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Nj Massage Therapy Continuing Education

Ce Course Requirements For State License Renewal

Future Trends in Massage Therapy/Tip #3 for Longevity as a MT

Part of your board certification renewal includes renewing your state license, and some states are pickier than the NCBTMB on what types of courses will count. Other states make no specifications at all.

For example, to renew a license in Tennessee, you must complete 24 hours of CEs every two years. Of those 24 hours, two must be for courses in Tennessee law and regulation, and two more must be on massage business practice such as ethics and substance abuse.

Massage Therapy Credential Requirements Vary By State

Because of the recent changes to practice standards, there is no federal regulation of massage therapy licensure. Rather, each state can outline the requirements for massage therapy licensing and continuing education. This interactive map is a handy tool for finding your states requirements .

In fact, some states do not regulate massage therapy at all. As of this writing, Kansas, Minnesota, and Wyoming have yet to establish statewide requirements for massage therapists. However, local governments in these states may regulate massage therapy at the county or city level, so be sure to check before you start your practice there.

For the majority of other states, however, to be a licensed massage therapist means not only accumulating a stringent set of classwork hours and passing a licensing exam, but also regularly renewing your license with continuing education.

Whats The Difference Between A Massage Therapy License And Board

Most states require a license, but board-certification is voluntary. A Licensed Massage Therapist is considered an entry-level professional in many states, whereas a Board-Certified Therapist in Massage and Bodywork holds the highest credentials.

Here are the basic differences:

annually, biennially, triennially, or never
Board-Certified every two years

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Best Massage Ce Provider

The quality of a MedBridge CE course is top-notch. MedBridge films their online content with high-definition video, including multiple camera angles and 3D animations. When learning about the body and massage techniques, this attention to detail makes a huge difference on the quality of the course.

Additionally, MedBridge courses are taught by experts in the industry. Many include patient demonstrations, even in a live setting.

Whatever the topic for your online continuing education course, MedBridge has you covered. From tax basics to thai massage, MedBridge courses deliver quality content designed for optimal online learning.

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What Do You Need To Become A Massage Therapist

Massage and Bodywork Program

In New Jersey, massage therapists will need to have completed an approved course of study thats accredited or approved by one of the following agencies: the NJ Department of Education, the NJ Department of Labor and Workforce Development, or the NJ Commission on Higher Education. An applicant will need at least 500 hours completed by an accredited program and then pass the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination offered by the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards . The State of New Jersey also requires proof of massage therapy liability insurance coverage.

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How To Complete Massage Ceus: Formats

There are three general formats for massage continuing education courses: live class, live webinar, or online course.

Given recent events, these latter two formats have lately become much more in-demand however, some states limit how many online CEs can count towards license renewal.

For example, to renew a license in Delaware, you must complete 24 hours of CEs every two years. Only 9 of these hours may be online specifically ethics and elective courses. The remaining 15 hours must be from live classes.

To complicate it further, Floridas state board has different requirements for CEs depending on whether this is your first license renewal. For your initial license renewal, youd need to complete 2 hours on medical error prevention as well as 24 hours of CEs. For your following renewals, the requirements are more specific: professional ethics, human trafficking, Florida law, and medical error prevention constitute 7 of your required 25 CEs, 12 of which must be in-person.

The bottom line? Check with your state board. If you need to renew a license and a board-certification, seek out courses that will fulfill both sets of requirements.

Happy Employers Share Their Experiences With Our Massage School Graduates

My hiring experience with Body in Mind has been Excellent to say the least. Mary fully prepares her students for both hands on as well as State testing requirements! I look forward to meeting her future students and providing them with a future workplace where they can thrive and grow their careers!!

Monmouth County Spa Owner

I have been the Hiring Manager for 2 local Ocean County Massage Franchise Locations for the last 6 years and have interviewed many Licensed Therapists that have graduated from Body In Mind. The greatest thing Ive seen out of the graduates is how well rounded and educated they are. The curriculum certainly sets them up for success right out of school.

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Does Homeceu Report My Continuing Education To My Professional Association Or State Board

Alum, Jess Beyer, on careers in massage therapy.

Some accrediting bodies require that we send reports on individual learners, listing unique identifiers, test scores, hours taken, etc. Other accrediting agencies require the student to keep their continuing education data themselves, and only spot check on random audits for actual course completion.

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How To Find Providers Of Massage Ces

For board-certification, all 24 of your CEs must come from NCBTMB-approved providers. Depending on your state, a certain number of your total CEs may also fall under this restriction. The best way to earn usable CEs is to find NCBTMB-approved providers.

AMTA: The American Massage Therapy Association is a network of massage therapy professionals. Besides a directory of Massage Therapy schools, practitioners, and job postings, AMTA offers 80+ Continuing Education courses online. Members can access courses at a 40% discount, and some courses are free. Panda Massage CEU is another board-certified Continuing Education provider. Approved for license renewal in Florida, New York, Texas, and Louisiana, some of Pandas courses are state-specific. However, all are approved for NCBTMB CEs and are administered online. Prices per credit hour range from $7 for bundles to $8.50 for a la carte.

MedBridgeMassage: A leading provider of Continuing Education courses, MedBridge offers on-demand courses and live webinars that are NCBTMB-approved. With topics ranging from marketing strategies to patient conditions, MedBridge Massage is the perfect resource for the massage therapist looking to grow their business, refine their skills, or challenge their practice.

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How Do I Become A Massage Therapist In New Jersey

Institute for Therapeutic Massage Bloomfield, NJ ...

If youre ready to move into your career as a massage therapist in New Jersey, you must register with the New Jersey Board of Massage and Bodywork Therapy. The registration fee is $60 or $120, depending on when you are eligible. Once you are registered, you must receive licensure by the Board. If you do not register, you will be working illegally and can receive a fine.

In order to receive this license, you must complete a minimum of 500 hours from an approved massage therapy program or be certified by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.

You can find application request forms on their website.

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Our Massage Therapy Ce Courses Approved For New Jersey

Alaska Massage therapy license requirements vary from state to state and the regulations change over time. New Jersey requires massage therapists complete 20 CE hours every two years for license renewal. During COVID-19, you may take all 20 hours of continuing education online.

All of our courses are approved for New Jersey. A minimum of 2 hours must be in Ethics.

For Additional Information

If you have questions regarding your massage therapy continuing education requirements, we suggest contacting the New Jersey Board of Massage Therapy directly. Their email address is or visit their website at

Disclaimer: Please note that we provide this information as a courtesy, but do not guarantee its accuracy because laws are continually subject to change. Your State Board will hold you ultimately responsible for knowing the laws that apply to you. Please contact your State Board with any questions about your license.

Whats The Quickest Massage Therapy License Nj Provides

There isnt a fast pass” option for massage therapy licensing in NJ unless you already are licensed in a different state and can get approved for reciprocity. Otherwise, all applicants will still need to complete the 500 hours of education from an approved education provider, pass the MBLEx and be able to provide proof of massage therapy insurance before applying. Now, many massage education programs today are set up with self-paced online sections which means you could put in more work and get through these faster, but youll still need to be sure youre meeting all the requirements, such as 100 hours of clinical experience.

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What Are The New Jersey Massage Therapy License Requirements

In general, an applicant wanting to apply for an initial massage license in the State of New Jersey is going to need 500 hours of education from an approved provider, proof of having liability insurance, and proof theyve passed either the MBLEx or the NCBTMB massage exam. When you go to apply for an NJ massage license, youll need a notary for your signature, the correct filing fees, transcripts, a passport-style photograph, and other requirements depending on your background. As far as continuing education, massage therapists will need to pay the renewal fee and complete at least 20 hours every two years from an approved massage education provider.

Corrective Exercise: Optimize The Nervous System For Complete Functional Restoration

How to become a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) in New Jersey

The Central NervousSystem is our communication network, one that can change and adapt at anyage, and it is imperative to address impairments, lifestyle, and somatosensoryfactors for optimal neural reprogramming. We need to reprogram the CNS for completefunctional restoration, optimal performance, and most importantly, injuryprevention. The brains control center is dependent on the proper input. Whendysfunction exists, the CNS receives poor proprioceptive input and accessesinefficient information. By addressing the dysfunctional movement at their rootin the motor control center, where the patterns are stored, we can trulyenhance motor learning and optimize client outcomes. Furthermore, a scientificand systematic approach to retraining the nervous system encompassingappropriate corrective strategies and sound movement-based training willcontribute to fast and effective changes in motor control. This coursediscusses corrective exercises, which are those exercises done by an individualin order to reprogram the neuromuscular system from dysfunctional, tofunctional movement. These exercises are used to relieve pain, rehabilitateinjury, and prevent injury. Everyone has their own story and has developedtheir own compensations over time, which is why corrective exercise isindividualized.Presentedby H

Evidenced-Inspired Approaches to Pelvic Pain

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What Are The Licensing Requirements To Be A Massage Therapist

Licensing requirements vary by state, and a few states have no licensure. To obtain a license, most states require a set number of supervised classwork hours, from 500-1000. You may also need to complete a CPR or Ethics course and pass the MBLEx . Note that if you live in Hawaii or New York, youll need to pass the state-specific licensing exam.

Meanwhile, massage therapists in Vermont dont need a license, but they do need to be Registered. And in place of a license, California offers massage therapists a Certificate for massage therapy practice.

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How To Become A Board

Besides completing any state requirements for licensure, to become a board-certified massage therapist you must meet a few additional requirements. Unlike the state requirements, however, these steps are uniform throughout the US.

Steps to becoming board-certified:

  • Graduate from an NCBTMB-Assigned School
  • Pass the Board Certification Exam
  • Pass a criminal background check
  • Obtain massage therapy state license
  • Apply for Board Certification
  • Agree to uphold NCBTMBs Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics

Because of these extra steps, such as a criminal background check and the code of ethics, a board-certified massage therapist is better vetted than one that is simply licensed. Board certification is a great option for massage therapists who live in a state without massage therapy regulation, or for LMTs who want to set themselves apart and advance their practice.

Besides the extra credentials, being a BCTMB means joining a community of other massage therapy professionals across the nation. Youll have access to great resources and discounts, such as a free account and swipe reader from Square, a free website on which to advertise your practice, and free access to CEbroker to track and report your CEs.

New Jersey Massage Therapy Continuing Education

Institute for Therapeutic Massage Haskell, NJ

State Board: New Jersey Board of Massage and BodyworkCEs Required: 20/2yrs 2 hrs ethics requiredRequired Qualifications: Approved by NCBTMB or AMTAAcceptable CE: Not notedUnacceptable CE: Not notedEntity Liable for Approving CE for State: NCBTMB, NCCAOM, AMTA, AOBTA, ABMP, ANCC, APTA, FSMTB, IASI,AMA, The Rolf Foundation, State BoardCEs Allowed Online: 6Mandatory Number of Hands-on CEs: Not notedState Board Website:

Science Courses

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Where Can You Find The Best Massage Therapy School Nj Has To Offer

In order to apply for a massage license in NJ, you have to complete a course of study thats approved by one of the following state agencies: the New Jersey Department of Education, the New Jersey Department Labor and Workforce Development, or the New Jersey Commission on Higher Education. Theres also the possibility of meeting this requirement through an agency from a different state that has certification requirements similar to those of the three agencies listed above. So, finding the best massage therapy school in NJ should always start with looking at accredited programs.

Largest Selection Of Massage Therapy Continuing Education Courses

Choose from the largest massage therapy continuing education course library on the web with 145+ home study massage CEU courses. The Institute is approved by the NCBTMB as a CE Approved Provider. Many of our CE courses are also accepted by ABMP, AMTA, and most state boards. All courses come with our 90-day 100% Money Back Guarantee. Youre guaranteed to find massage therapy courses that will expand your skills, meet your needs, and pique your interests.

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What Is An Unlimited Subscription

Our unlimited subscriptions allow you to access and complete as many courses as you would like during your annual membership term. You will have access to all approved courses for your state and license as well as clinical resources, such as AssessmentPRO. Any courses completed during your membership term will remain within your account for LIFE – allowing you to access both the course materials and your certificates of completion at any time.

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