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How To Get Clients For Massage

How To Get Massage Clients To Rebook

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Getting Massage Clients to rebook or come in again is the easiest way to build a massage business. Why is rebooking important? Getting regular clients will create a client base for you to work off of and give you some level of security in your massage business. You will use less resources trying to get all new clients in the door in addition to having regular income. The majority of my clients have come in weekly for over 20 years. A few have come in 2x a week for 20 years. Just do the math! A regular repeat client is invaluable to a massage business.

Everyone that lands on your table has the potential to become regular weekly or every other week clients. Even once a month is a good return rate. The easiest and most effective thing to do is to just ask. Ask them when they are leaving your office if they would like the same time next week or tell them what appointment times you do have available and ask if one of these times would work for them.

OK so I guess there is also a lot that goes into getting a client that is ready to rebook that easily.

So by the time I am asking them to rebook their appointment next week, they are already people who are most likely to rebook because they understand the value of massage from learning about me on my website. There is also the referrals from current clients that does sort of the same for rebooking. When they are able to really feel the difference in their body, they can also usually see that they need more work!

Learn From Other Industries

Great customer service is not unique to the massage industry. Reviewing other industries is like looking at the world through an unbiased lens.

Consider a visit to a local coffee chain. Customers expect their beverages to be made to order, allergies and preferences respected without criticism, and fast service.

Long waits, frequent mistakes and cold coffee indicate poor service. The employees would be trained in all ways to deliver not only a great cup of coffee but a great experience during a potentially brief visit.

So, how would each segment look at a coffee chain?

Before the customer walks through the door, the website and social media pages provide correct business information.

The location, hours of operation, prices and menu are very easy to find.

During the service, the customer is greeted by a friendly, smiling staff member who quickly takes the order and gives correct change. The staff members always keep their workspace and equipment clean and free from cross-contamination.

The proper beverage is handed to the correct customer.

After the service, the customer is invited back. They may receive coupons and membership opportunities in the mail.

The customer may also follow the coffee chain on social media where they are informed of new seasonal beverages and retail items in the store. From there the cycle continues.

The entire team, including the owner, should be receiving treatments frequently.

Barter To Better Your Content

Dont know the first thing about video editing? Dont have the gift for gab? Dont sweat it! Massage therapy is both a treatment and a treat, so finding someone who will share their videography expertise or writing skills in exchange for a relaxing therapeutic massage shouldnt be too hard.

Most first impressions these days happen online, so its important to put your best foot forward. Bartering is a good way to free up some cash for necessary-yet-worthy investments, like a top-notch website.

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Reach Out And Partner With Local Businesses

You have the right industry knowledge, so what you need is a terrific way to introduce and amplify the awareness of your services among your target market locally.

You can establish the presence of your services and leverage a wider client base by adopting yet another brand-building strategy, that is, partnering with local businesses.

Right now, your train of thought must be moving in this direction Okay, but how do I achieve this, and even if I do, how do I benefit from this?

Dont worry, weve got you covered.

  • Reach out to local businesses like beauty salons, hair salons, spas, gyms, yoga centers, healthcare providers, local chiropractors, physiotherapy clinics, etc. by sending them an email describing your business, or visit them at their business unit. Build a good rapport and propose your wish to temporarily partner up with them.
  • You can utilize a little space of the salon or any other local business youve partnered with, set up your massage table, service products, and other requirements for a few hours. Offer to provide your services to the customers who visit the local business.
  • You can also consider giving certain offers or discounts on the services you offer to your customers because this can help boost your brand promotions.
  • Announce your partnering-up venture on your social media platforms to attract a new crowd, and spread awareness among your existing customers as well.

Imagine The Experience Of A First

Gain Massage Clients Quicklyand Retain Them!

That first experience can have a lasting effect on how the client approaches future massage and spa sessions.

What might seem surprising is the journey of a client begins well before they ever reach the treatment room and continues long after the service is over.

As a massage therapist, its easy to forget what the entire journey feels like for a client who relies on massage for physical and sometimes emotional wellbeing.

For most massage therapists working as employees, the responsibility begins during the treatment and ends immediately after.

A therapist who only provides massage may not realize how long it took, on the part of the marketing department and front-desk staff, to convince the client to schedule an appointment.

The therapist may not be aware of the necessary follow-up that encouraged the client to return. Heres how to attract clients as a massage therapist.

The same can be said for a business owner who spends little or no time delivering a service. An owner who has never treated a client may not realize the complexity of service involved behind the treatment room door.

Business owners should constantly examine each segment of the client experience. Only through examination is it possible to identify ways in which service can be improved and increase the likelihood that positive experiences will be delivered more consistently.

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How Do I Get New Massage Clients

Its a familiar question and I see it a few times a week in Massage discussion groups online.

The responses are usually great and.. all over the place. This is good! Variety is important, there are many types of massage businesses, and many approaches to success. But all the ideas in the world wont help without a really strong foundation and a structured plan.

And there is no single tactic that will get you tons of new and long-term clients. Sorry. No shiny easy answer here.

Running a business has multiple layers, with many moving parts. But it all starts with a standard foundation. You may have already built some of the foundation, but left it unfinished as you try to juggle other tasks. You may have laid a great foundation, but have no idea what to do next. Or maybe youve found that your growth has plateaued.

Start by reading our post, How to Start a Massage Business. If you missed any steps in laying a strong foundation for your business, like creating a logo or getting a Google My Business page set up, now is the time to handle those tasks.

So how do you get new massage clients? Heres my answer.

Should You Hire A Marketing Agency To Help You Get More Sports Massage Clients

Depending on the size of your sports massage practice, it may or may not be a good idea to hire a massage therapy marketing agency. On top of any costs of advertising, there are also costs & fees paid directly to the agency. If youre not able or willing to spend top dollar, then an massage marketing agency might not be the right fit for you.

If you are in a position where:

  • saving time is more important than saving money
  • you have employees schedules you need to fill
  • or you dont worry about having to learn how to market for sports massage

Then its time to seriously consider working with a done-for-you marketing agency.

If youre looking for help with ways to attract sports massage clients, but not in a position to hire an agency there is still good news. You can seek out coaches & online programs to help you attract clients. In many cases, the costs for your marketing will be lower, and you will be taught the latest massage marketing skills, so you can do them yourself.

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Final Thoughts On Getting Sports Massage Clients

This is by no means an exhaustive list of all sports massage marketing ideas, but it should be enough to give a jump start in marketing your private practice! At the end of the day, getting new sports massage clients is about understanding your clients problems. knowing where to find them, and presenting them a solution in a way they accept.

Wants more free massage marketing tips & advice? Check out our Free Massage Marketing Course! Inside youll learn how to to create a predictable stream of your ideal clients without relying on steep discounts, or Groupon.

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Why Would A Client Want To See You

Deshaun Watson’s former longtime massage therapist on why he’s no longer a client

One good question to ask yourself is, Which do I value morebeing understood or being perceived as gifted and unique? Over our years in practice we have heard colleagues say, This work is mysterious, Its beyond words, I cant possibly explain what I do, youll just have to experience it, and I do not work like anyone else. I have developed my own special blend of techniques.

We contend that although phrases like these may convey a truth for some practitioners, they provide only limited information for a potential client to decide whether or not they should come in for a session.

We keep our focus on what the person we are talking with might want to know and how we can provide that information in a useful way, rather than what we might want from them. Put yourself in a potential clients shoes and imagine what phrases could create a desire to come see you and motivation to book an appointment.

Think ahead of time about common client issues and how your therapeutic approach addresses them. This will help you be ready to speak with potential clients. To get your creative juices flowing, you might consider how you would answer the following questions:

What are the results your clients tell you they get from your work?

What are the results you have received as a client, or the results you have seen with this work as a practitioner?

What brought your current clients to see you?

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Meh Massage Business Do Demo Massage

Im going to insult you again. Sorry. You know how to get a business started. Think about what you didyou built your practice so far mainly through referrals, right?

Heres the insulting part: You didnt do enough of it.

Thats the main reason why youre stuck with a business that just pays the bills.

You need to create referral machines.

A referral machine can be a client. It can be a business you engage. It can be a health practitioner with whom you co-ordinate client care.

But you cant have a referral machine unless you got out and find them.

The easiest way to find referral sources who are not clients is to offer free, demo massages .

If youve already done this to get your business off the ground, do it again.

But this time be more persistent and strategic with your demo massage offerings.

Persistent: If you cant reach a potential referral source via calling, try emailing.

If the person you are trying to contact in a particular business isnt responsive, try another person.

I spent a year trying to get my foot in the door with a local running store. The person I was talking to was super-nice, but wearing too many hats. I almost gave up, then one day I said, Screw it, and I walked into the store and the manager was there.

We hit it off and the manager and I have become good friends and business allies.

So try thinking this way when you hit what seems to be road closure:

I will not stop until I have a physical therapist or PTA referral source.

I dont blame them.

Three: Choose A Promotion Method

Ok, we all know we need to promote our services if we want to find clients. But what method do you choose?

The thing about marketing is that if you try to do everything, youll just end up with nothing. There are only so many hours in a day, and with many other tasks on your plate, you just cant expect to be able to be on four social media platforms, write a newsletter, attend events, do free demo massages and go around handing out business cards to local businesses.

So instead, choose one method to promote yourself. The method you choose needs to meet two criteria:

  • It has to be something youre comfortable doing.
  • It has to be something that will actually reach your target audience .
  • When youre just starting out, things like email newsletters probably arent your best bet, since you need to have a base of people to send them out to. But things like social media, in-person events, or anything that helps you meet new people more directly can be a good choice.

    Once youve picked something, give yourself some time at least a month, preferably longer to see how well your method works. If youve worked hard to promote yourself but arent finding any new clients, then you can try another method.

    If you are thinking of picking social media, Ive got lots of resources for you on this page.

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    Website Social Media And Email Marketing

    Similar to getting listed on Google Maps, itd be wise to consider creating a website for your business. This step may be a bit more time consuming, but it will definitely pay off. Having a website will help you establish an online presence so that potential clients can find all your information in one place. On your website you can list your services offered, pricing, photos of your massage room, testimonials from previous clients and much more. This can also be a good landing place for your business.

    Along with having your own website, establishing a presence on social media can help you get more massage clients. Whether its Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or other preferred social media platforms, having this can really boost your business online. You can use social media to post pictures, showcase your skills, and network with clients. Doing giveaways can help drive traffic to your pages and get more followers, leading to more clients. You can also link your social media to your website, so that more potential clients can see your website as well.

    All of these strategies will help you reach your target audience of clients. With a good variety of strategies, youll be able to reach a wide range of clients. Your website will be helpful for people of all ages, social media can help target young adults and email marketing can reach those who may be a bit older.

    Think About Your Own Strengths And Weaknesses

    3 ways to Get Massage Clients

    Your strengths, schedule, and desires will determine what you do next, and you dont have to do all of the following.

    Check out your options, consider what is best for you, and pick one.

    Then throw yourself into it. For reals. Commit time in your schedule to learn, master, and execute the tasks needed. In three months, see how its going. Make some adjustments and move forward. If its a total failure after six months, move along to another idea.

    Or if what youre doing takes off well and you really get the hang of it, add another idea in the mix.

    In-person networking

    This is the thing I most wish I had done sooner. For the first several years of owning my business, I was extremely shy and very lonely. I wish I had pushed myself a little further outside my comfort zone and joined a BNI group or my local Chamber of Commerce. Its a great way to meet potential referral partners and also to get support and mentoring from other small business owners.

    Youve got to do some legwork, find the groups in your area and visit a few, maybe more than once, to find one that fits best for you. Consider your business and your community, maybe listen to our podcast episode Is It Worth It to Join a Formal Networking Group?

    If youre ready to dive in, check out Michaels great post, How to Make BNI Work for You as a Massage Therapist. Then find a group near you and get something on the calendar!

    Email Marketing

    Presence on Social Media

    Community events

    Quick Link

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