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Real Relax Massage Chair Favor 04 Review

Real Relax Massage Chair Final Verdict

Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair, Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Recliner Review

The Real Relax chairs Ive tried are more suitable for different users. If youre looking for a less intense massage, the Favor line will be perfect for you.

However, if you want something a little more intense, consider the S-Track massage recliners with zero-gravity functions.

Overall, Id say that Real Relax has a long way to go. Despite their best efforts, I find their units severely lacking. If youre looking for an affordable massage chair, youre better off purchasing a Kahuna LM6800.

The Better Alternative To Real Relax Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair

To give you a better alternative, we have handpicked the Kahuna LM6800 Massage Chair Recliner that comes equipped with 6 auto programs and includes all that the Real Relax does not.

The standout features and benefits of this model have been discussed below for you.

  • This model offers you three zero-gravity positions that give you a floating-in-mid-space kind of sensation.
  • It features an L-track design with 2D rollers that go down to your glutes to provide you with a thorough neck to buttocks massage.
  • The seat of this recliner has a vibratory feature that instantly releases lower-body stress.
  • The heat setting is available in the lumbar as well as calf and foot massage region that delivers complete relaxation to the entire body and rejuvenates the senses.
  • The Yoga-stretch feature of this chair stretches the front portion of your body along with your spine and hamstrings.
  • It comes with dual foot massage rollers and a detachable footrest that facilitates cleaning and sanitization.
  • It has 6 preset auto massage programs for you to choose from with a 30 minutes timer button.
  • It contains 36 airbags with 3 adjustable levels and employs efficient noise-reduction technology to maintain your peace of mind while taking massages.
  • The chair offers a full-body smart-scanning technology that swiftly locates all problematic points in your body and works towards alleviating the issue.

The Kahuna LM6800 Massage Recliner costs 4 times less than the best massage recliners.

Did You Know That 90% Of Massage Chairs Are All Manufactured And Assembled Out Of A Factory In China The Remaining 10% Are Made In Japan

Are Japanese massage chairs more superior than their Chinese counterparts? If you asked this question 10-20 years ago, youd have gotten a totally different answer than now. Chinese massage chair manufacturers have really upped their game since the last 5 years or so. If you ask me, they are definitely comparable to the Japanese chairs now!

Because pretty much all massage chairs are being manufactured out of Asia, most chairs are being built to typically accommodate a smaller/medium body type. The Real Relax Favor 03 design does follow a similar path: the chair is able to effectively accommodate anyone with a maximum height of 61 ft. weighing up to 400 lbs. If youre above 6 foot in height, you may find the chair a little tight or uncomfortable.

Able To Accommodate Small To Medium Body Types!

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Real Relax Massage Chair Problems

Real Relax Massage Chair has tough support. It is exactly what is recommended for older individuals with lots of health problems. The extra-tough frame and high back mean that this is the right chair for any age. For an additional extended lifespan, you need to exercise now but health and part of their routine often take a hit in old age.

First, it is one of the few relaxation therapy chairs. Second, its direct positive feedback will have you feeling relaxed before youre even in the chair. So, it is recommended that you try this chair. It is crucial to check all details because your posture is created every moment of the day. The chair offers you a superb tension reduction, as well as an excellent option for meditation. At the time, in addition, can be used with e-beam therapeutic headphones in order to improve overall wellbeing.

No 3d Body Scan Feature

Real Relax® Favor

3D scan technology is known to be faulty across the market, but when the only way to adjust the seat is by going back to square one, that can get annoying quickly.

Picture this: Youve just cozied up in your Favor 03 massage chair and selected your favorite massage program. You recline the chair to the perfect Zero-G position and start your journey into blissful oblivionuntil it becomes clear that the adjustment is off and you want a more intense level.

With the Favor-03, youll have to stop everything, return to upright, and start all over again. Adjusting from a reclined position should be simple enough, but sadly this chair doesnt offer that convenience.

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Real Relax Favor 03 Vs Favor 04

Real Relax Favor 04

People generally love the Favor series, but when comparing the 03 with the 04, its difficult to see how they are different. They essentially offer the same features, including the fixed frame track, air massage, heating, and three Zero-G positions.

The design is different, as the 03 has a more futuristic pod design, while the Favor 04 looks like your typical recliner. Another difference is that the 03 offers six auto programs while the 04 only offers four programs.

The consensus amongst reviewers is that the assembly and customer support is less desirable with the 04, so the user experience may lose a few points to the 03s reputation for being easy to install, with superb customer support to back up your purchase.

Both are budget-friendly options, with the Favor 04 costing slightly less. If you are on the hunt for a deal and dont mind subpar customer service, then the 04 is a quality choice.

Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu 3d Robots Hands S Track Recline Favor

The Favor-05 features 3D Robot Hands inside of the backrest work with the S-TRACK running from neck to waistline. This presents a perfect massage to soothe and loosen you from hip to head hip. The robotic hands, zero-gravity, and built-in Bluetooth speakers turn your house into a pleasurable retreat. The Favor-05 provides all of the hallmarks of the top of the range units at a portion of the price. Favor-05 promotes blood circulation, helps to relieves stress, and boosts metabolism.

The Favor-05 Includes:

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No Massage Rollers Or Massaging Tracks

NOTE:Newer Models is available that feature SL-Track Technology Here

One of the glaring deficiencies is that these massage chairs do not have any massage rollerz or massaging tracks. This is one of the most typical features in other massage chair models.

Body massage rollers on S or L tracks are most beneficial in providing deep shiatsu massages to the back regions.

Whereas S tracks dont extend beyond the lower back region, L tracks go over and beyond the glutes and thighs to thoroughly massage from the neck to the thighs.

The rollerz, too, come in different variations such as the 2D, 3D, and 4D rollerz. But, unfortunately, these particular units have neither.

Is It Bad To Use A Massage Chair Too Much

Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair Review – $899 Is It Worth It?

Loading up on massages and stretching is good for the body and mind, but a good bit of evidence says you shouldnt overdo it. If you use a chair, chair stretch or yoga poses as a crutch for your normal stretches, stop doing that. Stretching the same muscles over and over with different methods and ways of releasing the tension may not be ideal, Dr. Lucques says. I would consider a crutch, not a method to strengthen muscles.

You dont want to burn out the muscles that are currently tight, and you also dont want to confuse your muscles with new, different motions. This can lead to injuries, Dr. Lucques explains. For people with arthritis, leg pain, or lower back pain, exercise or other physical activities are definitely the better way to ease the tension.

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Features That Stand Out

Do you ever look at something and say: Man that most cost a lot!

Well, thats the impression that the Platinum series chairs give you. And to be fair, it is quite expensive

It comes with one of the longer tracks Ive seen: 51.18 inches, to be exact. The rollers robotic hands is what Real Relax calls them glide on this track to deliver the massage. This is a SL-track, which is considered to be the most modern type of track. It contours the shape of your back and extends to the underside of your thigh. It reminds me of a Herman Miller.

Heres another knockout feature: Android OS powered tablet. Some may want a remote but a static tablet works really well as you dont have to worry about losing it. With a modern OS, this tablet has the capability to remember settings, download apps, and has touch interface.

A common problem in the massage chair industry is that it doesnt fit bigger people quite nicely. So its nice that the Platinum Series accommodates a wide range of height: 5.2ft to 6.5 feet.

Comes With 4 Preset Massage Modes To Choose From

The Real Relax Favor 03 comes equipped with 4 preset massage modes to choose from. These are:

  • MildA moderate intensity massage thats particularly great for relaxing and winding down after a long day!
  • SleepA low intensity routine thats great before going to bed. Because its low intensity, it wont leave you feeling sore!
  • RelaxingA moderate to high intensity routine thats great after strenuous workout or exercise.
  • StrongA high intensity massage designed for those looking for pain relief in particular. Work your way up towards this routine!

If you dont want to select one of these 4 modes, you also have the option to customize a massage through the chairs manual options. This chair gives you the flexibility to massage individual areas, toggle on/off heat and vibration, as well as adjust roller and airbags intensities. You can also adjust the massage duration, up to a maximum of 30 minutes at any given time.

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How Many Times A Day Can You Use A Massage Chair

In general, its a good idea to not do more than three days a week with your hands in a manual massage. You may be tempted to do seven, eight, or even nine sessions a week, but this will eventually lead to tension in your muscles and if you dont get proper rest, it can cause you to overwork your muscles and cause long-term injuries or even permanent muscle damage. That said, you dont necessarily have to limit yourself to three days per week. Some people seem to get by on as little as two to three sessions per week, and others can go as many as five to six days with the right machine. Again, if youre just starting out, youll want to limit yourself to three days per week. There are so many ways that a massage chair can help you, both now and in the long run. The best way to get the most out of your chair is to use the right type of massage chair for your body. There are so many styles and options available today that youre bound to find one thats perfect for your situation.

Can I Use Massage Chair Everyday

Buy Real Relax Massage Chair, Zero Gravit Full Body ...

Unless you are a complete health fanatic and choose to get treated only by professional masseurs, its probably wise to explore ways you can heal your aches and pains at home. The best of these treatments are the ones that are safe to do every day without suffering negative side effects. One of the best options is a massage chair. Many of these machines, either stationary or portable, can be utilized to get those stiff shoulders, sore hips, or aching lower back to loosen up and restore the energy lost during the day.

Which Kind of Massage Should I Have? Its best to get a professional massage as soon as you begin to feel the onset of pain to get the most from it. But if you just want to feel refreshed and revitalized, a seated deep tissue massage should be enough. This is not the time to try that one-arm arm movement.

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Identify The Edilly Massage Chair To Purchase Depending On The Given Budget

When trying to acquire a product, there are several factors to consider. With so many choices, deciding which option is suitable for you might be challenging.

The next factor to consider is how much money you want to invest. If this is your primary concern, some great low-cost products will meet your needs just as well as a high-cost solution.

However, suppose you have extra money to invest in a high-quality item. In that case, you should consider some more expensive options with characteristics that may better match your needs or personal tastes.

To make an intelligent selection about which item will best fit your routine and wallet, you must first determine the most important.

Comparable Products To Consider

If youve gotten this far in our Real Relax massage chair Favor-03 review, and youre still not sure this is the recliner for you- no worries. These similar products might be better suited to your needs:

  • Real Relax Favor-05 Massage Chair
  • Real Relax Favor-04 Massage Chair
  • Ideal Luxury Massage Chair

Lets compare these models in greater detail.

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Real Relax Favor 03 Vs Ideal Luxury Massage Chair

Ideal Luxury Massage Chair

The Favor 03 and the Ideal Luxury are very similar in what they offer users. Both are budget-friendly options, but the main difference lies in what you want to get out of your experience.

While the Favor 03 has an old-school fixed track, the Ideal has anS+L track, which is the best youll find on the market.

On the flipside, reviewers complain that the Ideal has asubpar foot/calf massage with no heat or foot rollers. As well, even though it has an S+L track, it doesnt have quad rollers.

Both are highly rated budget recliners, though. If your priority is the foot/calf massage, go for Favor 03. If you want a plethora of manual settings to customize your massage, this is where the Ideal excels.

Which Raises The Question: Should You Buy A Massage Chair In

Real Relax Massage Chair – Review 2022

Theres no right or wrong to this. In store you get to try the chair before you buy, so that in itself is a massive benefit. Online you have a lot more options to choose from, and the prices online are generally more competitive.

Give it some thought and decide what works best for you. If youre concerned with size and comfort, I recommend you try before you buy!

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Whats This Thing Called S

After having reviewed several dozen massage chairs, it becomes second nature to always use massage chair lingo without necessarily realizing that not everyone may understand it. Thats why I want to take the time to properly explain what the term S-Track means!

S-Track is a term used to describe a chairs roller system. A typical S-Track system has:

Rollers that tightly contour to the spines natural S shaped curvature!Rollers that track all the way down to the lower back area!

We call it S-Track because of the tight S shaped contour. If it wasnt clear to you before, I do hope it is now!

Fixed Frame Massage Track + 8 Shiatsu Roller System

We tend to balk at fixed frame technology, mainly because moving quad rollers are the industry standard nowadays. Real Relax couldnt at least throw an S-track in there?

Nonetheless, as far as fixed frame tech goes, they did a good job implementing a deep tissue massagewith eight strategically placed Shiatsu rollers. They are located at the neck and down the back to the hips.

The rollers are not quad, meaning they do not move vertically along the track.

Because they are fixed, this can cause the massage to be unbalanced. For example, while one part of the body receives a thorough massage, another part is weaker because the rollers miss the mark.

Although fixed, these rollers administer a nice deep tissue massage, spinning in circles firmly against the muscles to simulate kneading.

You may welcome a deep tissue massage, but its not for everyone. Some Real Relax Favor 03 plus reviews mentioned that the lower back rollersare too intense to the point of being painful.

On top of that, the backrest padding seems thin, so its a shock to feel those rollers digging into your back.

This is an easy fix, though- just slip a small pillow or folded towel in-between your lower back and the chair for extra padding.

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Real Relax Massage Chair Review Apr 202: Why Buy This Product

Before getting to the nitty-gritty of the Favor-03 Plus Massage Chair, I want you to know a tad bit more about the Real Relax brand.

Although Real Relax has been around since 2014, it has managed to garner substantial goodwill in this short period, and thats mostly because of its consistency providing exceptional massage chair models that keeps getting better with every new release.

What Had Me Stumped Is That It Comes Equipped With 3d Rollers

Real Relax Massage Chair (Shiatsu Favor

I know Real Relax are all about creating products that are super affordable, but this is taking it to a whole new level. Never before have I seen a massage chair with 3D rollers for this cheap! Lets talk about 3D rollers and how they function!

Theres 3 types of massage chair roller systems you can find in 2019: 2-dimensional, 3-dimensional, and 4-dimensional . 2D rollers are the most basic: they move up/down and side to side. 3D rollers are a definite step up from their 2D counterparts in that they move up/down, side to side, but they can also move inward/outward. Its this extra dimension of in/out that makes 3D rollers so effective!

The Favor 05 comes equipped with quad style 3D rollers. This 3-dimensional functionality affords users the flexibility of adjusting intensity as required. How is this so?

Adjusting the roller in/out protrusion essentially determines how intense a massage is. The more in the rollers are, the more intense the massage. The less in the rollers are, the less intense the massage!

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