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Human Touch Massage Chair Problems

Can Be A Health Hazard For People With Low Blood Pressure

Navitas Massage Chair – Massage Mechanism Replacement

Effective massage therapies reduce your overall blood pressure due to the calming effect they produce. Therefore, before using a massage chair to calm your muscles and relax your joints, consult your physician if you have a history of low blood pressure.

On the other hand, if you have never had any issue with your blood pressure, then a massage chair will not expose you to any risk whatsoever.

Are All Massage Chairs Created Equal

Chair owners tend to think that all massage chairs are created equally, in that they think that chair parts are interchangeable from one brand or model to the next. Folks also tend to think that their chair doesnt need any new partsthat it just needs to be fixed! Few and far between are the cases where a part is not needed to get a massage chair working again. Maybe a hose has become disconnected or some bolts and screws need tightening. But, from my long experience, a chair failure is usually related to a part failure.

When we get a call about a massage chair problem, and its a model that we dont carry, whether it is discontinued or not, we always recommend that the customer call the retailer from whom they purchased their chair or, at the very least, the distributor of the chair if it s a direct-to-consumer sales model for that chair.

I know that many of these cheaper direct-to-consumer massage chair companies have very little in the way of customer support, let alone a healthy parts supply, but you really do have to try to reach them for troubleshooting of the problem or for getting needed replacement parts. I am familiar with one of these distributors who sell a chair for around $1500, and they dont even have parts for their chair model at all, let alone any semblance of a good tech support department! They probably figure that at such a low price, the customer can just buy another massage chair!

Final Words On Human Touch Chairs

The Human Touch XT2 is the best option and top model as of now.

Thats because the Novo XT2 is the most versatile recliner reviewed, it provides an intense back massage, its customizable, fits a wide array of users, and boasts a built-in music system

Luraco i7 Plus is its closest competitor and is considered the best massage chair right now.

However, if youre looking for a budget alternative, the Kahuna 6800 or Kahuna 7300 are reliable therapeutic chairs.

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Only The Right Fitting Chairs Are Recommended

Among the dangers of massage chairs is using one that cannot accommodate your weight range. According to a research conducted by the American Psychological Association, to avoid sustaining back and muscle injuries, it is important to use a chair that can support your weight.

Although it might be tempting to ignore the weight specifications, doing so only increases your chances of sustaining injuries. Remember, for a massage chair to be effective, it must be comfortable enough to allow you to lie on it for hours.

How To Fix A Massage Chair In 5 Easy Steps

Human Touch Novo XT2

If your massage chair stops working there are some simple things it could be. If you are using your massage chair and it starts doing weird things immediately stop using it. This could include weird noises from the motors, unexpected motions from the massagers, the heaters getting too hot or no heat. Stop the chair and turn it off. Continuing to use the chair could damage it.

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If The Massage Chair Doesnt Switch On/off

If your massage chair isn’t working or you’re having trouble switching it ON or OFF, check the power cord. There can be two possibilities for why it’s happening:

  • Either the power cord is burnt,
  • Or it isn’t installed properly.

Be sure that the massage chair is getting enough power. You can check the power capacity by plugging the power cord with any other device, iron, steamer or something.

Apart from the cord, take care of the fuse. In case it’s blown, make sure to change it right away.

Additionally, in the case of a damaged or burnt power cord, it would be better to replace it altogether.

You MUST ensure that all parts of your massage chair are correctly assembled. If all the pieces are connected, move forward towards identifying the cause behind it.

Do Massage Chairs Work

If youve ever dealt with any kind of chronic muscle pain, you understand stiffness and the pain that it can bring. Thankfully, technology has come a long way to provide relief from these symptoms, and one of the best choices among them is of course the massage chair. If you are not used to full-body, deep tissue massage, we recommend starting with shorter sessions will be the best place to begin. But what does a shorter session entail and how often a day or week can you enjoy them?

Lets dive into that now.

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When To Call An Expert

There are some issues that even a handy massage chair owner cant fix. Heres when to call in backup:

  • Heat isnt workingHeated massage chairs utilize heating elements or coils that are complicated to service at home. Heating issues are best addressed by a professional technician.
  • Frayed or damaged cordAttempting to repair a damaged cord at home is potentially dangerous, resulting in electrocution or other injury. A technician familiar with electronics can help.
  • Motor isnt making noiseThere could be multiple reasons a massage chair motor has gone silent: upholstery could be jammed in the mechanism, or a part may have come loose or worn down. An experienced technician can quickly diagnose the issue.
  • Air pump replacementReplacing a faulty air pump involves acquiring new parts, which is best left to the original manufacturer or a certified massage chair technician. As previously mentioned, sourcing parts yourself from a third-party vendor is not advised.
  • Pros & Cons Of The Ht 3300 Wholebody Massage Chair

    Human Touch HT-125 Massage Chair – discontinued

    As you can see, weve been thorough and comprehensive in our HT 3300 massage chair review. And to be fair, for a hobbyist chair, the HT 3300 does get a lot of things right. Unfortunately, there are also a few features that the chair left off or got wrong, and we would be remiss if we wouldnt talk about them too.

    The biggest things that the Human Touch HT 3300 massage chair gets right are its look, the steep recline angle, and the exquisite calf and foot massage.

    Until your guests actually sat on it, with its wooden chair arms and sleek design, they would probably have no idea it was a massage chair, and thats quite a feat, so kudos to Human Touch for the design.

    Sadly, the award-winning design can sometimes work against itself. For instance, the HT 3300 WholeBody massage chair features no arm massage ports. It just cant the chair arms are wooden, so theres no place to put the massage ports. Though not a deal breaker for most people, it is clearly a case where the company opted to choose form over function.

    Theres also no lumbar or calf heat. Granted no budget-priced chair includes calf heat, but some include it in the lumbar region. Had it been added, this chair would have moved up a notch, offering serious therapeutic benefit, while still appealing to the hobbyist segment of the market.

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    The Differences Between Xt And Luraco

    When it comes to massage programs, if a massage chair does its job well, a little can go a long way.

    Still, while Novo XT offers 34 customizable programs that users can enjoy, the Luraco Legend only provides 9.

    That would be no problem at all if the chair had other advantages, but in fact, it leaves its users disappointed as its unable to fulfill the more advanced massage needs.

    The heat therapy in the XT is something a lot of other chairs even in the lower price range offer, but the Luraco Legend goes one step further and offers 5 different levels of heat intensity.

    While this feature is impressive, online reviews claim the chair took more than 20 minutes to actually start warming up.

    While Luraco my promise 5 levels of massage intensity, the reality is somewhat different.

    The chair offers no real intense massage users reported the chair is perfect for those, who like little to no pressure.

    The Novo XT also offers the same levels of intensity, but this chair does the job properly, sometimes even too intense.

    Real Relax Massage Chair Troubleshooting

    Some of the problems which mostly occur in a Real Relax massage chair with their troubleshooting are given below. But be careful whether you can fix these problems by yourself, otherwise call the professionals.

    • If you feel the rollers out of alignment, dont worry, they are designed in such away.
    • If your rollers get stuck, it is because after using the massage chair, the system set rollers to such position, so they dont create discomfort.
    • The striking of rollers against each other during kneading and tapping function produces noise. This might appear to you as some fault, but this is part of the design of a massage chair.
    • You have attached the cord to power, but still, the massage chair is not working. This might be due to the reason that you have not turned on the button, or the cord is not correctly inserted in the socket.
    • Sometimes the massage chair cord gets overheated. This can be due to improper use of the chair or passing of high voltage through the cord.
    • In case the motor stops working, directly contact the manufacturer.

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    How To Find Massage Chair Repair Parts

    A massage chair rule of thumb: Always source repair parts from the original manufacturer. If your massage chair model is discontinued, check with the original manufacturer to see whether there are any comparable models with parts that could fit your massage chair.

    If neither of these solutions is viable, check your warranty terms, and contact the original retailer to see if you can order a replacement chair. Do not source your own parts from Amazon or Ebay! Its tough to verify whether youve found the correct parts for your massage chair model online, and theres no absolute guarantee that the right parts will be delivered. When in doubt, always consult the retailer or original manufacturer.

    Where Are Humantouch Chairs Made

    Sharper Image Human Touch Massage Chair Manual

    Chairs are engineered in the USA at California headquarters, with factory-backed warranties and full in-house client support. Human Touch has been an enterprise leader for more than 40 years by concentrating on key areas to provide the best experience and quality. Even though designed and engineered by the Japanese and Americans, but the parts are manufactured in Taiwan and the assembly is done in China.

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    How To Reset Your Massage Chair To Its Factory Settings

    The factory reset is one of the easiest ways to delete all the customizations that you have done. If you have personalized your massage chair with your desired programs, massage styles, time span, and other things, you must know how to bring back the factory settings. Just like in our mobile phones, factory reset is extremely valuable in your massage chair. Factory settings are the default settings that came in-built with the massage chair when you first bought it. If you feel any issue with your massage chair’s internal mechanism, the easier way to spike its performance is by resetting it to its factory settings. Please follow the instructions given below for resetting your massage chair’s setting to its factory settings:

    • Turn off your massage chair and make sure that the seat is empty and the chair has no external loads.
    • Take your massage chair’s remote control device and press the ‘Power’ and ‘Kneading’ button simultaneously.
    • Keep the buttons pressed for 7-10 seconds.
    • If your remote control device has an in-built screen, you’ll see an ‘error’ sign on the left corner.
    • The massage chair pad will vibrate a little. Once this happens, it means that the factory reset has been completed successfully.

    Important note: Some massaging chairs have a dedicated button for factory reset. You can check out the user manual that came with your chair. If your massage chair is programmed to get reset by any other way, you’ll find it in the user manual.

    If The Heat Function Is Not Working

    Give it a thorough check if the heat elements of your massage chair aren’t functioning.

    Try having a massage and see if you happen to get the required level of warmth from all sides of the massage chair.

    In case it isn’t functioning the way it needs to, get in touch with a massage chair expert to get it fixed or replaced once and for all.

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    In Case The Massage Features Are Not Working Correctly:

    If your massage chair makes unpleasant sounds or its features are not responding well, turn it off and perform a little troubleshooting.

    For the unusual sounds, refit the air pump by opening the hose tubes of your massage chair. You can also clean the air pump if it has dirt inside. Once done, monitor its sound for a few days to ensure it is correctly fixed.

    For the massage chair features not responding, try adjusting the position of the rollers and airbags a little. A lot of times, they donât respond well just because theyâre incorrectly placed.

    Human Touch Massage Chairs

    Novo XT2 Massage Chair

    When it comes to recliners and other types of chairs, Human Touch is considered by many as one of the leading manufacturers in the market today. This is why it is not really a surprise that their Human Touch Perfect Chair is well-liked and highly recommended by many. However considering that different people have different chair preferences, it can be difficult to tell if this chair for you. This is why it pays to read a review about the product. Here are some of the things that are worth noting about the Human Touch Perfect Chair.What are the specifications of the chair?According to their website, this chairs Zero Gravity technology enables all muscle groups to relax and feel less irritation which ultimately promotes better spinal health. This technology also enables the chair to reach a neutral position which doctors highly recommend to people, regardless of the condition of their spine. It also comes with a 2 personal memory settings which allows users to relax according to their own level of comfort.

    What does the chair feel like?The Zero Gravity technology can be felt the moment that you sit on the chair. Your muscles will instantly feel relaxed and comfortable. Another thing that you will notice is that your back pains are slowly lessening. The upholstery is also feels soft against the skin. The chair is also very flexible which allows you to recline the chair in any angle or position that makes you comfortable.

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    Are Human Touch Chairs Worth The Money

    Is the difference between an armchair and a full recliner worth your hard-earned dollars? Is a comfy chair worth hundreds of dollars? It seems like everyone is investing in their home nowadays, whether that means putting in a new roof, installing a new bathroom, or upgrading the rest of the décor. Even the most humble of bachelor pads are likely to boast plush furniture in a wide variety of patterns and styles. And to make matters worse foot and calf model, armchairs are no exception. Some are for sitting while others are designed to swivel around for those lounging and socializing sessions. It can be hard to put an exact price on the life-changing benefits of a good chair. After all, theres the classic question: Are human touch chairs really worth the hefty price tag?

    How To Reset Osim Massage Chair

    Like most of the massage chairs, Osim massage chair also operates with the help of remote control. Turn on the remote control and push the ON/OFF button. It takes you to the main menu. With the help of the arrow down button, select the Manual option. It starts the auto-detection for shoulder massage. If you want to choose the massage option manually, select the OK button and press the up and down button. Your manual massage will start working. You know how often the massage chair mechanism works.

    You can select adjustments for more settings and desired functions. The strength of massage also gets adjust over here.

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    Wrong Use Can Lead To Injury

    While a massage chair is meant to relax your muscles and ease body pain, wrong usage of the chair can lead to injuries, or even worse, aggravation of an existing injury or medical condition. Before the first use, spend some time to read through the users manual.

    Unlike normal chairs, a massage chair is uniquely designed to offer back support while soothing your muscles. This implies that incorrect use can lead to injuries, especially back injuries.

    Put simply, a massage chair should not be used as a substitute for gaming or office chairs instead, you should use your chair when in need of a massage or when relaxing.

    Comparing Human Touch Massage Chair Models

    HumanTouch Massage Chair Debuts iOS Controls

    On the older end of the price range is the WholeBody 7.1. We will take a closer look at this below. It is by far their most popular model.

    On the higher end of the scale are their Novo XT2 and Super Novo.

    Being less expensive, Human Touch sells a lot more of their WholeBody 7.1. Because they have so many more customers, it seems like they may have put more thought into their less expensive model. This chair has a lot of great features, a clean look, and a lot of happy customers.

    Their Novo models are a great deal more expensive, which should mean higher quality. It is fair to note that when we see something thats a lot more expensive, we expect more value. Our expectations have been raised. And if those expectations arent met, were less happy with the product.

    A lot of features you might expect from a more expensive model are lacking in the Novos. For example, while the Super Novo boasts 38 different programs, it doesnt offer manual control , meaning you cant select which parts of your body you want massaged. You can do this with the WholeBody 7.1, which seems like an oversight. Also, chairs in this price range typically allow you to do things like save your settings. With 38 different options, there are a lot of buttons to press to get things set the way you like them. You need to do that every time you sit in one of the Novo models, which again feels like an oversight.

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