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Biotone Advanced Therapy Massage Creme

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Biotone Herbal Select Body Therapy Massage Creme | Bodyworkmall

Made by a team of specialized therapists, Biotones selection of therapy and massage products is known worldwide to attain the highest standards of quality. The rich textures and delicate fragrances of the massage oils, creams, and lotions will ravish your clients senses while helping them relax and enjoy the whole well-being experiences.

Get The Best Sports Massage Therapist In Ontario Canada

Sports massage therapy is a type of bodywork that focuses on the muscles, joints, and connective tissues. It can help athletes rehabilitate injuries faster, relieve chronic pain in the back or neck caused by sitting too long at a desk every day, and reduce muscle tension from spending hours working out without stretching. Sports massage therapists are trained to work with athletes to reduce the risk of injury and improve performance. They are also used for recovery after sports injuries or surgery.

Many massage benefits include increased mobility, better sleep, reduced stress levels, and decreased pain. If youre looking for an excellent sports massage therapist in Toronto, then look no further than Richmond Hill Massage Therapy! Many people think its just for athletes however, anyone can get a sports massage regardless of whether they participate in physical activity or not!

If youre suffering from any health conditions, its best to talk to doctors or your health care provider about which type of massage therapy would be best for you.

A myofascial release is a form of manual therapy that helps relieve pain and restore normal function in muscles. It can be used for chronic and acute injuries and other health condition such as headaches or carpal tunnel syndrome.

Massage Therapy Services

Get Relief From Pain & Tension Near You

Everyone knows the feeling of pain. Whether it be from an injury, a chronic condition, or just general aches and pains, we all experience it at some point in our lives. Sometimes the pain can be so severe that it becomes difficult to function, and we need relief fast! Relief may not come in pill form, but there are many affordable treatments nearby, such as massage therapy which has been shown to help ease back pain by releasing tension in your muscles and joints.

If you are looking for an affordable and effective pain relief treatment, you can find it at Richmond Hill Massage Therapy. We will make sure that your life goes back to normal as quickly as possible with our wide range of services offered. Whether its due to injury or just everyday wear and tear, there is no denying the helpfulness of regular massages in managing chronic pain. Trust us with your care well do everything possible to relieve all your symptoms. Visit our location in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, today!

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Types Of Massage Therapy Services We Offer

The types of massage mainly depend on each individuals needs. There are massages for injury and pain relief, massages for relaxation, or massages for stress management. Our massage therapists use different massage techniques depending on each clients problem and the goals they want to achieve.

Deep Tissue Massage

This type of massage mainly focuses on reducing pain, such as chronic muscle pain and tension, postural problems, and musculoskeletal disorders. However, it is advised to avoid this type of massage when one has lupus, which could worsen this situation.

Hot Stone Massage

A suitable amount of heated stones are applied to loosen muscle tension and increase ones levels of relaxation. In such therapy, hot stones are placed on ones body. This allows the therapist to go deeper while still using lighter pressure.

Pregnancy Massage

It is not easy to give birth to a child, and this therapeutic massage can help ease those aches and pains. In addition to this, it helps in hormone regulation, improvement of nerve pain, reduced swelling, reduced back and joint pain, and even better sleep during pregnancy.

Myofascial Massage

Myofascial massage may also target trigger points and use stretching to help relieve pain. In this case, a therapist will locate areas that feel stiff and apply manual pressure. This will help improve restricted movement.

Cupping Massage

Sport Massage

Certified Massage Therapists In Richmond Hill Ontario

Biotone Advanced Therapy Massage Creme â Relaxus Professional

Learn about different massage techniques and modalities that can help alleviate stress, work out muscle tension, improve sleep quality or reduce pain. We have a professional massage therapist willing to see you right away. Schedule a session with one of our massage therapists in our Richmond Hill clinic now.

We have trained professionals in our massage clinic who will make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed during your session. Theyll work on areas where tension builds up, like neck and back muscles, as well as those hard-to-reach spots like your feet! If you want a professional massage therapy experience without breaking the bank, give us a call today!

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Biotone Advanced Therapy Massage Creme

Note: Pumps for the 1/2 gallon and 1 gallon containers are sold separately. See related items below.

  • Contains no drying alcohol, mineral oil, nut oils or strong fragrance
  • Offers higher friction and less glide than oil, yet won’t absorb as fully or as fast as typical lotions
  • Moisture-rich workability makes it excellent for all modalities
  • Cruelty free. Not tested on animals
  • Contains grapeseed, apricot & sesame oils
  • Made in the USA by Biotone


Purified Water, Blend of Cold Pressed Apricot Oil, Sesame Oil and Grapeseed Oil, Canola Oil, Coconut Oil Ester, Emulsifying Wax, Vegetable Glycerine, Glycine and Glycinates , Grapeseed Extract, Methyl/Propyl Paraben, Carbomer, Germal, TEA.

Find Your Perfect Relaxation At The Hands Of Our Experienced Massage Therapists

The need for relaxation is something that affects everyone, and the best way to find true peace of mind is by booking a massage appointment with one of our experienced massage therapists. Our staff at Richmond Hill Massage Therapy will be happy to provide you with a list of services we offer as well as answer any questions that you may have about our company.

Our goal and commitment is to provide our clients with the best quality customer service and care possible. We want to make sure that your experience with us is positive from start to finish, so please dont hesitate to contact us for appointments or if you want more information or have any concerns.

Why Choose Us?

  • You get the personalized care you deserve
  • We offer free consultations for peace of mind
  • Professionally trained experts who are skilled in a variety of treatment techniques
  • Youll have a supportive and committed team around you
  • All of our therapists are qualified in physiotherapy, reflexology, acupuncture, chiropractic care, and massage therapy
  • Used by top athletes for recovery
  • Your nervous system will feel better than ever.
  • Over 20 years of experience in the business
  • Quick, efficient service
  • We are a reputable and established massage clinic

Frequently Asked Questions for Massage Therapists

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The Health Benefits Of Massage Therapy Treatments

  • Eases muscle pain If youre experiencing fascia related muscle pain, tightness, strains, and spasms, youll benefit from massage therapy.
  • Pain Relief If you are suffering from health problems and conditions such as arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, joints & ligaments sprains, or any other type of chronic pain, youll find that massage therapy can help relieve it.
  • Can counteract all the sitting you do The benefits of massage therapy can counteract the imbalance caused by sitting for an extended period of time.
  • Improves sleep Massage improves relaxation and sleep in regular people and those undergoing chemo or radiation therapy.
  • Soothes Anxiety and depression Depression and anxiety respond well to massage therapy, with both mental and physical benefits.
  • Boosts immunity A massage boosts patients white blood cell count, which plays a vital role in defending the body from disease.
  • Relieves Headaches Messages decrease the frequency and severity of tension headaches. A single massage therapy session immediately affects pain in patients with chronic tension headaches.

Years Of Exclusive Use

Biotone Controlled-Glide Massage Cream

Nothing else like Advanced Therapy Massage Creme on the market! Aside from brief experimentation with other lotions, oils, etc, I’ve used this creme exclusively for over 13 years in my full-time bodywork practice. It takes very little creme per session to provide the perfect blend of glide and friction, without having to reapply as with lotions, yet completely absorbs unlike oils. My clients equally love how moisturized they feel, without any greasy residue, and the fact that it’s fragrance-free.

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Richmond Hill’s #1 Choice For Massage Therapy Services

If you are looking for the best and advanced massage therapy services in the Richmond Hill area, then look no further as we have what you need to live a healthier lifestyle. At Richmond Hill Massage Therapy, we give professional massage therapy treatment and only use natural healing elements and techniques to ensure that our clients needs are fully met.

We have been providing excellent massage therapy service to our valued customers for many years. The Richmond Hill Massage Therapy team is trained to ensure that each therapy massage session is comfortable and relaxing while relieving the source of your pain and discomfort. Our registered massage therapists have years of experience dealing with different pain, stress, and muscle tension, which various reasons may cause. Whether you want massage therapy for relaxation or to get rid of your back pain, we will help you reach your health goals.

Our RMTs are highly trained professionals who will work hard to make sure you feel better after just one session. Plus, we offer competitive rates that cant be beaten. Schedule and book an appointment with us today!

Best Rated Massage Therapy Clinic In Toronto Canada

We know that sometimes life can get in the way of your relaxation time. Thats why we offer massage therapies to help you feel better and live healthier lives. Richmond Hill Massage Therapy is a group of highly trained RMTs who have the expertise to customize your treatment plan based on what you need.

We offer deep tissue massages, hot stone massage, cupping therapy, myofascial release, prenatal therapy, sports massage, as well as relaxation-focused treatments depending on what is needed. We also provide physiotherapy, reflexology, chiropractic manipulation, and more.

If you would like more information about our wellness services, dont hesitate to get in touch with us today! The moment we hear from you, one of our professional staff members will be happy to answer all questions you may have, so feel free to ask away!

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Your Local Hot Stone Massage Therapy In York Region

This type of massage treatment involves using heated stones placed on specific body areas to stimulate blood flow, relieve tension, and increase circulation. Youll be able to fully enjoy this experience thanks to our knowledgeable massage therapists Richmond Hill, who will make you feel comfortable throughout the entire session. And its not just people with physical problems that benefit from hot stone massage therapy pregnant women also get some relief from morning sickness and heartburn due to the deep pressure massage techniques used in this treatment.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

  • Eliminates tension and stress to your muscles and tendons
  • Improves posture, increases mobility, flexibility, and range of motion
  • Speeds up the recovery time after sports injuries
  • Improves sleep and alleviates symptoms of depression
  • Provides you with the relaxing benefits of massage therapy
  • Reduces the risk of injury and strengthen your immune system
  • Increase circulation and remove toxins from muscle
  • Treat chronic aches and pains, e.g., headaches, migraines, backaches, knee pain, neck aches
  • Promotes healthy tissue growth
  • Improve your overall health and wellness.

If you are looking for an alternative form of relaxation and healing, contact our team of massage practitioners today at 883-4081. We also offer insurance coverage, competitive rates, and flexible booking hours.

Experience The Amazing Selection Of Biotone Therapy And Massage Products Made To Awake The Senses During Beauty Care And Massages

Biotone Advanced Therapy Massage Creme

Whether you are a beautician in a spa or a professional massage therapist, you want to offer whats best to your clients, during beauty care, aromatherapy or massages. Made by a team of specialized therapists, Biotones selection of therapy and massage products is known worldwide to attain the highest standards of quality. The rich textures and delicate fragrances of the massage oils, creams, and lotions will ravish your clients senses while helping them relax and enjoy the whole well-being experiences.

In our vast selection, you will find body butters, massage cremes with multiple features, massage lotions with airy textures, and deep-skin exfoliants. Also, Biotone provides you with a variety of practical accessories such as empty bottles with pump, jar holsters and thermal blankets.

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Biotone Advanced Therapy Massage Lotion Unscented 1 Gallon Bottle 4/case

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  • This item ships FREE *
  • Massage Lotions
  • Sensitivity tested, hypoallergenic and proven safe
  • No drying alcohol no mineral or nut oils
  • Unscented, paraben-free
  • Made with apricot oil to soften skin, grapeseed oil for exceptional light texture and sesame oil to soothe and moisturize all skin types
  • 4 bottles per case

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