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Costco Massage Chair Return Policy

Can Product Packaging Be Opened Or Missing

Costco Workers Claim in Viral TikTok That Customers Can Return Used Bedsheets, Mostly-Eaten Pie


You do NOT need the original packaging or product manual in order to return the product to Costco.

But, you do need all of the parts and accessories that came with the product.

This is a wonderful feature, especially when youve had a product for a while and no longer have any of the original packaging.

Massage Chair $2199 After 700 Off

Deal Link:

Dave510 wrote: Statistically, how “sticky” are these purchases? Anecdotally, I’ve heard many people buy them and use them for about a month, before it becomes a $2000 decoration.


I like this deal. The price point is right there. But is it better to go straight to RelaxCare? Or through Costco? Legit dying to buy a massage chair since the ones at the malls are shut LOL


Returning Extra Large Items

Its one thing to return a sweater or a pair of headphones through the mail.

Its another thing when you need to return a refrigerator or a water heater.

For extra-large items, you will need to schedule a time for Costco to come pick up the item for you.

You will get information about how to schedule your pickup after you process the return.

The freight carrier will arrive at your home and pick up the item in the same way it was delivered:

  • Curbside: Have your item dropped off outside in your driveway or near the curb. You have the option to select a delivery window and require a signature or not.
  • Threshold: Freight delivery where the delivery driver crosses the threshold just barely into your home to ensure your item doesnt get left outside. Access to home and signature required.
  • White Glove: High-end freight delivery services that include unpacking and placing the item in the general area where it will be installed and inspecting it to ensure that the product arrived as expected.

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Flexible Financing So You Can Relax Now & Pay Later

We realized that no matter how much you save with us, a massage chair is still a big purchase. We provide you with options such as PayPal Credit and Klarna to ensure you can Buy Now and Pay Later with 0% financing options… your mana is our top priority and we don’t want your money situation to get in the way.

The Craziest Costco Return I Read About Was A Used Chicken Coop

Costco Massage Chair Pad

I usually feel a mix of awe and pity when I read about Costcos craziest returns. This one was all pity.

Here it is, from a Reddit user who claimed to work returns for eight months:

The thing was covered in chicken ****. Everyone stared as the guy and his family brought it inNaturally, the front end manager gave him a full refund.

Honorable mentions:

  • Someone returned vitamins they had bought four years ago vitamins have a shelf-life of two years.
  • Hawaiian Costco workers report tourists returning beach chairs, umbrellas, ice chests, and boogie boards en route to the airport.

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Can I Return Items Without Packaging

While retaining the receipt and original packaging may help make the return easier, it is not required to process a return. Given that all purchases are linked to a membership card, it is generally not hard for a staff member to find the past purchase. Indeed, the linking of purchases through the membership card is one way that Costco keeps track of costs and fraudulent returns.

Some items require at least a receipt when returned, notably electronics. There is a whole process for returning certain items of jewelry due to them needing to be verified as authentic jewels.

Returns can even be made through the postal service by calling Costcos customer service line which is more convenient, particularly for larger items.

What About Returning Furniture That I Bought Online

I started a live chat session with Costco and asked this exact question.

I used a couch as my example and was told the following, Our returns for couches are quite easy. We do everything for you! The same way the couch gets delivered, would be the same way it would get picked up. Our carrier would call you once a return is requested and they would set up an appointment that works best for you.

I then asked, Even like 2 years later when the couch starts sagging?

I was then told, Yes, if for any reason you become unsatisfied with this item, you can return it!

Pretty amazing. Why would you buy furniture anywhere else?

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Do You Need Your Costco Receipt

You dont need your receipt to return anything to Costco.

Simply take your Costco membership card , and the item you want to return, to the customer service desk.

Theyll be able to look up all of your past purchases and quickly find evidence of your purchase and issue your refund.

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What Happens To Returned Items At Costco

Massage Chair Industry Update – May 19, 2021

Food of any sort poses a health risk unless canned or still fully sealed. Given the difficulties in determining if food is safe even if fully sealed, most food is generally thrown out. Most food is returned by customers in a slightly eaten state but will still be refunded in full.

When returning an item, standard questions are asked to determine if the product is defective or just not wanted anymore. If it is defective, it may be disposed of immediately or sent back to the manufacturer for repair and possible resale although you wont find it in a Costco warehouse again. Costco even has a website where they carry out auctions to liquidate certain stock.If the item is unopened or unused, it can go straight back onto the shelf and be sold again.

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What Items Cant You Return To Costco

Here are the handful of items that you cant return to Costco for a full refund.

Alcohol Bottoms up on any wine, beer, or liquor as you cant return them to most states in the U.S. and thus all sales are final. Opened or unopened, it doesnt matter.

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Cigarettes Light em up, or throw them away, as you cant return them to any Costco location.

Diamonds Any diamonds 1 carat or larger must be returned with all original paperwork and has to be verified via the Costco fulfillment center before you get your refund.

A Costco Graduate Gemologist will inspect the diamond and issue a jewelry credit memo that allows you to purchase a different diamond or get your money back. Could take up to 5 business days.

Limited Lifetime Products Think car tires and batteries. These are sold with a product-specific limited warranty.

Special Order Kiosk While you cant return special orders, you can get a warranty repair or replacement due to failure to meet product specs.

Custom Installed Programs The same as above.

Pretty limited list when you consider the thousands of products Costco stocks on a daily basis.

How Costco Can Find Your Purchase Without A Receipt

Your membership card not only gets you into the warehouse, but it also connects all of your purchases to your account.

Cashiers can quickly and easily locate the receipt in question by looking at the transactions under your account.

All refunds go back to the payment method used to make the purchase.

Costco accepts different payment methods in-store and online.

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Buyers Guide: The 10 Best Massage Chairs For 2022

Not all massage chairs are created equal! The brand and model your neighbor swears by might not give you the rest and relaxation you need, so researching all of your options is the only way to find the best fit.

But were here to tell you everything you need to know about the top-rated massage chairs from the most reputable brands in the industry. Check out our list of the best massage chairs below, including special features, prices, warranty information and color options.

Positive Posture Massage Chairs At Costco

Osaki OS

Available at from January 3rd, 2022 through January 30th, 2022.

Limited time offer. While supplies last.

Throughout the year, we partner with Costco in-store and online, bringing you exclusive prices for a limited time.

Our entire Costco show team is made up of full-time employees of Positive Posture. This means that everybody on our Costco team knows the massage chairs up and down, inside and out. And, theyre there to help answer any questions that you may have.

Have questions about which chair is right for you, how purchasing through Costco works, or about one of our massage chairs? Talk to us on LiveChat, or email us at

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What Is Costcos Mattress Return Policy

Mattresses fall under the return it anytime category. But a few thoughts first, mattress return stories at Costco are the stuff of Reddit lore. Costco employees and managers hate it when people return mattresses that have been clearly used, and theyre not shy about their feelings on the interwebs.

That said, its still fair play to return a mattress, and literally every mattress seller in the U.S. lets you try out a mattress for at least 30 days . How many of us buy a mattress, sleep on it once, and wake up knowing we cant put a ring on it? It happens! So chill out, Costco.

If you want to buy a Costco mattress, but youd be shy to return it, buy it from so you can process the return online instead of going into a store. Costco will pick the mattress up at your house. Rule of thumb: If your item was delivered by a freight carrier, itll be picked up the same way it was delivered .

Can I Return Something To Costco After Two Years

Unless there is a listed exception or specified time limit, items can be returned after any amount of time.

Costco will accept returns for most electronics within 90 days, diamonds over a certain size must be returned with original paperwork, and cigarettes and alcohol have state-based restrictions preventing returns in some areas but otherwise will process them. Products that have limited useful life expectancy, such as batteries, can technically be returned, but you may have to wrangle with the manager a bit.

Returns can also be done through the website.

It has been reported that Costco will even go so far as to refund a Costco membership itself, even if used for a full year if a customer is not happy with their return not being accepted. Further, memberships can be canceled at the discretion of a location manager due to abuse of the Member Privileges and Conditions, which is a way that Costco stops itself from getting bankrupted by too many unscrupulous returns.

It seems that even these rules are not consistently applied, with some locations reporting that customers who return lots of expensive items could get flagged and could be at risk of having their memberships canceled, while others will process returns on anything not prevented by store policy.

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Strangest Items Ever Returned To Costco

I loved this article from Clark Howard that breaks down some of the strangest returns that Costco employees have seen over the years.

Some of my favorites include an empty bottle of wine that gave the lady a headache, a package of opened underwear, a used chicken coop, and a broken 15-year old pressure washer.

Also, a woman was able to return a dead Christmas tree in January and get a full refund. Crazy.

Moral of the story? Be smart and dont abuse Costcos liberal return policy as itll end up costing us all.

Ask the Reader: How often do you use their return policy? Any smart Costco tips I may have neglected to mention?

Dedicated Customer Service So You Can Get Personalized Recommendations

COSTCO SHOP WITH ME FEBRUARY 2022 DEALS | What’s New & Shopping Tips

Costco isn’t able to provide expert feedback and dedicated customer service on such specific products. We don’t want you to go through 5 automated bots and 3 different departments before reaching your point of contact… only to realized the person you’re talking to doesn’t know much about massage chairs to begin with. We provide dedicated customer service that’s focused on making your experience as easy and seamless as possible.

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How About Returning Gifts To Costco

Yes, you can return items to Costco that were given to you as a gift.

It doesnt matter if youre a member or not, you can walk in and return stuff.

But keep in mind that if you DONT have the receipt youll need the membership number of the person who purchased the gift for you.

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Where To Buy Your Massage Chair

Massage chairs are available for purchase both online and in certain stores. Many brands have showrooms at their headquarters where youll be welcome to browse and sit in their massage chairs, or you can often find small selections of certain models in stores like Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Most brands and models are only available online, so you may not be able to try them before you buy. However, using the information in this article and consulting with a massage chair specialist will ensure that you find the perfect brand and model for you! You can usually find free shipping and white glove delivery when you order a massage chair online.

Massage Chair Store has many of the models featured in this article in stock! Contact one of our massage chair specialists and well help you select the best massage chair for your relaxation goals.

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What Exactly Is The Costco Return Policy

Costco calls it their Risk-Free 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and with very few product exceptions, theyll refund you the purchase price if not completely satisfied.

Pretty much everything in the warehouse is returnable with no time limit.

No questions asked.

This guarantee also includes your Costco membership. You have 364 days from the date you sign-up to try out the membership and see if it works for you.

If not completely satisfied, you can get a full refund on your membership cost.

Refund For Your Costco Membership

Osaki 7200H Massage chair

Costco allows you to refund your annual Costco membership up to 364 days after you purchase it.

It doesnt matter how often you used the membership or not.

If you dont like the service, you can get your money back for pretty much any reason as long as you request the refund on that 364th day or earlier.

Your membership will renew at 365 days.

At that point, you will not qualify for a refund on the previous years membership.

However, you can get a refund for the renewal .

Despite the ability to get a refund for the membership, more people prefer to keep the membership and the savings they get with it.

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Found A Massage Chair At Costco You Like We’ll Price Match It And Much More

The other day, we were brainstorming on how we can make buying a massage chair online even easier and more convenient for you. We did some research, and learnt that many customers buy massage chairs at Costco.

This got us thinking: Costco is a huge company, how can we give our customers even more value than Costco!?

Our team went out on a mission: Learn everything about the Costco massage chair buying experience.

We love Costco, and our team has bought products from Costco throughout our lives, but we love our customers more. Mana means “spirit & energy” in Hawaiian, and we’re serious about always focusing on our mission: to feed your mana with happiness, health, and power.

Here’s how we thought we can provide even more value to our customers through Mana Massage Chairs:

Giving Up Short Term Sales For Your Customer Experience

This value is very dear to us. Honestly, we LOSE money on every easy return. Still, we are committed to providing you easy returns, because we want to make buying a massage chair as easy as possible for you. Our experts are there for you. No one at Mana Massage Chair will ever try to up-sell you an expensive chair you don’t need. Our return policy gives you options to ensure that you save as much as possible shall you choose to return a product.

So there you have it folks, those are some of the way we thought we can provide you more value than massage chairs at Costco. However, at Mana Massage Chairs, we have a relentless focus on learning and growth. You are our best tool for learning more. That means, if you have any ideas on how we can continue to provide you even more value than massage chairs at Costco, or just more value in general, please connect with us.

Just a side note, we seriously do love Costco, and have nothing against them! Costco has made all our lives easier for a very long time. We just genuinely believe that specifically for massage chairs, Mana Massage Chairs has the knowledge, resources, team, and expertise to give you an even better experience when you buy a massage chair.

* To Price Match any chair at Costco, Contact Us and provide the name of the chair you’d like to price match

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Costco Return Policy Without A Receipt

Costco provides members with the ability to buy household goods and groceries in bulk sizes at discounted prices so that families can make fewer grocery trips and save money.

Large grocery trips can get hectic, especially if you bring additional family members with you to help.

You may end up discovering that you bought the wrong product when you get home and finish unloading the car.

Can you return the item to Costco?

What if the kids accidentally threw the receipt away with the plastic bags and you cant find it?

Can you return items without the receipt?

We cover everything you need to know about returns at Costco .

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