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Recliners With Cup Holders And Massage

The 7 Best Recliners With Cup Holders: Top Picks & Reviews

Yodolla Lift Chair Recliner with Heated Massage usb port cup holders Pockets elderly

A recliner with a cup holder is very convenient and it allows you to relish your leisure with more fun. Watching TV or doing anything relaxing and enjoying a cup of tea or coffee together is really desired experience for most of us. But it can only be possible when you have a recliner with cup holders and other useful features as well.

When it comes to choosing the best recliners with cup holders, you can fall into another trouble and that is picking up the right one from a large variety of selections. Here, we have come up with a solution for you. We have reviewed the top 7 recliners with cup holders.

Your media room or living room will not be perfect without a recliner. You can choose the right recliner with a cup holder feature from the below selections.

What To Look For Before Buying A Recliner:

Our first few visits to couch stores were unsatisfactory. We intended to purchase leather couches, but the types we liked seemed to only be available as leather recliners. We didnt intend to buy those, and this increases the cost.

We went to a different store and discovered three comfy sofas. You are offered only manual and motorized recliners this time. We will explain to you about our sofa-buying experience and some advice to keep in mind if youre considering obtaining one.

A recliner provides luxurious relaxation, excellent features, and many capabilities, to name a few. Recliner chairs have been increasingly popular recently and for a worthy purpose. A reclining chairs ability to maximize comfort while utilizing minimal space is impressive.

While opting for a recliner is undoubtedly a good decision, finding the proper one might be difficult. You cant simply pick any armchair, you know. Check to determine if it fits your physique and meets your comfort needs. The improper chair may cause various health problems, such as back discomfort and poor posture.

Fortunately, weve made a list of things to consider while choosing a reclining chair.

Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner With Pockets And Cup Holders

Mcombo electric power lift recliner has made the easiest and quickest reach to your favorite drinks. Therefore, this recliner is our very first pick of a recliner with cup holders. The recliner is not only best for its cup holding feature but also has features with advanced technology. It is equipped with TUV certified motor that has a counter-balanced lift mechanism.

The mechanism pushes the recliner up to help the user get up without stressing any part of the body. You can control the feature with only two buttons on its remote. Also, the chair offers full-body vibration and massage. With one lumber heating point, the recliner functions simultaneously.

Moreover, this reclining chair has an elegant appearance. The faux leather upholstery of the chair is highly durable and easy to clean. It does not require wax or oil to be cleaned. A damp or dry lint-free rag or cloth is enough to clean.

Along with its two cup holder features on the sides of both armrests, the recliner also has dual USB outlets and side pockets. So, your device will never run out of charge while relaxing on the chair. Overall, with all of its aesthetics and superior comfort, this Mcombo electric recliner should be your first choice too.

Key Features:

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Comhoma Massage Recliner With Speaker Pu Leather Home Theatre Recliner


The ComHoma recliner comes with great services unlike other recliners like the speaker, you can listen to the music and news while sitting on the recliner, as if you were in a movie.This recliner has massage, heated, and swivelling features. Moreover you can enjoy the movie cinema experience in the comfort of home.This recliner is surprisingly comfortable and soothing this recliner also comes with an 8-point massage system and 4 types of vibration massage. It is made up of good quality upholstery which provides luxury and comfort where it is most required. It has Soft padding, and good lumbar support.The full chaise seating are other features are also included in this model. By Putting your palms on the recliner’s armrests you can easily lean forward with your hands on the arms, and lean backwards to recline the recliner using your body weight.

Comhoma Massage Recliner Chair With Speaker Pu Leather Home Theater Recliner Chair With Heat Rocker Recliner With Heated Massage Ergonomic Lounge Swivel Cup Holder For Living Room Brown

Topcobe Massage Power Lift Chair, Electric Recliner Chair with USB ...
  • Relax Wonderful Chair :This massage recliner chair with reclining, speaker,rocking, massage, heated and swiveling features. recline features. Dimensions: 37.4 x 35.8 x 40.94 in. .
  • Home Theater Seating: Enjoy the movie theater experience in your own home with convenient features such as the speaker, you can listen the voice from the chair, as if you are in a movie,and massage, heated and swiveling features
  • Massage Function: This recliner chair with an 8-point massage system and 4 modes vibration massage is incredibly comfortable and relaxing.
  • Comfortably Padded: gives comfort and support where it’s needed the most. This model offers soft padding, excellent lumbar support and full chaise seating
  • High quality push back recliner mechanism, place your hands on the arm rests of the recliner and in conjunction with pushing forward on the arms lean backwards using your body weight to recline the chair.

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Yodolla Massage Recliner Chair Heated Rocker Recliner Living Room Chair Home Theater Lounge Seat With Cup Holder Cream

Introducing the YODOLLA Massage Recliner Chair! This stylish, comfy and useful chair is perfect for relaxing in your home or office. The large, padded back and cushion make it perfect for taking your time, and the manual control footrest makes it easy to get in and out of position. Plus, the 360° swivel and rocker allow you to choose the direction you want to face, and the 8 vibration massage nodes for your back, lumbar, thigh and legs make it perfect for a deep, relaxing massage. Plus, the upgrade details make it easier to assemble, and the professional service team will provide a good service experience if you have any questions.


  • The YODOLLA Massage Recliner Chair is a stylish and comfortable chair that is perfect for relaxing in your home or office.
  • The large, padded back and cushion make it perfect for taking your time, and the manual control footrest makes it easy to get in and out of position.
  • The 360° swivel and rocker allow you to choose the direction you want to face, and the 8 vibration massage nodes for


  • The massage recliner has 4 pockets which are enough to place your phone, books and is convenient within reach.
  • -Max wight capacity up to 300lbs.
  • -The massage recliner is easy to assemble by instruction, but professional service team will give you a good service experience if you have any questions.

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Mcombo Manual Swivel Glider Rocker Recliner With Massage And Heat


The Mcombo recliner will give you all kinds of comfort from swivels with 360 degrees and to rock back and forth thanks to its swivel rocking foundation.By pushing a handle, the footrest is raised and the backrest is reclined to 160 degrees. It is also Packed with stimulation and lumbar heating. The recliner has eight vibratory points and one lumbar heating stage. For more relaxation Two cup holders and side pockets are located on the recliner’s armrests for easy access to small objects.Having to care for the recliner is simple it’s all because of the presence of high-quality faux leather as the upholstery material. It is also very easy to maintain.Cleaning it whenever with a microfiber cloth and a combination of liquid and a tiny quantity of liquid detergent is typically appropriate.

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Kahuna Superior Power Recliner Heated Massage Chair

Last but not least, we have the Kahuna massage chair. Now, this chair is a bit expensive than the rest, but it definitely is worth that extra money. Packed full of unique features that offer you the best massage experience possible, this is a cult favorite. Without further ado, lets dive into the details.

Comfort is one of the main features of the model. It has a built-in body scanner, which makes sure that the model can accommodate any body size perfectly. The way it adjusts to your body shape is designed to provide you with complete relaxation. Besides, you can recline the chair back fully to lie down and enjoy a massage.

Coming to the massage part, this product has a total of 9 ranges to choose from. Among those, there are five auto programs and four special programs. The programs include fast recovery, dynamic sport, senior mode, etc., giving you the option to choose one according to your need. For example, if you are an aged person, you might benefit more from the senior massage program.

What we absolutely love about this device is that it utilizes 5 different techniques for the massages kneading, tapping, tapping + knocking, knocking, and shiatsu massage to deliver an experience that is similar to having a human massage the body. The 6 rollers that are equipped in the model help enhance that experience.

Yitahome Power Lift Recliner For Elderly Lift Recliner With Heat And Massage

Recliner Armchairs Recliner Arm Chair with Cup Holder -Massage ,Swivel Recliner


The Yitahome recliner is a remote control for raising and leaning back and then falling asleep. This lift recliner for the seniors is different from the remote control for the heating massage.To lift or recline the recliner, press the side button, which is operated by a TUV-certified motor function. It is suitable for adults, the elderly, the disabled, and pregnant women who want to watch TV, read books, or relax.This lift recliner has eight vibrating points that cover the back, lumbar, thighs, and legs, as well as lumbar heating.It has another feature that is the massage time is 15/30/60 minutes in a reclining massage recliner with two levels of intensity and five modes: pulse, click, wave, auto, natural.

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Polar Aurora Massage Recliner Heated Pu Leather Rocker Recliner


The Polar Aurora single recliner is manufactured of heavy thickness sponge with high resilience and solubility and high-density. It also has thick sponge with high resilience and permeability.The Massage Recliner is designed to provide long-term comfort, particularly for people who have had surgery or who have joint problems.Moreover this recliner features 8 vibrating points, 4 massage zones, 5 massage modes, and 2 pressure levels to satisfy all of your needs and provide you with the best relaxation and comfortable comfort possible.This is a Push-back recliner with improved footrest. It also has broader, angled armrests and a bigger lumbar pillow. This recliner also has a thicker rocking recliner back.

Yitahome Power Lift Recliner Chair For Elderly Faux Leather Recliner With 2 Cup Holders

The famous brand YITAHOME also offers you top-quality recliners with cup holders. Its 123-pound power-lift recliner is a great one from all of their collections.

With an easy operating system, the recliner is suitable for any living room. For its reclining feature, the chair is equipped with a motor that is TUV certified. It ensures ideal position, easy reclining, and lifting.

Watching movies, reading books, or having rest has never been this easier before this chair is introduced. Therefore, the recliner is quite famous among pregnant women and disabled people. Also, it comes with a wide cushion for the utmost relaxation of the users.

Moreover, its 8 vibration points cover each of your body parts that are possibly stressed after a long hard working day. The lumber heating feature also helps in eliminating all the fatigue from the body. It also offers healthy blood circulation.

The remote control of the recliner chair has a USB port on it. Moreover, it has two storage compartments and dual cupholders. Even with a retractable footrest, the YITAHOME power lift chair is a worth pursuing recliner.

Key Features:

  • Sturdy construction with metal framed retractable footrest.
  • Foamy and wide seating with dual cupholders and storage.
  • Features backrest ergonomic curve and 45 to 160-degree adjustment.
  • Easy assembling and power-lift adjustment within seconds.

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Mcombo Oversized Power Lift Recliner Chair With Pockets And Cup Holders

This is our last yet one of the best recliners with cupholders from Mcombo. To buy the best recliner, Mcombo has never lost his place for reliability. This recliner is also not an exception. It comes with great power-lift assistance. It is equipped with TUV certified motor that has a counter-balanced lift mechanism.

Pressing two buttons only, you can control, recline, or lift the chair within no time. Its full-body vibration feature comes with a total of 9 modes. Also, with 5 level intensities and one lumber heating feature, the recliner can take you to another level of relaxation.

You can control the time limits of these features. They turn off automatically after every 10, 20, or 30 minutes. Its vibration and heating functions run separately so that you can go with the massaging as per your wish. Additionally, the chair has deeper seat and an extended backrest of about 28.3-inch long. The seat can go 20.1-inch deep.

Like any other best recliners we have selected, this chair also has USB charging ports along with cupholders. The dual USB outlets allow more than one device to be charged. Overall, like other Mcombo recliners, this oversized power lift recliner meets ASTM standards and is also worth buying.

Key Features:

  • Featured with lumbar heat and massage.
  • Time fixing feature for vibrating and massaging with extended backrest.
  • Deeper and thick-padded seat with USB port and cupholders.

Anj Massage Electric Recliner Chairs With Heat Faux Leather Power Recliners With Extended Footrest Usb Port Cup Holders & 2 Side Pockets Power Reclining Chair

Massage Recliner Chair Bonded Leather Heated Reclining Rocker Lounge ...
  • Electric Reclining Chair: Powerful and automatic electric recliners simply realize different postions for users to watch TV, read books or rest. They effectively solve the problem of closing hard footrest which exists in some manual recliners and can be more conveniently used. Better choices for the elderly, patients from recovery or handicaps.
  • Massage And Heating Function: Distinct from common power recliners, these ones are specially designed with massaging and lumbar-heating function, perfectly offering upgraded seating experience and helping relieve physical tireness & aches. 5 massage modes can be chosen and there’s a timer function in 15/30/60 minutes to set massaging time.
  • Extended Footrest Fits Most Size: This electric recliner is featured by its extended footrest which makes it even suitable for taller people. Overall Dimensions: 34″x29″x40.5″ Seat Area: 22.4″x21.6″ Seat to Floor: 18.5″. Weight Capacity: 300lbs.
  • Additional Functions: 1 USB Port between the up/down buttons that keeps your mobile devices being charged. 2 Cup Holders are ideal for holding cups/juice bottles or other small items. 2 Side Pockets are helpful to keep the massage remote and books within reach.
  • Our Service: Please note that this chair comes in TWO boxes which may not arrive on the same day. 1 Year Warranty for quality issues, transportation damages or missing parts, feel free to contact us if you have any question about our products.

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Recliner Chair With Cup Holder

One of the most popular features in home theaters today is the lighting effects that are included in the furniture through LED cup lights and ambient base rail lighting. A light up chair cup holder not only sets the mood for movie night but also lets you know where to place your beverage when the movie starts. Did we mention that most light-up cup holders have buttons that turn them on or off? Simply reach towards the control panel on the inside arms and push the button to turn them off to place your drink. Ready to focus on the movie? No problem, turn them off and recline back and enjoy the show.

Cup holder LED lights exist as a standard feature on some of the best-selling home theater chairs in the industry today like the , , and the Nitro. Beautifully brushed aluminum arm controls will turn them on/off with a soft touch mechanism. Palliser theater seating also offers light up cupholders on all their models. Every aspect of a Palliser home theater chair is custom and can be selected from a range of options to best suit your needs and style.

Home Theater Seating

Relaxixi Power Lift Recliner Chair


Recliner chairs have gained a strong reputation for standing and sitting down at ease to provide assistance! This Recliner Chair is an electric recliner for elderly people. It is a Heated Vibration Massage Sofa with USB Ports. These products are developed and made up of the most innovative and capable products, after taking a closer look at the latest business expansion.

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Furniwell Recliner Massage Leather Living Room Recliner Home Theatre Recliner


This Furniwell recliner comes with Vibration relaxation. It comes with 8 massage points, 2 vibration intensities, and 5 modes to choose from.It also provides you with a heat function while massage, the heat feature can help to increase blood flow to the brain. The footrest feature of the recliner can be activated that can lower your back pain, and by activating this feature you can relax in your private space.This one-seater sofa serves a number of purposes. It has the ability to lay down at a temperature of 140 degrees. It helps you significantly limit back pressure. The convenience of this recliner is unrivalled.Your back pressure will be relieved by a big headrest with a comfortable back and pillow. You can raise the footrest by pulling the buckle on the side. You can relax your body and release the stress of this week. Feel relaxed as you dive into the warm recliner.Moreover it has a complete 360-degree swivel. You can feel more efficiently by rocking at 30 degrees.

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