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Inner Balance Jin Massage Chair Review

Air Compression Massage System

Inner Balance Jin 2 0 Massage Chair – Everything You Need To Know

Speaking of airbags, the Inner Balance Jin Deluxe has 42 of them placed in the shoulder, arms, hips, thighs, calves, and feet areas. The airbags use a method called Pulse Air Massage, where the bags deflate and inflate rhythmically to activate muscle fibers and boost circulation. This, in turn, relaxes the body and prepares it for a deeper massage.

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Curbside ships via Freight and is our standard Free shipping method. Your massage chair will arrive unassembled in the factory boxes. The freight company will deliver your massage chair to your carport or entryway, and you will be responsible for getting it into your residence or business. Please make sure to check the box dimensions and make sure it will fit through your doorway.

*If you live in a second-story apartment without an elevator, then the delivery company will not bring your massage chair up the stairs. If this is the case, you may want to consider White Glove Delivery.

Assembly is required and will usually consist of attaching air hoses, arms, and an ottoman, which is pretty simple as long as you can follow instructions. Installation takes about 30-90 min depending on the massage chair.

Massage chairs are heavy, so make sure you have some extra help to move the boxes and help in assembly.

If you live in Hawaii, Alaska, or Canada please contact us for a shipping quote.

In Home Delivery


*If you live in a second-story apartment without an elevator, then the delivery company will not bring your massage chair up the stairs. If this is the case, you may want to consider White Glove Delivery.

Massage chairs are heavy, so make sure you have some extra help to move the boxes and help in assembly.

In-Home Delivery and Assembly

Osaki Os 4000t Pros And Cons


  • Takes approx. 1 hour to assemble
  • User cannot be taller than 6’2″ or shorter than 5’2″
  • User cannot weigh more than 260 lbs.

When you need a chair that can fully relax your entire body after a long day, the Inner Balance Ji and the Osaki OS 4000T can both be worthy options. The best choice for you depends on what your precise needs are in a massage chair.The Ji features heating pads in both the lumbar and calf area, while the 4000T only includes lumbar heat massage. The 4000T also has forty-six total airbags, while the Ji only has twenty-two.

The Ji offers a relaxing experience with its quad style rollers, has a compact design, and is delivered to your home fully assembled. The OS 4000T has the big, easy to use controller with multiple zero gravity positions.

In the end, it all comes down to your budget and what features are most important to you, and these chairs are both great options for many people.

We hope you enjoyed this massage chair comparison and found it useful. If you have any questions feel free to call us at 800-566-2798.

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Advanced Air Compression Massage

The Jin comes with 42 airbags throughout the chair, from the shoulders to the arms to the hips and calves. The airbags inflate and deflate during the massage. These airbags help provide relief to aching areas, relieve tension in the muscles, and improve blood circulation in the body via the Pulse Air Massage system.

Benefit: Feel the love all over your body, a truly full body experience!

Adjustable Foot Rest And Power Recline

Inner Balance Zero Gravity Chair

The Inner Balance Wellness Jin Deluxe chair massager features a single-touch button to mechanically recline the chair. Additionally, the ottoman is also lifted to place the user in the optimal position for the massage. Moreover, users can adjust the footrest up to 6 inches for a comfortable fit in the chair.

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D Is Better Than 3d Which Is Better Than 2d But That Does Not Mean You Should Only Buy A 4d Or 3d Chair

2D rollers have been around the longest, so manufacturers have tons of experience with them. Because of this experience, 2D rollers are highly effective and even though they are less advanced than 3D/4D, they still provide a solid massage!

This is purely for information. The images below depict how each roller system works. As we move from 2D to 3D, there is an additional inward/outward dimension present with 3D rollers. This allows for deep tissue massage. Moving from 3D to 4D you get an added dimension of automatic speed control on a 4D chair.

Inner Balance Jin 20 Massage Chair Review

  • May 08, 2021

The Inner Balance Jin 2.0 is a nicely equipped massage chair and will compliment most decor. For the massage itself, this chair scans your body to ensure that the SL track rollers hit your muscles and pressure points. You can also adjust the leg rests and shoulder widths to make sure that you get the most comfortable experience.

Essentially, you can customize your massage without a lot of work on your part. Those are just a few of the features that you’ll learn about in this Inner Balance Jin 2.0 massage chair review.

Some massage chairs take up a lot of space, but the Inner Balance Jin 2.0 only needs two inches behind the chair to enter zero gravity mode. You’ll also get lumbar heating, Bluetooth speakers, and other features that you need to enjoy your massage chair.

This chair doesn’t necessarily provide the most advanced massage on the market since it only has 2D rollers, which means you won’t be able to adjust the rollers in and out for a firmer or lighter massage. But if you’re looking for an efficient chair that’s within your price range, our Inner Balance Jin 2.0 review might help you decide.

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Sit In A Chair Without Foot Rollers And Then Sit In A Chair With Foot Rollers Notice The Difference

Whats neat about the Jin 2.0 is not only does it come with foot rollers, its also got foot/calf airbags. What piqued my interest most is the design of the calf airbags. The calf airbags have been designed to pulsate in an oscillatory manner, inside of an in/out manner. If you ask me, this is a big improvement because it allows the calves to not only be subjected to a compression massage but also a kneading style massage.

Shiatsu Calf Massage System

Inner Balance Wellness Jin Massage Chair – Top-Selling L-Track

There are not many stationary massage chairs offering rollers in the calf region. The Inner Balance Jin Deluxe massage armchair features a roller on the back of the calf to reduce pain and boost circulation. The airbags positioned in the ottoman gently grab the calves while the roller works its magic, for a great experience.

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S & L Track Massage Rollers

Some massage chairs have an S-track in place. Their rollers can give you a deeper massage experience as they move up and down on a path that follows your entire spines curvature. Feel that neck and lower back of yours? Those parts wont feel neglected with an S-track-powered massage chair.

Lets move on to L-track massage chairs. Basically, the L-track extends the path covered by the massage chairs rollers. Now, imagine a combination of the S- and L-track in one unit. Sounds great, right? Thats exactly what you get with the Jin 2. You get the best of both worlds with its quad-headed SL-track because it has massage rollers that glide along your spines curves and extend all the way down to your glutes.

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All returns for issues other than the aforementioned are subject to a 20% restocking fee. Goods are required to be packaged in original unopened packaging and the user is responsible for the cost of the freight shipping the parcel back to us.

Damage incurred due to shipping and handling does not constitute a defect under this warranty.

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What Are The Main Features Of The Inner Balance Jin 20

The Inner Balance Jin 2.0 massage chair is a simple but effective chair with a mix of popular features. Here’s a rundown of what you can expect if you decide to order this chair.

Space-Saving TechnologySome people avoid buying massage chairs because they simply don’t have the room. Even if they can fit the chair in their home, they don’t have an extra six inches for the chair to recline.

The Inner Balance Jin 2.0 solves this problem by requiring only two inches of space behind it to enter into zero gravity mode. You’ll be able to position this chair near the wall without worrying about scraping the paint.

Zero Gravity ModeInspired by NASA technology, zero gravity mode reclines the chair backward and makes you feel like you’re floating when you enjoy your massage.

This might not sound like an important feature, but after you’ve tried it for the first time, you’ll find yourself wondering why you ever sat upright in your massage chair. You might even enjoy a much-needed nap in this position.

Bluetooth SpeakersNow you don’t have to worry about turning up the volume on your phone. The Bluetooth speakers can play music, ambient sounds, guided meditations, soundscapes, or whatever you’d like directly from your smart device.

You’ll enjoy crystal-clear audio that comes from the Bluetooth speakers.

Take advantage of the leg and foot massage system to massage some of the most-used and often-neglected parts of your body.

D Rollers W/ A 5125 Track

Inner Balance Zero Gravity Chair

The Jin 2.0 comes equipped with 2D quad rollers. Quad means there are a total of 4 rollers, quad rollers are what you can expect to find on 95% of massage chairs.

2D is short for 2-dimensional. In the massage chair world, there are 3 types of rollers you can find today: 2D, 3D, and 4D. The more dimensions, the more advanced the rollers, and therefore the more effective the massage.

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Inner Balance Wellness Massage Chairs

When youre looking for an advanced massage chair with enhanced features for robotic massage, gravity positions, and several heating options, look no further than the Inner Balance line of Wellness Chairs. The Inner Balance Wellness Jin chair is a fantastic option that can accommodate taller individuals, provides massaging rollers, and comes with nine pre-programmed massage settings.

Power Recline And Zero

The best feeling in the world is the feeling that you’re sleeping on a cloud or you’re simply floating on air. Jin Deluxe’s power recline feature allows you to easily recline your chair to 160 degrees, thus giving you the option to feel like you’re in bed. With a simple click of a button, you can go back to its default and upright position or recline to the max. This is completely customizable, and it highly depends on what you’re after.

In addition, this feature goes hand-in-hand with Jin Deluxe’s other selling point, the zero gravity position, a feature only some massage chairs have. First being introduced to minimize spinal compression for space travel, the Jin Deluxe’s optimal zero-gravity position does that as well in the comfort of your homes. Through a click of a button, you can enjoy a massage reclined at 115 to 160 degrees, making you feel totally weightless.

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Excellent Foot & Calf Massager

This Inner Balance massage chair model also contend as the best foot massager in the market. Curious? Heres why… Aside from its other impressive features, the Jin 2.0 massage chair also has a great foot and calf massage system. Imagine this: expertly designed foot rollers in place gliding and giving the soles of your feet extra TLC, while your calf muscles get compressed and relieved of aches and pains. Now, that will keep you coming back for a daily dose of leg pampering!

Inner Balance Jin Massage Chair

Massage Chair Industry Update – September 21, 2017

The new Inner Balance Wellness Jin L-track massage chair brings to life a multitude of relaxation and robotic massage features that will lead to a stress and pain reducing daily massage. The Jin experience starts with a 4 roller, L-track massage system that starts in the base of the skull and extends into the gluteal muscles.

Relaxation with the Jin is taken even further with comfortable heat in the forearm, calves and lumbar region. Most massage chairs limit the heating elements to just the lower back. The Jins multi-area heating elements will increase comfort and circulation for the user. !

The Jin also fits many individuals size and needs by offering three zero gravity positions, adjustable height shoulder airbags and arms that auto recline to maintain forearm and hand position throughout the zero gravity positions.

The feature packed Jin continues to shine with 42 air bags for plush comfort, an amazing mechanical shiatsu calf massager and soothing massaging rollers beneath the feet to address tight and sore muscles in the lower extremities.

Do you want to start your Jin experience quickly with no hassles? The Jins easy-to-use controller and 9 auto massage programs make it a breeze for anyone to start relaxing in seconds. Need a few more minutes of massage? Use the add-a-minute feature on the controller to extend the program in 5 minute intervals to suit your relaxation experience.

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Advance Body Scan Technology

The advanced body-scan technology is able to identify the most prominent acupuncture points on your body. This allows the rollers to modify their motion to suit your height and build precisely.

This is thanks to the Quad Style Roller Technology paired with the body scan feature. There are two quad style rollers on either side that accurately imitate the massage style of a real human hand.

Zero Gravity Massage Position

The Inner Balance Jin is designed to be able to elevate while the backrest reclines to take pressure off your joints and spine. This position is called the Zero Gravity position which was inspired by NASA. Zero gravity position helps with back pain, improves blood circulation, enhance respiration to make breathing easier, and reduce swelling. This position has been scientifically proven to improve your lungs, heart, lungs, and overall body health.

Benefit: Get major health benefits with the scientifically backed best position for relaxation!

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Inner Balance Jin 20 Massage Chair

The Jin 2.0 by Inner Balance is a custom designed robotic massage chair that will provide you with the full body therapeutic massage you need from your head to your toes. The Jin 2.0 will conduct a body scan measuring the length of your spine and then use its quad headed SL Track massage system to follow the contour of your spine massaging you from your glutes to your neck and everywhere in between. The Jin 2.0 will utilizes 3 unique widths while massaging you to accommodate narrow or broad shoulder widths while delivering full body massage with its total body compression therapy system. Your arms will be perfectly held in place using its C+U shaped compression system, preventing your arms from slipping out like other massage chairs, while massaging your arms and stimulating blood flow. The extra-large foot and calf massage system will expertly and gently massage your foot and calf with ease, and if youre taller the 6-in extendable leg-rest will glide out to provide extra legroom. The Jin 2 fits into your home with its zero-wall system, requiring only 2in of clearance behind the chair, and its Bluetooth speakers let you take your massage experience to the next level by enjoying your favorite music. Once you turn on the therapeutic lumbar heater, youll feel a days stress and tension melt away and youll be relaxed, refreshed, and ready to go!

Inner Balance Wellness Jin L

Inner Balance Wellness Jin Massage Chair

The perfect massage chair that does everything. The Jin massage chair is the perfect massage chair if you’ve ever considered this product type before, it has all the features people are asking for while retaining a reasonable price. The Jin chair offers the major technologies people are asking for such as L Track, Foot Roller, Quad Roller back massage, Multi region heater, Zero gravity, full-body air massage, and the ability to fit multiple user body sizes with its special height accommodation technology.

The Jin chair has a couple of unique features not found in other chairs that make it stand out to someone that tried a massage chair before. Its shiatsu calf massager is a dream and is the perfect balance of shiatsu massage techniques and therapeutic compression massage and its shoulder height adjustment system that lets the chair work for everyone. The shoulder head adjustment system is innovative and when coupled with the leg extension allows the chair to accommodate taller individuals with ease that have struggled to find chairs that before.

This is the true chair that does everything you want it to, has some unique features, and is still a reasonable cost. Come try the Jin chair for yourself.

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Inner Balance Wellness Jin Deluxe Zero Gravity L

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Introducing the Jin Deluxe Zero Gravity L-Track Massage Chair perfect for anyone looking for a high-quality massage chair that does everything. This chair features key technologies like the L Track, Foot Roller, and Quad Roller back massage, as well as Zero gravity and full body air massage. By gently and gradually stretching and manipulating muscles, regular massage may ease pain and hasten recovery.

When you have a sore back or tight neck, or when you’re constantly straining your eyes, the ripple effect can travel throughout the body. Jins easy-to-use controller and 9 auto massage programs make it a breeze for anyone to enjoy a relaxing massage at home any time they need it.


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