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Uastro Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Osim Uastro 2 Zero Gravity Massage Chair $2974

OSIM® uAstro2 Zero Gravity Massage Chair Features

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Mother’s Day Gift Idea.Brookstone has the OSIM uAstro 2 Zero Gravity Massage Chair for $2,974.00 with Coupon Code: AFMOM25 . Oversize shipping starts at $169. Tax in Most States. This massage chair normally retails for a whopping $3,999. – Full body massage options simulate professional masseuses

  • Uses a combination of airbag massagers & rolling nodes in foot rest
  • Built-in lumbar heat warms muscles in the lower back
  • 12 different massage options with 15-minute auto off
  • 5 levels of massage intensity with Zero Gravity recline
  • Measures 35w x 54l x 50h Upright

Massage Techniques And Programs

The chair offers multiple massage options with 12 in total programs. 8 of them are automatic programs and they include Full Body, Full Air, Stretch, Rejuvenate, Swedish, Relax, Energize and Quick. The other 4 are manual massage programs. They are Tapping, Kneading, Rolling, and Roller. So you have a lot of customization options for each preference.

The Osim uAstro2 features 34 airbags that provide neck, shoulder, arm, seat and lumbar area massage. 5 levels of intensity allow you to choose the perfect one for the relaxation you need, whether itâs just soft massage or vigorous.

Optionally, you can also choose a massage that would target one specific area. It can be just shoulder massage, back, arm, or neck massage.

Hot Paper Money Operated Massage Chair Shiatsu Human Touch

massage chair -Uastro massage chair human touch -CE RoHS GS ETL/cETL 6- roller massage mechanism Kneading width is about 3.8cm to 24.5cm The massage stoke from up to down is about 64cm Several massage modes, such as kneading, tapping, knocking and synchronization 4 auto massage modes 3-grade massage speed is adjustable 3-grade massage width is adjustable The default massage Active Member

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Do The Inada Sogno And Uastro Massage Chairs Have True Zero

Although the uAstro is marketed with zero gravity as a feature, I never felt it. True zero gravity involves a 30 degree seat tilt which

causes you to feel rather weightless.

Coupled with this sensation, is the effect of raised legs that gets more blood to your heart. The position takes the force of gravity off your back and it feels great.

Not once did I experience this in the uAstro even with the ottoman raised, my legs were still quite low in relation to my body as a whole. Inada does not promote zero gravity as a feature of the Sogno chair. In spite of their not claiming it, I felt closer to the sensation as I reclined fully in the Sogno than in the chair from Brookstone.

One of the Sogno features Im most impressed with is the alternation of air cells to mimic an incredible kneading and massaging effect on the feet and lower legs. There is a definite contrast with the uAstros simple compression from air cells.

Also, The Sogno Dreamwave program incorporates sophisticated technology to produce a side-to-side along with an up-and-down movement of the seat not found in the uAstro. This Inada Sogno seat movement makes possible the incredible Stretch program which is therapeutic for the hip and lower back pain common to many of our clients. The program includes rotation, extension and flexion, making it one of the most popular features of this wonderful massage chair.

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uAstro Zero Gravity Massage Chair

If youve done your research

Then you probably already know why youre here. With over a decade of massage chair experience and therapeutic design savvy, HiTech Massage Chairs is the clear leader in the industry. Weve meticulously tested, tweaked, and re-tested every robotic, electronic, Shiatsu chair under the sun. We could fill encyclopedias with our knowledge of the subtle differences between Osakis latest powerhouse or Panasonics new knot-slayer. And of course, weve taken everything we like about those chairs, and combined them into some models of our own: the Superior line. NEXT CLICK HERE

Thats why we say we dont just know our massage chairs we know everyones massage chairs.

We offer recliners from the most recognizable names in the industry, as well as our own models. We have hand-selected every single item that appears in our catalog after a rigorous gauntlet of tests that pushes each chair to its functional limit. None of our loungers skimp on construction, materials, or motors, and they all feature best-in-class robotic Shiatsu technology and stellar craftsmanship. Not to mention our bullet proof warranties that are unmatched in the world of modern massage.

We are totally committed to providing only the highest quality, luxury-grade therapeutic chairs that WILL give you the relief and relaxation you need but youd never guess it by the affordable price. Were specialists, not sharks.

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Uastro Massage Chair: Experience The Zero

After a hectic workday schedule one just wishes to soothe their body in rest and rejuvenate the soul. A place that can turn out to be a heaven on the earth, and uAstro Massage Chair is just the place to experience the bliss of both the worlds together. The chair bestows you with zero gravity massage, once you slip your body on it. Simply recline on this heavenly chair in zero-gravity position and see yourself being relaxed.

uAstro lets you choose from five levels of intensity for its massage programs and also includes massage techniques like kneading, rolling, percussion and vibration. From arms, seat, waist, hips, palms, legs and feet, every body part is massaged by the magical chair. It is accompanied by a remote control to make the selection and customize all massage programs and power-recline positions. Youll love to sit on this chair and make every body part feel great. You can grab the chair from Brookstone.

A Few Things We Liked About The Uastro Vs The Inada Sogno Massage Chair

The uAstro remote control display is more user friendly than that of the Sogno. As you go into different modalities, it shows you as it does them. The Sogno LED screen brings up unfamiliar symbols you have to learn to know what is going on with your body.

Heaters are included in both chairs. As I compared the two, I noticed a somewhat stronger effect in the uAstro as I experienced a pretty warm lower back by the end of my 15 minute massage session. The warmth of the Sogno is more subtle with a wider reach throughout the entire seat and radiating up to the sacral area.

To sum up, the chairs may look similar, but the Inada Sognos sophisticated technology produces the more advanced experience. If you are a novice consumer looking to step up from a Homedics pad used on your home chairs, perhaps you would be satisfied with the uAstro.

If you are determined to purchase the best chair for your money, I have no hesitation in recommending The Inada Sogno Dreamwave. The question to ask yourself is whether you want the kind of quality that will ensure many years of excellent massage. Personally, I would rather pay a little extra to get the best chair available than spend $3,500 and be sorry later.

Dr. Alan Weidner

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Zero Gravity Chair With Osim Uastro Massage

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Chair Massage is done in an ergonomically intended movable bench. bench massage concentrates on the head, neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands. Massage therapists are able to offer on site massage to many environments due to portability of the massage bench, and clients dont have to disrobe to get a bench massage. caused by these two factors, bench massage is frequently performed in settings like business offices, employee appreciation events, trade shows, conferences, and other corporate settings. A robotic massage bench holds interior electronic motors and gears intended to massage the person sitting in them. Most robotic massage chairs have some form of controller to differ the type, place, or intensity of massage. The 1st electric massage bench was invented in Japan before World War II.

Massaging chairs most usually resemble recliners. There are various types and brands, as well as office style chairs that operate from interior batteries. A less costly choice is a separate massaging pad that can be used with an present bench.

The benefits of Zero Gravity Chair That Lays Flat and Osim Uastro Massage include deep relaxation, reduced blood pressure, a lowering of the pulse rate, and increased metabolism.

Massage chairs are intended to imitate the hand motions of a massage therapist. They use a mix of massage rollers and airbags to the different parts of the body.

Human Touch Gravis Zg Chair

OSIM® uAstro2 Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Return for store credit within 7 days of receiving the item. Free return shipping.

Ships In 3-5 weeks

If the estimated ship time seems a bit long, it’s because many items are shipped in bulk at the end of the sale , which is what affords you the discount. Some items are also made-to-order and/or are shipping internationally. The best things are worth waiting for!

Human Touch Gravis ZG Chair

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translation missing: en.products.general.return_titleThis product may be returned within 30 days of purchase with original receipt. This product does not ship to Armed Forces Americas, Armed Forces Europe, Armed Forces Pacific, Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, or Internationally

White Glove Shipping & Delivery: Includes delivery to the 1st floor, chair assembly in the room of your choice, and removal of all packaging so you can start to enjoy your new chair! Delivery date and time is coordinated by the manufacturer with the customer 3-5 business days from the date of purchase.

White Glove Shipping & Delivery: Includes delivery to the 1st floor, chair assembly in the room of your choice, and removal of all packaging so you can start to enjoy your new chair! Delivery date and time is coordinated by the manufacturer with the customer 3-5 business days from the date of purchase.

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Luxury Full Body Electric Multifunction Massage Chair

Uastro Massage chair human touch 2. Good quality and reasonable price 3. Osaka brookstone massage chair 4. Standard: CE, RoH Functions of massage chair: 1. Back rubbing 2. Light thumps to the back 3. Position detection _ shoulder, shin, back and waist can be detected for acurate massage 4. Airbag in the seating area 5. Airbag for the leg massage Active Member

Massage Chairs Repair And Service Get Your Massage Chair Repaired By The Leader In The Industry

Uastro massage chair troubleshooting. One year service warranty with premium delivery and install. Contact brookstone customer service at 866 336 3199 for servicing. Massage chairs are great inventions that make it possible for consumers to avoid a massage therapist and get a head to toe massage in the comfort of their own home. In fact more than a smartphone and about the same as your average pc.

The foot extender onlly works occaisionally. Chairs range from full body. Os 7430 uastro massage chair. Troubleshooting if the uastro2 massage chair still malfunctions or does not work please switch off the main switch of the uastro2 massage chair and remove the power plug from the electrical outlet.

Shows where the problem was and the repair. Massage chairs are great inventions that make it possible for consumers to avoid a massage therapist and get a head to toe massage in the comfort of their own home. If the uastro is not to be used for a long period of time cover the uastro with a dust cover and unplug its power plug from the electrical outlet. Electrical as shared in past articles today s full body massage chairs use surprisingly little electrical energy.

I estimate this cause accounts for about 80 of the my massage chair stopped working calls to our support queue. I found this in target. How old is it. I have an osim massage chair.

Mostly when pressing the button nothing happens. But at a significant savings. Certified pre owned osim uastro2 zero gravity massage chair.

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Inada Sogno Massage Chair Vs Osim Uastro From Brookstone

We get questions quite often about the similarities and contrasts between the Inada Sogno Dreamwave massage chairand OSIM uAstro. Since the Inada Sogno Dreamwave Plus chair has become popular, other companies are producing look-alikes in hopes of gaining sales in this market. The uAstro is made in China and distributed by Brookstone.

At first glance, the two chairs may look the same, but you must sit in them and turn them on to detect the differences. I have experienced massage sessions in both of these chairs, so here are my thoughts.

One of our customers tried the Inada Sogno massage chair in our showroom and shortly thereafter the UAstro at Brookstone. When he ordered the Inada Sogno from us the next day, he compared our massage experience with getting into a Mercedes and the uAstro with driving a Chevy. It was at this point I decided it was time to give each of these chairs a real try.

I found immediately that there is a huge difference in the roller design. The rollers working my back in the uAstro seemed awkward and slightly uncomfortable. The Sogno 3-D rollers feel better and go down into the buttocks. The uAstro rollers only go to the area around the sacrum.

For those of you with larger statures or wider hips, the uAstro may be uncomfortable due to the much smaller seat. If you dont fit easily into your chair, your massage experience will be compromised.

Uastro Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Used Brookstone OSIM UAstro Zero Gravity Massage Chair for ...
  • … function also can be controlled by hand rest Air massage for neck,shoulder,back,hand,seat,leg,foot. Massage Roller for foot. Zero gravity massage chair places the body in the least stressful and most comfortable positions for effective massage. Active Member
  • … function also can be controlled by hand rest Air massage for neck,shoulder,back,hand,seat,leg,foot. Massage Roller for foot. Zero gravity massage chair places the body in the least stressful and most comfortable positions for effective massage. Site Member

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