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Florida Massage Therapy License Requirements

Requirements For All Applicants

Florida Massage License Application Process
  • Beat least 18 years of age or have received a high school diploma or high school equivalency diploma.
  • Determine the correct method of application:
  • If you do not hold an active massage therapist license in another state, or if you hold an active license which did not require you to graduate from a course of study of 500 or more clock hours, you will need to apply by examination.
  • If you do hold a massage therapist license in another state which required you to complete a course of study of 500 or more clock hours as a requirement of licensing, you will likely apply You will be required to pass an approved examination if the state you are endorsing from did not require you to take an examination for licensing.
  • Additional requirements for examination and endorsement methods can be found below.
  • Complete a background screening with an approved Livescan provider.Visit for additional information.
  • Submit your application and fee payment. To explore additional requirements, choose a method below:
  • Indiana’s Title Protection Law

    Those who would like to claim the title of a massage therapist in the state of Indiana must meet the requirements of “title protection.”

    This means that anyone can practice massage without a license in the state, but they aren’t allowed to call themselves a massage therapist without first getting an Indiana state certification.

    Am I Required To Purchase A Subscription To Ce Broker

    Short Answer

    Further Explanation

    CE Broker has a free basic account as well as paid accounts that have more benefits and features. You may still confirm and enter completed credits with a basic account. A professional account is $29/year and a concierge account is $99/year. You can read more about the different account benefits here.

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    Florida Statute480043massage Establishments Requisites Licensure Inspection

    Once issued, no license for operation of a massage establishment may be transferred from one owner to another.A Massage Establishment license cannot be transferred from owner to owner. A new owner needs to obtain a new license, have an inspection, and complete the required background screening.

    Notes:No. A new application, inspection, and background check are all required for a change in ownership.

    License Application Process In Florida

    Florida Board of Massage Therapy

    Massage therapists may apply for a Florida massage license by examination or by endorsement. The fees and most requirements for both methods of application are the same. The Florida Board of Massage Therapy has also created a Massage Apprentice tract to becoming a licensed massage therapist.

    License by Examination: The applicant must show completion of a Florida board-approved massage education program, and has passed the the MBLEx or examination previously offered by the NCBTMB. Applicants can see the full details of requirements and fees on their website. You can also review the LMT by Examination printable checklist to help with this process.

    License by Endorsement: The applicant must have an active massage license in good standing in another state with equivalent or greater licensing requirements. See the Florida Board of Massage Therapy website for LMT by endorsement requirements. The board has also created a PDF checklist for massage license applicants applying by endorsement.

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    Dont Wait Until You Move To Begin The Process

    It is best to plan your professional move ahead of time, or you may find yourself sitting in Florida waiting and waiting for your license to arrive. When things go smoothly, the entire process takes 3-6 weeks.

    This means you will need to contact your school, state, and exam administrators. They will need to forward all of your scores, transcripts, and certificates to the Board office without being lost. You will also have to complete a background check and a course on the laws and rules concerning massage in Florida. Lots of room for errors along the way.

    In order to keep your massage income flowing and avoid delays, I suggest you start the process as soon as possible. Once you apply, you have an entire year to submit your supporting materials to the board office. After the board office receives all of your supporting materials, they will issue your license. If you do not get everything to the board in one year, you will need to reapply.

    OK, here we go

    Do You Submit To Ce Broker

    Short Answer


    Further Explanation

    All Florida board-approved providers are required to submit completed credits to CE Broker within 30 days as long as the correct license number has been provided. Under most circumstances, Our website automatically submits hours for my Florida renewal courses to CE Broker within one business day after successful exam completion and provided you enter the correct license number. Our average time of submitting hours on CE Broker is 34 minutes.

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    Will The Inspector Call Before An Inspection

    According to the Board website:For new establishments, the owner of the establishment will be contacted by the inspector to set an appointment to conduct the initial inspection. For current licensees, the inspector may visit the facility at any time to conduct a routine inspection of your licensed establishment each year.

    Getting Your Florida Massage License

    How to Renew Your Florida Massage License (2015)

    If you are a licensed massage therapist looking to also get licensed in Florida but are feeling overwhelmed by government websites, special situations like grandfathering, deciphering laws and statutes, and the paperwork , you are in the right spot. Lets cover the Florida massage license application process, step by step.

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    Massage License Renewal Costs

    The following are costs associated with keeping your Florida license active and clear.

    The license renewal cost for the 2021 renewal was $105, but this fee may increase for the 2023 renewal.

    The massage license renewal fee is paid every 2 years. It is due every August 31st in an odd-numbered year . If you are licensed during a renewal year , your renewal hours and fees may be waived .

    Cost of 24 board-approved CE Varies

    Does My Massage Establishment Also Need A Florida Salon License

    If you have a licensed cosmetologist, facial specialist , nail specialist , or full specialist working in your massage establishment, then a salon license issued by the Florida Board of Cosmetology is likely required in addition to your massage establishment license.

    And vice versa, licensed salons that want to have a massage therapist offering massage within the salon should also obtain a massage establishment license.

    For more information on Florida salon licenses, visit

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    I Am Renting A Space Who Should Own The Establishment License The Building Owner Or Renter

    If you are renting a space, ask if there is a massage establishment license for the location. It is your responsibility to check this and make sure it is valid. If an establishment is found without a valid license, it is typically the practitioner that is penalized the most, not the establishment.

    If you are an employee, the owners of the business will need to obtain the establishment license, not the massage practitioner.

    If you are in a renting situation, either the landlord or the massage therapist may obtain the establishment license. An establishment license is owner specific so if the license is filed in the therapists name and the therapist leaves, she/he may take that establishment license to a new location. If the establishment license is in the name of the landlord then the license will remain at the facility if the therapist leaves the establishment for a new location.

    I Dont Want To Practice Massage In Florida Anymore Or Not For A While What Should I Do

    Geopathic Stress

    Short Answer

    You may move your license to inactive status, or relinquish it altogether.

    Further Explanation

    This is a question I have seen more of since the background/ fingerprinting requirement. You have a couple options. You can relinquish your license or put your license on inactive status.

    If you are completely done practicing massage therapy in Florida, you can relinquish your license. To do this you need to send a letter indicating that you want to relinquish your license along with your paper license to the Board office. Choose this option only if you are sure you are done practicing massage in Florida.

    You may also place your license on inactive status if you see yourself returning to the field. This will require you to log in to your account on the board website and pay the renewal fee. Then when you are ready to practice again, you will only need to show proof of your continuing education hours to resume practicing .

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    Documents Required By Massage Therapists At Work

    Any person providing massage services to the public, or owner of an establishment providing such services, must be able to present a valid government issued identification card Each massage therapist must have a current massage license and each massage establishment owner must have a current massage establishment license and insurance coverage.

    The State Of Florida Massage Therapist Requirements

    Throughout the 65,755 square miles of The Sunshine State, approximately 36,586 massage therapists work to help the more than 21.5 million people in their state find relief from pain, rehabilitation from injuries, and comfort in the midst of stress and anxiety.

    With 890,467 people in Jacksonville, 454,279 people in Miami, and 387,916 people in Tampa, massage therapists who work in Florida can find an engaged environment to open, continue, or join a massage therapy business.

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    I Share An Office With Another Massage Therapist Can We Have Multiple Establishment Licenses In Our Building/office

    If you share an office inside the same suite, I have been told that there can only be one establishment license per location. Contact the board office if you are in this situation for verification.

    If there is a building with multiple massage therapists in different suites, everyone should be able to obtain their own establishment license.

    Insurance Requirements For Massage Therapists

    Online License Renewal – Florida Massage Therapists

    In many areas of the country, small business owners must carry a certain amount of insurance.

    The AMTA recommends that massage therapists carry massage liability insurance to protect their business from malpractice lawsuits. Students should also consider getting general liability insurance for school-sponsored and career-related educational activities. Massage therapist insurance is widely available, but it’s important to understand local regulations as well as the needs of the business before purchasing a policy.

    Small business insurance, including general liability insurance and professional liability insurance is an important part of running a small business. Those practicing hot stone massage or massage therapists who are also yoga instructors or estheticians may have special needs when it comes to insurance.

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    Nerships Corporations And Limited Liability Companies

    Licenses issued to partnerships, corporations and limited liability companies are non-transferrable following dissolution and reformation of a partnership, corporation, or limited liability company.

    Requirements for Partnerships, Corporations, and Limited Liability Companies:

    • A Designated Establishment Manager ,who is a massage therapist with an active license without restrictions, who is responsible for the operation of the establishment in compliance with Chapters 456 and 480, Florida Statutes and Rule 64B7, Florida Administrative Code.Massage therapists who are establishment owners may also serve as the DEM for that establishment.
    • Background screening of every establishment owner completed through an approved Livescan provider. Establishment owners are:
    • Each partner in a partnership,
    • Each owner/officer of a corporation, and each interested party for corporations with more than $250,000 in business assets in the state of Florida, or
    • Each member of an LLC.

    Your massage establishment owners will be verified using your most recent filing with the Division of Corporations. Massage therapists who are owners have already met this requirement in most cases you may be required to complete a new background screening if the screening required to become licensed as a massage therapist was not retained. Visit for additional information about the background screening process.

    Background Screening

    Florida Massage Liability Insurance Guidelines

    When people hear the term malpractice insurance, they automatically think of doctor errors and mistakes on the operating table. Often, malpractice insurance is reserved for physicians who practice and perform invasive, delicate, and life-or-death operations. However, malpractice insurance is necessary for a variety of doctors, including professional touch therapists. Massage liability insurance provides safety for massage practitioners in the event that a current or former patient sues them. While massage therapy may appear to be a risk-free endeavor, no one can control or predict the decisions of patients. In an age where suing is second nature, even when the problem that is rising seems so minor, massage professionals need to have the protection afforded by insurance.

    Clearly, while massage insurance is not required in the state of Florida, having the coverage is beneficial for both the therapist and the client, as it offers the peace of mind in knowing that if something goes wrong, coverage is available, and customers are at ease that their therapist is both licensed and insured.

    After passing the exam, individuals can apply directly to the Florida Department of Public Health. Along with the completed application, individuals must submit a photograph, proof of completion of a massage school, proof of passage of the MBLEx, and an application fee. As long as the required paperwork and coursework is complete, the state of Florida will issue a massage therapists license.

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    Florida Massage License Renewal Faq

    Having been a Florida Massage CE Provider for several renewal cycles now, I have received hundreds of emails and phone calls regarding license renewal.

    Many of them are due to confusion between licensing, first-time renewal, and regular renewal requirements. Some of them are due to receiving the wrong information from other therapists. Others are due to a lack of available information, or vague definitions that can be left open to interpretation.

    Below, I have listed the seven questions that I most frequently receive and how I have seen them enforced and responses I have received from the Board office. Remember, they are not the Board and I am not a lawyer, but the below should provide you some answers and guidance. If you have specific questions about how a Law or Rule pertains to you, contact your lawyer or the Board office for more information.

    Massage Therapy License Requirements


    States that license or certify Massage Therapists have dedicated regulatory divisions or boards where they have posted the necessary Massage Therapist licensure requirements. Locating the Massage Therapist License requirements on a states regulating agency website can be difficult with the additional legislation and materials they also have on their we/bsite. Often a states Massage Therapy Licensure Board is under the umbrella of the department of health or medical licensure making it even more difficult to sort through and locate the Massage Therapist license requirements you are looking for.

    As a student or recent graduate, it is very common to feel confused about where to look for licensure information and the steps you will need to take along the way. has made the process simple and more efficient for you by providing direct navigation to the licensure information you need to help secure a Massage Therapy license in your state.

    A state licensing Massage Therapists assures that only those Massage Therapists who have met specific requirements are treating clients. Massage Therapist licensure helps to ensure a level of safety and confidence for both client and Massage Therapist.

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    Licensing Guide And Checklist

    Included with this 10-Hour Florida Massage Laws and Rules course is a very detailed guide to help you through the process with ease, as well as a printable checklist to keep track of your progress.

    The licensing guide will help you answer the following questions:

    • Should I apply by endorsement or examination?
    • How do I request a state verification from the state I was licensed in?
    • How do I find approved fingerprinting locations in Florida or in my state?
    • How do I request exam scores for the MBLEx or NCETMB?
    • How do I request my school transcript, even if my school is closed?
    • What are the steps to obtain a Massage Establishment license?
    • What do I need to know for license renewal?
    • What is the Board of Massage ORI number for fingerprinting?
    • Are there additional local licenses and permits required?
    • Plus many other helpful tips to help you avoid licensing delays!

    Ive compiled years worth of research and experience, and this guide is exclusive to customers.

    Laws And Statutes Governing Massage Establishments

    Massage Therapy is highly regulated in Florida. Numerous laws and statutes protect patients and clients. The two main areas of laws are:

    • The Florida Massage Practice Act: Chapter 480 of the Florida Statutes
    • Chapter 64B7 in the Florida Administration Code

    A brief summary is included however, an attorney can explain this exhaustive list of rules and regulations. The list of statutes includes qualifications for massage therapists. Age requirements, education, license application and renewal information, fees, and much more is thoroughly explained. Additionally, Massage Establishment regulations are explained in great detail. Of great importance to business owners is the Disciplinary Action section . This statute explains grounds for disciplinary action by the Massage Therapy Board. Basically, Section details what you are not supposed to do in your business.

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