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Does Foot Massage Help Diabetic Neuropathy

Smooth Corns & Calluses Gently

Diabetic Neuropathy: Will Reflexology and Massage Therapy Help?

These thick and tough areas of skin can form on the feet in areas of irritation or friction. With diabetic neuropathy, these can easily become painful foot ulcers over time. Do not cut or treat these areas with over-the-counter remedies, as they can lead to infection. Consult with your foot doctor or primary doctor for gentle treatments like a pumice stone scrub.

What Are The Best Massages For Foot Neuropathy

There are over 200 different massage types and techniques in the World and not all are equals. Regarding neuropathy, some massages are more efficient, while others are even contra-indicated!

Aromatherapy massages and neuropathy

Essential oils have proven to enhance the experience of massages and have strong pain-relieving, relaxing, and circulation-boosting effects that are interesting for neuropathy symptoms. Peppermint, Frankincense, Helichrysum italicum, Myrrh, Basil, Chamomille, or Lavender essential oils are the most recommended in aromatherapy massages for neuropathy. You can add a few drops to your body lotion before massaging your feet.

Some aromatherapy companies have even created essential oil blends specifically targeting neuropathy. Vibrant Blue Oils Nerve Repair is a great blend that combines the effects of Basil, Helichrysum, Peppermint, and Sweet Marjoram to not only relieve foot pain, but also repair damaged nerves, ease inflammation, stimulate blood flow, reduce swelling, and help regenerate new cells.

Neuropathy is a serious condition that can lead to severe complications. Always ask for your doctors advice before using an electric foot massager.


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What Can I Do At Home To Manage My Neuropathy

If you are suffering from diabetes and want to give yourself the best fighting chance when it comes to Neuropathy pain you should listen to the following advice:

Firstly, you should make it a massive priority to look after the health of your feet. Make sure you use high-quality socks made of cotton. Make sure you change them every day and keep your feet as dry as possible.

Next, you should make sure you are exercising regularly. By walking several times a week, you could help keep the pain at bay. Doing low-impact exercises like swimming and yoga can also help.

Another important thing to keep in check is your diet, inflammation is the biggest cause of pain and can flare up if you have a deficiency in certain minerals and vitamins.

Finally, avoid excessive alcohol and stop smoking if you do so. Cigarettes cause major problems in terms of circulation and alcohol has a similar effect.

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Best Foot Massage Techniques For Peripheral Neuropathy

There are several popular massage therapy methods used to help treat the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy:

  • Swedish massage The most common type of massage, Swedish massage is a combination of five basic strokes that concentrate on muscles and connective tissues.
  • Reflexology By stimulating a system of pressure points on the feet, reflexology works to ease stress and promote relaxation.
  • Deep tissue massage Through the use of slow, intense strokes, deep tissue massage applies direct pressure into muscles and connective tissue.
  • Thai massage This active form of massage works part of the body through a sequence of pressure and movement similar to yogic stretching.
  • Shiatsu A pressure point technique that uses pulses or rhythmic pressure to relieve stress and tension along specific points on the body.

The Relation Between Your Feet And Diabetes

8 Generous Cool Tips: Does Foot Massage Help Neuropathy most common ...

Good foot care is a daily concern when you have diabetes. After all, small wounds can lead to major complications, like diabetic neuropathy. Due to high blood sugar levels, your vessels can get damaged, resulting in less blood flow in the feet. Less blood circulation can further weaken your feet and cause slower healing of wounds. It is essential to keep the blood flow to your vessels and nerves.

Getting a foot and calf massage is a great solution to get a complete lower body massage. A foot massage is good for blood flow and circulation and takes care of sore feet.

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Ways To Help Nerve Pain In Diabetic Feet

Neuropathy is a worldwide debated topic and its effective management is much more than that. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most painful conditions one can suffer from. In this article, we have discussed the 10 best ways you can help reduce your nerve pain if you are suffering from diabetic neuropathy. From concoctions to essential oil therapies, important dietary changes, we have revealed A-to-Z of how to effectively manage various symptoms of diabetic pain in the feet. While some of these are established ways, others are still under review and research and have a little scientific basis. Hence, medications remain the primary way of neuropathic treatment and the ways mentioned below are only complementary options you can consider to reduce the pain.

How To Choose A Foot Massager For Diabetics

The first micro decision you have to make is: do I want a manual foot massager machine, or am I going for the electric foot massagers? There is also a difference between using a foot massager that massages only your feet or also your feet and calves. A foot massager only massages your feet a calves massager will also heat and/or knead your calves.

A deep kneading option is an important factor when buying a foot massager. It must be easy to use, improve blood circulation, and relieve foot pain.

For me, the best foot massager is one that cures my foot problems and relieves me from any muscle tension and pain.

Other features you should take into account are:

  • massage intensities, massager nodes

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Soaking Your Feet Helps With Neuropathy

Nerve regeneration is essential for those who develop neuropathy, but it requires effort. First, you need to focus on your foot care and create conditions to soothe and relax your nerves while alleviating symptoms.

Self-care is imperative if you wish to reduce your stress levels and anxiety, which are neuropathy enemies. Self-care, including your foot care, will boost your immune system and reduce inflammation as well.

Meticulous foot care would be a great way of improving your condition. One of the best methods for this is to soak your feet in some warm water containing mineral salts. You can enhance the soak-experience with essential oils, herbs, and sea and salts that will benefit your neuropathic feet.

Foot soaks many benefits, including:

  • Foot soaks can replenish your depleting magnesium stores, an essential element for a sound nervous system.
  • Soaks can also gently detox your feet
  • Soaks offer relief from pains and aches, especially in the feet and calf
  • Soaks reduce inflammation

While you make soaking a regular part of your foot care regime, it would also be a great idea to add massage to the routine. Massaging helps boost your circulation and offer further relief from pain. Many patients also use lavender in their foot soaks because it contains calming properties.

Lavender contains properties that can fight inflammation and relax the muscles, thereby reducing pain. Peppermint soaks containing plantain and calendula also heal and soothe the neuropathic feet.

They Also Reduce Inflammation

Diabetic Neuropathy Foot Massage

Another issue that many diabetics suffer from is inflammation, especially in certain extremities such as your feet. Inflammation is never a good thing to have no matter where it is located. If you dont take action and just let it progress the inflammation in your feet can become potentially debilitating as it can dramatically decrease your mobility.

No one wants to have to use a scooter to get around, although it might seem like it would be fun for a while, the novelty will inevitably wear off. It is impossible to overemphasize the importance of mobility. Being stuck in a scooter is not a fun time, and it can take the joy out of life. It is imperative to your overall health, happiness, and wellbeing that you proactively manage and combat the inflammation. You can reduce the inflammation in your feet easily and effectively by using foot massagers.

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Quit Smoking & Drinking

Another home remedy for pain relief is to limit alcohol consumption. Alcohol can exacerbate nerve damage, sometimes the cause of neuropathy. It is also believed that it can relieve neuropathic pain. Reportedly, drinking alcohol is the second-leading cause of developing neuropathy. So, if you are drinking too much and have diabetes , it might be enough time for you to reconsider. Quitting alcohol can even reverse nerve damage already caused in neuropathic patients and help lead a pain-free life. Not only this, alcohol can even worsen your nerve pain if you already have neuropathy.

Likewise, smoking can not only worsen nerve pain in already diabetic or neuropathic patients but can also cause neuropathy in fully healthy individuals. Although smoking does not cause neuropathy in all individuals, it is still a major factor in the development of nerve pain. You must have heard your doctor telling you repeatedly to quit smoking but they dont always reveal the why but this is a major factor in helping you quit smoking. So, in case you are still struggling, you must know there are several pieces of research and real-life stories that show quitting cigarettes can actually reverse nerve damage fully and help you lead a pain-free life.

Benefits Of The Theraflow Dual Foot Massager

The TheraFlow makes use of reflexology to relieve the foot of pain and stress. It provides warmth and tension relief in each foot and a warmth that radiates toward other areas and alleviates a variety of conditions.

It weighs 1.6 pounds, so it is light enough for everyone to carry and was created to last. It’s also designed to accommodate every foot size imaginable and is really easy to clean.

The refund policy is great too. Users can return it if they are unhappy with it, and the company will refund their money without asking any questions but we doubt they have seen many of these returns.

With 10 rollers, a lightweight wooden body, and a design based on ancient techniques, this is one of the best pressure point based foot massagers on the market and may help relieve much of the nerve pain associated with Diabetic Neuropathy.

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Listen To What Patients Are Saying

We are very proud of the success stories we are able to share with you. Dont take our word for it listen to the life-changing benefits patients are experiencing from our treatments!

Yeah, when I am done my feet feel better for sure. It always feels a little bit better. I rated a 2 in pain after my treatment today. I would recommend trying this.

The pain that I was having were like needles, sharp needles. Terrible pain. Its amazing how much pain is gone.

Does Massaging Your Feet Help With Neuropathy

How to Care for Your Numb Feet in Diabetes?

Massage therapy is becoming one of the most popular ways to deal with the pain associated with Neuropathy and more sufferers than ever are booking in for a foot massage.

Not only does it work wonders in combating common problems like tingling and burning sensations, but it can also release special endorphins that negate pain signals.

Pain and discomfort drastically reduce when muscles are loosened during massage.

Regular massage can actually have a reversal effect on those who are suffering from low mobility too. After the regular foot massage, many people claim they can walk better and with less pain.

The best foot massager for Peripheral Neuropathy is one that can best replicate the feel of a trained masseuse during a foot massage.

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Are There Any Cures For Neuropathy In The Feet

There are no cures for neuropathy in the feet of any type of diabetic neuropathy, however it is possible to slow the progression of the disease and reverse some of the symptoms. Through lifestyle changes, natural remedies, and medications, you can start to relieve diabetic foot pain.

One of the most important things that you can do to keep this condition under control is to manage your blood glucose levels. By working with your doctor you can come up with a game plan to manage your diabetes and tackle foot pain.

Foot Massage May Improve Symptoms Of Diabetic Neuropathy

Roughly of people with diabetes deal with peripheral neuropathy.

A 2015 study examined the benefits of Thai foot massage for a group of 60 people with type 2 diabetes. The researchers found that participants given a 30-minute foot massage, 3 times per week for 2 weeks, had significant improvements in their range of motion, ability to stand up from a seated position, and foot sensation, compared to a control group.

A 2017 study also found benefits of foot massage for people with diabetes. In a group of 38 people with type 2 diabetes, the researchers found that foot massage led to increased balance and mobility. However, there was no control group in the study. More research is needed to understand the potential benefits of foot massage in people with diabetes.

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Foot Massage For Diabetic Neuropathy

Our research states that massage does help neuropathy, but specifically diabetic neuropathy is covered by the Mayo Clinic saying that even moisturizing your feet is a possible method of combatting diabetic neuropathy. There has been proof of massages lowering blood glucose levels in diabetic patients, which supports the evidence of the possible treatment for neuropathy in legs and feet being a massage.

Thai foot massages improved symptoms of diabetic neuropathy according to another study. A massage for neuropathy in legs and feet and its benefits have been studied for a while, and even traditional Chinese massages were experimented with by various scientists and researchers. Segueing into another article, our brilliant in-house researchers have an in-depth review of pulse oximeters for monitoring. Now, lets get back to massages.

According to numerous studies, massage is generally safe for people with diabetes to take part in without serious side effects. When asked with the question: Why cant you massage someone with diabetes? You now have the information that you in fact CAN massage someone with diabetes.

How Long Should I Use My Foot Massager

Ease Peripheral Neuropathy Symptoms In Feet and Legs | Peripheral Neuropathy Exercise Routine

Depending on your condition:

Neuropathy – For neuropathy, you should be focusing on increasing your blood flow. To do this you should use your massager between 3-4 times a week for a period of around 25-30 minutes.

Plantar Fasciitis – For this kind of condition, you should be focusing on reducing muscle tension. To do this use the foot massager for 15 minutes every day that you feel pain.

Does vibration help Neuropathy?

Utilizing vibration, alongside air compression and a heat function allows for the most effective treatment of Neuropathy symptoms without medication.

All of these help massively increase blood circulation. As blood flows to the feet, your foot massager will help you reduce tingling as well as pain and numbness.

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Quinear Shiatsu Foot Massager

This foot massager provides a deep kneading, relaxing, shiatsu and rolling massage with heat. The massager comes with 44 massage nodes that can provide a great massage experience right from your toes to heels. There are big airbags that can cover your whole insteps.

You can choose the most suitable one from 6 different massage levels. The massager is known to improve blood circulation, relieve foot pain from plantar fasciitis and provide general as well.

What We Like

  • It sports an ergonomic design and imitates an actual human hands foot massage.
  • The massager is pretty safe and reliable. It comes with an emergency Deflate button as well which you can press in emergency situations.
  • There is an automatic timer set for a duration of 20 minutes to avoid overuse.
  • The panel is easy to control by hands and even foot.
  • The cloth covers in foot chambers are removable and washable.

What We Dont Like

  • If you a first time user, then the massage intensity can appear too high for you

Benefits Of Foot Massager For Diabetes

The good news is that foot neuropathy can be avoided by a simple yet effective treatment strategy i.e. foot massage.

You can get a nice, cozy massage by a therapist or you can opt for a foot massager. Modern foot massagers are superb in imparting relaxation and pain relief. Studies have shown that massager devices such as foot massagers are spot-on in improving muscular imbalances and alleviating stress in students.

The most evident advantages of having a foot massage using a foot massager are discussed below:

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Cloud Massage Shiatsu Foot Massager

The best part about this electric foot massager is that it has a comfortable angle and provides a deep kneading and relaxing shiatsu massage. It even provides adjustable setting for air compression pressure, vibration and heat too which ultimately helps the user to relieve any sort of soreness or pain in parts like ankles, feet, calves or legs.

Moreover, you would like to know that it is an open toed machine and can fit almost all sorts of feet sizes.

What We Like

  • The massager offers a quiet mode too.
  • It even sports an adjustable bar for changing the massager position for a more comfortable experience.
  • There are 3 levels of intensity available in this foot massager also.
  • There is an automatic timer for a duration of 15 minutes. So, all you have to do is sit back and relax.

What We Dont Like

  • It is manually operated.

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