area of a facility. Some details of this job depend on the employer. For example, lead massage therapists in luxury hotels may constantly see different guests, while lead massage therapists at local gyms may form professional relationships with local clients to try and earn repeat business.

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    How Do Massage Therapists Help Clients To Remain Healthy And Active

    Ans. Massage therapists use various massaging techniques to relax the mind-body and soul of their clients. These techniques help clients to remain active always and also remain healthy. Many massage therapists work in different franchises and assist clients to lead a healthy lifestyle in the long term. They also assist in enhancing the overall wellness of massage therapists.

    Massage Therapist Job Description

    A massage therapist performs various therapeutic massages on various customers, they help in improving blood circulation, they are able to promote relaxation for the customers. They are able to relieve stress and remove pain and injuries from the lives of customers. Massage therapists work with physicians, doctors, psychologists, and also physiotherapists for coordinating and taking forward various treatments. The massage therapists should always be calm and patient with their staff. They are able to focus on various services. All body massages are designed in such a manner that prevents injuries.

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    Massage Therapist Duties & Responsibilities

    While massage therapy does not require as much training and expertise as other medical professions, it is an important field in healthcare. Muscle tension can be responsible for many injuries, and qualified massage therapists can find where that tension exists and relieve it to prevent more serious injuries. A massage therapists duties include:

    • Collaborating with clients on stress and pain in order to create a treatment plan
    • Assisting doctors and/or chiropractors in a patients physical therapy or recovery from injury
    • Exercising sensitivity to a clients medical history and injuries while using massage to relieve pain and tension
    • Coaching clients on proper exercise, stretch, and relaxation techniques
    • Properly documenting all treatments
    • Maintaining treatment records
    • Recognizing health issues that need a referral to another healthcare provider

    As a massage therapist, you will work extensively with your hands to locate stress and injuries. Knowing which parts of the muscles to target, as well as the appropriate amount of pressure to place on those parts comes with experience and training.

    Spa Massage Therapist Job Description Duties And Responsibilities

    How To Become a Licensed Massage Therapist/ Schooling, Licensure and Continuing Education

    Spa Massage Therapists apply hands-on manipulation to relieve stiffness and muscle pains in their clients, and help them relax.

    Spa Massage Therapist Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

    What Does a Spa Massage Therapist Do?

    Spa massage therapists are responsible for treating muscular conditions, and helping to relieve muscle pain, stiffness, and tension in their clients through hands-on manipulation.

    Their job description entails focusing on the muscles, performing various kinds of massages, including Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, and Shiatsu.

    Their clients are usually people with sore muscles or those looking to simply relax and unwind. They work in hotel spa, resort spa, salon, spa, etc.

    The role of a spa massage therapist entails providing body treatments to guest by using body scrubs, wraps, and hydrotherapy.

    They must assess guest needs and inquire about contraindications before beginning service.

    They also keep up to date with current techniques and modalities related to their field of work.

    They Arrange workstation, treatment room, and/or drapes, and check with guests frequently to promote comfort, safety, and security throughout the course of delivering service, as well as report accidents, injuries, and unsafe work conditions to the manager.

    The work description of a spa massage therapist also involves activities that will promote the spa, engender sales, and foster repeat purchases.

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    Licenses Certifications And Registrations

    In 2016, 45 states and the District of Columbia regulated massage therapy. Although not all states license massage therapy, they may have regulations at the local level.

    In states with massage therapy regulations, workers must get a license or certification before practicing massage therapy. State regulations typically require graduation from an approved massage therapy program and passing an exam.

    The exam may be a state-specific exam or the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination licensure exam, offered by the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards.

    Massage therapists also may need to pass a background check, have liability insurance, and be certified in cardiopulmonary resuscitation . Many states require massage therapists to complete continuing education credits and to renew their license periodically. Those wishing to practice massage therapy should look into legal requirements for the state and locality in which they intend to practice.

    Massage therapists typically have an interest in the Building and Helping interest areas, according to the Holland Code framework. The Building interest area indicates a focus on working with tools and machines, and making or fixing practical things. The Helping interest area indicates a focus on assisting, serving, counseling, or teaching other people.

    If you are not sure whether you have a Building or Helping interest which might fit with a career as a massage therapist, you can take a career test to measure your interests.

    Education Training & Certification

    Massage therapists are required to be licensed in most states and must complete a post-secondary program of 500 or more hours. You should expect to spend a year or two in training in order to meet your states minimum requirements.

    • Education: In most states, you need a high school diploma in order to begin training and complete licensing requirements to become a massage therapist. If you do not have a high school diploma, a GED will typically be sufficient.
    • Certification: All massage therapists must pass the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination or a state equivalent in order to acquire a license to practice. The Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards regulates the industry for all practicing massage therapists.
    • Training: Many trade schools, colleges, and universities offer massage therapy programs. These programs usually require 500 – 1,000 hours of training in preparation for the MBLEx.

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    What Is The Role Of A Massage Therapist

    Ans. Massage therapists need to assist clients to relieve stress. They massage muscles of the body and also massage the body tissues for clients. They use relaxation techniques to relax the body, mind, and soul of their clients. Massage therapists earn a lot of money based on tips in addition to their salary.

    Licensed Therapist For Online Counseling

    Lead Massage Therapist Resume Samples
  • Massage Therapist Job in Austin, TXOpens new tabFounded in 2008 by pre-eminent psychiatrists and psychologists in the eating disorder space, ERC Pathlight now treats over 6,000 patients per year, operates more than 30 facilities in 9 states and delivers tele-healthcare to patients nationally. We offer the most comprehensive treatment program in the country for patients who struggle with eating disorders, mood and anxiety and trauma-related disorders.Full Time
  • Massage Therapist Job in Austin, TXOpens new tabSign-on incentive: Integral Care is looking to grow our teams with talented and caring people just like you. Imagine your career at Integral Care!Employee Benefits: Medical, Dental and Vision insurance Generous vacation/holiday/sick leave Life and Short-term/Long-term Disability InsuranceEmployee Assistance Program 403 retirement account 401 employer contribution retirement account Gold’s gym membership discount Mileage reimbursement Integral Care strives to maintain a diverse workforce.Full Time
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    What Does A Massage Therapist Do

    Massage therapists perform their duties by manipulating soft-tissues of the body through touch. By this process, therapists relieve stress, rehabilitate injuries, increase the general wellness of clients, improve circulation of blood and air and increase relaxation.

    The massage therapist job description entails utilizing a combination of soft and hard touches to cure a clients injuries and encourage general wellness.

    Massage therapists can apply varieties of oils and massage tables or chairs when treating a client.

    A massage can last for durations of 55-10 minutes, or could take longer than an hour.

    Therapists will have a conversation with a client based on what they would like to achieve through the massage session.

    Some massage therapists take it a bit further by suggesting personalized treatment plans for their clients.

    Therapists can become specialists in the following fields of massage or modalities: sports massage, Swedish massage, deep tissue massage etc.

    There are other types of modalities a therapist can specialize in. However, most massage therapists specialize in a combination of several modalities which require different techniques.

    The clients physical needs and condition will determine the type of massage given. For instance, therapists might apply several combinations of techniques for athlete clients that they would not use for elderly clients.

    A massage therapist can set up their own place where they render their services or join an existing organization.

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