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Kahuna Sm 7300 Massage Chair

Kahuna Sm 7300 Review

Best Massage Chair for Tall Person | Review of Kahuna SM-7300
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    One of the most popular massage chairs on the market today, the Kahuna SM 7300 seems to be an obvious choice if you are on the lookout for a mid-price range model. In fact, it’s on our main review page of the top massage chairs too. Its a great looking, feature rich chair that has been updated multiple times by the manufacturer, but does it live up to the expectations?

    Keep reading as we dig into the details of the features the SM 7300 offers, looking for both the hits and the misses as well as going through what real users are saying about one of the highest selling full-body massage chair models.

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    Where Are Kahuna Massage Chairs Manufactured

    After having scoured the net in an attempt to find an answer to this question, I was able to confirm my initial thought. And that is that the Kahuna chairs are made in China. You shouldnt at all be surprised by this, as most famous massage chair names all have their chairs manufactured out of China.

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    How Do You Go About Selecting One Of The 9 Auto Modes

    Its pretty easy! Hit the menu button from the remote. This will bring up a list of menus on the remote display.

    As can be seen from the image above, the very first option is AUTO. This is what you want to select. When you do, youll get the list of all auto massage modes, including the special ones. Select the one you desire, hit ok, and enjoy!

    Does The Chair Fit In Small Spaces

    Kahuna SM

    It is easy to disassemble the chair and fit it in small spaces especially small doors. Actually, the massage chair ships in several sections so you can assemble it inside the exercise room. Once you carry it into the room, you can assemble it as desired. You can slide the chair to fit into small spaces.

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    Kahuna Sm7300 Massage Chair Overview

    This isnt a feature per se, but we regard it as what makes the chair stand out from the competition at its price point.

    This Kahuna SM7300 massage chair is big! Its wider and sturdier than other chairs on the market, and its design can comfortably accommodate users up to 65 tall, and up to 320 pounds. It is regarded by many as the best massage chair for a tall person.

    Given that most massage chairs will only accommodate users up to 6 tall and weighing about 220 pounds, and that even chairs with leg extensions can only accommodate users up to about 63, the Kahuna SM7300 is a really big deal.

    It opens the market up to a group of users who have never had a chair made just for them, and thats very good to see. Kudos to Kahuna for catering to the needs of this underserved segment of the market.

    Having said that, lets take a look under the hood, and see what features the Kahuna SM7300 has to offer.

    Kahuna Superior Massage Chair With New Sl

    Promoting the overall well being of the mind and the body by purchasing a massage chair does not seem like a futile option. You definitely need to invest in a massage chair if you are somebody who suffers from painful conditions and would want to stay away from an expensive spa offering massage sessions. Here we are trying to help you make the right decision about a massage chair purchase by reviewing the Kahuna Superior Massage chair SM7300.

    Why Should You Make The Purchase?

    The developers at Kahuna have made every effort to bag customers by designing the SM7300 massage chair. What makes it stand out are features like zero-gravity reclining, accupoint detection and an advanced SL track roller system and these are just to name a few of the cool features. There is a lot more about this massage chair and if you want to find out more then please keep reading!

    Check out its comparison with other Kahuna massage chairs.

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    Foot And Calf Massage

    The Kahuna SM 7300 offers full body massage the back, the calves and the feet. This foot and calf massage feature is linked to the squeeze massage where there are air cells connected to the calf and feet section of the massage chair.

    Through rolling, kneading and squeezing, the foot massage function is able to keep your calves and feet relaxed. Since all the massage techniques work at the same time, the feature is able to offer a relaxing experience.

    Most massage chairs do not offer this feature you do not get full body massage with most chairs. If you have leg problems, or you engage in strenuous exercise or strenuous sports, this is a great feature for you.

    Are Massage Chairs Worth Buying

    massage chair, Top 3 Kahuna SM-7300 massage chair best 2019

    Many people are drawn to massage chairs because they can ease the discomfort of sore muscles and aches. But it’s important to understand that these devices are not designed to make you forget about the pain. Massage chairs and massagers are like a chiropractor or physical therapist on wheels,” Dr. James A. Fields, an orthopedic surgeon in Orlando, Florida, tells TIME. “The purpose is to provide acute pain relief for the next few minutes, but then you have to deal with the residual pain.

    Most of the massage chair brands claim the machine can reduce pain for a long time. But the biggest complaint I hear from patients is they don’t stop the pain. In fact, it’s the opposite. “We’re starting to see a lot more patients complaining that it’s stopped the pain too much or is giving them an actual backache or arm pain,” Dr. James Childress, an orthopedic surgeon at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, tells TIME. “It’s not easy for me to tell the difference between this and a serious injury.

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    A Chair Comparison: Compares Lm6800 To The Lm6800s

    If youre not skilled at retaining the various model names and the subsequent features, you might be confusing. For instance, take for instance the massage chair recliner Kahuna LM6800 and the LM6800s for instance. Theyre different kahuna massage chair models and yet what is the difference?

    The LM6800s is basically the most expensive model of the LM6800. It has the exact features like the 6800 however, it is able to execute them better.

    Lets look at a comparison of the two

    • The two massage chairs have Multiple preset programs that have multiple presets. Youll love choosing from the various massage techniques or customizing them to meet your specific needs.
    • LM6800 6-programmes
    • The LM6800s is a 12 program set
  • Memory CapabilitiesThe LM6800s come with customized memory functions, while the LM6800 counterpart doesnt. This is a great feature, particularly if you have a shared unit. It isnt necessary to continually alter the settings of your chair because it can store your preferences.
  • Pressure and Speed Adjustments Youll be capable of fully customizing the massage experience. The LM6800s are more effective according to me due to more intensity and speed levels to pick from. This isnt to say that the 6800 isnt adequate however, the 6800s do better work.
  • 3 adjustments to LM6800
  • 5 adjustments to LM6800s
  • LM6800 1 program
  • LM6800 4 programs
  • Same Deal With The Rollers Then 6 Rollers Will Be Much More Effective Than 4

    Its these sorts of innovative designs that get me excited! Well done Kahuna!

    The 6 rollers in the SM 7300 are 2-dimensional . 2D rollers are the oldest and most basic of roller technology . The technology may be old, but 2D rollers are still around for a reason. They give a hell of a massage! Ever heard the saying old is gold? That very much applies here!

    Vertical and horizontal thats all you gotta remember about 2D rollers! The rollers move up/down and across the back from one side to the other. The arrows in the image below describe the vertical and horizontal movements.

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    Kahuna 7300 Vs 7300s Which Is Better

    Both the chairs function the same. However, there is a slight difference. The massage system speed in Kahuna 7300 is up to 3 levels, whereas, in Kahuna 7300s, it is up to 5 levels.

    Similarly, for the massage air intensity control, the Kahuna 7300 has three levels in comparison, Kahuna 7300s has five levels.

    Better functionality makes the chair better in this case, Kahuna 7300s has better functionality. However, it also depends on individual requirements.

    Is A Massage Chair A Good Investment

    Kahuna SM

    The pros outweigh the cons. They feel comfortable and safe, and dont have to worry about falling down. Some come with their own cup holder and an easy on-off button, so you dont have to mess with the remote or re-adjust every five minutes. So, just how well do these massage chairs perform? An independent lab tests the comfort level of massaging chairs called the NINE-SPACE Massage Chair Comparison. NINE-SPACE found that 10 of the 12 massaging chairs proved to be much more relaxing than a low back massage.

    There are other types of massage chairs in the market, but these were the most comfortable. Real Estate Pits. At this point, you may want to hire a third party to appraise your home. Appraisers usually charge between $300 and $500 for appraisals and home surveys. Other options include speaking to an appraiser yourself or sending your property to a licensed surveyor.

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    Wrap Around Calf And Foot Massage

    The wrap-around squeeze massage is helpful to relax your tired leg. It will massage your leg with three different techniques at once. With the wrap-around massage, the massage chair will give you an advanced foot massage.

    This advanced foot massage will use scrapping, rolling, and kneading massage techniques. It will reduce muscle aches and strain. The wrap-around foot massage provides instant relief to your legs.

    There are also air cells on the side of your claves. These air cells will inflate and wrap around the side of your claves. It will also massage the top of the foot. The wrap-around squeeze massage is much helpful if you have leg pain.

    Massage Programs And Techniques On The Kahuna Sm 7300 Massage Chair

    The Kahuna SM7300 doesnt have as many massage techniques as many other similarly priced massage chairs. However, what it does have covers the fundamental movements youd expect, including:

    • Tapping. Uses rhythmic and rapid-tapping strokes.
    • Kneading. Uses small circular motions to compress soft tissue against itself or underlying bone.
    • Tapping and Kneading. Combines the small circular motions of kneading and the quick strokes of tapping.
    • Rolling. Moves the rollers up and down on either side of the spin
    • Shiatsu. Uses pointed finger pressure to stretch and press the muscles.

    The massage programs on the Kahuna SM7300 use a combination of the above techniques and are divided into two categories: signature programs and other programs. Both are fully-automated massage programs, but it seems Kahuna likes to highlight a few as signature. There are nine total auto programs, five of which are the signatures.

    If you like the idea of pressing a button and letting the massage chair take care of the rest, automatic programs are what you want. Each program is designed around a certain theme or benefit, for example, pain relief.

    The auto programs are:

    • Fast Recovery – Uses sports therapy techniques to flush lactic acid and help muscle recovery.
    • Office Person – Concentrates on the neck and shoulders.
    • Senior Mode – A gentle, full-body massage.
    • Golfer Mode – Concentrates on the lower back, hips, and legs.
    • Dynamic Sport – An invigorating massage to refresh and revive the muscles.

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    Okay I Get It But Why Is It Important To Know All Of This

    Its important to know this so you understand the distinction between L-Track & SL-Track. Theres a lot of confusion people have where they think both are the same. They are not the same, nor do they feel or function the same!

    Apologies for the long rant here, but I really want to drill the idea home. Hopefully its clear now. That being said, the SM 7300 does feature an SL-Track roller. If you look at the image below, youll notice that S contour from neck to lower back, and the overall L shape from neck to hamstrings. This is true SL Tracking!

    Main Differences Between The Bk

    Kahuna Massage Chair SM-7300S Review âï¸?

    When it comes to important differences, there are a few you should be aware of before you make your choice. Even the smallest details can make a difference when you’re choosing between two massage chairs, so let’s jump in and explore them.

    • The Kahuna comes with eight more automatic programs than the Brookstone.
    • The Brookstone chair is thirty-one pounds lighter than the Kahuna chair.
    • The Kahuna can sit three and a half inches from the wall, while the Brookstone needs six inches.
    • The Kahuna can accommodate users up to six feet, five inches while the Brookstone only goes up to six feet, two inches.
    • The Kahuna offers more stretching programs than the Brookstone.
    • The SM-7300S has three levels of zero gravity while the BK-250 has only one.

    Both chairs offer a variety of useful features, and we’re not here to say that one is better than the other. Both are entry-level massage chairs, and it’s up to you to weigh the similarities and differences so you can make the choice that’s right for you.

    Now that you have more information about each chair, it should be a little easier to make your decision. Remember to consider factors like how much space you need for your chair, what features will be the most useful for you, which type of programs you need, and how the massage chair will fit into your existing routine.

    Keep the differences between the chairs in mind too as you do your research, they can make a big difference when it comes to your user experience.

    Recent Articles

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    Massage Proficiency And Novel Massage Approaches

    It goes unquestioned that Kahuna always gets their massage styles correctly because of their abundant anatomical knowledge. Considering theyve been at this market for quite some time now, theyve got enough time to perfect their craft. This is shown through how SM-7300S functions as both a luxury chair and a practical massage chair. Here are some of the massage features which make this chair special.

    Shipping Rates & Policies

    All standard shipping is a curbside delivery service. This offer covers most items shipped by ground within the contiguous U.S. By curbside delivery, massage chairs will arrive in their original factory boxes unless otherwise mentioned. The trucking company will deliver the items to your driveway or entryway, and you will be responsible for entering them into your residence or business. Since massage chairs are heavy, you may require assistance from a friend or a family member.

    Threshold Delivery: With threshold delivery mode, massage chairs will be delivered to the nearest ground-level entrance of the home, business, or apartment building.

    White-Glove Delivery: With white glove delivery, massage chairs will be hand-delivered to your destination and assembled together. Choose the shipping method as White Glove Delivery if you want the service.

    All White Glove Services is a one-time service that is non-refundable nor do they cover any return service. Once the service has been signed off for completion of service, the delivery agent will not return to do further services that may not have been completed on their initial visit. It is vital for the customer to fully inspect and test the product before signing off the completion of the service.

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    Kahuna Sm 7300 Superior Massage Chair Review

    One of the most premium massage chairs tried and tested is the Kahuna SM 7300 Massage Chair. While it comes at a more expensive price tag, youll definitely see just how luxurious it looks and feels just by photos alone!

    After all, you get what you pay for when it comes to the best massage chair for the money. But with such an expensive price range, is it really worth the investment?

    Kahuna-SM-7300-Massage-Chair-Black-& -Brown

    Read on as I show you all about the Kahuna SM 7300 Massage Chair and if it really is an amazing purchase for your home today.


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    Last week I presented a detailed review of Kahunas LM 6800: an entry level massage chair with a more than reasonable price tag. In todays review, we will be looking at a more advanced chair from Kahuna, step forth the SM 7300!

    In case you didnt know, Kahuna are an American based massage chair manufacturer.

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