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Is Massage Good For Ms

Massage Therapy For Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis and Massage Benefits

Massage therapy is a well-established treatment for promoting relaxation and reducing muscle tension. Among its lesser-known benefits, however, massage therapy can help alleviate symptoms for people living with multiple sclerosis .

Multiple sclerosis is a chronic autoimmune disease that occurs when the bodys primary defense mechanism attacks the central nervous system. The process causes inflammation that can diminish the protective covering around your nerves. Doctors are not entirely sure what causes MS, although they do know that environmental and genetic factors contribute to it. Symptoms of MS can affect physical movement and emotional well-being which massage can help improve.

Many people with MS incorporate bodywork services, such as massage, acupressure, and shiatsu, into their overall treatment plan. These treatments can be used alongside conventional drug therapies to minimize pain, enhance range of motion, and improve quality of life.

Understanding the basics of massage therapy and how it can relieve MS symptoms can open the door to a treatment you may not have considered. That said, bodywork is not right for everyone. Ask your doctor for medical advice before you add regular massage appointments to your treatment plan.

Massage For Ms Spasticity

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best type of massage for MS spasticity will vary depending on the individuals symptoms and preferences. However, some research has suggested that deep tissue massage may be helpful in reducing spasticity symptoms. Other options that may be worth trying include Swedish massage, trigger point massage, and myofascial release. It is important to work with a qualified massage therapist who has experience treating people with MS, as they will be able to tailor the session to your specific needs.

The Benefits Of Healing Hands

There is a wealth of information on the mental and physical benefits of the human touch, particularly with respect to infants and children. It has been reported that hugging and holding hands can lower ones blood pressure. There is less information on the specific benefits of a home massage given by a spouse/caregiver. But even a light touch massage in which a caregiver lightly strokes the head, shoulders, or calves can relax the MS patient, bringing serenity and relaxation to a body that has been under stress.

Of course, YouTube is replete with instructive videos on the art of massage for those who want to vigorously work a patients muscle and tissue. But mere touch itself has long been shown to release feel-good hormones in our brain such as oxytocin, which can lower our blood pressure and improve our overall health. No batteries required.

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How Massage And Bodywork Is Used To Treat Ms Patients

Massages are known to relieve pain, stress and help out with problem areas. According to the National MS Society, its one of the most well-known bodywork treatments. There are several kinds of massages that originated in different countries below are some of the most used today.

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The Swedish massage is a bit more traditional. It uses techniques such as vibration, kneading, and friction.

The German massage uses most of the same techniques as the Swedish massage, but combines them with healing baths. Keep in mind that if youre sensitive to heat, this might not be the best option for you.

Acupressure sounds like acupuncture, and thats no mistake. This treatment is a Chinese massage that originated from acupuncture and uses fingers to stimulate the same parts of the body as needles do.

Shiatsu is a Japanese treatment that focuses on preventing conditions, not healing them. It uses fingers to promote better blood flow, provide energy and restore balance in the body.

Other than massages, there are other types of bodywork therapy. Theres the Rolfing or Aston variations, the Feldenkrais method, the Alexander technique and the Trager method.

While massage wont make a difference in certain MS symptoms , it can help with others such as anxiety and depression. It might even make a minor improvement in ambulation.

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How Do You Find A Qualified Massage Therapist

Massage Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis, Holistic Therapies for MS ...

You can search for one online through the American Massage Therapy Association. The right massage therapist for you should have training in giving massages to people with MS. Or at the very least, they should be knowledgeable about multiple sclerosis.

You can find out what licensing rules your state has for massage therapists here.

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Does Massage Help Inflamed Nerves

Apart from manual manipulation by your chiropractors near Los Angeles, massage therapy can be a highly effective treatment for a pinched nerve. The act of massaging a pinched nerve allows it to relax and reduces the pressure on it. This method can be used to treat nerves that have been pinched by muscular tissue.

New Study Shows Electrical Stimulation Can Help Speed Up Nerve Regeneration

Millions of people around the world suffer from nerve pain, which is a serious and disabling condition. The sensation can cause a variety of problems, including severe stabbing and burning, as well as peripheral nerve diseases such as carpal tunnel syndrome. People who have narcissistic pain frequently experience sensations that are extremely sensitive to touch and cold, such as those caused by stimuli that would normally be pleasurable but are stimulate to produce neuropathic symptoms. Electrical stimulation can aid in the regeneration of the human nerve. The results of a recent study indicate that stimulation of nerves before surgery results in three to five times faster nerve regeneration, resulting in improved outcomes. This is significant because it could lead to a reduction in the amount of time people spend in hospitals and a reduction in their overall health-care costs.

Can Massage Cause Side Effects

Some people say theyâve had minor side effects like a headache, muscle pain, and tiredness after a massage.

Your massage therapist shouldnât use high heat or cold on you. These temps can make your MS symptoms worse. The therapist should also make sure the room they treat you in isnât too hot or chilly.

Some folks with MS need to keep a certain amount of muscle tone to move well. If they relax too much during a massage, they could have trouble walking when they get off the massage table. A therapist whoâs qualified to work on people with MS should know what changes they need to make if this happens to you.

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Leslie Dematteo Lmt Ms

Leslie L. DeMatteo, LMT, MS, has been an active massage therapist since 1998, after graduating from the Sarasota School of Massage Therapy in Sarasota, FL. There she completed the massage therapy program along with a certificate program in Nuad-Bo-Rarn: Traditional Massage of Thailand. Since then, she has completed continuing education in cranial-sacral fundamentals, cancer and mastectomy massage, reflexology, trigger point therapy and prenatal massage. She is also certified by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork and is a Professional Level member of Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals . Her work in massage therapy continuing education and teaching in a massage school ignited a passion for adult training and education, which led her to pursue her Bachelor’s Degree in Adult Learning: Vocational Instruction, followed by her a Master’s Degree in Adult Learning.

May Reduce Aches Pains And Muscle Spasticity

Orthopedic Massage for Back Pain, Fibromyalgia, and MS

Muscle spasms are a common experience for people living with MS, and they can feel like anything from slight stiffness to severe pain. Fortunately, certain types of bodywork therapies, like massage and reflexology, have been shown to reduce spasticity in MS patients.

In addition, the same 2021 review mentioned earlier also showed that massage could alleviate pain for MS patients on top of reducing fatigue.

Its important to note that too deep of a massage can sometimes increase muscle spasms. If this is a worry for you, just remember to start out with light pressure. And as you get a feel for how your body responds, you can gradually work up to a deeper massage over time.

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Do I Need To Use My Hands

There are countless types of electric massage devices that can work and relax muscles. The hot consumer item at present is the massage gun or Theragun. This device delivers a punching, pulsating impact to muscles in what is known as percussive therapy.

Theraguns have been endorsed by several celebrities, including tennis great Maria Sharapova, NBA star Kyrie Erving, model Heather Graham, and actor Michael B. Jordan. Some Theragun users claim the vibrations from the jackhammer-like massage emulate a deep tissue massage.

But there are no clinical studies of the effects of massage gun therapy.

Benefits Of Massage For Ms

In addition to traditional approaches to MS treatment, many patients have begun using massage therapy as an alternative form of treatment. By learning more about the benefits of massages for MS, you can determine if this unique approach is right for you. Here’s what to know about massage therapy for MS patients.

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Can Massage Help Compressed Nerve

Yes, it is true. It has been shown to relieve tension, reduce pain, inflammation, and promote blood circulation, in addition to relieving pressure on the pinched nerve. By doing so, you will also have a relaxing effect on yourself, your muscles, and the affected area.

Peripheral Nerve Injuries: Causes, Symptoms, And Treatment

In a peripheral nerve injury, nerves that supply the muscles and organs in the limbs can be damaged. As a result, the symptoms can range from mild to severe, depending on the area of the body being affected. The peripheral nerves can be damaged as a result of a variety of factors, including environmental factors. A bone fracture near the nerve. The nerves sheath is torn by the tear that surrounds it. An episode of nerve compression caused by a tumor, a blood clot, or a bone spur. As a result of nerve damage, there is no longer any function to the nerves. As a result, the affected area will feel less constricted and move in a less noticeable manner. If you or someone you know has a peripheral nerve injury, you should seek immediate medical attention. Complications and permanent damage may be avoided or prevented by early detection and treatment.

Types Of Massage To Avoid

Massage Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Everyone with MS can benefit greatly once they start getting regular massages. However, there are some types of massage that you may want to stay away from.

  • Hot stone massage A hot stone massage is not a good idea. Due to the disturbance in your nerve sensations, you may not feel if the stones are too hot and could suffer burns.
  • Deep tissue massage In a deep tissue massage the massage therapist is on the hunt for painful spots, and once one is located, it will be pressed and you will temporarily have greater levels of pain.
  • Rolfing/structural integration This is the manipulation of the tissues for the purpose of releasing psychological traumas that are held in the tissues after a bad incident. With MS you dont have normal reflexes so your response may not be what is normally expected. Plus, afterward youll likely feel like you’ve been beat up.

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Massage Therapy Considerations For Multiple Sclerosis Patients

Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune condition presenting inflammation and degeneration of myelin sheath of central nervous system neurons. Myelin is a wrapping around neurons primarily composed of fat molecules that insulate and protect the neuronal structure and electrochemical messages transmitted through the neuron.

There are four types of Multiple Sclerosis. This list will present this in order of severity, from least to worst in impact upon the nervous system and neuronal anatomy. The term flare-up is used to describe when signs and symptoms appear within the patient.

  • Benign MS, also referred to as clinically isolated syndrome, involves a client experiencing only one condition episode with no progression.
  • Relapsing/Remitting MS is the most common form of MS with signs and symptoms waxing and waning. Full recovery of signs and symptoms is witnessed in the remitting phase.
  • Primary Progressive MS features chronic, low grade progression of signs and symptoms with no acute flare-ups.
  • Secondary Progressive MS is similar to relapsing/remitting, however no full recovery is witnessed in the remitting phase.
  • Does Massage Alter The Course Of Ms

    Many MS patients use massage for prevention or relief of spasticity, pain, poor circulation, and pressure sores. Massage can help relax muscles, enhance range of motion, reduce swelling, and increase blood flow.

    Massage can help MS patients deal with the symptoms of MS, but there is no evidence that it will affect the underlying disease. In a 1998 study, some MS patients received a 45-minute massage twice a week for five weeks while others received no treatment. Based on self-reporting, those who received massages reported an increase in physical and social activity, but no improvement in grip strength and only minor improvement in ambulation.1

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    Multiple Sclerosis: Can Massage Therapy Boost Quality Of Life

    A study finds that massages may improve fatigue, pain symptoms in MS patients.

    Massage therapy can be a safe and beneficial intervention for the management of fatigue and pain for patients with multiple sclerosis , according to the results of a new study.

    Researchers from Atlanta, Georgia enrolled 24 individuals with MS in a massage therapy program in order to measure the effects of massage therapy on fatigue, pain, spasticity, perception of health, and quality of life for people with MS. The investigators noted that about one third of MS patients they surveyed reported the use of massage therapy as a concurrent medical treatment, but that there was little empirical evidence to support massage therapy as an appropriate way to manage MS symptoms.

    The patients, whose average age was 47.5 years, got a one hour massage once a week for six weeks in a quiet room. Licensed physical therapists and licensed massage therapists completed a standardized massage . The researchers used various scales to measure symptom improvement in the patients, such as the Modified Fatigue Index Scale , MOS Pain Effects Scale , Modified Ashworth Scale , and Mental Health Inventory .

    The researchers commented that they were unable to find similar reductions of spasticity after the massage therapy interventions in the MS patients.

    Assessment Of Leg Function

    VIETNAM BARBERSHOP MASSAGE / Relax with Ms TAM Good Face Massage, Shave and Shampoo

    The 6MWT provided a secondary approach to observe leg function as it is a reliable and valid measure of exercise capacity in MS . This test was chosen as it is easy to measure and is a reflection of activities of daily living.

    The 6MWT course consisted of a pylon at each end of a 25-metre stretch of a straight, empty hallway. Participants were instructed to walk at a casual and comfortable pace towards the pylon at the end of the hallway without resting for 6 minutes. A demonstration was provided for each patient before each walk test as well as an explanation that patient and technician were asked to refrain from speaking during the test. Because individuals, especially those with muscular dysfunctions, rarely walk intensely for 6 minutes without stopping, at the first assessment the 6MWT was conducted two times, one hour apart, in order to rule out learning and anxiety variables. The above guidelines have been determined by the American Thoracic Society .

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    Massage For Ms Research

    Search PubMed for articles about MS and massage therapy.One study showed MS patients who received massage were less anxious and less depressed immediately after the massage sessions. By the end of the study, their self-esteem had improved, they had a better body image and image of disease progression, and they functioned better socially.

    The other study used reflexology on the feet and massage on the calves of MS patients. Compared to the control group, patients receiving reflexology and massage improved significantly in paresthesias, urinary symptoms, and spasticity. At a three-month follow-up, paresthesias remained significantly improved.

    More about MS massage therapy at the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

    What Is Multiple Sclerosis

    People who suffer from MS have problems with their immune systems attacking their nerves, leading to nerve damage. MedlinePlus states that MS affects your brain and spinal cord. This results in pain and mobility issues, among other symptoms. Treatment for MS typically involves medication to control symptoms, but some patients may opt to include massage therapy as a complementary treatment.

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    Researchers At Shepherd Center Are Gauging Whether Massage Helps Improve Debilitating Ms Symptoms And Quality Of Life

    Human touch can have a powerful effect on health, and research has found it may even promote healing. In fact, therapeutic massage is known to help relax muscles, enhance range of motion, improve blood flow and reduce stress.

    Researchers at Shepherd Center are investigating whether routine massage can help improve pain, spasticity and overall quality of life among people with multiple sclerosis . This small study one of the first to look at how massage might influence these measures in MS will enroll 25 participants. Individuals will receive standardized massages for the same amount of time, number of strokes, parts of the body worked on for one hour a week for six weeks.

    MS is a progressive disease, and the symptoms dont go away, says Deborah Backus, Ph.D., director of MS research at Shepherd Center and the studys principal investigator. Many of the symptoms can actually exacerbate peoples disability and dramatically affect their quality of life.

    MS is a disease of the central nervous system in which the immune system starts attacking the protective sheath that covers the nerves. This ultimately disrupts communication between the brain and body, and can be debilitating. It is estimated that 30 to 90 percent of people with MS report pain, and most have spasticity that is disruptive to everyday function, personal care and mobility.

    While massage cannot cure MS, researchers say it holds promise to manage symptoms.

    Participants must:

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