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Essential Oil For Body Massage

How To Give A Foot Massage

Young Living Raindrop Technique (Full Version)

1. Start by gently massaging and pulling on the toes.

2. Use your thumbs in the sole of the foot, with the fingers rested on top of the foot.

3. Massage from the ball of the foot to the arch and down to the heel.

Did you know? The bottoms of the feet can absorb oils faster than other part of the body. Read this blog post to learn more about using essential oils on your feet.

Essential Oil Massage For Romance

Nothing works better than an intimate massage to really help to set the mood. Light some candles. Initiate pillow talk. Get out your favorite essential oil blend!

Some essential oils are known to be natural aphrodisiacs, and can calm, relax and gently stimulate. Inspire romance in the bedroom by experimenting with the sensually aromatic massage blends below:

8. Beautifully sensual blendBalance emotions and stimulate the senses

  • 4-5 drops vanilla oil
  • 2-3 drops jasmine absolute oil
  • 1 oz. of a carrier oil such as jojoba oil or olive oil

Mix essential oils with carrier oils and enjoy your sensually aromatic, full-body relaxing massage experience!

9. In the woods romantic blendWoody, sensual and arousing aromas

  • 5 drops sandalwood oil
  • 3 drops frankincense oil
  • 2 drops lavender oil
  • 1 oz. of a carrier oil such as sweet almond oil or grapeseed oil

Mix essential oils with carrier oil and soak in this earthy warming aroma to arouse the senses!

10. Luxurious floral blendBuild intimacy with deeply floral aphrodisiac oils

  • 3 drops ylang ylang oil
  • 2 drops rose absolute oil
  • 1 drop patchouli oil
  • 1 oz. of a carrier oil such as olive oil or jojoba oil

This blend of popular aphrodisiac essential oils sets the perfect tone for a romantic evening!

How To Buy Essential Oils

When buying essential oils make sure the bottle says 100% pure essential oil, and has the proper name of the species mentioned on the label of the bottle.

If you see the word ‘fragrance’ it almost always means there are other additives.

Ideally it’s always best to buy essential oils that are labeled as “Therapeutic grade,” meaning they are free of toxins and chemicals and are unfiltered and undiluted.

Also beware of genetically modified ingredients and choose Non GMO essential oils.

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What Are Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are a type of scar that forms on our skin, when it stretches or shrinks at an unnaturally rapid pace. This can happen to regular skin if there is rapid weight gain or loss. In the case of pregnancy, your belly skin stretches to a great extent for 9 months, causing an abrupt change in collagen and elastin, and weakening your skin cells. In the deeper layers of your skin, tissue begins to tear, and is represented by stretch marks on the uppermost surface of your skin. They appear as narrow, reddish streaks across the parts of your skin that have transformed quickly.

Find Which Oil Is Good For Body Massage For You

Pure Plant Essential Oil Body Massage Oil 10ml Thermal Body Ginger ...

The best oil blend for you will change depending on your needs. If you want to treat pain and swelling, you will need a different oil blend when you want to relax and unwind. So, which oil is good for body massage will vary.

However, good organic and vegan oils should consist of up to 98% carrier oils and just 2% essential oils. Some oils will contain multiple carrier oils to create a bespoke blend.

To experience a carefully created blend of oils, try our Restorative Omega Body Oils. Experience the joys of body massage oils for yourself.

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Cliganic Organic Aromatherapy Set

We offer only 100% Pure, Natural, Organic, Non-GMO Essential Oils. That means the oils are uncut and they are free of chemicals, no synthetics, etc. Youâre getting premium, high quality, affordable essential oils.

Each oil in our 6-pack set are poured into glass amber bottles, which protect the oils from being de-sensitized, which weakens their scent and their properties. Each bottle comes with a German Dropper Cap that gives you better control – one drop at a time!

Our 6-pack is an affordable gift for even the most expensive tastes. Perfect for gifting on holidays, birthdays, and special occasions. You could even include a few of our blends and recipes for a thoughtful touch.

If youâre new to essential oils, this is your must-have starter kit. Weâve chosen 6 of the most popular essential oils for you, which have a wide range of benefits. Their properties can help strengthen you physically, mentally and emotionally. Youâll be glad to know that using oils to get these benefits is very simple. Diffusing the oils, or, blending them for topical use with Cliganic Jojoba oil, are two easy ways to get started.

The 5 Best Essential Oils For Massage Therapy

February 8, 2022 by Emma Carter

Massage is a great way to relax and de-stress, and adding essential oils can make the experience even more enjoyable.

Aromatherapy massage has been shown to have many benefits, including relief from tension headaches, reduced stress levels, improved circulation, and relief from muscle pain. With so many benefits, its no wonder that massage is one of the most popular forms of relaxation and self-care.

If youre looking for an added boost to your massage sessions, using essential oils can be a great way to do that. In this article, I will outline five of the best essential oils for massage, all of which have relaxing and therapeutic properties. Experiment with different combinations to find the perfect blend for you!

This post contains affiliate links, which means if you make a purchase through these links, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Read my full disclosure policy here.


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Coconut Hibiscus Massage Oil

Coconut Hibiscus Massage Oil helps in moisturizing the skin and even outs the skin tone. The oil helps in reducing the dryness and hydrates the skin well. Coconut essential oil improves the skins firmness and appearance. It creates an amazing fragrant spa bath and relaxes the body. The coconut hibiscus oil reduces skin inflammations and protects the body from any external infections.

Majestic Pure Arnica Sore Muscle Massage Oil For Body Best Natural Therapy With Lavender And Chamomile Essential Oils Warming Relaxing

Learn How to Do the Raindrop Technique | Young Living Essential Oils
  • Majestic Pure Sore Muscle Massage Oil 100% natural a wonderful blend of sore muscle essential oils, made in USA.
  • Therapeutic massage oil for sore muscles an essential for massage therapy supplies soothing muscle rub essential oil.
  • Perfect for a relaxing arnica oil massage, while leaving skin feeling nourished and hydrated.

Product Details

Majestic Pure 100% Natural Sore Muscle Massage Oil is a wonderful blend of essential oils, crafted to soothe sore, tired muscles. Designed for easy absorption, the oilÍs natural scent helps melt away tension.

Perfect for a relaxing massage, while leaving skin feeling nourished and hydrated. Safety Warning: Rub a very small amount on the inside of your elbow area to test for any allergic reaction before use.

Avoid contact with eyes, keep out of the reach of children. If pregnant, consult with your health care provider before use. This product is not intended to diagnose, mitigate, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Reviews From Real Customers

IverstiShow in original languageI cant say this massage oil really does anything special for muscle pain. Ive used Arnica based oils from other brands where the effect was a lot more noticeable. But the Majestic Pure oil has a really nice texture and slip for massages that some of the others dont have so it will depend what you really want it for.

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Essential Oil Massage For Pain

There is quite a bit of evidence to prove that essential oils get absorbed quickly into the bloodstream after topical application with visible effects.

Blending essential oils with carrier oils during massage is a great way to alleviate joint and arthritic pain and relax sore, cramped and strained muscles. The healing effects of the oils can continue long after the massage as well.

In a spa setting, you’ll see offerings for a sports or deep tissue massage where a trained massage therapist will use deep tissue massage techniques to release trigger points and relax tired, overworked muscles, providing pain relief. You may not have the luxury for going for regular massages but you can certainly mix up some amazing massage blends at home to address joint and muscular pain, for self-massage or partner assisted massage.

For example, peppermint essential oil, with its high concentration of menthol, is a natural analgesic , anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic. It can provide lasting pain-relief for sore muscles and can calm muscle spasms, and numb aching pain. No wonder peppermint oil is a key ingredient in many over the counter muscle rubs and pain-relieving gels!

Pain-relief massage oil recipe blends:

4. Sore muscle relief blendTherapeutic-grade peppermint oil for instant, cooling relief

5. Aching joint pain relief blendReduce inflammation and soothe painful joints

What Are The Benefits Of An Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy massage combines two therapeutic practices to create wonderful results. Aromatherapy is an ancient approach that provides a number of health and emotional benefits. Essential oils such as lavender, orange blossom, and peppermint offer unique effects to the senses. Massage uses pressure and touch to offer healing and stress relief by stimulating the lymphatic, circulatory, nervous, and musculoskeletal systems. Below are more benefits of an aromatherapy massage, available at Jon Ric International Health and Wellness.

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Tips For Aromatherapy Massage

When signing up for an aromatherapy massage, consider the following tips to make the most of this or any type of massage session:

  • Choose an essential oil based on your needs. For example, you might choose a citrusy scent for boosting your mood, lavender for relaxation, or eucalyptus for pain management.
  • Dont go to your massage on a full stomach this could cause stomach upset during and after your session.
  • Do drink water before and immediately after your massage and consider having a snack.
  • Take a warm shower after your massage. This helps remove any oils left on your skin.

Your massage therapist is also your first source for questions about an aromatherapy massage experience. They should be able to recommend specific essential oils, and discuss what product and techniques they would use based on your needs.

If the therapist doesnt seem confident about aromatherapy massage, they may not have much experience including it in their sessions.

Some essential oils can irritate asthma and other breathing problems. When applied to the skin, essential oils made from citrus fruits can make the skin more vulnerable to sunlight. Avoid sun exposure after grapefruit, orange, or other citrus oil is used on your skin.

Also, dont be afraid to speak up during your massage. If something doesnt feel right, let the therapist know. You can also ask them to apply more oils and use more or less pressure at any point.

Essential Oil Massage For Stress

Pure Essential Oils For Organic Body Massage Relax 10ml Fragrance Oil ...

Essential oils are excellent for reducing stress, improving focus and mental clarity, calming irritability and improving insomnia. When combined with massage, either through being inhaled via aromatherapy or applied topically, essential oils can be extremely effective when used in massage to relieve stress and anxiety.

Depending on what you are trying to achieve, for example, increased mental clarity or a goodnight’s sleep, the massage blends below will help you achieve your stress-relieving goals.

11. Uplifting stress relieving blendWarm and fruity aromas for bringing mental clarity

Try this uplifting massage blend to invigorate, cheer and ease stress and tension.

12. Mind and body relaxing blendCalm thoughts, promote relaxation and aid sleep

  • 6 drops lavender oil
  • 3 drops valerian oil
  • 3 drops cedarwood oil
  • 1 oz. of a carrier oil such as olive oil or hemp seed oil

A soothing relaxing massage with this blend will instantly calm, relax and help to unwind. Make sure to rub a few drops on the wrists, behind the ears, on the temples and the soles of the feet before you head to bed.

13. Wake me up with citrus blendTart, citrusy notes to kill fatigue and get on with the day

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What Are The Best Aromatherapy Massage Oils

There are lots of different essential oils and with many properties. All depends on what you want to achieve with the essential oil massage.

For example, if you will want to improve your sleep a therapist may recommend using a lavender oil as it is known for the ability to reduce the symptoms of insomnia. If you have a stressful daily routine and feeling anxious about anything at all, you may be offered to try rose, camomile or Bergamont orange oil.

It appears that peppermint oil is one of the most popular choices when it comes to management of headaches and migraines. Of course, this list is not exhaustive, there are so many more oils which are widely used in the alternative practices and aromatherapy. Below you will find a list of several more oils which might interest you:

Sandalwood oil helps with focus and calm down nerves.

Tea Tree oil is used to fight infections and boost the immune system.

Lemon oil is mainly used to help with headaches, digestion and mood.

Jasmin oil is used to help with libido, childbirth and depression.

Wintergreen oil is used to help alleviate joint related pains and aches.

oil is used to try and improve the muscle tone.

How To Make Essential Oil Massage Oil

Massage oil is one of the easiest bath and body DIY projects. Simply mix skin-loving oils with fragrance and you have boutique-quality massage oil at home. The Massage Essential Oil Blend gives this oil a rich and spicy scent.

This massage oil is made with some of the most sought-after exotic oils: argan, jojoba, and moringa seed oil. Fractionated coconut oil is added to give the oil a lighter feel. If you dont have one of these oils on hand, you can use a substitute. Just keep in mind that it will change the texture and moisturizing properties slightly.

The Massage Essential Oil Blend is a complex blend of pure essential oils. It was specifically formulated for massage and body oils. It contains more than 10 essential oils, including peppermint, rosemary, cinnamon, lavender, and elemi. Learn more about the blend here. This recipe contains enough essential oil for a light to medium scent. If youd like a stronger scent, feel free to add more. Use the Bramble Berry Fragrance Calculator to help find the right amount.

Looking for more essential oil blends? Check out the Deodorizing, Spa, and Outdoor Essential Oil Blends.

What You Need:

ONE: In a small container, mix together the argan oil, jojoba oil, moringa seed oil, and fractionated coconut oil. Use a spoon to mix the oils together.

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How To Give A Joint Massage

1. Use the roll-on for precise application of oil to the joint.

2. Before you get into the joints, massage the larger area around the joint for a few minutes to warm up the muscles.

3. Use small strokes like rubbing back and forth in a small area and making circles with your fingers.

4. Apply a warm compress before or after for additional relaxation.

How To Choose The Best Oils For Stretch Marks

How to Use WOW Skin Science Thai Body Massage Oil | Relieve Stress

Choose an oil that is hypoallergenic, and clinically tested for sensitive skin. Look for ingredients that deeply hydrate such as hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, and vitamin E. Argan and rosehip oils are also wonderful for stretch mark oils as they improve skin elasticity and help skin get firmer and softer. As always, stay clear of harmful chemicals such as parabens and sulfates.

Choose a hypoallergenic oil that is clinically tested for sensitive skin. Look for ingredients that deeply hydrate, such as hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, and vitamin E. Argan and rosehip oils are also remarkable for stretch marks as they improve skin elasticity and help the skin get firmer and softer. As always, stay clear of harmful chemicals such as parabens and sulfates.

Look for ingredients like argan oil that support, promote and treat skin elasticity. Also, you definitely want oils that help treat uneven skin tones, to do away with those darker streaks of stretched skin during and post-pregnancy. Lavender, patchouli, and neroli oils are great picks for skin lightening.

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Best Citrus: Brookethorne Naturals Renew Massage Oil With Essential Oils


  • Soothing citrus essential oil scent

  • Ideal for massage therapy

  • Not multipurpose, best for massages mainly

Spice up your routine with an invigorating blend of citrus essential oils. Crafted with sweet almond, grapeseed, and jojoba oils, this moisture-rich formula provides the ideal glide for all types of massage therapy.

Brookethorne Naturals Renew Massage Oil is infused with a stimulating burst of citrus and mint that relaxes the mind and body. Formulated with a blend of tangerine, sweet orange, pink grapefruit, key lime, lemon, and mint, the oil is designed to leave you feeling revitalized and pampered. It’s also made in the US and is free of parabens and preservatives.

Oil Type: Almond, grapeseed, and jojoba | Bottle: 8.5-ounce plastic bottle with pump | Main Ingredients: Almond oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, sweet orange, and key lime | Skin Types: All, best for sensitive

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