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Massage Therapist In San Jose Ca

How Can I Find Out If A Massage Therapist Is Considered An Essential Covid

Massage San Jose area- Body Rest Massage

The definition of an essential COVID-19 service provider varies from state to state and city to city. To see which businesses are considered essential in your area, visit the official government website of your state or city.

You can also read CISAs publication on identifying critical workers to find out more information on a national level. However, not all jurisdictions follow CISAs definitions of critical infrastructure.

San Joses Best Massage Therapy:

The top rated Massage Therapy in San Jose are:

  • MyoMotive Body Therapy takes time to discuss and understand your unique situation
  • Celestial Healing Therapy Center offers you the opportunity for healing of the mind, body, and soul
  • Zen Health Massage Therapy invites you to immerse yourself in their serene oasis
  • Pairin Thai Massage offers a surfeit of massage services for maximum health maintenance and recovery
  • The Massage Guru wants every client to perform at their best

How Will Myofascial Release Help Me

Myofascial release is a type of physical therapy treatment in the form of massage that helps alleviate pain by relieving tension within the affected muscles. Our Fremont, Los Gatos & San Jose, CA Centers physical therapists are highly trained in the method of myofascial release, with an extensive understanding of what specific pressure points to focus on, in order to bring your fascia back to its elastic form.

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How Long Is Massage Therapy School

Most massage therapy programs can be completed in five to six months when you choose to study full time. When studying part-time, programs typically take one year to complete however, most schools allow students to spread out their studies over a two-year period if they choose.

  • 16501 Ventura Blvd., Suite 400Los Angeles, CA 91436

An Oasis Of Relaxation In San Jose

Todd Bender (San Jose,CA)

Pairin Thai Massage provides a plethora of massage services for optimal health maintenance and recovery. Our staff is comprised of licensed practitioners who have received extensive training in traditional Thai massage and other therapeutic massage modalities.

An oasis of relaxation, Pairin Thai Massage is decorated in traditional Thai style with furniture, fabric, and art work imported from Thailand. Our goal is to rejuvenate ones mind, body, and soul in a serene and therapeutic environment.

Traditional Thai Massage incorporates stretches that mimic the healing poses of yoga. You leave feeling open, light, and physically rejuvenated. Our Thailand trained massage practitioners are able to customize treatment for maximum therapeutic benefit. We believe that each customer is unique and deserves personalized treatment.

We offer a myriad of massage options. Traditional Thai, Aroma Thai, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Prenatal, and Herbal massage are available to help create a personalized customer experience. We also offer Thai Foot massage to put more pep back in your step.

A Pairin Thai Massage experience ends in a state of blissful relaxation. You leave rejuvenated to take on lifes adventures. Escape to Thailand with Pairin Thai Massage!

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San Francisco School Of Massage & Bodywork

The massage therapist curriculum at San Francisco School of Massage and Bodywork supports motivated adults who aspire to help others through massage therapy. Students will learn in the classroom and the student clinic to practice and perfect their skills. The practical experiences with clients help students develop confidence in a supportive learning environment. Students will learn Swedish massage, body mechanics, sports massage, deep tissue massage, anatomy and physiology, business and ethics, lymphatic massage, neuromuscular techniques, trigger point therapy, and body mechanics. Upon completion of the programs requirements, graduates will be prepared to become state-certified through the California Massage Therapy Council and be eligible to become nationally certified through the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork . Various class schedules are available to meet students needs.

Program overview:

  • Address: 475 Valencia Street 3rd Floor, San Francisco, CA 94103
  • Phone: 415-474-4600

How Much Are Pregnancy Massages

Prenatal massages can be a safe and therapeutic way to alleviate the aches and pains of pregnancy. A prenatal massage can promote a sense of relaxation and well-being for expectant mothers. The national average cost for a pregnancy massage ranges between $70 and $90. The cost of a pregnancy massage will vary depending on where you live, the length of the massage, and the massage therapist. Typically, the longer a massage, the higher the cost. Some massage therapists charge the same rate per minute, regardless of massage length, while others charge less per minute for longer appointments. Here are two examples of average prenatal massage costs:

  • Therapist A: Offers a 30-minute massage for $45, 45 minutes for $60, 60 minutes for $75, 75 minutes for $90 and 90 minutes for $105.
  • Therapist B: offers a 30-minute massage for $45, a 60-minute massage for $85, a 90-minute massage for $115 and a 120-minute massage for $145.

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How Long Is A Swedish Massage

A Swedish massage can range from 45 minutes to 120 minutes or more. A longer massage allows the massage therapist to give you an all-over massage and then circle back to focus on areas in need of extra bodywork. Some massage therapists recommend that your first massage be longer to give the therapist time to learn more about your health and any injuries or pain before providing you with a healing massage. The longer your massage, the more it will cost. Swedish massage is made up of five body strokes designed to relax, heal, improve circulation and maintain health. The techniques are called effleurage, friction, petrissage, tapotement and vibration. During Swedish massage, all parts of the body are addressed, and the client is often unclothed and draped with a cloth. Swedish massage is proven to be beneficial to mental and physical health, and has been shown by the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine to boost the immune system.

Our San Jose Location

Best Deep Tissue Massage San Francisco Bay Area

It is hard to feel that a massage is part of training when it is in a setting with women getting their toenails painted. We have created an environment that will make you feel welcome, but that maintains the proper aesthetic to keep you focused on your goals.

When you enter our San Jose Location our recently remodeled studio is warm and inviting with modern décor. We chose a crisp clean color palette that we feel appeals to a wide range of clients. Our male clients said they wanted a place that looked professional and had a masculine color scheme, and our female clients said they wanted soft lights and organic colors and décor.

We feel we captured both of their requests nicely with our soft grey walls, clean white partitions, comfortable chocolate seating, rich dark wood furniture, and frosted glass door cabinetry.

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How Much Does Massage Therapy School Cost

The cost of massage school can vary depending on your geographic location and the school you choose to attend. According to Massage Magazine, some schools can cost as much as $15,000. If you choose to take supplementary courses, such as aromatherapy and reflexology, you may be required to pay extra for these additional courses.

Does A Massage Therapist Need To Enter My Home

Many massage therapists operate their businesses out of their own homes, though some offer mobile massages and come to your home. You should ask the massage therapist where they typically operate and if they are making any special accommodations to better observe the CDCs guidelines for social distancing.

If you must cancel or delay your massage therapy appointment due to COVID-19, consider asking the therapist if they can offer massage techniques or lessons via video chat, email or some other digital format. You can also ask if it’s possible to buy gift cards that can be used at a later time.

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Celestial Healing Therapy Center

Celestial Healing Therapy Center offers you the opportunity for healing of the mind, body, and soul. Only too often these days, people search for a treatment for physical ailments from a medical doctor or seek psychological help from a counselor, or they go to the spiritual space to find redemption for the soul. They offer massage therapies that address the healing of mind, body, and soul in one treatment. The bodies hold on to both emotional and physical stress.

This stress is harmful to the body and frequently leads to medical conditions that need treatment. As a result of much studying and training, they have the ability to dissolve stress and harmful conditions in the body. They do this in much the same way as ice crystals will melt into water. With the extensive experience, they have had, they are able to give you therapy using their non-verbal communication skills and give you a comprehensive therapy that includes your mind, body, and soul.


Traditional Massage, Deep Tissue, Sciatica Pain Release, Carpal Tunnel Prevention, CranioSacral Therapy, Sports Massage, Swedish Massage, Relaxing Massage, Myofascial Release, Shiatsu Massage, Neuromuscular Reeducation, Trigger Points Release, Active Muscle Therapy, Pre- and Perinatal Massage, Reiki, Chair Massage At Workplace, Table Massage At Workplace, Event Massage, Reflexology


Address: 1184 Hyde Ave, San Jose, CA 95129Phone: 508-4325Website:www.heal-massage.com


Burke Williams Academy Of Massage Therapy

The 10 Best Massage Therapists in San Jose, CA (with Free Estimates)

The massage therapist program at Burke Williams provides students with extensive practical and theoretical training to prepare for state certification through the California Massage Therapy Council. Students will learn Swedish Massage, deep tissue massage, hot stones, body mechanics, anatomy and physiology, business and ethics, contraindications, health and hygiene, and much more. Graduates will have earned 500 Hours Toward CAMTC Certification at the BPPE Approved School. They will also have the confidence to sit for the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination and be eligible to become CAMTC certified and practice massage in the State of California. The school will also provide an additional 100 hours to hone their massage skills and body mechanics and prepare for work in a luxury spa environment.

Program overview:

  • Address: 810 S. Bascom Avenue, San Jose, California 95128
  • Phone: 408-200-2151

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Massage Therapistsalary In San Jose Ca

How much does a Massage Therapist make in San Jose, CA? The average Massage Therapist salary in San Jose, CA is $70,167 as of December 27, 2022, but the range typically falls between $62,809 and $80,599. Salary ranges can vary widely depending on many important factors, including education, certifications, additional skills, the number of years you have spent in your profession. With more online, real-time compensation data than any other website, Salary.com helps you determine your exact pay target.

10th Percentile Massage Therapist Salary $56,109
25th Percentile Massage Therapist Salary $62,809
50th Percentile Massage Therapist Salary $70,167
75th Percentile Massage Therapist Salary $80,599
90th Percentile Massage Therapist Salary $90,096

What Conditions Do Myofascial Release Treat

When muscles become constricted or tight, it can significantly impact your mobility. This can cause pain and limitations with movement. Fortunately, myofascial release works to reverse this by loosening up the constricted muscles, thus allowing for easier, pain-free movement.

There are several conditions that can be treated with myofascial release. Some of the most common include:

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Physical Therapist Assistant Home Health

  • Massage Therapist Job in Salinas, CAOpens new tabResources to support you: Therapists on the BetterHelp platform receive a free BetterHelp account – so you can dedicate time to your own self-care! BetterHelp can be your major source of income or a supplement to your current work. Zero overhead: No fees are collected from the therapist, ever. Resources to keep you connected: BetterHelp has a strong and accessible peer community of over 13,000 therapists, available to you directly through the platform. BetterHelp will defer to your clinical judgment and expertise about the most effective and clinically appropriate approach for each client. Note: Therapists are independent providers, not BetterHelp employees. Then, BetterHelp provides clients with a wide variety of ways to connect with you so that they can best start their therapeutic journey: from scheduled live sessions, to shared journal entries, to audio and video messages, to clinical worksheets, to formal goal setting and tracking, and more. Also, we are unable to accept substance abuse counselors, school counselors, registered nurses, career counselors, Christian counselors, and business coaches . NOTE: Unfortunately, if you are an intern or if you require supervision to provide counseling services, you cannot be a provider on BetterHelp at this time.Full Time
  • Experienced Sports Therapist In San Jose Ca

    Chiropractor San Jose CA How Massage Helps

    If you are someone with muscular/myofascial pain or restrictions, no matter your age, I have got your back. I will work with you to heal your body so you can return to living the life that you love.

    I am a Certified Massage Therapist trained in Active Release Techniques® and other soft tissue modalities. I use the science of biomechanics and fascial research to inform the art of what I do.

    Improve Your Mobility

    At Thrive Sports Therapy, I work with clients who are interested in improving their ability to move without pain or restrictions in sports or daily life activities. I am based in San Jose, California, and possess extensive experience of over ten years.

    What I Offer

    I offer exceptional soft tissue mobilization and restoration with unique methods utilizing ART® , sports massage, deep tissue work, myofascial release, Neural Reset Therapy® and movement coaching.

    Why Choose Me

    Through my services, you can obtain improved muscle function and increased athletic performance.

    What makes me special is that I offer personalized treatment plans along with guaranteed pain relief.

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    Job Description For Massage Therapist

    Massage Therapist performs massage therapy in a healthcare setting to control pain and promote wellness. Consults with a client, records their basic medical history, assesses their conditions, and suggests appropriate massage techniques based on their current health. Being a Massage Therapist utilizes soft or deep tissue massage or other therapeutic massage methods to provide pain relief and promote healing. May require a high school diploma or its equivalent. Additionally, Massage Therapist typically reports to a manager. Requires certification as a Massage Therapist. Massage Therapist‘s years of experience requirement may be unspecified. Certification and/or licensing in the position’s specialty is the main requirement. … View full job description

    Massage Therapy Schools San Jose Ca

    As more people recognize the therapeutic and revitalizing properties of a massage, there will be a spike in the demand for professional massage therapists. The requirements for massage therapists to practice varies from state to state. In California, the California Massage Therapy Council requires a minimum of 500 hours of massage education from an approved school and program before you apply for the Certified Massage Therapist credential. This credential remains voluntary. However, more employers are requiring to verify the competency of prospective employees. Requirements in the future may change at short notice so it is best to get the certification while you can. As a trained and certified massage therapist, you may apply for employment at various facilities including spas and salons or start your own business and operate as a sole proprietor.

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    Whats The Best Way To Set Up A Consultation Or An Appointment With A Massage Therapist During The Covid

    Ask your massage therapist if they offer consultations over a video chat or phone call. If they do, ask them any questions you have about the upcoming appointment. For example, ask what precautions they’re taking to keep both parties safe due to the COVID-19 pandemic. You might also want to ask if they offer gift cards that can be used at a later time, remote services or even virtual lessons for you or members in your household.

    Also, ask how they plan to handle payments, and whether you can pay through an online or digital method instead of with physical cash or credit cards.

    Best Massage Therapists Insan Jose Ca

    Colleen Janelle Flores, CMT

    We found 69Massage Therapists in San Jose.

    Massage Therapists in this region have an average rating of 4.3 stars. Below are some of the best options around San Jose. The providers below have at least 1 or more past patient ratings, so you can be confident that these providers have the experience that you are looking for.

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    Is Hot Stone Massage Safe In Pregnancy

    If youre ready for relaxation and relief from pregnancy pains, prenatal massage may be a great healing option. Once your prenatal care provider has approved you for pregnancy massage, look for a licensed massage therapist who also has training and certification in prenatal massage techniques.

    The safety of hot stone massage during pregnancy depends on several factors including the stage of your pregnancy and where on the body the hot stones are applied. The massage therapist should avoid raising your core temperature or using hot stones on the abdomen. When in doubt, talk to your prenatal care provider.

    San Jose Massage Therapists

    There are over 10,000 massage therapists in the Zeel network nationwide. Here are a few that are available for in-home massages in San Jose.

    Zeel is bringing the luxury of an on-demand massage into San Jose, Cali and all throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Known for being the states third largest city and the capital of Silicon Valley, San Jose is now one more city with the perks of an in-home, at work, or in-hotel massagethanks to Zeel. In a city with such a wide variety of renowned offerings like the Tech Museum of Innovation, the San Jose Center for the Performing Arts, family activities at Kelley Park, luxurious shopping, food, and one-of-a-kind sightsZeel delivers the luxury of getting the best San Jose massage right to you. Our experienced massage therapists in San Jose can arrive in as little an hour, when and where you need it most.Whether you prefer Swedish, deep tissue, sports, couples massage, or even a prenatal massage in San Jose, Zeel massage therapists are here to provide relief. Book your San Jose massage on your smartphone within seconds, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, even on holidays. Zeels licensed massage therapists come to you, delivering comfort and quality when you need it most. Look no further for the best massage in San Josewe have you covered. Plus, its simple. Book a Zeel San Jose Massage today.

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