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I Want To Become A Massage Therapist

Variety Of Work Environments

Massage Therapy : How Long Does it Take to Be a Massage Therapist?

From health clinics to the beach, massage therapists are able to choose from tons of locations to see clients. Many work in medical settings or spas. But, massage therapists can also choose to work out of their own homes or travel to clients homes. For those who are drawn to exotic locations there are also plenty of opportunities at hot tourist spots, resorts and cruise ships employ massage therapists all over the world.

Can I Transfer My Massage License To Nevada

no According to NRS 640C. 910 requires you to obtain a license to practice massage therapy in the state of Nevada.

How much does a Nevada massage license cost?

Massage License Fees A total fee of $480 is due when you submit the application form to request an application package. This includes the following fees: Application Fee: $105. Initial license fee: $150.

Does Nevada require a massage license?

State Licensing Requirements To obtain a massage therapist license in Nevada, you must first complete a massage therapy program of at least 500 hours approved by the Nevada State Board of Massage Therapists. Prospective licensees must then pass a national certification exam offered by the NCETMB or the MBEx test.

Helping People In Pain

Youâre able to provide a helping hand. The service that massage therapists provide is invaluable to many clients because lots of them suffer from injuries, chronic pain, and other physical conditions. Itâs a relief for these clients since massages can alleviate some of the symptoms they have without them having to take medications, and allows them to finally relax and feel at ease while they may be feeling anxious about their pains otherwise.

Many registered massage therapists are in the field because they like to help people, and appreciate the rewarding feeling they get after they know theyâve taken some peopleâs pain away, even if itâs temporary. You can indirectly work in the healthcare field, which many people are looking for. As well, if the client likes how you connect with them and your massage techniques, theyâll be sure to come back for more appointments.

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What Skills Do Massage Therapists Need

Massage therapists should also possess the following specific qualities:

  • communication skills. Massage therapists need to listen carefully to clients to understand what they are trying to achieve through massage sessions.
  • physical endurance.
  • Physical strength and dexterity.

What are the 3 most important hand massage skills? These skills fall into three categories: social, physical, and mental skills. Because massage therapists work closely with clients, it is very important that they have certain social skills, such as B. the ability to communicate effectively.

How To Become A Massage Therapist: The Definitive Guide

How Much Do Massage Therapists Make per State  Great Jobs In Canada

Do your friends go to you when they have a kink in their neck?

Do you enjoy relaxing people?

Are you always making sure that you stretch before exercise?

With the help of massage therapy, people are finding that life is much better limber.

As a Massage Therapist, you can learn how to manipulate your clients bodies to relieve aches and pains, as well as help with their posture and to promote health.

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How Do You Find A Job After Graduation

There are numerous ways to find a good job once your graduate. The vocational school offers career services and there are job portals such as Indeed and LinkedIn that offer networking. It is also important to talk to spa managers within the community. Employers in different environments hire massage therapists including hospitals and retirement facilities. You can work for someone else or establish a small business. Attracting a steady client base is dependent on professionalism and friendliness.

The best part of becoming a massage therapist is the ability to make clients feel better while earning a living. The demand for massage therapists is steadily increasing. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment growth is expected to increase 21 percent between 2019 and 2029. Once you decide whether to open a practice, work for a business or work alone, your career will begin in this growing industry.

Why Would Someone Want To Become A Massage Therapist

Why would someone want to become a Massage Therapist? I think a better question would be why wouldnt someone want to become a Massage Therapist? Massage Therapy is a great career to get into especially if you like working with your hands, you love working with people and you want to make a difference in the world.

Ill share my story that inspired me to become a Massage Therapist. This illustrates just how powerful it can be to make a difference in someones life being in Massage Therapy.

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What Is A Massage Therapist

Massage therapists work directly with clients and manipulate their muscles to stimulate and relax them. Therapists use practical techniques to relieve tension, identify knots and pain points, and work to help clients recover from fatigue and injury. Becoming a massage therapist involves identifying an interest in the field, taking a course at a school for massage therapy, undergoing practical training, and receiving a license from a provincial body.

Once massage therapists successfully complete their education and training, they can work at a clinic or sports medicine practice, or go into private practice on their own. Some therapists might travel to clients’ homes and bring a portable massage table to provide maximum convenience. Others might set up their own business and offer services to walk-in clients. Therapists in a clinical setting might work with medical professionals to provide complete care to patients recovering from injuries or suffering from long-term ailments.

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How Many Hours Do You Work As A Massage Therapist

How To Become a Licensed Massage Therapist/ Schooling, Licensure and Continuing Education

The amount of hours that massage therapists work varies widely. Be aware that your total time on the job will not be spent exclusively on what the massage profession calls contact hoursthe time spent doing actual massage. You will also need to clean and sanitize your massage room/equipment and perform business-related tasks.

In a 2020 survey conducted by the American Massage Therapy Association, the average number of work hours per week for massage therapists was 27.2 .

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Icipate And Complete A Therapeutic Massage Program

All it takes to enter a Therapeutic Massage program is a high school diploma or equivalent. The programs themselves tend to last about 15 months and can be taken at many vocational or career training schools.

Studies should include courses in anatomy and physiology, therapeutic massage, clinical massage, and, perhaps, a solid introduction to a small business if you intend on starting your own practice.

Before enrolling, find out what classes are required for graduation, so there are no surprises once youve started the process.

Why I Want To Become A Massage Therapist By John Faust

I have always appreciated the power of massage therapy. In theatre school, I was trained in various dance and movement techniques, yoga and connecting with your scene partner through emotional and physical connection. It was not a huge leap to become interested in massage as a tool for connection and healing.

In my late teens and throughout my twenties, I tended to move around a lot, packing up heavy boxes and hauling them around to whatever new adventure I was on. This led to lower back issues and arthritis as I got older. To get treatment for the tightness in my lower back, I turned to massage therapy. Throughout the sessions I had, I became aware of what it felt like to release the tension, and the difference between carrying around that tightness and the contrast of having more range of movement and less pain.

Being an actor does not always lead to financial security, and Im no exception. So as a means of finding a way of supporting myself, I felt it was time to attend massage school and to become a therapist myself. In 2005, I was living in Chicago and made the leap to attend the, now defunct, Chicago School of Massage Therapy. I loved working through the routine of a Swedish Massage and learning the muscles and anatomy of the body. Unfortunately, 2005 was a rough year for me and I lost my father. So I made the decision to withdraw from school and deal with my loss.

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Faq On Earning Your License In Massage Therapy

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Change in Employment : 12.60%


The American Massage Therapy Association estimates that there are currently between 300,000 and 350,000 massage therapists around the country. And this number is only going to increase in the coming years. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that there will be a 26 percent increase in employment between 2016 and 2026, which is significantly faster growth than the average of all other occupations. This demand for massage therapists can be attributed to the fact that more and more health providers are incorporating massage into their treatment plans. Also, many massage clinic franchises have recently opened in the United States, allowing people to get massage at more affordable rates than they would at spas.

There are several factors that influence what school massage students choose. Whether they are concerned about the length of the program, taking courses online versus on campus, or the amount of tuition, students need to compare programs before making a decision. The search tool below can help.

The Complementary Studies In Massage That Will Make All The Difference

How to Become a Licensed Massage Therapist in Florida

So now let´s say you have studied massage for 1-2 years and have earned your title as a Licensed Massage Therapist. Good for you! This is without a doubt a great achievement and will allow you to start your career as a massage therapist nearly anywhere you like. There is, however, one thing that sets aside a LMT who has only studied the basics, and a LMT who has had an interest in becoming something more, of making a real difference in his/her clients life the holistic dimension.

Yes I know we are all a bit tired of the holistic thing by nowYou can call it holistic, integrative, whatever you like, but the truth is that a massage therapist that can look beyond the mere physical, and see the human being in a broader perspective, really has the chance to treat his/her clients in a holistic manner that will improve their quality of life, as well as bring more and better business!

Bottom line is, its always a good idea to study holistic modalities such as for example Tibetan massage and diagnosis, meditation, Ayurvedic massages and treatments, reiki, yoga, etcthat will really make the difference, both for your clients as well as for yourself.Would you not want to feel that you really are helping people live better lives? Apart from obviously growing your business considerably.

So take the leap, look for programs or courses on holistic treatments in your area, or even online, and start studying, its never too late! If you want some more tips feel free to contact me!

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Starting Your Massage Career

Discover what you need to know about starting a career in massage therapy.

One of the most frequent comments massage therapists make about their occupation is, “I feel fortunate to have found work I love.” They feel this way because a career in massage therapy allows them to help people in a meaningful way with a high degree of personal contact.

Are you ready to explore a career as a massage therapist? AMTA School Members offer a minimum of 500 in-class hours to ensure the highest quality massage therapy education.

What Does A Massage Therapist Do

A massage therapist manipulates the soft tissues of a client’s body to help soothe tension and soreness as well as promote general relaxation. Depending on their specialty or a client’s needs, they may provide massage therapy that aids in injury recovery, promotes overall bodily and mental wellness.

A massage therapist typically has the following duties:

  • Creating a calming, therapeutic environment for each client

  • Discussing each client’s needs, such as physical therapy or stress relief

  • Developing a tailored massage therapy plan based on client needs and preferences

  • Using specific types of massage techniques to certain areas of the body to relieve symptoms

  • Checking in frequently with the client to ensure comfort

  • Keeping track of a client’s progress

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Making The Most Of Your Student Days

Your training will include more than just massage theory and application. You will also have science coursework. Still, a massage therapy program may be short many last only six months. Consequently, youll want to take steps toward licensing and career building as early as your student days. Your clinical experiences are chances to make contacts in the professional world as well as fulfill requirements. Some states allow, and even require, you to carry out services in a student clinic. You may also have the opportunity to perform services at volunteer events. Again, this depends on your jurisdiction states often have very specific rules about what you can and cannot do as a student.

If you will be performing massage on the public, you will likely need to carry liability insurance. You may get this by joining a professional association. At the student level, the costs may be low. You may have other perks, like study tools or even the chance to select a mentor.

In most cases, you will be required to take a licensing examination. If your state is one of the many that uses the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Exam, or MBLEX, you may be approved to test as early as your student days. However, you will need to affirm that you have had appropriate training.

You may preview the examination content by visiting the website of the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards . The candidate handbook includes a list of suggested massage texts.

S To Becoming A Licensed Massage Therapist

How to Become a Massage Therapist | Massage Techniques

How many people can truthfully say they love their career? Well, most Massage Therapists tend to say they do. The career boasts below-average stress levels and above-average flexibility, according to U.S. News Best Jobs Rankings. Massage Therapists can work from home, in salons, spas, high-end resorts, and even cruise ships.

If youre considering becoming a Massage Therapist but youre not sure where to start, read these five steps to get a better idea of what youll need to do.

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How Long Does It Take To Become A Massage Therapist

The length of time it takes to become a massage therapist will depend on the type of massage therapy program you attend and the credential you want to achieve. For example, a certificate program can take anywhere from six to 12 months, while an associate degree can take around two years.

What do you see yourself doing as a practicing massage therapist? There are several different types of massage therapy credentials, which is why its important to consider your long-term career goals before choosing a specific massage therapy program.

If, for instance, you think you may be interested in helping people with specific health conditions, such as migraines, carpal tunnel, and piriformis syndrome, then youll benefit from acquiring the appropriate credentials upfront, rather than attendingand paying forcontinuing education courses later.

At NWHSU, for example, your options include the following:

Part-time schedule options are also available.

What Exactly Is A Massage Therapist

A massage therapist is educated and licensed professional that practices hands-on with the movement of soft body tissue. Some examples include muscle, connective tissue, tendon, and ligaments. It can be a liberating and meaningful career path. However, becoming a massage therapist is a lot of hard work.

When it comes to massage therapy, there is no standard practice. Individuals usually choose this profession because of their independence and having the flexibility of creating their own schedule in terms of work hours. They can work full time or part-time then during downtimes, they work on things like scheduling, billing, housekeeping, and marketing. The income for massage therapists varies by region of the country, experience, and type of practice.

There are many steps you can take to begin this journey, but we are going to focus on these three specifically. So, lets dive in!

3 Steps to get you started:

  • Learn about the career and set goals for yourself
  • Complete a therapeutic massage program
  • Get a business license

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How Long Is Massage Therapy School

Massage therapist school typically requires at least 500 hours of education for graduation. Some schools will have longer programs so that you can meet minimum state licensing requirements. You may be able to complete massage therapy school in as few as nine months. If you attend a part-time program or program where you design your own schedule, the program could take longer.

Physical Rigors And Demands

Do You Need a Degree to Become a Massage Therapist?

One of the most underrated considerations in becoming a massage therapist is the physical rigor involved in the profession. Imagine kneading dough for 6 to 8 hours a day? Could you keep up with that pace indefinitely? Thats exactly how it feels on the hands and joints.

The burn out rate within the industry has been estimated at 50 to 88% within the first 3 to 5 years after graduation according to a study completed by Associated Bodyword and Massage Professionals, a reputable industry organization. Enrollment statistics seem to support this with over 50,000 students enrolling per year with 45,000 that leave the field annually.

The burn out rate is high mainly due to improper techniques being applied and not enough rest in between massages. If you are expected to massage 40 hours per week, it is almost guaranteed that you will burn out in a very short amount of time.

The best schools advise that you work 4-6 hours a day in massage and take at the very least 10 minute breaks between every massage. The physical damage that can accumulate by over working your body include tendonitis in the wrists, elbows and shoulders, carpel tunnel in the wrists, tennis elbow and trigger finger/thumb. All of these injuries can quickly end your career if you are not careful.

It is important to develop the ability to keep healthy and fit over the long term. You may consider questions like: Do you like to work out? Do you eat healthy? Are you currently overweight or have weight gain issues?

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