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Rock & Recline Shiatsu Massage Chair

Cost Analysis: Massage Therapy V Massage Chair

Brookstone Rock Recline Massage Chair

Some of you are here because you are wondering if you should opt for one of these chairs instead of going to your local spa. We are glad you asked.

It costs anywhere from $65 for a beginner masseuse all the way to $120 for a high-end, experienced masseuse for just a one-hour massage. This, of course, will cost more or less depending on the spas location- for example, a massage in Beverly Hills will surely cost more than a massage in Philadelphia.

We also have to consider the cost of relaxation. At the start of the session, you devote your first few minutes to relaxing and getting used to the room around you. Despite these rooms being designed to comfort visitors, some may still feel uneasy since they are not in the comfort of their own home.

Point being is that one-hour massages are not the most relaxing if you do not feel comfortable in your environment. In addition, you must attend several massage therapy sessions per month in order to see the results.

This adds up fast and will end up being more costly than investing in a massage chair.

If you were spending $100 on massages every two weeks, thats $2600. You could easily afford a quality chair for that same amount.

You could be in the privacy of your own home, wearing whatever you like, and have the ability to sanitize and clean the chair to your liking.

How Frequently Should I Use My Massage Chair

About 3-4 times per week is just right to get the most out of your massage chair and relieve your neck, shoulder, and back pain. You will want to use the chairs timers to keep yourself accountable and avoid overusing the chair.

Your muscles do not become more relaxed by sitting in a chair greater than the recommended amount of time. Your best bet is to use short intervals instead of extended massages.

Massage therapy is just like other forms of medicine: take only what you need and dont take too much. Remember, excessive use of your massage chair can lead to inflammation, bruised tissue, or even a worn-out massage chair motor due to overuse. Enjoy your chair, but dont overdo it for your benefit.

How Well Do Brookstone Massagers Work

With any type of gadget or accessory like this, that has been designed to mimic or simulate something that a human normally handles, it is not always cut and dry that itll actually be effective or not. Thats why its important to consult reviews and why you shouldnt just base what you read in a product description.

Some work a lot better than others and its not always down to price. Weve looked at several in the guide above that were really, truly and utterly beautiful. As noted earlier, its crucial that you choose the right Brookstone massager for the problem areas on your body. You also need to be aware that theres a tendency with cordless massagers to not provide the same intensity or speed as their fully corded counterparts.

Again, a lot of this is relative. If youve only got minor aches and pains, youll only need a gentle massager. whereas if youve got this strain here and another knot there, youll be better with either a larger two-in-one model or one that offers deeper kneading and even percussion massage, in addition to some warmth too.

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Bestoffice Massaging Office Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: The best office chair with a lower back massager for people who prefer a more executive style chair at a budget-friendly price.


  • Comfortable plush cushioning Fully plush cushioned backrest and seat
  • Cushioned armrests and headrest for added comfort
  • Chair can be quickly assembled in 10 15 minutes


  • Massage feature is limited to lumbar region

Not everyone likes the oversized look of a traditional gaming chair. But the massage feature, along with plush cushioning, are things that should be prioritized if youre looking for a massaging office chair. We think that this BestOffice chair is the best office chair for people who want to combine massaging functionality with a classic executive style chair.

This simple pick is also our Best on a Budget because its one of the most affordable massaging chairs we found from our research. While there arent any color variations, we do like that you get a classic overstuffed high back office chair that includes cushioned armrests. Plus youll appreciate that the chair can be assembled in as little as 10 to 15 minutes. This chair can support up to 250 pounds and also offers height adjustment as well as reclining capabilities. Also, take a look at the best office stools that focus on height adjustability, ergonomics, weight capacity, and 360° swivel capability.

The 10 Best Zero Gravity Massage Chairs For 2022

Brookstone Rock Recline Shiatsu Massage Chair And Upholstery

When shopping for your perfect massage chair, the options can seem endless: Do you want a heated chair? Leg and calf massagers? And whats the difference between an S-track and an L-track? You didnt study for this!

One of the more common terms you may come across in your massage chair search is zero gravity. While it doesnt mean that youll gain the ability to float through space, the sensation a zero gravity massage chair provides comes pretty close.

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What Are The Main Health Benefits Of Using A Massager

Although there are plenty out there, and reading this, that love massage just for the pampering and attention it gives them, most like receiving massages because of the numerous health benefits. While you could argue that theres really no comparison between a real hands-on expert masseuse, modern massagers, Brookstone personal massagers, offer the next best thing.

As such, you can expect similar health benefits from using the best Brookstone massager you can buy. Primarily, those health benefits will be felt directly in the target areas youre planning on using the massager. So, those knots in your back will disappear, as is the case with those strained and pulled quads from that hardcore workout. There are some common health benefits that you can gain as a nice bonus while soothing those aches and pains. Its important to note that these will vary from person to person and area of the body to area of the body. However, the most common include:

  • Increasing the recovery of your muscles, particularly after workouts, strenuous activity or an injury
  • Reduce muscular pain
  • Promote improved sleep

Best Full Body: Human Touch Forti Full

The Human Touch Forti Full-Body Shiatsu offers a full body relaxation, from the upper back all the way down to your feet.

The powerful 3D FlexGlide 360 stimulates expert techniques in a massage customized for you.

Every contour of your body will be relaxed with care due to the FlexGlide.

Choose from three intensity levels to get the right pressure.

  • It offers targeted muscle benefits with four mode options that let you customize your relaxation.
  • Foot and calf massage features CirQlation technology for the most relief possible.
  • Dual motors allow you to adjust the back and leg area separately for perfect positioning.

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Luraco Irobotics 7 Massage Chair #1 Best Choice For Tall Users

This massage chair is the best technologically advanced massage recliner on the market. Youll appreciate how Luraco put their effort into making this high-tech piece of medical furniture more therapeutic instead of focusing on cosmetic adjustments. Luraco took #1 spot as top massage chair for 2020 in my massage chair ultimate buying guide.

Take a look at its best features:

3D Massage Technology the 3D massage on the Luraco is unparalleled. I can confidently say it is one of the best in the industry among all chair types. Its rollers push forward to deliver a thoroughly deep massage that penetrates your neck and back muscles effectively.

Enhanced Foot and Calf Massage to achieve whole body wellness, the Luraco i7 Plus targets your calf and foot areas with advanced rollers and air massage technology. This will release strain from your feet and calves while regenerating your muscles.

  • No white glove service

Summary: This Luraco chair is the most promptly technologically advanced massage chair on the market. Youll love the multiple user memory settings so you dont have to reprogram the chair every time a different person uses it.

Best Under $2: Relaxon Full Body Zero Gravity & Massage Chair

Brookstone Rock Recline Heated Massage Chair

The Relaxon offers some of the same features bragged about by much more expensive brands.

The innovative rollers conform to the shape of your spine, gliding from the top of the back all the way down to the gluteus muscles.

  • The L-Track innovation is good for people with lower back pain or tight glute muscles.
  • Relaxon model offered a deep and human-like, and provides a stretching function they call the spinal decompression program.
  • A computerized body scan means that it will be perfectly customized for you.

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Whats So Special About The Brookstone Brand

You may wonder why, when theres plenty of other brands to choose from, we decided to focus in on Brookstone and their selection of massage products. Youd be very justified to wonder and think that. The short answer is that theyre popular. But a short answer doesnt really answer the question. So, a longer and more detailed answer is called for.

One of the reasons the team here at Mens Gear really like the Brookstone brand, is that its a sign of reliability. Brookstone have been in the retail business in one form or another since the 1960s. Theres no way a company can be in business that long and not learn from its successes and mistakes and continue to streamline and tailor its offerings so that theyre the best theyll ever be.

Okay, okay, theres plenty of ways a company could be in business that long and not better themselves as a result. Brookstone arent one of those kinds of businesses.

Another thing that draws people to Brookstone and makes the brand so special is their attention to detail, built quality and functionality of their massagers. Simply put, their massagers are often the best-in-class for their kind and far better value than other brands. Take any one of the top Brookstone massagers featured in our guide and youll find that they all have sturdy builds, are versatile and have a plethora of different features that makes them that little bit better than others.

Ogawa Smart 3d Massage Chair

The Smart 3D is one of the best smart massage chairs you can find on the market. Its an ideal choice if youre more tech-savvy and want it to show in your choice of wellness furniture.

Take a look at its best features:

Smart Tablet Controls this massage chair comes with its own control pad. Youll find the interface easy enough to understand, although ad with everything there is a slight learning curve. Nonetheless, its been a very handy feature.

Multiple Custom Settings the tablet doesnt come as an aesthetic piece. It allows you to fully customize your massage experience and custom-tailor your chairs performance to fit you specifically.

  • Quite expensive

Summary: If you have the extra cash to splurge on your wellness, do it! This massage chair comes with only one con and thats how expensive it is. However, if you value great features and a truly custom-tailored massage experience, this ones for you.

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Gtpoffice Gaming Massaging Office Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: A chair thats designed to last with a sturdy ergonomic metal frame, fully padded backrest and chair, lumbar massage, and height-adjustable armrests.

  • Lacks a footrest
  • Massage is limited to lumbar region

This massaging gaming chair from GTPOffice is probably best for the person who wants all the benefits of a gaming chair but wants something that doesnt look quite so oversized. The biggest difference between this chair and the other gaming chairs we featured is that this one lacks a footrest but does allow you to adjust the height on the armrests.

Still, this pick is available in three different racer style color combinations. In terms of functionality, this chair is fairly standard in the gaming category, allowing backrest reclines between 90 to 160 degrees. The lower lumbar massager is USB powered and the seat height is also adjustable. Youll enjoy plush padding throughout the backrest and seat, and full mobility thanks to the five casters in the base.

Best Under $500: 3d Kahuna Exquisite Rhythmic Hubot

Brookstone Rock And Recline Shiatsu Massage Chair for Sale in Issaquah ...

Infinity Therapeutics belongs to Infinite Creative Enterprises, a company with a 20 year record of excellent product design and manufacture, along with creative, innovative design.

The Infinity IT-8500X3-EB 3D is a prime example of Infinitys innovative concepts.

The 3D technology is state of the art, offering five intensity levels that perfectly fit your body so you can choose how deep it will be, as well as 3D auto-programs for shiatsu for deep relaxation option, Healthy Breath program for gentle relaxation, and stretching with the Extend program.

Another model that you might be interested, check out Infinity IT 8500.

  • It offers zero-gravity to reduce heart rate and encourage circulation, as well as relieving pressure on the spine.
  • The 3D programming in it even extends to a neck feature. Gentle heat relaxes muscles and gradually reduces pain

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Rock & Recline Massage Chair

There arent too many Brookstone massage chairs reviews that center on the companys entry-level model, so you may not have even heard of it.

Its a smaller chair, and as its name suggests, it both rocks and reclines, so if youre looking for a massage chair you can rock in, youll like this very much.

Its specifically designed for two groups of people: Those who dont have a lot of space, and people on a budget.

Because its fairly small and lightweight, if youre big and tall, this one probably isnt going to work for you. Its also worth mentioning that this is the only chair Brookstone makes that only comes with a one year warranty , so keep that in mind as well.

Now, with those things out of the way, lets take a closer look at which the Rock & Recline chair can do.

Best For Office: Shiatsu Seat Cushion Massage Chair

The Back Massager, Shiatsu Seat Cushion with Heat and Vibrating offers best neck and back massaging in a convenient pad that can be laid over your office chair.

The acupressure chair gives you control so your massage will be customized for you.

You can use the remote controller to vertically adjust the neck nodes to just the right height for your neck.

  • Four deeply penetrating nodes work to relax your back in the direct spots you need.
  • It offers a soothing heating function to improve blood circulation and relieve pain and pressure.
  • It offers a breathable, durable, mesh back design so you can sit in it all day. The seat is made of attractive and reliable PU leather.

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Salient Features Of Brookstone Massage Chair

There is so much to talk about this incredible chair from the house of Brookstone. I am so excited to share what you can do with this beautiful piece of creativity and comfort. I dont know where to begin but let us learn about its key features one by one.

L-Track Design

It begins with the experience of a four-roller, L-track massage system. It starts in the skull base and outspreads into the gluteal muscles. The Brookstone Massage Chairs L-Track design reaches from your neck, down to your back, and beneath your glutes. The chair features a body scan to ensure that the 50-inch track with a quad style massage head removes your back tension and provides instant therapeutic relief ensuring a massage right where you need it.

Three-Stage Zero Gravity positions

The Zero Gravity feature elevates your legs and feet above your heart level while massaging the whole body. It helps in reducing the stress on your back muscles. Researchers pioneered the zero gravity position for the first time to reduce spinal compression for astronauts. The chair can recline 115 to 160 degrees to provide an optimal zero gravity position. It relieves tension and stress while boosting your circulation. You can cycle through three stages of Zero Gravity at the touch of a single button.

Foot Roller & Mechanical Shiatsu Calf Massager

Triple Region Heater for Heat Therapy

42 Airbags Air Compression Massage

Add a Minute

Adjustable Shoulder Height & 6 Foot Extension


Nine Automatic-courses

What Does Brookstone Sell

truMedic MC-500 Rocking Massage Chair

The vast majority of Brookstones revenue comes from its namesake brick-and-mortar stores, its accompanying website, and its BrookstonePop subscription service, which was launched in 2016. We have a unique business space-saving model with Bluetooth speakers that leverage our iconic product and assortment while leveraging our retail and online channels to drive each of our business segments, Bass says in the letter. According to Q2 earnings data released in August, the companys net sales were down 3.8% from the same period in 2016. What Are Its Partners Saying? Much like Bloomingdales, Brookstones troubles have prompted some of its strategic partners to reconsider their relationship.

Brookstone is a great brand with a rich history, and we are committed to finding a way to build a strong future for the brand and its employees. Brookstone is being financially pressured from many sides and we have, unfortunately, reached a point where the company has been forced to consider a sale of the business, Best Buy CEO Hubert Joly told Crains in an email. I dont think its our goal to own and operate a brick-and-mortar business, he added, explaining the decision to close its 10 locations, which include three in Illinois. Brookstones senior advisor Robert Pearis of JLL Partners Management also told Crains in July that the retailer would likely be sold in.

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Human Touch Super Novo Massage Chair

The Super Novo comes in fun colors that will look like a great statement piece in any room you put it in. It also comes with an array of great features. Take a look at my favorite features below:

User-friendly Controls I do not appreciate it when more high-tech chairs come with hard to understand control systems. This massage chair makes it very easy to control its functions with a touch of your finger.

Hybrid Track the S and L-track system on this chair targets more areas than just your back. Hybrid S and L roller track design feature rollers that target your back as well as your glutes and thighs.

  • Alexa is not fully integrated, so massage controls are limited

Summary: The Super Novo is a technologically advanced massage chair that packs a lot of great features. However, its a shame that the voice control feature hasnt been fully integrated prior to its release to give you a wider array of voice controls.

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