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Tai Chi Stretching Massage Therapy

Expanding The Reach Of Tai Chi

Jesse Tsao Tai Chi Qigong Cane Stretch & Self-Massage

The effect of tai chi on one aspect of aging the decline in peripheral circulatory function was examined by physical therapy researchers in Taiwan . The study team gathered lab results on 10 older men who had been practicing tang TCC for at least three years, three times weekly. Measurements included minute ventilation and oxygen consumption during bicycle exercise, venous function, hyperemic arterial blood flow and cutaneous vascular responsiveness to an agonist . These same measurements were also conducted on a group of 10 sedentary men in the same age range, and 12 sedentary younger men averaging age 23.5 The TCC men were found to exhibit greater endothelium-dependent dilation in skin vasculature than older sedentary men and displayed measurements similar to the younger group in venous and arterial hemodynamic variables.8 Authors concluded: TCC training in older individuals is associated with improved peripheral circulatory function and may prove to be a suitable exercise for helping older people to prevent peripheral vascular diseases.9

About Tai Chi Stretching Massage Therapy

Our company was created in 2006 in different locations in South Florida. With extensive experience in therapeutic massage combined with Tai Chi techniques, this helps our patients release stress and helps tone the lymphatic system by eliminating toxins, corrects the position of internal organs and stimulates them, strengthens and improves the circulatory system, strengthens and improves the circulatory system, enhances the immune system and disease resistance. It benefits people with chronic back, neck and shoulder pain, detects and corrects postural problems due to lack of balance in the viscera.

Tai Chi Massage Process

The bottom line in any Tai Chi exercise is body movements. Since the practice traces its roots to martial arts, the massage creates rhythmic movements that explore the body and soul.

The basis of Tai Chi philosophy is inner strength and resilience, which I incorporate into my routine.

However, it might take a different course, as long as it strengthens both body and soul.

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What Is A Tai Chi Massage

In this article, I will expound on the health benefits of Tai Chi, especially massage, and how effective it is to body development.

It will also shine more light on the relationship between Tai Chi martial arts and body wellness.

I first heard of Tai Chi as a teenager and thought it was a violent and aggressive sport. Those who practised used it for self-defence.

Later I discovered it was far more gentle activity and meditative, I found many health and psychological benefits of Tai Chi and have stuck with it since then.

More recently I discovered Tai Chi massage and want to share this with you

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Incorporating Tai Chi In Your Massage Practice


I didn’t realize that 2,000-year-old gentle movements could keep my body and mind in shape in my massage practice today. I studied tai chi while attending massage school many years ago. It was a mandatory part of my education at that time. I could not completely understand why or how it could be applied in massage, and found myself not wanting to go to class. However, I now wish I could thank every teacher I gave a hard time to, since I now practice and use the form every day.

Tai chi is an ancient practice that involves breathwork and body movements used originally in self-defense. When applied in massage therapy, tai chi can reduce stress on joints, increase stamina and also help those achy feet.

As massage therapists, we all know the importance of adapting to the area we work in. Working in tight places or hospital beds can be challenging. With the help of tai chi and by remembering its principals, we can easily adjust our bodies with ease and little or no stress. Tai chi gives us the tools to use our bodies to the best of their capabilities, therefore, allowing better treatments, longer treatment time and reduced stress both mentally and physically.

Numerous studies have revealed the benefits of tai chi, including:

Check some of the adult education classes in your area to locate an experienced teacher of tai chi, and you can begin to incorporate the benefits of tai chi into your practice and everyday life.

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Oh My Aching Back: Do Yoga Tai Chi Or Qigong Help

Researchers provide comprehensive review of effects of movement-based mind-body interventions on chronic low back pain

Its a pain. About 80 percent of adults in the United States will experience lower back pain at some point. Treating back pain typically involves medication, including opioids, surgery, therapy and self-care options. Efforts to reduce opioid use and increase physically based therapies to reduce pain and increase physical function and safety are crucial.

Patients are often advised to use non-pharmacological treatments to manage lower back pain such as exercise and mind-body interventions. But, do they really help? In a review published in the journal Holistic Nursing Practice, researchers from Florida Atlantic Universitys College for Design and Social Inquiry and Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing evaluated the evidence of effects of three movement-based mind-body interventions on chronic low back pain. They examined yoga, tai chi, which combines gentle physical exercise and stretching with mindfulness, and qigong, a traditional Chinese meditative movement therapy focused on body awareness and attention during slow, relaxed, and fluid repetitive body movements. Little is known about the effects of movement-based mind-body intervention, in particular qigong and tai chi.

What Is Tai Chi Massage Therapy

Tai Chi Massage Therapy is an intuitive therapy led by the internal energy skills of the practitioner. To ‘do’ Tai Chi Massage you need to have a good understanding of Tai Chi and a set of therapy skills to apply your Tai Chi knowledge through. Every Tai Chi Massage therapist will treat clients differently, as the important part of Tai Chi Massage is that you adhere to the internal energy concepts and principles discovered in authentic Tai Chi practice. This allows you to intuitively apply your own knowledge, understanding and life experience for the benefit of the client.

In this way each therapist’s expression of ‘healing’ is as unique as they are and each individual session is as unique as the client and the interaction that day between the client and the therapist. The way of Tai Chi Massage Therapy should follow the journey of the Tai Chi practitioner. The ultimate aim of a Tai Chi Chuan exponent is to achieve the Taoist philosophical concept of the ‘Grand Ultimate’, which is the literal translation of Tai Chi. In Tai Chi this is done through studying internal energy flow and how to apply it as a martial art. You can then take this knowledge and understanding and apply it to all aspects of your life. In this way you could say that anything you do becomes prefixed by Tai Chi .

So when you begin to apply what you know from Tai Chi to therapy, a holistic modality emerges that encompasses everything you have learnt about mind, body and spirit.

– It works.

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How Will I Benefit From Mat

  • Relieves chronic pain contributing to weak posture

  • Releases trapped nerves from tight muscles, joints and ligaments

  • Corrects atrophy, weakness and muscle amnesia in head-forward postures

  • Addresses breathing disorders caused by a drooping ribcage

  • Lessens pain sensitivity through graded exposure assisted stretching

  • Eliminates protective muscle guarding due to joint dysfunction

  • Improves sleep by lowering sympathetic nervous system tone

  • Creates dynamic, confident posture with innovative restorative techniques

  • Corrects sports-related tendon and joint injuries

  • Enhances athletic performance through hands-on proprioceptive training

  • Changes the brains mind about pain through targeted exercise advice

  • Prevents chronic neck and back pain due to tension, trauma & weak posture

Massage Choicesthe Right Massage Tailored Just For You

Tai Chi Temple Exercises : Beach Body Exercises

Each of our Certified Professional Massage Therapists are trained and experienced in providing the best in massage techniques. Your massage will be on time, to your satisfaction and relaxing. We understand this is your time to really let go and relax.

Relaxation massage is the choice for those wanting a full body relaxation experience. Rest comfortably in your private and well-appointed room. Allow yourself to sink into our comfortable massage tables and experience total relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage is for those who simply need more pressure. Choose an area or a full body deep tissue. You will know you experienced a deep tissue massage.

Pregnancy Massage is safe, appropriate and very helpful during each stage of your pregnancy. Feel better, move better and sleep better. We will pamper you during this most important time in your life. Rest assured we have the pleasure of treating a lot of the expectant moms in our community.

Sports Massage is perfect for the elite athlete or the weekend warrior. We are prepared to enhance your physical performance during training, before or after a race or for those sore or injured muscles. This massage maintains the correct balance or massage, stretching, trigger point work and muscle elongation. Let us help you compete at your best level.

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Massage Therapy Yoga And Tai Chi Help Reduce Lower Back Pain

In the U.S., back pain is the second most common form of neurological disorder, according to the National Institutes of Health. Any disorder of the body’s nervous system is considered a neurological disorder and headaches rank at the top in this category.

When you have back pain, your primary care doctor should properly assess your condition. Causes of back pain can range from mild muscle strain to a herniated disc, osteoporosis, even a tumor. Finding out the cause of the back pain is important to do to make sure you begin the correct treatment plan.

There are some natural remedies that may offer some relief for mild to moderate pain often found in the lower back. When used with conventional forms of treatment especially, these popular alternative remedies can be beneficial:

Massage Therapy:

Massage therapy is an effective treatment for lower back pain, according to a study from 2011. Researchers found that the benefits were rewarding, pain relief lasted six months and beyond.

“We found that both types of massage were equally effective in helping people improve their function and diminish their symptoms,” epidemiologist Daniel Cherkin said. Cherkin led the study that examined 401 people that had chronic lower back pain.


“Our results suggest that both yoga and stretching can be good, safe options for people who are willing to try physical activity to relieve their moderate low back pain,” Dr. Karen J. Sherman of the Group Health Research Institute in Seattle said.

Today Is A Beautiful Day

Understanding Deep Tissue MassageDeep Tissue Techniques work with chronic muscle tension or injury, there may be adhesion in muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Adhesion can disrupt circulation and cause pain, limited movement, and inflammation. Deep tissue massage works by physically breaking down these adhesion to relieve pain and restore normal movement. To do this, the massage therapist uses oil and often uses direct deep pressure. Some passive stretching may be applied in order to loosen the deepest layers of muscles that are unable to be reached manually. Muscles must be relaxed in order for the therapist to reach the deeper musculature. A deep tissue massage is not an ordinary backrub. When finding tight knots that built up from daily stress and too little or too much exercise, massage therapists use adequate manual pressure and friction focused on releasing the tight soft tissue and realigning deeper layers of muscles. It is usually used for chronic aches and pains and those habitually and easily contracted areas such as a stiff neck, upper back, low back pain, leg muscle tightness, and sore shoulders. The movement is slower and the pressure is deeper to concentrate on the areas of tension and pain in order to reach the sub-layer of muscles and the fascia .Deep Tissue Massage Can Lead To SorenessBenefits of Deep Tissue MassageDeep tissue massage usually focuses on a specific problem, such as chronic muscle pain, injury rehabilitation. According to Consumer Reports

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Special Body Massage & Foot Combinations

Get 30 min BODY massage and 30 min Foot massage.

Fee: $60.00

Get 60 min BODY massage and 30 min Foot massage.

Fee: $90.00

Get 60 min BODY massage and Cupping/Gua Sha.

Fee: $80.00


For couples, whether they be husband and wife, partner, fellow worker, having a massage together can not only relieve your daily stress but also make you both feel more at ease with each other forgetting trivial problems.

60 min: $120.00 For 2 PERSONS


Gua sha is a natural, alternative therapy that involves scraping your skin with a massage tool to improve your circulation. This ancient Chinese healing technique may offer a unique approach to better health, addressing issues like chronic pain..

15 min: $30.00


Cupping is a type of alternative therapy that originated in China. It involves placing cups on the skin to create suction. The suction may facilitate healing with blood flow.

15 min: $30.00


Cupping is a type of alternative therapy that originated in China. It involves placing cups on the skin to create suction. The suction may facilitate healing with blood flow.

10 min: $20.00

30 min: $40.00


A Hot Stone Reflexology session is a lavishing treat for the feet, and deeply relaxing to the entire body and mind. While the practitioner actively works on one foot, the other foot rests neatly wrapped in infused lubricant and heated stones for comfort and invigoration.

Tai Chi: A Way To Find Your Balance

Top 10 Massage Health Benefits of Thai Yoga Bodywork ...

I have reviewed many aspects of health while researching topics for my self-care column in Massage Today. From the importance of sleep, to how our brains benefit from being active and now feel like I now have a more balanced approach to wellness.

Thinking about the concept of balance led me to re-visit what I have learned about tai chi, especially because several clients of mine have been talking about it lately.

I have previously written about the benefits of yoga, and while tai chi is similar, it is more accessible than yoga as it is a little less demanding on the body. While both yoga and tai chi integrate breathing with body postures and focus on aligning the body and mind, there are significant differences between them.

Dabbling in the Arts

Yoga originated in India, includes schools that are very vigorous, and originally included a spiritual component to the practice. Tai chi is a form of martial art that originated in China, focuses on aligning the body and mind, and uses solely low-impact movements. While traveling through China, many times I witnessed people in parks practicing tai chi, as well as men in business suits starting our their work day by practicing tai chi in their office.

SP: How would you describe tai chi to the layperson?

SP: We know there are many benefits to practicing Tai chi. When thinking about massage therapists, and the work they do, what do you think are the most beneficial aspects of tai chi for them?

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What Is Mat Therapy

Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques is a modality of massage therapy that incorporates many of the most effective ways to detect and treat the pain patterns that burden us. The “fluff and buff” massage styles that so many massage businesses offer may feel great for the short term, however, we the clients want to feel the benefits for days, weeks, and longer. Am I right?

Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques was developed by Erik Dalton PhD as a tool to relieve our nation’s neck and back pain epidemic. By incorporating muscle balancing techniques and joint stretching maneuvers, MAT therapists learn to identify and correct dysfunctional, neurologically-driven strain patterns before they become pain patterns. The typical deep tissue massage focuses mostly on providing temporary relief without identifying and correcting dysfunctional patterns.

Top Reasons To Consider Tai Chi

Everywhere you turn, youll find advocates for one form of healthy living or another. As a result, it isnt hard to recognize that you could benefit from getting more exercise. If you have forgone doing so because of one reason or another, it may just be that you havent found a type of exercise that you can do or that appeals to you. Here are a Top Reasons To Consider Tai Chi could be exactly what you are looking for:

  • Gentle Tai chi is one of the gentlest forms of exercise you can undertake. It can easily be adapted to your situation, whether that is recovering from surgery, you are pregnant, or even if you are in a wheelchair. Tai chi is a low-impact exercise that is sometimes referred to as meditation in motion because of its slow-motion, relaxed movements.
  • Health Benefits Tai chi doesnt fall into the no pain, no gain philosophy of exercise and while it wont leave you breathless like aerobic exercise, you can still enjoy improved muscle strength in both the upper and lower body, increased flexibility, and improved balance.
  • No Expensive Equipment You wont need a gym full of equipment to learn and practice tai chi, which makes it an ideal exercise choice that you can learn at a studio and do the easy-to-learn sequences at home.

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