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Difference Between S Track And L Track Massage Chairs

Types Of Massage Chairs: S

S-Track vs. L-Track – The Massage Chair Dictionary

Are you interested in buying good quality and comfortable massage chair? Dont know which type of massage chair is perfect for you? There are different types of massage chairs available in the market. So, you have to make a sensible decision to buy a perfect as well as excellent quality chair.

Massage chairs are classified differently according to different ways like roller track systems, roller head systems, and much more. In this article, we will discuss different types of massage chairs according to the roller track system. So, learn about several massage chairs and make a decision on which one is perfect for you.

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  • Q: Are Massage Chairs Durable

    This can vary based on how much you spend and what brand of massage chair you buy. The best massage chairs will last between five and seven years, with some lasting as long as a decade.

    To determine if you are purchasing a durable massage chair, here are a few things to look out for. Check the materials used in production, as synthetic materials are usually more durable. You will also want to look into the massage chair motor and its MTF rate, and so on.

    To learn more about how to pick a durable massage chair, you can read our article on it.

    What Is The S

    The S in S-tracks means sinusoidal, which means wave. It signifies the shape of the human spine and the track that the rollers move in to massage your body. The S-track consists of a slight curve that mimics the human spine. The rollers in the S-track can adapt more accurately to your body contour and give you enhanced comfort. The roller begins at the neck top in a forward position and continues till the mid-back. From here, it retracts a little and continues moving forward again. This movement allows a natural massage sensation for the user while following the curvature of the spine.

    Most S-track massage chairs have a roller track length of 27 to 33 inches cutting off at the tailbone. With S-track chairs, you can lay out flatter for finer stretching moves. The S-track massage chairs are more precise with the roller motion especially, in combination with the 3D or 4D massage technology. You can feel more relaxed as the S-track rollers massage up and down your spine curvature, targeting all pressure points on your back.

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    Everything About Massage Chair Rollers

    Every massage chair has a roller system that includes a set of roller-balls, roller arms, roller tracks, and a roller engine. The roller balls are attached to the roller arms, which perform the primary function of massaging your back. These roller arms are connected to the roller tracks, which go up and down the spine section of your massage chair’s backrest.

    The roller arms move throughout the massage chair on these roller tracks, which allow them to go up and down. The roller engine provides the needed power for the roller arms to do all the movements. Rollers move in a vertical and lateral direction. It makes the action of kneading and tapping possible.

    Roller-balls usually come in two arrangements: Dual rollers and Quad rollers. The dual-roller arrangement has one roller-ball attached to each of the roller arms. The quad-roller arrangement has two sets of roller-balls attached to each of the roller arms.

    Now that you know how the rollers in massage chairs work, let’s talk about S-Tracks and L-Tracks.

    Our Customers Often Ask What Is The Difference Between The L

    What Is the Track System on Massage Chairs  Difference between S Track ...

    What is a Massage Chair Roller Track?

    Many massage chairs use a roller track system. The roller track on a massage chair extends from the head to the low back and, in some models, the buttocks and hamstrings as well. Like a train track, the track guides the rollers up and down the back. The rollers are primarily responsible for the majority of the massage in a chair, primarily in the spinal area. Rolling along the track, the rollers massage the body laterally and vertically by kneading, tapping, and rolling. The 3D roller massage consists of the rollers moving forward and backward on a track. In this article, we will focus on the track’s shape.

    Infinity IT-8500 Plus S-Track Daiwa Relax 2 Zero 3D S-Track

    In the early days of massage chair technology, there were straight-backed chairs with small mallets that moved up and down in a straight line. Even though this provided relief for sore muscles, it wasn’t very comfortable to sit in and was quite rough on the spine. A S-track chair was invented to follow the curve of the spine, which is not a straight line, but almost an S shape. From the base of the neck to the tailbone, S-tracks are curved, more like the curve of the spine. Technology such as this can provide a more comfortable massage as well as spinal stretching benefits that can improve posture and mobility.

    Infinity Dynasty 4D L-Track Sharper Image Revival L-Track

    When Choosing a Chair…

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    Why Is Massage Chair So Expensive

    There are so many varieties of massage chairs out there, but all these chairs are created by companies who spend millions of dollars to create a set of designs. All these companies have their primary focus to create the most comfortable massage chair in the market.

    The main concern that every single company that manufactures a massage chair is that their massages chairs are extremely safe and comfy to use What is the point of spending so much money if you are going to get rid of your skin at the end of the day? Therefore, all these companies try to add a bunch of features to their massages chairs so that you can become comfortable using their products. One more feature that you are required to add to your massage chair is a warranty. It is a given fact that you are going to be using your massage chair.

    Homedics Shiatsu Elite Ii Massage Cushion

    The Shiatsu elite II massage cushion is a high-end portable massage seat that is both affordable and effective.

    As the name suggests, this massage cushion provides you with the Japanese Shiatsu massage, which differs from other massage methods traditionally found in massage chairs.

    The seat comes equipped with plenty of features that make it worth the purchase.

    This is a perfect option for those who need a chair that is affordable, effective, and can easily be stored. The chair comes with a customizable message option and a heating feature.

    It can easily be used at home, or at your office, due to its simple and adjustable design.

    About The Brand

    The HoMedics brand has been around for more than 30 years.

    That is definitely long enough for a brand to make a name for itself and become trusted among its users.

    They have become leaders in the world of health and wellness and are always implementing new innovations in their field.

    They are a family-run company that has been growing rapidly over the years. They have millions of consumers that trust their products.

    Every product they create is made with the utmost quality and with high standards.

    The companys mission is to improve the quality of its consumers lifestyles and provide them with products that help them lead healthier and happier lives.

    Key Benefits


    The chair is portable and can fit almost any chair. It has three massage styles. It is incredibly affordable.


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    Advantages Of S Track

    • It provides more pressure on the back than l track.
    • This can be good for people with a tight, sore lower back or other pain in that area.
    • The rollers also give more concentrated massage to those areas as they run up and down your spine which is perfect for stubborn knots that are hard to reach.
    • More pressure on the shoulders and neck than an l track massage chair.
    • The shoulder rollers can help relieve tension in those areas, which are often sore from sitting at your desk all day or lifting weights.

    Size And Space Efficiency

    L-Track vs. S-Track Massage Chair Stretch

    No matter where you are planning to place your chair, one of the determining factors will be the size and space it will take up.

    Robotic types are bulky in general but then again some of these can be really spaced efficiently as well.

    If you have limited space, go for the wall-hangers that are designed to operate efficiently in small spaces and can be pushed up really close to the wall.

    These are suitable for smaller apartments while you can get standard ones for any other space.

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    Osaki Os Pro Admiral Massage Chair

    The Osaki OS Pro Admiral Massage Chair has a modern design with a sleek look and a comfortable feel, while offering a wide range of therapeutic capabilities.

    Thanks to its L-Track roller, the OS Pro Admiral can massage you from neck to your glutes and upper hamstrings. Five massage techniques are available that make you completely relaxed while the 16 automatic programs provide therapeutic relief.

    Which Track Is Better

    It depends. If you want your massage chair to excel in stretching your back for the best possible spinal decompression, and S-Track is the only way to go. However, and L-Track will provide a more comprehensive massage and a superior zero gravity position that also helps with spinal decompression. Most people will choose and L-Track for this reason. If you’re looking for a massage chair to help your lower back, hamstrings, and glutes, and L-Track is a must.

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    What Are Roller Tracks

    The rollers that travel along the track move in a vertical and a lateral direction to mimic the touch of a human massage specialist. This makes tapping and kneading possible. At the same time, there are a number of roller tracks that allow backward and forward movement. These are known as 3D roller massagers.

    As far as the shape of the track is concerned, there are two types. These include the S-track and the L-track.

    Isnt It A Lot To Pay For A Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair


    If you think about it, the amount of money and time invested in getting regular massages from a real masseuse or a chiropractor could potentially get more expensive than buying a chair.

    Of course, there can be an expensive price ticket attached to these, but for the numerous health benefits that they can provide, the purpose should be worth the investment.

    Even just 15 to 20 minutes of massage daily can greatly contribute to much better sleep, a sense of well-being and improved mental focus.

    A good massage chair, having all the essential features, can give you an intensive and luxurious massage experience.

    Deep tissue massages and stretches help relax stiff muscles and nagging aches while heat therapies and zero gravity experiences can repair irregular sleeping patterns and chronic pain.

    These messages can even be extremely helpful in fighting depression and hormonal issues.

    These can tap the energy of traditional massages into your system, reducing tension and stress and facilitating detoxification and blood purification.

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    So Whick One To Choose

    The track system offers a slightly more flexible way to use your massage chair. Instead of a reclining or lying-down position, you’ll be able to lie down on the back and front portions of the track, which will offer a very different kind of massage. The unique cushioning of the track system will be sufficient to provide significant pressure on your aching muscles, and the small pivots will provide just the right amount of movement to keep the whole chair just in the right position for maximum comfort. A few higher-end chairs will have adjustable front headrests, but most will include adjustable fronts only. Tracks will come with the option for power or remote massage, but most will still have a center dial for manual adjustment.

    What Is A Roller Track

    A massage chair has a long roller track that extends from the head down to the lower back and, in some models, the glutes and hamstrings. The track is similar to a train track because it guides the rollers up and down the back like train wheels like over the ground.

    When youre getting a massage from a chair, its these roller that do most of the work, particularly on your back. The rollers glide along the track and based on its shape they can work different areas.

    This is where the S vs. L-Track comes into play. Additionally, there are 2D, 3D, and 4D tracks. If youre looking for more information about them, you can click here.

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    D Vs 3d Vs 4d Rollers

    Another recent development in massage chair rollers is the 3D and 4D options. A 2D massage roller is a roller that can move along the track either up and down, or left and right . A 3D massage roller can do this as well as moving in and out of the massage chair , which can provide a deeper massage than a 2D massage chair. The latest developments in massage chair rollers are now referred to as 4D, which means that the speed and timing of the 3D rollers can be controlled and varied to provide a larger range of massage techniques and a more accurate replication of a massage therapists hands. A massage chair with 4D rollers gives a deeper and more thorough massage, providing greater relief to sore muscles.

    The best chair available with 4D rollers is the Osaki OS-4D Pro JP Premium massage chair, featuring a 4D kneading ball system that provides 28 different types of massage techniques. The rhythmical movements combined with the speed variations give a more effective, smoother massage, making it the industry leader in 4D technology.

    Massage Chairs Benefits Of L

    L-Track vs SL-Track – Massage Chair Dictionary

    L-Track massage chairs are beneficial for those who have sore buttocks muscles and strained hamstrings. People who suffer from sciatica can be treated with L-Track massage chairs. The one advantage that L-Track has over S-Track is that it extends the chair’s massage coverage area. You will get a consistent pressurized massage of your neck, upper back, mid-back, lower back, buttocks, and hamstrings.

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    Massage Chair Rollers: The Differences Between L

    When choosing your massage chair, the range of features available can be overwhelming. From programs, to massage types, to roller tracks, the variety seems endlesshow do you select the best massage chair for your needs? This handy guide will walk you through the latest developments in massage chairs, focusing on the roller types and tracks available.

    The 10 Best Zero Gravity Massage Chairs For 2022

    When shopping for your perfect massage chair, the options can seem endless: Do you want a heated chair? Leg and calf massagers? And whats the difference between an S-track and an L-track? You didnt study for this!

    One of the more common terms you may come across in your massage chair search is zero gravity. While it doesnt mean that youll gain the ability to float through space, the sensation a zero gravity massage chair provides comes pretty close.

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    Different Types Of Massage Chairs Explained

  • 11 Types of Massage Chairs Conclusion
  • Massage chairs are a highly specialized type of seating designed to provide many of the benefits of visiting a massage therapist, while taking the therapist out of the equation.

    Even using cutting edge technology, the very best massage chairs cant compete with a skilled massage therapist, but they do offer a number of compelling advantages, first among them being the sheer convenience of being able to enjoy a massage from the comfort of home, anytime, day or night.

    As youll see, there are a surprising number of variations.

    Sl Track Massage Chair

    Osaki OS 7200H Massage Chair  Prime Massage Chairs

    The amalgamation and conglomeration of dual technologies as the S track and L track is the SL track massage chair. This technology helps in covering and massaging the places starting from the neck to the buttocks. It thereby contours the spinal cord, however, also covering the glute area. This technology moreover is the development of the L track method. Additionally, it is now visible in new models which are even compact in shape.

    The massage chair covers the S track linear guidelines that cover the curved upper part of the body by adapting to the natural shape of the spinal cord. Through this method, the chair covers the massage from the neck to the thighs. On the other hand, the L track feature covers the glute and the buttock area.

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    Maj7 Massage Chair By Panasonic

    opens in a new windowMAJ7 massage chair, designed by the Japanese technique, has approximately 108 acupressure points and a 3D massage system to knead stiff muscles. Infrared heated massage rollers, body scan technology, real-time 6-position and force microprocessor, advanced lower core massage therapy, professional sole massage system add to the features of this product.

    L Track S Track Or Sl Track Which Massage Chair Technology Is Best

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    When it comes to massage chairs, everybody wonders whats inside of them?? And if youve looked it up on the internet then you must have come across different terms to describe the different massage phenomena interpreted by the latest tech behind stuffed chairs, so to speak.

    The most common terms we are told are L Track, S Track & SL Track designs lets jump into what they mean and what they do to our body.

    First and foremost, massage rollers!

    Inside every powered massage chair, youll find rollers on a shaft or long track for the back and short track for the lower body, especially feet. In this blog, were going to explore the back rollers tracks, because thats where most of the massage work is.

    Most massage chairs come packed with a range of massage techniques like shiatsu, tapping, kneading, knocking that are carried out by the motored rollers. The area covered by the rollers moving up and down your back is determined by the selected roller track technique used in the massage chair, while the intensity and speed is determined by the technology.

    S Track, L Track & SL Track Massage Chairs Technology

    The layout of the back roller track differs from maker to maker but will likely be distinguished as an S Track or an L Track massage chair.

    S Track Massage Chairs

    So the S track technology does deeper massage on the neck and lowers back. The old massage chairs used to be made with straight roller tracks.

    L Track Massage Chairs

    SL Track Massage Chairs

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